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Joe Burrow is a fraud. Jarrett Stidham is a fraud. Good defense by both teams, unfortunately both have mediocre offenses and that will come back to bite them... and that also will keep them from being a CFP contender. Both end the season with at least 2 regular season losses. We did not see two elite teams go at it today.
LOL. Clifford, talking in ALL CAPS does not help you WIN AN ARGUMENT. Unfortunately, the Gamecocks aren't playing teams like Coastal Carolina the final 10 games of the regular season, just like we aren't playing 10 Austin Peays again. Anyone can look like a solid team against a cupcake opponent, so I'm surprised you're even including that performance in your justification. From what I saw in UGA-USC game, they still couldn't run the ball on us (just as it's been the past 3 years with Kirby coaching), they still have the same QB (a 3-year starter now) that has proven he has mediocre ability and is incapable of beating a top tier team, and your defense couldn't stop our athletes on offense the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter. So yes, the Cocks do look the exact same as last year. I could debate they look worse considering the final score.
*in SANFORD You sure you live in Athens, bud?
You're kidding. No, there is no question still out. South Carolina looks the same as last year and so does UGA. The Gamecocks did not put up a good fight in the first half and then "the wheels fell off." The wheels were never on to begin with. There was good ball movement here-and-there but for the most part their drives were sustained by senseless penalties committed by UGA's defense. It was a beatdown from start to finish and South Carolina needed a gimmick play just to put some desperate points on the board.
You are delusional. I wish I could help you delete this comment, bud. Enjoy mediocrity with Muschamp.