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I hate to say it ,but it is so true. It's not always the best team to win in sports.it is the team that is usually the hottest in the postseason. Not Saying ND will win it all but they are playing well to knock off the two previous teams they have played. UT had a great season and next year can't get here fast enough for the fan's player's and coaches.
Seems like Napier is going to be a much better recruiter for UF. I know with signing day months away and him having five more teams on his list we have no clue who he'll sign with. If Mullen was still there he wouldn't have UF on his list. Mullen had a good three years. We as it because of the previous coaching staff recruited players? Maybe some of the gator fans could answer this for me. Seems as if Mullen was a lazy recruiter and most definitely has set UF back in that department. I'm an older UGA fan and just always remember UF getting a lot of the better talent in recruiting.
Come on negan.i give you props for being UGA s top recruiter on SDS so next time you get on here and say I bet he's fast. You have to say it with conviction, to like he's fast or like he's real fast boys. Come on Negan you know this you wana be the ace recruiter act like it dam it.
Not even close on him having the big kahonas vs being as dumb as a box of rocks. I wanted to give him the benefit of doubt. Negan has given me numerous chuckles hi ranting and raving all over the board posting to himself and continuing to make numerous predictions during football season and being wrong on most occasions only to say at a later date on how he is always right and if you go by his picks you will always have a fat bank roll in your pocket
It's in boys,it's a lock he's signing with UGA, we have our ace recruiter Negan on it. We already warned Negan he's allowed no hooker's or stripper's and definitely no MC Donald's bags.
Hi Negan, I've been pushing for you to be on Kirbs recruiting staff. Maybe we should have a discussion with SDS about you being a UGA homer and write for our team. I can only imagine some of the stories you would write.
Someone trying to move in on Negans, UGA recruiting services
I have told Negan before, to get Kirb to put him on his recruiting staff. If by some longshot that he would we wouldn't have to worry about him having time to post or do it on a rival team article. I don't understand if it is because he has a big set of kahonas or if he is that dumb of not knowing any better.
come on Neegen, get out there and recruit these b ball players like you do with football. Most of us UGA fans would love to have a successful basket ball program too. It would only give all of us on SDS who root on the Dawgs a few more months to enjoy SDS when the football season is over.
@ Negan, you should plead to CKS about how your such a good recruiter. He may be interested. Maybe he would let you entertain the recruits when they arrive in Athens,but by no means are you to hand out McDonald's bags and take them to topless bars or provide them with hookers.
Did I miss something? I by no means read anything about Walker Kessler and the NBA draft. I thought I read about a 4 star O linemen naming three SEC schools he's interested in commiting too. WTF
Ut won the SEC tournament championship AU won the over all SEC champio ship.
Where are all the UT fans.there is a few of u who need to come suck up some humble pie. Rubbing it in on BBN after they lost to the peacocks.All the gloating the handful of posters did rubbing it in on BBN. That's what you call karma baby.
@ auphinfan They sure as he11 weren't last year. They didn't make the tournament. With all the talent they recruit and get through the portal see
There is really no big name coaches available, but UK has big money and could poach one from another big program with their tradition.
The way SEC coaches are falling you think coach cal gets fired after this loss?
I'm sorry humpy, I failed to comprehend that you were saying the first overall selection.
uf did have to players drafted in 2021@ humpy Scotty Lewis in the second round and Tre Mann was selected with the eighteenth pick by the OKC Thunder.
Dan Mullins,he could still dabble in his play calling skills while taking a few years off from being a head coach.He may even offer his service's for free being he has twelve million reasons via of UF. It would also give him time too work on his ability to deal with not looking like a buffone in dealing with the media since he wouldn't have to address them being a coordinator.
Now is the NCAA going to Grant him his eligibility or or they going to take there sweet @$$ time granting his eligibility. I know graduate transfers are granted immediate eligibility. How does it work for other transfers?
This could be the reason he decided to transfer. The thought of this hanging over him if he stayed in the S.E.C . I agree it was a bad move on his part and he let his emotions get the best of him. He's still a young kid. I don't know if he's a dirty player though. Haven't heard of any other stories where he's throwing elbow's any other times.Hooe a fresh start for him can put this behind him.
Nice run Arky,future looking Bright for the Hogs. Alot of great players on that team. Noate was hogs only consistent PL a yet tonight. I believe if he had not fouled out hogs would have won the game. Funny how basket ball works when shots don't fall. Baylor's last game they couldn't hit 3s tonight they did and hogs didn't. That was the difference in the game. Arky can be proud of the fact they made a deep run in the tournament and if the team all comes back next year they should be a championship contender.
The first team's that aren't in need to address their QB situation if they don't take Pitts would be a mistake. I believe Pitts is going to be better than KC and SF tight ends and he has yet to play a game. The man is a matchup nightmare and I believe he will make most of these NFL corner's look foolish. I hope MIAMI gets him. Long time pnin fan and it would be an extremely lethal weapon for Tua.
No he would have to go to the UFC . You can use elbows there,not in boxing.
The thing is if u fire white who could u go and get. I'm a Georgia fan . we'll trade you Tom Creen for Mike White. He has gotten u to the tournament ev..ery year. Plus lost his best playerin Tallahassee which was a big blow to your tournament run this year. Be careful what u wish for.
Well when u turn the ball over twenty times and give the second best team at shooting free throws have 24 attempts and they make nineteen. Not many teams will recover from that.
A friend of mine has a buddy who is a coach with the Baltimore Raven's.he told me they can't wait to see Emory play.He think's Emory will be slot better passer than everybody thinks he will be.He also mentioned the guy has a arm and the way the ball comes off of his hand. he was joking with me because he knows I'm a UGA fan and said don't you remember he threw a 40 yard rope down the sideline for a completion in either the 2018 or 2019 in the FLA GA game. He seems to think Emory is going to give some team's problems with his arm and legs.