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His 55-yarder against OU in the Rose bowl would've been good from 65, yet our gutless coach wouldn't even let him try. If he misses, we go to OT. Turn the ball over on downs without trying the kick, we go to OT. Oh, I get it...let's squib kick it to prevent GT from running it back for a TD or at least long enough to try a game winning field goal...oh, wait...we don't want the kick to fall short and run the risk that they return it all the way back for a game winning TD ala the 2013 Iron Bo... I digress. No killer instinct. No guts. No confidence in his team. No more possibility for an undefeated season. Thanks, Coach.
Just as Auburn's freshman QB got schooled and their "one of the best in the nation" defense got exposed, the same thing will happen to the overall inexperienced signal caller the Gators will trot out. As much as I hate to admit it, Death Valley is a tough place for visiting team's to play. It would take a perfect game for UF, and they are just not capable of performing at that level. Tip of the hat for UF's victory last week, but Malzahn's misfits are a bit overrated, so I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in that one "big win".
Yeah, go ahead and talk smack about Georgia if you want, but everybody...EVERYBODY knows you're praying some other east team knocks us off before the SECCG! You know your team was whipped up and down the field the last two times we played, and you barely escaped with a miraculous, last minute comeback each time. Well, luck ain't going to save you this year, bubba. Hell, with the way LSU is playing, combined with the fact that your starters are dropping like flies from season-ending injuries, ya'll may not even get to the big game anyway. I mean, when your #2's are all freshmen, that ain't exactly what you might call quality depth, regardless of how many stars they supposedly were rated in HS. We'll be in Atlanta on December 7th. The Tide? Highly questionable I'd say.
Hey, Ranger. Bama does have an obvious problem with establishing an effective run game, and it will more than likely bite them in the ass eventually if they don't fix it. Unfortunately for the 'cocks, they didn't have to run the ball against your team in order to win the game. CNS was more than happy to let Tagovailoa simply pick apart your relatively weak, porous secondary, which he did, to the tune of 444/5. You have no idea how nauseated I feel just from saying anything positive about those guys with the silly numbers on the sides of their helmets, but it is what it is.
Not concerned about the gators, just a bit amused. Anyway, I believe that quote actually came from their highly overrated...I mean...very well respected..defensive coordinator. If it HAD been one of UF's players talking smack, it wouldn't have been that much of a shock, now would it? I mean, anybody can throw a slant, right?