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They just keep awarding Ohio St for doing nothing. The way it's looking i guess they can miss Saturday's game and miss out on the Big 10 championship game and still be sitting at 4 next week.
Mullen said their disagreement on the sideline was over Christmas lights. Mullen said they are neighbors and he drove by and Grantham was putting his Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving was over and Mullen said we don't do that .Grantham replied , yes we do . Mullen , no we Don't. That was a great reply to the media. Now i know he was laying into Grantham over the defense ,but thought that was a classic response when he was asked about the disagreement by the media.
Get back in your crib KING CRY BABY. Must have found your mother's password for the parental controls.Im a dawg fan but have to use this one on you 44-28 Chump
Lh 61 is a super intelligent ,knowledgeable guy. Im fairly new on this site, but like reading his posts especially about Mason and Vanderbilt University. I know he had said that they make the athletic pay for everything.Thsy get alot of SEC money. Do they use all of the SEC money are just a portion?
Franklin also did it when both Fla and UGA were down. If i remember correctly FLA lost to Vandy and Georgia Southern at the swamp.
Its usually good not to gloat and poke the bear especially when your team plays that team your pokeing at. Its going to be cold in Knoxville on Dec 5. That is the Vols National championship game on saturday . if they might find a way to trip Fla up that would nake their season.
Mullen should act fast and move on from grantham. I was reading another add about Mason and a Cal fan had posted his worst fear was Shaw head coach at Stanford hireing Mason back that he remembered Mason's defenses being ranked 7 8th in the country and knocking off Oregon and Usc when the Pac 12 was competeing for National Championships.
Where will Herbie have them next week if they miss out on a third game and aren't eligible for the big 10 Championship game? I know he's a homer but surely he couldn't put them in with what there resume is rig h t now, but then again he has them at 4 now with only 4 played ana a top ten win against IU and they struggeled to hang on for the w.
Fla if they decide to part ways with 3rd and Grantham should look at him. With what they have in talent. Mason's a good DC.
What pressure from the Big 10. Their rules state if u miss 3 games out of their 6 game schedule you are not eligible for the conference championship game . Their protocol on any one testing positive is a mininum of 21 days out.Wisconsin has already missed. 3 games . Ohio St. is in serious danger of missing next weeks game. I wouldn't be suprised if the Big 10 would try and change the rule , but even playing a 4 or 5 schedule with a championship game to get in the playoffs would be a joke.The Big 10 blew this one and for them to change their rules or reward them for canceling their season and then after seeing the SEC and ACC wasn't going to follow them in cancelling the season decide to start their season in Nov knowing there would not be enough weeks left to make game's up if there were outbreaks.
Hey their just making up for all the calls they made for AU all y ear in this one game.AU won last year and kept Bama from making the playoffs. AU just isn't that good this year don't blame it on the refs.same result will be next week against LSU
SDS has run this article since the UGA BAMA game. Gary Danialson has to be the nost hated man in America.
@ Win some Win some more .How would you feel if FLA beats Bama in a close game? Would you feel Ohio St was one of the four best team's then?
If OhioSt. Misses next week's game they won't be eligible for their conference championship according to the Big 10 rules ,also their protocol if a player tests positive is that said player is out for twenty one days. Ohio St. is in big trouble.
JJ Weaver, young man. You have to learn not to run your mouth. Let your play on the field speak for itself. You have nothing for Mr. Pitts.
JJ Weaver got the start today.Stoops said he deserved it the way he's been playing.. A backup trash talking. Pitts has 3 tds. Haven t seen Weaver covering Pitts. He can't.
Yeah, Mizzo fan who's team was also part of that brawl. Not alot of room for u to be spouting off. Must still be sore from the behind the woodshed whupping Mullen and the Gator's put on your team. Why whould you even bring that up? That's old news
bama would put the beat down on them just like in 2013. You would think that there comes a time when all these people on the committee vote to put ND. In there its never a competitive game.
Im sure when he hears Ohio St is in danger of missing out on the Big 10 championship game they will be the most complete team lobbying for them to still get in the playoffs without being champions of the Big 10 and only playing five games.
If Ohio St misses one more game they would not be eligible for the Big 10 Championship game. The Big Ten also implmented that if any player tests positive they are ineligible for. twenty one. That is three weeks meaning more than likely Ohio St will miss next weeks game. I don't feel the Big 10 should be rewarded because they for 1. Said they were canceling the season thinking they were goi g to be the first conference to cancel the season along with the Pac 12. Trying to get the upper hand over all the other big confrences like they were going to be some type of hero's thinking the SEC and ACC would follow suitin which they didn't. Then the Big 10 waits until November to start its season . the Big 10 blew this out their @$$ and shouldn't be rewarded for it.
He's never had JJ Weaver on him. I guess its good to be confident, but Pitts makes play's with two and three guys on him. I don't see a linebacker covering him not even JJ Weaver.
Barkley loves him some Auburn. Im quite sure He'll be buying Jt's dinner and drinks. Barkley's fat ass most definitely hasn't missed a meal. His adult beverage bill may be a little higher after he starts pounding the drinks drowning in his sorrows after Bama puts a whipping on his tigers
Why would USC want him. He hasn't done anything at WF. If tanner even entertain an offer to him him he should be fired too. Id much rather have Hugh Freeze if there is any way to coax him to Carolina and if not him i would much rather have Beamer of Napier. If they hire Clawson Columbia would be burnt to the ground the following day.
Mullen picked one out of our back yard. This kid is one hell of a player. With him and Diwun Black coming to Gainsville gator's pick up two more playmakers At the linebacker position that have opposing OC's worrying about them two young men wreaking havoc.
I see the whiny lil bit@h is at it again. Sure has been nice him being holed up in hideing the last few weeks. If we had lost to Miss st last night wouldn't have had to hear his nonsense until next year, but he is the king. KINGCRYBABY.
KINGCRYBABY, why dont you go crawl back into your hole you've been hideing in for the past two weeks. Its been nice not hearing all your bullshi@. You're a complete embarassment to your own fans. Maybe you should learn not to throwout all your nonsense predictions about other teams you have to be the worse at it.
Tdow, how old are you? Talking about someone's mother and father is a slimeball move. Oh! I get it now. You're at the age where you drink those box drinks and watch spongebob after a move like that.