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THat's because their program is crap and everyone but Odom and the AD know it!!!
I think MU will pull an 0-fer next year and not win a game! The program is sh!t. A coach that is a bigger Narcissist then Pinkel! Mizzou Athletic program needs an overhaul starting with the AD.
Missouri might squeak out a win against Idaho but will lose the remaining games on their schedule! Then our hunt will begin for a real Head coach!!!
Ha I'm a Mizzou fan and Arkansas will beat us!! Odom sucks! Doesn't take any responsibility for his crappy coaching! His D can't stop anyone! Depends which offense shows up!
It's not a turn around when your schedule is somewhat weak!!! :D :P Odom is NOT the answer for a head coach!He Takes No responsibility for his part in the Crappy product he puts on the field every week!!!
Even Saban and Smart take the blame for slow starts or bad finishes! Odom is a tool it is all his fault! He's whining to keep his job! He needs to Man up and accept responsibility or walk! He's one Narcissistic SOB if he thinks he's not to blame! Mizzou will have the snot knocked out of them between the hedges Saturday night a 6:30pm Et. I predict a 56-0 Bulldog win!! With the second and third teams getting in on the scoring!! Mizzou might beat Idaho for Homecoming and maybe Arkansas, but other than that I see no other wins on their schedule!
After tonight's beat down by Auburn and Odoms pitiful post game presser I will be surprised if he has a job Monday! He sounded like a two year old about to lose his toy! That crap won't fly with the Alumni!! Especially those footing the bill for the stadium upgrades!! They will be blowing up the AD's phone early Monday if NOT Sunday morning!! People were patient with Pinkel because he was a proven winner at a previous school as a head coach! Odom doesn't have that! His argument is invalid!!
Sterk is an Idiot the Alumni will NOT support him at his job if we continue to lose no matter how good we do at basketball.
When will Odom do the honorable thing and fall on his sword and resign? With him running Mizzou they are no better than an FCS team at best!!!
He probably left to play for a Contending FCS school which is all Mizzou will be as long as Odom is a Coach There!
Loss at Ga. I can see but Ark.,TN., & Vandy... No way I wouldn't go as far to say we lose at WV.. our offense is an unknown to other teams at this point.. Under Pinkel we were very predictable I don't see that coming from Heupel!!
Pinkel needs to be the next one to resign or be fired! He has a vote of No Confidence from a lot of the fan base in Columbia MO
So the coaches that want to coach take the players that want to play to Arrowhead Saturday and play the game! This isn't a Union supported sport that you can decide NOT to play! This is college football! They are showing the real families of white privilege the NFL owners that they will be Un-Draftable!! Let that sink in!!! No matter how good you may be you are showing your stance against WHITE PRIVILEGE!!! REALLY you are!! That is because 99% of the NFL owners are Privileged Whites!!! You are labeling yourself a cancer before you even graduate or become draft eligible!
Actually the Local Yocals didn't choose to prosecute him because they didn't want to ruin FSU Crimsonholes (Which is what Jameis will have when he goes to prison)! Sorry Criminals to lose their chance at a title! They play in a weak conference wouldn't win 6 games in the SEC! Back to what I was saying! There is a federal investigation into the Tallahassee police department! His Lawyer will be disbarred! Does anyone really believe she had consensual Sex with him while 2 teammates were present? (They will get theirs also for giving false testimony) Sorry as we say That dawg won't hunt! There is a suspicion that 2 Tennessee players were involved in a sexual assault and they were suspended! Missouri cut a 4 star recruit wideout because he couldn't stay out of trouble! Gurly broke the rules and was suspended! What makes Rapist Winston any better than those guys? Nothing They are carrying him! He's a thug with a thug mentality! Maybe the Raiders will draft him for when he gets out of prison! Sorry for the Rant but he is who he is! Oh and another Note.. What is up with his Dad asking FSU to give him preferred treatment by assigning someone to keep him out of trouble!