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Will Muschamp is a good dude who clearly cares about his kids.He enjoys coaching them and they enjoy playing for him. People whose teams he coach for seem to poke at him for how he coached their teams . But it's not as if he wanted to fail. He's still coaching and hopefully he will get another shot at a head gig one day and it will work out for him.
Well put Deon. Way to be a humble human being. Wishing well to others even though they may have slighted you only makes you a really good man and you already have more money been successful at every thing you have done. You will also have bigger opportunities down the road the way you had success at Jackson St and now at Colorado.
Lsu got throttled by a FSU team by 3 or more TOUCHDOWNS. LsU was the number 5 team and looked as if they didn't look as if the deserved to be on the same field. FSU TOTALLY DOMINATED THAT LSU TEAM IN,THE SECOND HALF. THEY BEAT A CUPCAKE AND ANOTER CUPCAKE IN MISS ST. They lost to FSU by one last year. Enjoy your ranking. You don't want know more of FSU . BC made more of a game with FSU than LSU did. How sad is that.
Mertztron has the game of his life uf wins 35 28 ut is Snake bit at the swamp. The losing streak at the swamp continues for ut. You heard it haar first.
I like you,1974 gator and I'm a Dawgs fan could you,see the look Mullen would have on his face sending him to prison for running the FLA program in the dirt. That $hit would be priceless.
He had a game kind of the norm at UF. Had2 and some change in,the passing game and 40,rushing. He did alot of good things against a good Jags defense.hope he devotes into a great NFL QB. He's a freak of nature so I see him doing good things once he gets some experience .
Tgat would be one he!! Of a trio! Bama wouldn't let any of that three within a couple hundred miles of Tuscaloosa.I couldn't blame them at all.Mclewain is a,liar,Muschamp is hexed and Mullen is a lazy clown,who doesn't believe in,recruiting.
This guy got what he deserved. I know I didn't get the other side of the story, but sounds to me that after all this woman had gone thru and for this pervert to take complete advantage of her and to think that just because he gets a hard on. To think he could do what he did and no repacussions become of it is just igorant. The guy is a perv and I believe he is a liar on saying the girl wanted set amount of $ to be his girlfriend.He said that because he was caught redhanded and that is the only thing he could say trying to save his job. Dude is POS to have a wife of 20 years and do that to her. Your a selfish and devious MF. I hope your wife divorces you and takes half of anything you have remaining in your bank account. Hopefully more then half for pain and suffering for you being like the lowest form of slimeball on the face of the earth.
Adam how does Mizzou stay at 10? They barely escape two FCS programs.
He should be fired whenever the investigated and he admitted to masturbating while on the phone with this woman after all she has been through.With her knowing that was his intention when he ask her and she said no. Mel Tucker is a POS. I hope he gets fired with cause and doesn't get a penny of what left ge is owed. How do these type of people in their position do something like this and think,they are going to get a way with it? He's a pervert and a stupid one at that.
Everybody in here but AM fan's. Weigman is the real deal. Where was AM's defense. Not looking to good for Jimbo.
Joe Milton thinking about that styling and profiling McDonald's Joe Milton Meal NIL Deal.
You know there most definitely was going to be some funny poked at UT on that article. I believe SDS knew this too. I think Leghumper was right on point with the type of response Spencer Davis was looking for.
Maybe he's tired of seeing the demise of his mighty gators. Could be in Strickland's ear about getting coach Prime to Gainsville. For all the haters,hating on,the old ball coach. Your probably still butt hurt cause he owned your team while he was coaching and beat you all by a half of a hundred. Lol.
Give credit to Coach Elco. Duke manhandled Clemson in,the trenches on both sides of the ball. They looked bigger ,faster and stronger and pushed Clemsons fronts around all night.
Talk all the $hit you want to UGA and Bama fan's. FSU is a good football team. They will make the playoff and meet either UGA or Bama.they couldn't beat LSU by 21 if they weren't.
They lost to Georgia ST. Not Georgia Southern. It was Muschamp that lost to Georgia Southern.
Come on flash,show a little class and not kick USC Jr while there down. Remember KARMA. Could be all these arrogant gumps.. not all Bama fan's. The ones who do it they know who they are. That KARMA could be the reason Bama is not sitting atop the college football mountain anymore. He who runs his mouth first may not run it last. Longhorns looked good yesterday. Could next Saturday be flashes day to get a big healthy dose of Karma.
I know Gator fan's are shocked at the start of year two under Napier. I am too.i know Napier has a 31 million buyout, but say they struggle with,Mcneese or have the same self inflicted wound they had against the Utes. If the team has not shown improvement from year one to year two that's all on Napier especially after a complete roster overhaul going through Billy's evaluation process to get his type of players for his system. With his army of a staff they should be run like a well oiled machine. What ever money Stricklin approved for Billy's army seems to look,like a waste of money and is not working. I read on an article billy doesn't have an on field special teams coordinator. After the Utah game special team disaster that is a must. Napier also needs an offensive coordinator he seems not to be cut out for it saying they are going to be a ground and pound team and then letting his running backs get ten carries in the Utah game and mertztron throwing it 44 times.Billy better do something fast or it's going to be a long season for FLA fans. I actually feel sorry for you gator fan's. All of you deserve alot better of a product on the field than Billy is putting out there. I know he did well at UL,but we're talking about the Sunbelt Conference here . Nothing compared to the SEC.
Relax idahogator, Trevor never said he was leaving. His brother Travis Etienne who plays for the Jacksonville jags sent out a tweet that maybe his lite bro should go play for coach Prime. If napiier don't start coaching em up and start looking like a real football team like they looked against Utah and UF has another bad year you could see alot of UF'S better player's transferring out and losing that third ranked recruiting class if napier don't cleanup that $hits how he's running in hogtown.
The thing is that these players were told all spring and fall that UF had one of the best running back rooms in,college football and they were going to carry the team and Mertzilla was going to be a game Manger. Then Napier abandons the run from the beginning of the game and lets Mertzilla throw it 44 times. Mertztron played well,but what headcoach abandons the run when you have two really good backs. Napier is puzzling he says one thing in his press conferences and goes out and does the complete opposite.
I'm sorry gator fan's for knocking your collective. That deal is all on Dexter. Who signs a NIL deal where you give up 15 percent of your income for 25 years? Who have you heard of in players having a 25 year career.Looksike he was money hungry and wanted that 436000 $. Not a very good decision signing that contract. I thought it was the UF collective and it's not he signed adeal with an,agent. What in the hell was he thinking?
Another NIL deal where UF didn't honor it on their end. Grevon Dexter, a five star recruit that played at UF for four years and went into this year's NFL Draft. Not a good look for UF. I know the head coach can't be affiliated with the school's collective,but he definitely know he's the one who gives the approval on wheather to give the prospect the deal or not. This article doesn't give the complete story ,but Dexter is seeing them for something he didn't get that he was promised. I feel for you gator fans after the way your team looked unprepared under Napier starting year two.wat is UF doing with all their collective $? Coach Prime and his team looed really good as an underdog at TCU.pulled off the big upset today. Colorado is another team like UF is a team that wasn't to win but a couple games this year and not have alot of success. I know it's only one game but Coach Prime Time's team was ready to play and looked good unlike what Napier's team looked like. I thought Napier was a good hire by UF. It looks like he's lost in the SEC power five. If Napier's team doesn't get it together and UF only wins two three games and Napier's third ranked recruiting class falls apart. Does UF pull the plug and go after coach Prime if he has a good year. I know alot of people don't like coach Prime has no coaching experience.,but the guys a proven winner at everything he's done. Would UF entertain the idea of primetime being their head coach? What do gatorfans think?
Negan, you have gotten your opinion across. Opinions are like @ssholes like yourself and everybody has one. Move along,Don't you have some recruiting to do for UGA. No one is reading your paragraph after paragraph posts. You're wasting your and other's time having to scroll thru your jiberish.
Ole Urbs wouldn't think twice about throwing Dan up under the bus. You better get the National Gaurd out in frt of your house if you start Cam Newton over Tim Tebow because I'm going to let everyone know where you live. That's to darn funny guys. I bet Dan Mullen didn't know what to think about that sheet.