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Maybe I missed it. But I didn't see a prediction unless it was Daniels is more ready to play. And I LOVE MATHIS. And yes I know he can throw the ball out of the stadium. But that doesn't necessarily mean he has THE BEST ARM as he said. HE MIGHT HAVE THE STRONGEST ARM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL! But to me THE BEST ARM IS THE ONE THAT'S THE MOST ACCURATE!!! That I believe is JT DANIELS!!! Plus I know JT Daniels can REGULARLY and ACCURATELY throw it 60 yards dead on the money!!! He did it over and over as a high school guy!!!! And has instincts to throw people open to. Carson Beck also has very similar ability as a former 5 star himself!!!! It really could be any of these three guys. But for me personally I like a traditional pocket passer with better mobility than people think. With experience and as much talent as ANYONE!!! He needs to cut down on interceptions. But with UGAs O LINE and RUNNING BACKS I'm sure he will!!! So JT DANIELS is my pick with possibly all 3 playing if we can build a lead!!!!! PS. But either of our 3 best QBs can be dynamic players!!!! If I have anything against running QBs. It's the fact they trust their legs too much and sometimes fumble!!! But otherwise if that can be prevented who knows? King Negan
Out for season. Prayers for speedy recovery. KN
@NashvilleGator..........I can't recall for certain. But I thought I remember Plumlee being a gator commit if I'm not wrong. I could be wrong. I admit it. But I do remember that coach Mac had a big time QB committed. Then they left when Mullen basically ignored them for Emory Jones. Was it Plumlee? If it was oh how that would sting if he beat you first game! Honestly in coaching and it's not just because I don't like Florida. I TRULY BELIEVE OLE MISS HAS THE BETTER COACH!!! AGAIN, I COULD POSSIBLY BE WRONG. BUT I DOUBT IT!!!! But don't speak to badly of him. Because the gators will need a coach once you realize Mullen the CLOWN can't dance you to the promise land!!! Then y'all will run him out of town!!!! That's one thing I do know. FLORIDA HAS A CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE OR DID BEFORE THE CRIMINALS BEGAN CHANGING IT!!! Credit card scams, guns, gamblers you name it. I'm just being truthful. Even with Urban Liar you still had TIM TEBOW!!!! A CHAMPION IF I EVER SAW ONE!!!!! Kinda like the Herschel Walker of Florida. I'm giving an honest complement!!!! But I don't see any Tebow on the roster!!!! Trask is more of a TALLER more talented Rudy from Notre Dame lore, but not Tebow!!!! We don't have a Herschel Walker either so it's even. But we have a Todd Gurley and Chubb provided they get all their wheels back under them!!!! And we're 5 deep!!!! Talent wise. I honestly think all 3 potential starters have more raw talent than Fromm. But Fromm was excellent. Last season wasn't his fault. And he was 3-0 vs Florida!!!! Something the new blood need to live up to!!!! We'll see but I think y'all will be surprised!!!!! Trask is a feel good story if I'm a gator fan. But to me UGA is still worlds apart in overall talent!!! Watch out for game one!!! Actually playing Arkansas I feel UGA needs to watch out for numerous reasons. I don't believe in overlooking anyone!!! Anyway I believe as usual the east runs through Jacksonville!!! With Tennessee as a very interesting team to watch. Overlook them and either of us might be crying. But a possibility of the same old Tennessee. I guess we wait and see!!!!! Honestly I wish we didn't have so many good teams so early!!! Alabama in Alabama to. But maybe we will prepare harder. I just hope we don't overlook the others including week one!!!! PS. Trask was big coming off the bench. Let's see how starting pressure effects him. In that way we both have a question mark at QB!!! Still I'm betting UGA and I'll bet you have Florida lol. BUT I BELIEVE IN KIRBY AND OUR ROSTER!!!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!! I'm just happy we have football!!!!! King Negan
THE QB WHISPERER COULDN'T RECOGNIZE SOMEONE PERFECT FOR HIS OWN STYLE OFFENSE? Mullen looks better every day!!! PS. Good thing Urban Liar was the head man! King Negan
HEAR ME CLEARLY!!!!! I like D Sanders because he played for the falcons. Well he's okay. I have nothing against him. Put it that way. But he needs to STOP filling elite recruits heads full of stupid ideas. LIKE LEAVING A UGA OFFER FOR JACKSON STATE!!! His game was based on PURE GOD GIVEN TALENT!!! Not knowledge of the game. He was just faster than everyone else at that time period!!!! HE WILL NOT BE A GREAT HEAD COACH EVER!!!! His tackling was weaker than Dan Mullens dancing!!!! And that is pretty bad indeed!!!! Tackling is probably THE MOST BASIC OF ALL BASICS OF ANY DEFENSE. And how can you teach what you never learned or were good at? His idea of a big hit was just throwing his body into a guy sideways!!! HE HAD NO CONCEPT OF REAL HITTING AND WAS A BIT OF A COWARD IN THAT RESPECT, HIS ENTIRE CAREER!!! It's just the TRUTH! I'll bet Warren knows more about hitting. And the game in general, right now. Than Sanders ever did in his whole career!!!! He broke up or intercepted passes because of SPEED, that's it!!!! If a big strong WR caught the pass in front of him. They usually got yards after catch!!! I hate to think what Julio Jones would have done to primetime one on one or God forbid Calvin Johnson!!!! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EMBARRASSING. AND SANDERS PROBABLY LIMPS OUT OF THE GAME AFTERWARDS!!! Sorry but I'm just be honest! HE WON'T BE A GREAT TEACHER OF THE CORNER BACK POSITION AS HEAD COACH. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T TEACH PURE SPEED AND GOD GIVEN ABILITY!!!!! AND YOU CAN'T TEACH WHAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!! Any db coach is probably a better coach!!! Even in the pro's he would lag behind wrs and pretend to be beaten. Only to run them down once the ball was in the air!!! But that is NOT good DB technique unless your one of the fastest men in the world!!! And in today's game I still wouldn't advise it. Still great wide receivers with LESS SPEED like Jerry Rice regularly torched Sanders. Simply because of their elite KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME. SUCH AS ROUT RUNNING!!!! I know they were supposed to have had this big rivalry. But I remember how ONE-SIDED that rivalry really was!!! And it wasn't just him torching Sanders regularly either. But ill stop!!! LOL KIRBY SMART DID NOT HAVE ALL THE GOD GIVEN TOOLS. YET HE STILL BECAME ALL AMERICAN AT UGA. AND HAS BEEN PUTTING DB'S IN THE PROS HIS ENTIRE COACHING CAREER!!!!! CONCLUSION.... Mr Warren, you are best to be thankful for the offer and then say NO THANKS!!! UGA will put you in the NFL! Possibly with an SEC CHAMPIONSHIP and a big possibility of a NATTY OR TWO!!!! There is a real good chance you'll play for THE NEXT DYNASTY on your way to the NFL! You can become a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK WITH UGA!!!! Jackson State might not even play 500 ball in the little leagues!!! WHAT NFL TEAM WILL EVEN KNOW ABOUT YOU OR CARE AT THAT PLACE????? You probably couldn't even get an un-drafted free agent deal. Not because your not good. BUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE BEST, TO BE THE BEST!!! TO IMPROVE TO AN NFL LEVEL!!! KIRBY AND STAFF. AS WELL AS PLAYING IN THE SEC. THAT IS THE GOLDEN TICKET. DON'T GO AND BLOW IT!!! SANDERS IS KNOWN FOR BLOWING SMOKE!!!!!! He won't be a great coach. HE IS ALL TALK!!!! Besides he can't teach SPEED! Warren is fast but he/Sanders was unnatural!!! OFFERS FROM JACKSON STATE DON'T AMOUNT TO ANYTHING, BUT WISHFUL THINKING. FOR THOSE WHO HATE UGA!!!! If primetime didn't have speed. He would have been one of THE WORST CORNERS EVER!!! NO BIG-TIME COLLEGE CAREER! AND DARN SURE NO NFL!!! IT WAS ALL GOD GIVEN SPEED WITH HIM!!!! HE PROBABLY DOESN'T EVEN START IN HIGH SCHOOL, WITHOUT HIS UNNATURAL SPEED!!!! PS. It's possible he/Sanders can recruit because of who he is. And maybe with a few elite recruits. Jackson State might even win. Possibly big, but I wouldn't hold my breath. STILL, ITS THE LITTLE LEAGUES. SANDERS WON'T BE A GREAT TEACHER!!! Unbeaten teams from those leagues get beaten 70-0 by middle to lower SEC schools. And there is a simple reason!!! Just because you play well in the little leagues. It means exactly nothing WHERE THE BIG BOYS PLAY!!!! King Negan
You hit the nail on the head!!! But honestly all this see ya next spring talk. And 3 games then bye! This is just pure confusion and ruining college football!!! THE SEC NEEDS TO HOLD IT TOGETHER!!!! King Negan
Corch, Mullen hasn't beaten Kirby yet to my knowledge. Have I missed something? King Negan
ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY!!!! This could be a trap game. And ill guarantee Arkansas is coming to win!!! SC beat an overconfident UGA team last year in Athens. This game is in Arkansas!!! Not the same coach and not the same talent level as last year!!! And look how many new things we are installing. And if we're SMART we will hopefully play ALL THE QBS!!! The only way to do that is to blow them out quickly!!!! Let them hang around and THAT'S NOT GOOD!!! We need to be able to put the backups in to get more experience. This team needs to think ahead in terms of getting players experience!!! But there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in thinking ahead and LOOKING AHEAD which has been the reason we didn't make the playoffs the last 2 years!!! We were better than LSU in 2018 and darn sure better than SC last season. But those two games cost us two PLAYOFF APPEARANCES!!!! And maybe a national championship or two as well!!!! LOOKING AHEAD HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE DOWNFALL OF EVERY GREAT UGA TEAM THAT DIDN'T WIN IT ALL. AND ITS TIME THAT CHANGES!!! RESPECT ALL OPPONENTS PERIOD AND PLAY UNTIL THE FINAL WHISTLE!!! Without those two losses to inferior teams. We make two PLAYOFF APPEARANCES PERIOD! And getting big leads on Alabama and celebrating EARLY, cost us to!!! We were cheated out of one national championship. But we kind of cheated ourselves out of the 2018 SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS AS WELL AS SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS ALWAYS BRING IN EVEN BETTER RECRUITING!!!! NOT TO MENTION CONFIDENCE!!! COULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN A DYNASTY... Realistically the 2018 LSU game, UGA was a much better team!!! And we gave Alabama that SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. AGAIN LETTING THEM OFF THE ROPES!!!! And nobody can tell me SC is supposed to beat THIS UGA TEAM at home at any time, period!!! We were cheated out of one national title and cheated ourselves the other times. UGA COULD HAVE WON 3 STRAIGHT SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS AND POSSIBLY EVEN 3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! BUT EARLY CELEBRATIONS AND LOOKING AHEAD KILLED IT ALL. WHO CAN SAY LAST YEAR'S LSU TEAM EVER HAPPENS. IF UGA IS NOT FIRST CHEATED OUT OF THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AND THEN CHEATED THEMSELVES OTHER TIMES? Because recruiting changes things and UGA would have had literally EVERYONE!!! Coach O would probably be looking for a job. AND THAT'S THE FACTS!!!! THATS HOW IT WORKS!!! PS. YET WE STILL HAVE EVERYTHING IN FRONT OF US!!! WE SHOULD BE. AND HAVE THE TALENT TO BE, THE GOLD STANDARD IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. AND WILL BE THE NEXT DYNASTY, GOD WILLING. WE ALREADY HAVE THE BEST ROSTER ON PAPER OF ANY TEAM! TIME TO GET TO WORK. NO LOOKING PAST ANYONE. AND ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY!!!!!!! NO CHEATING OURSELVES OR REGRETS!!! In short, SORRY SAM!!!!!!! King Negan
I doubt we'll be as bad off as you might think!!! No more sloppy than anyone else. Just hope the Alabama offense doesn't look worse than UGA early. Then you got real problems!!!! King Negan
@AFan.......Listen A$$ Fan I've been thinking about your obsession with male A$$ in football uniforms. And if that's your thing. What can I say? Personally I wouldn't be a bit proud but that's me. I would never have that name!!! Still if you need the crisis line. I'm sure glad Nashville shared it. I hear y'all always have a lot of sensitivity issues in your community!!!! PS. Again this is a safe place. Always lagging two steps behind me!!! LOL give it up!!! King Negan
@NashvilleGator........How long have you been in crisis? And don't you have your own crisis number? Oh come to think of it. Being a Nashville Gator you must travel a lot. Need a number handy at all times. That kind of thing???? PS. And isn't it nice of you to want to share it. Aww, it's okay be calm. Your in a safe place. : ) King Negan
These comments never look this long in my browser when I'm typing them. It's NOT on purpose!!!! King Negan
Umm, they play the two other strongest teams in the big 10!!!! When is the big 10 not a cake walk for a good team? Maybe the 80s???? THE BIG 10 IS A JOKE!!!! If Ohio state loses even 1 game they should be out!!!! And let a 2 loss SEC TEAM IN!!!!! If they want the 4 best!!!! Talking about week 2 at Penn state. Might make week one and Nebraska a trap game!!!! PS. Week one with Nebraska might be their only loss if they have only one!!!! Playing 8 games in such an easy conference is a scam right there!!! King Negan
LIKE I SAID. MOST OPT OUTS ARE FOR PUBLICITY REASONS!!!! To get people talking!!!! BUT ITS CLEARLY BAD PUBLICITY!!!!!!!!!! PS. Florida players hinted at it make people sweat!!! NEITHER OF THEM HAD ANY INTENTION OF OPTING OUT AND WON'T!!!! PS. They are simply laughable Mullen JOKES!!!! They might talk again. But they won't do it!!!! LOL@THEM!!!! King Negan
ATTENTION ELITE RECRUITS....... This is just one of MANY REASONS you should be at UGA!!!! NO CONTEST!!!!! Korey Foreman maybe coach Smart is just going about his usual business. Because he has always been this way!!! Not neglecting Mims and Monden and others we're recruiting that we truly hope picks UGA. But I'm just pointing this message at Korey Foreman and others who might be a little more on the fence. I for on heard what you said Korey and remember. Nobody is doing what Kirby is doing! Anyone can march or make speeches. But Kirby does that and more!!!! PS. HE CONTINUES TO PUT " HIS MONEY " WHERE HIS MOUTH IS!!!!!!!! So you and others should already know!!!!! We're waiting & hoping!!!!! KN
If we weren't weeks away from the season. HE WOULD TRANSFER!!!!! Sorry but I don't agree with Bobo!!! One thing about him. HE WILL PLAY FAVORITES!!!! You can't tell me that guy is better than Ryan!!!! NO WAY!!! It was his losing QB at Colorado state!!!! Bobo goes back to the days of " WINNING IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AT GEORGIA!!! " I like Bobo as a former Dawg. But I don't care for him as a coach honestly!!!! PS. That attitude cost a great coach his job at UGA. And Mike Bobo plays favorites. And I think SC will pay for it!!!! KN
I'm confused!!!! LOL. Not my idea of a porn star I guess. Shows you how much I know about these folks!!!! PS. I was thinking it was a woman. But I am no expert on all this these days. LOL. KN
OOPS!!!! Just read the article. Should have done that FIRST!!! LOL. WELL THE AGE WE LIVE IN. MAYBE " HE " IS CHUMMY!!!! PS. I thought it was a woman? Is it a woman with a man's name???? WHO IS THE STAR??? I didn't read the whole thing. Guess I will either way. LOL KN
IN SHORT THE SEC PLAY'S!!!! And why? TELEVISION CONTRACTS!!!! Everybody loves SEC FOOTBALL!!! We are the BEST OF THE BEST!!! Everyone loves college football except a very few. And no college football means boredom and an empty place in America. And we have had more than enough of that!!!! ITS TIME TO PLAY!!!!!! WAY TO GO SEC!!! PS. GO DAWGS!!!!!! UGA 2020 SEC CHAMPIONS AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! Then the DYNASTY OFFICIALLY BEGINS!!!!!!!! God willing!!! KN
Could be a good thing. But players do usually praise their teammates and friends. But could still be good. UGA brings all the main guys back. A bunch were true freshmen on last year's #1 RANKED DEFENSE! Better than 80% are back. Also the guys we have to replace were mainly depth guys. And only a few at that. The holes being replaced are being replaced with elite players and 5 stars!!! They have a chance to be one of the best defensive units UGA EVER HAD!!! And we have always had defense. But as always they have to WORK to reach their potential. Last year was last year!!! Alabama might get us in that first one in Tuscaloosa. Because it's so early and we are putting in a brand new offense. Breaking in New QBS! We have 3 that could start anywhere with a little experience under their belt. I'm so glad Jaime Newman opted out personally. Because he was good. But NOT our best QB. Still he might have got the job because of pure sympathy. Since he only had one season. Oh I'm sure he would have done well. But I trust the guys we have now much much more!!!! We also have a few freshmen on defense. That can make some huge noise. I'm thinking of one right now. 5 star DT Jalen Carter!!! He just OWNED OUR HUGE ALL SEC STARTING CENTER more than once!!! He has been shining all camp. And in the biggest high school all American game. He not only dominated in practices leading up to it. He was considered the best DT seen by the coaches. And as you know their all elite! But he outperformed those ranked slightly ahead of him. And he dominated in the game against the best of the best o linemen. Just tossed them around like children at times!!!! Even though UGA can already play 3 5 STAR GUYS in the defensive front even without J Carter. I'm talking the big guys now!!! And that doesn't count our starting giant NT 4 STAR Jordan Davis. Don't forget the name folks. 5 STAR PHENOM Jalen Carter!!!! If he can stay healthy. He will be a first round NFL DRAFT PICK in a few short years!!! He is both a run stopper and a QB crusher. As well as all around big play maker!!! And the defense is just full of BIG-TIME NFL TALENT!!! AND THE TOP DEFENSIVE MIND IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL AS HEAD COACH. AS WELL AS ANOTHER UP AND COMING STAR DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR UNDER HIM!!!! There is so much hype on this UGA defense. Nobody can possibly live up to it all. They will get scored on. Possibly even torched early. But once they get going LOOK OUT!!!! They are EASILY the best defensive unit in college football!!!! If you want to get them. You better do it early!!!! PS. Because you won't find a better group of talent and depth on any defense on any team, at any time. In the last 25 years or so!!!! The defensive scheme is not to be sexy. It's to prevent points!!! But this defense can do/be both!!!! If they WORK!!!!! It still takes WORK!!! King Negan
It's weird hearing Michigan and Wisconsin called a threat. What have either of them done? Other than play in an easy division full of cupcakes. Them being two of the cupcakes!!!! And Michigan always has a new QB!!! It means nothing. The one they had was good. And as for 3 star giant Wisconsin I really don't get it!!!! I would be willing to bet every penny I have. Neither of those teams win anything more than a bowl game. Maybe a decent big Ten record at best!!! If it were me I would put Alabama above clemson right now. And Ohio state based upon not playing anyone in their division. They won't be ready for a team that is ready for them. Not this season!!!! But on paper UGA has the top lineup in the country. We have a minimum of 5 more 5 stars than everyone. I'm not sure about OSU I haven't looked. But clemson and Alabama we have beaten by that many. At I'm not including numerous players who were once 5 stars and got their star yanked late. Their might be 7 or 8 of those guys!!! BUT THE GAME IS NOT PLAYED ON PAPER!!!! PS. But I'll say the national champion will be UGA or Alabama. And I'll pick UGA. I think things line up well except the tough early schedule!!!! We will be at our best late!!!! King Negan
Y'ALL WOULD SAY ANYTHING!!!! It's UGA so he can play with Korey Foreman, Mason Smith and be a DYNASTY!!!! KN
Nope it's going to be UGA. He wants to play with Korey Foreman, Mason Smith and the rest!!! KN
THE MEDIA HAS ILLEGALLY HELPED SABAN AND ALABAMA RECRUIT EVER SINCE HE TOOK OVER!!!! Now based upon 1 lucky season. All of a sudden. LETS SKIP OVER ALL THAT KIRBY SMART HAS DONE AT UGA. AND HELP COACH O RECRUIT NOW!!!! Coach O has been a head coach before plenty of places. Some years very AVERAGE TO BAD RESULTS!!!! KIRBY SMART HAS BEEN THE HEAD MAN FOR ONLY 4 YEARS. AND IN THAT TIME HE'S BEEN $CREWED OUT OF A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BUT MADE IT IN YEAR TWO!!! HAS HAD 3 STRAIGHT SEC EAST CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! GO LOOK AT HIS WIN/LOSS AVERAGE AS HEAD MAN!!!! Then remember Saban never won ANYTHING or even came close before he met KIRBY SMART at LSU!!!! He had lost more than he won before that!!! Then Kirby was part of all but one of Sabans so-called championships!!! The one he/Kirby won on the field and got $CREWED OUT OF!!!! By bad calls and No calls!!! PS. IF THE MEDIA WISHES TO KEEP UGA DOWN. WHY NOT BE HONEST ABOUT IT????? KIRBY AND UGA DESERVE ALL THE MEDIA!!!!! Remember that this year dawgs!!!! King Negan