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Don't know what it was that HBC dislike for UGA was but to go 10-1 against the Dawgs was quite impressive.
Georgia needs to win it all this year. It will be their best chance to beat Bama and Saben. If they don't win it all this year it could be another decade without a championship if Saben decides to coach into hi eighty's.
Come on man@ ImperialGator. You know that real deep down inside you want UGA to beat Clemson and make it to the playoff. That is what should be glorious to you
Its the georgia curse. Falcons, Braves and Hawks are all included
Mullen pulled the 3 star tackle juco kid in favor of Arik Gilbert. I also heard they had one scholly left on sports radio today and were saving it un hopes of getting UT"s LB.
The humor on this click bait story is better than the comedy zone. Gator fans ran corch who is dumbs of war also. Off that is hilarious!
He"ll more than likely get the waiver due to the pandemic corch.
Congrats Gators, Great addition. Had a feeling he would end up at UF with the way Mullen uses a nightmare match up tight end.
Anyone heard if ark gilbert transferring to uf? BR is reporting he has?
Fulmer should have criminal charges brought against him if he and Steele are buddies and he brought steel in to make sure his fishing buddy a million dollars for two weeks work. Fulmer should be fired for cause. There us no way in he!! He should have got his remaining salary just because he got out of the kitchen because it was to hot. They should take Steele"s remaining out of Fulmer's. What a sham. Phat Phil should be banned to even step foot on campus.
UT must have one of those money tree's growing there in Knoxville. The way they like to hand money out.
No way Muschamp is going to be the d c for a G 5 coach. I believe he has a little more pride than that. Besides doesn't he have fifteen million reasons not to.
That is the truest form of a good buddy guinney. Like both aren't loaded to begin with. Old fat Phil would go into cardiac arrest if be were to witness a couple coed"s in g string bikini's.
You wont say that when he hangs 65 on Mizzo next year tiger td
Gary Anderson's available, he even told Utah St. he didn't want his 2.7 million dollar buyout.
@ corch, you must not have read what i posted. I said besides Cincinnati the competition wasn't great. Everyone that post"s on this site knows who the real idiot is. The village idiot! That's you corch
Once jones gets spring and fall camp with the starting receivers and routes and his timing with the starters i think he is going to be better than we think. With the sample size we've seen its hard to tell as is Daniels he"s played four games and beside Cinncinati the competition wasn't great. The game against clemson will tell us a lot about Daniels when he goes up against their defense. If he goes out and shreds that defense up wilk make me feel a whole lot better about 2021.
In really surprised they haven t reached out to gus. I know Gus has 21 million reasons not to coach,but coach's just can't live without it. Gus stands a way better chance in the east then the West and faceing Bama every year. He still has UGA and FLA every year , but i feel he would take that with Ole Miss and ARKY on the rise not including AM LSU and BAMA.
Another coach that is not accustomed to losing and when he is shows his true colors.Kind of like he said after they started the season with a losing streak that we shouldn't even be playing basketball. You would think as many games that he's won and the success that he's had that he could eat a little humble pie instead of lashing out at a student doing a piece for the university.
Neagen your annoying alot of times , but i can see in a post around Christmas and New Year and this one. that you can be a kind, caring, normal human being with kindness in your heart.
Minshew is still with the Jags,but who knows for how long with the new staff in place. He was actually on an article on sds recently with a vid of him sporting a new freshly shaved mullet.i believe the stach and minshew mania have fizzled out in Jacksonville.
jags definetly need a QB. Thier lack of having any type of qb consistency is the reason tbeve been the laughing stock of the league really since they had Brunelle and Gerard out side of 2017 when they made it to the AFC championship game .
My thoughts exactly, him and the other four to five highly ranked recruits. Once they lose a few game and see Deion can't coach. I would think that with no exposure at Jackson St. Landing in the NFL might be a longshot compared to being in The ACc, SEC, Big 10 , Big12 and Pac12.
@ Corch ,Your a pitiful excuse of a human being. Piling on and mocking a rival that is going through the worst of time's.why can't you show just a bit of class. It's UGA fan's like you that is likely one of the reasons UGA hasn't won a NC in 40 years.