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The apology wasn't sincere, he only did it because he was losing sponsors.
It is just crazy how when ya stop paying players the 5 stars stop committing.
If Nebraska hires Bjork then they are telling the world "We want to win again and we are willing to cheat to do it!!!!!"
Ahhhhh....the Rebel Black Bear Landsharks never cease to entertain.
Wait? Are you telling me there is a NC winning coach struggling in NFL that Tennessee could get?
Until 2009 NFL teams didn't come out of the locker rooms for the National Anthem. In 2009 the Army as part of their recruiting budget paid the NFL to make teams come out and stand in a display of fake nationalism in order to recruit more soldiers.
The OLine while far from perfect cannot be expected to hold blocks forever. Allen was holding on to the ball too long because the WR's weren't getting open and don't have an understanding of finding the holes in the zone. WR's gotta get open and when they don't Allen has to throw it away.
And Bielema set it up for Canaan to run for a touchdown in the Red White Game a few years ago. Check out that video.
My only problem with Stidham is that after half a season and not a single down played in the SEC there has been Heisman talk. He is obviously talented but Heisman talk???
Whatever...the consensus seems to be that A&M is the more important game it is not. TCU is the biggest game on the schedule because if we win that we have a shot at being 5-0 going into Bama. Lose n we are gonna have a long season. If we lose to TCU at home we probably lose to A&M and USCe and the season spirals from there.
I was watching but not listening to Hart. I prefer the Razorback network broadcast.
Arkansas fans completely agree on Cheney. We saw the same head scratching play calling and were happy Bielema asked him to leave. Bielema then brought in Enos who was Smarts first choice for OC.
I agree, if it was for recruits an assistant would have been used for plausible deniability. As it is Freeze was a rich horndog who employed other women to fulfill what his wife would not. He is a great Christian man...just made a mistake. Yeah...right
Geeze dude...Saban didn't look like the best coach in College Football while he was at Michigan State greatness doesn't always happen overnight but yeah go ahead and put down the best coach in Missouri history. One can make the argument that it was the move to the spread in '05 and Yost that created the jump in recruiting that made Pinkel successful but whatever.
Great coaches have three things in common, they are great with X's n O's, they are great recruiters and they are great motivators. Good coaches may have two of the three and you see this all the time in middle of the road coaches who have some success but never sustain that success. Missouri had a great coach in Pinkel and that was the reason for the sustained success in Columbia. Time will tell with Odom.
Then Bjork can say "Unfortunately I cannot comment on that right now. Have me on later after OM fires me and Ill tell all."
Well to be honest you are right. I used to go onto local radio Sports talk shows to promote my business and the local DJ would constantly interrupt me, it was quite annoying and a big reason I stopped. Finebaum may just be a DJ who interrupts folks.
I am no Finebaum fan but when he has a guest on his show who is being evasive with answers to legitimate questions he has every right to interrupt their pat answers and continue to ask the difficult questions. Bjork has gotten away with lies and evasion long enough.
I agree completely. Saban is hands down the best in the college game. Any coach who believes him overrated is sucking on sour grapes. I had a friend who was a HS coach for years and his take on college coaches was: There are good coaches and there are great coaches. It comes down to three things, being great recruiters, being great motivators and being great with X's n O's. Good coaches have two of the three, great coaches have all three and great coaches are rare. Saban has all three.
Look up the connection between Economics and Cognitive Science. There is nothing Mickey Mouse about it.
Watson earned a degree in Communications which is considered one of the easiest to obtai which is why so many athletes follow that path. Rosen was speaking of the fact that too many schools just want to keep athletes eligible to play. He was speaking of a broader subject not putting Bama down for having dumb athletes. You will of course disagree but even SDS has said that was what Rosen's argument.
"His ability to throw the ball is very special and so is his gumbo and boudin balls those boudin balls are truly special."
Rosen's comments have been taken out of context. If you read the whole interview he says "Raise the SAT score and see what kind of team they have. You lose athletes and the quality on the field suffers" He was arguing a point that big time college football and real academics are incongruent. His point was that it should be about education not keeping an athlete eligible to play. The interview is on Bleacher Report.
You see this, I see this, most outside of Mississippi see this however the delusional Ole Miss fanbase just don't see it. I honestly wonder if they don't believe Freeze is going to come back after a year off and lead them to the promised land.