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If's & buts, candy and nuts. IF a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ...well, you know. If Beck struggles in camp, CTM will fix him, and we have two other blue chippers to choose from. UF can't say that.
Wishful thinking, pal. The gators won't even compete for the SEC title this year, much less a playoff spot. However, please feel free to keep chasing that dream.
You are an ignorant jackass,TYSAM. ALL OCCUPANTS riding in or operating a motor vehicle are required by Georgia state law to wear seat belts. Pull your nose out of your Twitter feed long enough to swing by your local PD or GSP Driver Services location. Walk in and ask them, genius.
That is NOT true. GA law requires all motor vehicle occupants, drivers and passengers alike, are required to wear seat belts when the vehicle is being operated on state roadways. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth or posting comments about things you obviously know nothing about.
I'm assuming those were plain ole bullfrog legs and not really horned frogs, right? I mean, I have no idea whether or not you CAN eat horned frog legs. Are they even safe to consume? I thought I read somewhere they were poisonous or something. Anyone have any info on this subject?
And of course you have PROOF of his alleged "serious issues", right? Or did you learn of his, again, alleged issues from your social media accounts? I mean, if it's on Twitter or Instagram it must be true, right?
You mean like the now 25yo QB your coach grabbed from the portal in 2021? You mean like the one JC picked up and waved around like a Big Orange flag of surrender? Go back to class, NERDLY.
Not uncertain for me. Most or all of the portal pickups from last year are or will be leaving.That's what happens when the coaching staff tries to circumvent the player development process by taking 20 or so players from other programs that most oftentimes can't get on the field where they are. Plus, many upperclassmen like those aforementioned transfers are not great candidates for being "developed", so they are what they are. Until Heupel gets off his ass and starts recruiting and developing blue-chip HS players, a process that may take a couple years, he will never seriously compete for a championship of any kind. Until UT strings together 3 or 4 top 5 classes or better, they'll be good but good doesn't win NC's and probably not SEC titles either. The truth hurts.
Hey Joe - You and Tide Nation all suffer from from the same Saban-induced delusion. To their credit, Alabama's program has had tremendous success for a good long while now, but unfortunately the bar has been set so high that you all think that your team is invincible, an unstoppable juggernaut. Most of your fans truly believe that you cannot lose this game, but there are some that are at least sane enough to acknowledge this simple fact; Alabama is just not the big, bad wolf it has been in the last few years. Look, dude...Your offensive line is mediocre at best, you are not going to be able to run the ball effectively against us, and we practice everyday against a better defense than yours. Stats don't lie. We may be only a little better in a couple of defensive categories, but we're WAAAY better in most of them. You should be happy that you you're probably going to wind up playing in the Sugar Bowl on January 1st, but your CFP playoff run is going to end Saturday afternoon.
STREET, Alabama is not better than UGA in any defensive category that matters...not one. Total Defense - UGA #1 / UA #7 Pass Efficiency Defense - UGA #1 / UA is not in the top 50 nationally. Rushing Defense - UGA #3 / UA #4 Scoring Defense - UGA #1 / UA #20 Red Zone Defense - UGA #1 /UA Not in the top 50 nationally 3rd Down Conversion % allowed - UGA # 14 / UA #15 Passing Yards/Completion - UGA #10 / UA #25 Passing Yards allowed - UGA #2 / UA #42 Dude, you need to quit drinking heavily before typing comments on blogs like this one. Those red elephants will not outscore UGA this time around, and they will not cover the spread. The Dawgs will be SEC Champs and Bama will wind up out of the CFP, and in the Peach or Outback, maybe the Citrus. Better luck next year, Homer.
Are you talking about the same Alabama that just beat the Hogs last night? The one that gave up 35 points to that same Arkansas team that UGA shut out 37-0? The same Alabama that lost to a now three-loss TAMU? The same Alabama that beat a now 6-loss Florida by TWO POINTS? Talented offense? I'll give you that, but there's just one little problem with your deduction. Any competent QB with good receivers could throw for a ton of yards and score a bunch of points with absolutely no rush to worry about, no pressure at all from the defense, and all night to sit back and wait for their wide-outs to get open. I can guarantee you that Bama's young hotshot QB will find himself in an entirely different, not to mention extremely uncomfortable, environment when he meets our D-line and LB corps on December 4th.
Jerome...dude? What are you smoking right now? Must be primo because... Born in 96? Now I understand. Get back on here when you grow up a little more. The Gators might score 20 points..if we play very poorly..and turn it over 2 or 3 times. Realistically though, we won't. Your little fantasy will be over by the 3rd quarter. Dawgs 48 Lizards 17
None of you genius' know the first thing about Gilbert's personal life. Your dumbass speculations about mental health and drug addiction are really pathetic. Maybe the kid has a parent that's very ill and/or dying... maybe he had to drop out of school and get a job to help his family pay some bills, etc. You people have no idea what's happening in his life, so you just automatically start throwing out wild ideas for people to pick up and run with. Do any of you have direct, intimate personal knowledge of one single aspect of this kid's life? I doubt it very seriously. So where then did your information, your knowledge from a "reliable source close to the situation" come from? The internet? The grapevine? If it was your kid, you'd be in another dimension of pissed off. Leave Gilbert alone, and mind your own business. The ignorant bunch of knuckleheads coming up with these wild
His 55-yarder against OU in the Rose bowl would've been good from 65, yet our gutless coach wouldn't even let him try. If he misses, we go to OT. Turn the ball over on downs without trying the kick, we go to OT. Oh, I get it...let's squib kick it to prevent GT from running it back for a TD or at least long enough to try a game winning field goal...oh, wait...we don't want the kick to fall short and run the risk that they return it all the way back for a game winning TD ala the 2013 Iron Bo... I digress. No killer instinct. No guts. No confidence in his team. No more possibility for an undefeated season. Thanks, Coach.
Just as Auburn's freshman QB got schooled and their "one of the best in the nation" defense got exposed, the same thing will happen to the overall inexperienced signal caller the Gators will trot out. As much as I hate to admit it, Death Valley is a tough place for visiting team's to play. It would take a perfect game for UF, and they are just not capable of performing at that level. Tip of the hat for UF's victory last week, but Malzahn's misfits are a bit overrated, so I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in that one "big win".
Yeah, go ahead and talk smack about Georgia if you want, but everybody...EVERYBODY knows you're praying some other east team knocks us off before the SECCG! You know your team was whipped up and down the field the last two times we played, and you barely escaped with a miraculous, last minute comeback each time. Well, luck ain't going to save you this year, bubba. Hell, with the way LSU is playing, combined with the fact that your starters are dropping like flies from season-ending injuries, ya'll may not even get to the big game anyway. I mean, when your #2's are all freshmen, that ain't exactly what you might call quality depth, regardless of how many stars they supposedly were rated in HS. We'll be in Atlanta on December 7th. The Tide? Highly questionable I'd say.
Hey, Ranger. Bama does have an obvious problem with establishing an effective run game, and it will more than likely bite them in the ass eventually if they don't fix it. Unfortunately for the 'cocks, they didn't have to run the ball against your team in order to win the game. CNS was more than happy to let Tagovailoa simply pick apart your relatively weak, porous secondary, which he did, to the tune of 444/5. You have no idea how nauseated I feel just from saying anything positive about those guys with the silly numbers on the sides of their helmets, but it is what it is.
Not concerned about the gators, just a bit amused. Anyway, I believe that quote actually came from their highly overrated...I mean...very well respected..defensive coordinator. If it HAD been one of UF's players talking smack, it wouldn't have been that much of a shock, now would it? I mean, anybody can throw a slant, right?