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Bama gunna get waxed and I'm going to soak in every moment
If this and if that. You can if your way into thinking you would be better all you want. Keep coming up with unnamed sources for quotes cause that sure makes your case. This one had me laughing hard "the team that no one wants to play right now". How come every year UGA plays UT, everyone starts hyping up UT that they're finally coming back and then UGA kicks their teeth in and UT struggles the next few weeks. In fact, that has happened with Ark, KY, UF. Everyone hypes up these offenses saying they're going to test UGA and then no one scores. Goodluck Hooker
Stetson can't throw the deep ball. The good thing about it is I don't think he has to
I really enjoyed sitting on the Florida side this year. Hilarious seeing the misery all over their faces. Give Mullen an extension!
Your facts are wrong. He was at the spring game and considered UGA before committing. He just doesn't want to play for the trainwreck that is your program at the moment.
At least yall didn't have to make him your QB like years before
There isn't a Band-Aid that can plug up the holes Bama has on Defense. Georgia may not wow anyone on offense but our Tight Ends have been dominating anyone they matchup against, if JT comes back healthy he'll be able to push it further down the field. Getting Pickens back is going to be the cherry on top of a pretty filthy offense come December. Go Dawgs!
Mullen has done a good job getting talent from the transfer portal. That's great if you hit on every transfer each year but if you're not recruiting at an elite level then you won't have the steady development of a program.
I'm a homer too but your offense is dictated by the run which UGA has no problem defending. Our weakness is our secondary, if yall can give your qb time from jordan davis and devonte wyatt to throw it down the field you may have a chance but I doubt it since it's at home and we gunna have the place rocking even though its a noon kick. Best of luck, I'm excited for this one.
I was high on Kentucky till yall played SC. Need to play more disciplined and hold onto the ball to have a chance.
Arky will need to open up the run by taking advantage of our young secondary by taking shots down the field early. If they can do that then they have a chance, if they can't then this will be over by half time.
Not here to troll, I actually think Ole Miss wins this one in a close one. Bama's defense is much improved but so is Ole Miss'. I like Corral's experience and talent (hoping Falcons draft him) even though I think Young has a bright future ahead and looks like an experienced QB with his pocket awareness but I trust Kiffin's play calling over O'Brien's.
Ultimately CBS has first dibs and they chose the better game of Bama/Ole Miss, ESPN gets the 2nd pick and chose UGA/Arky. It's a stupid noon kick because ESPN was worried if it were the 7:30 time slot there'd be an overlap of Bama/Ole Miss and then the next time they could've made it for was 9pm which is too late for many on the east coast. Makes sense to have Gameday at an ESPN site of two top 10 teams. Being a Georgia fan I do think the better match up is going to be Bama/Ole Miss but Gameday is in the biz of pushing their viewership. At any rate, I'm excited to neglect my kids all afternoon Saturday. Go Dawgs!