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THERE IS A MOLE IN GATOR LAND!!!!!! Somebody is discussing $$$$$$$$$$ with Z!!!! And someone angry at Florida knows all about it. THEY ARE JUST WAITING FOR ONE FINAL THING!!!!!
Oh yea!!!!! UGA is in big trouble now!!!! LOL, only kidding. But chances are if we want him he will be a dawg before it's over!!! It has gotten to the point where elite players commit to programs like Florida and Tennessee to get UGA attention!!!!! Even Alabama to!!! Anyone remember Jake Fromm or a certain 5 star linebacker that flipped at the last second named Walker???? All great Walkers belong at UGA!!!! If you are elite and your name is WALKER. Don't bother with other schools. Why bother when that name is not only UGA ROYALTY. IT IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL ROYALTY BECAUSE OF UGA AND HERSCHEL WALKER!!! Auburn is not exempt either. George Pickens just might turn into a player before it's over!!!! LOL. I know the AJ GREEN COMPARISONS BUT TO BE HONEST. I THINK HE IS A COMBO OF GREEN AN A FELLOW NAMED JULIO JONES!!!! MESSAGE TO GEORGE PICKENS.... Neither has been too shabby!!!!! Just keep working and DON'T FALL FOR THE TEMPER TRAPS THAT TEAMS ARE USING. Fighting back only makes you appear stupid!!!! IT IS A TRAP AND THE WORD IS OUT ON YOU!!! Want to fight back??? DO WHAT THE TRULY GREATS DO. BURN THEM FOR ABOUT 3 TDS FOR EVERY TIME THEY PUSH YOUR BUTTONS!!!! That way you don't appear stupid which I KNOW YOUR NOT!!! And they have to see the HIGHLIGHTS OF YOU BURNING THEM OVER AND OVER FOREVER!!!! Most importantly, you don't hurt your draft stock OR YOUR TEAM!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$ No matter if you fight back your not going to hurt them with all those pads and they know it. ITS ONLY GOING TO HURT YOU AND YOUR TEAM AND ULTIMATELY YOUR PAYCHECK $$$$$$$!!!! NFL TEAMS CAN AND WILL USE YOUR HUMAN TEMPER AS AN EXCUSE NOT TO PAY WHAT YOU ARE WORTH!!! Is that worth allowing some punk going nowhere to keep you out the first half of the LSU game or ANY HUGE GAME???? Believe me. HE GOT THE LAST LAUGH AT YOUR EXPENSE AND WE NEED YOU!!!!! TEAMS ARE GOING TO DELIBERATELY PUT 1 STAR NOBODY'S OUT THERE TO PUSH YOUR BUTTONS IN HUGE GAMES!!!!! Saban will game plan to do it you can bet!!!! He will have someone double cover you to make sure you are covered. But he will tell the guy he needs the least TO GO START SOMETHING OR EVEN PUNCH YOU!!! YOU CAN BET HE WILL WANT YOU OUT OF THE GAME EARLY!!!! AND IN TUSCALOOSA, THEY WILL ONLY SEE YOUR RESPONSE!!! SO DON'T FALL FOR THAT PLEASE!!!!! As soon as they try it JUST TAKE IT PLEEEEEEEAAAAASE!!!! Complain to the REFS for a flag but don't promise yourself you'll get it. But like I said. BURN THEM FOR 3 TDS FOR EVERY CHEAP SHOT AND THEN POINT AT SABAN AND LAUGH!!!!!! Do the same for all other idiots!!! TELL YOUR TEAMMATES TO DO THE SAME!!!! Anyway....... Listen to your coaches and STAY HEALTHY!!!!! DON'T DO STUPID THINGS EITHER, JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE SAY. THE TIME TO BE STUPID IS YOUR COLLEGE YEARS!!!! I'm not sure stupidity is ever a good thing at any age!!!! DRUGS FOR EXAMPLE WILL STEAL EVERYTHING YOU EVER WORKED FOR AND TURN YOUR LIFE INTO A LIVING HELL!!!!! Look at Mike Tyson. He was making HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS PER FIGHT OR TWO!!! Now be claims to be BROKE and addicted or was at least which means. He would be fighting it every day of his life at this point. I GUARANTEE HE WILL TELL YOU ADDICTION IS THE HARDEST FIGHT OF HIS LIFE PERIOD!!!!! Only 5% of true addicts ever recover and STAY THAT WAY!!!! The other 95% eventually die early most of the time. After having lived IN HELL ON EARTH!!!! So please don't ever mess with that stuff!!!! Remember it's possible to toy around for years with drugs without getting hooked for lucky people. Some are hooked THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!! Some die the very first time to!!!! But those so-called LUCKY ONES. EVEN THEY WAKE UP ONE DAY AFTER YEARS OF PLAYING. AND SUDDENLY OUT OF THE BLUE, " THEY ARE HOOKED!!!!! " With no rhyme or reason at all it just happens!!!!!! SO LIKE IN THE MOVIE CALLED ( WAR GAMES. ) THE ONLY WINNING MOVE IS NOT TO PLAY!!!!!! But for IDIOTS who are just bound and determined to ruin their life with STUPID ACTIONS LIKE DRUGS OR UNNECESSARY CRIME. I protest!!!! College is not the time for a athlete to be stupid!!!!! IF ANYONE INSIST ON STUPIDITY. AT LEAST MAKE THE MILLIONS FIRST!!!! At least that way. It will take a little longer for the drugs or crime TO STEAL EVERYTHING!!! Unless it kills you right away. If your going to do it regardless after getting paid. Be 100% sure to have a WILL MADE IMMEDIATELY TO THOSE YOU LOVE. AND BE 100% SURE YOUR LAWYER IS NOT THE ONE WHO GETS THE MONEY!!!!!! PS. I'M JUST SAYING. MAKE SURE THAT SOMETHING GOOD COMES FROM YOUR HARD WORK!!! Like I said. My message is. The only winning move is NOT TO PLAY!!!! I'm saying it because I care!!!! I don't know you but I care about you. I CARE ABOUT ALL OF YOU!!!!! Not just UGA players either. I MEAN ANYONE READING THIS!!!! GOD BE WITH YOU ALL IN CHRIST NAME. GO DAWGS!!!!!! King Negan
ATTENTION HUDSON MASON....... You are really defending MARK RICHT when nobody including Richt needs you to or wants you to!!!! In short. YOUR AN IDIOT!!!!!!!! What Kirby Smart has done for this team in his 4 seasons is more than ANYBODY EVER DID OTHER THAN MAYBE DOOLEY!!!!!! And sorry but in this modern game. I think Dooley would be the first to admit. He probably wouldn't win a title even with HERSCHEL unless he recruited like Kirby does!!!!! How can you blame the national championship game on Kirby???? Even the REF admitted that their bad calling helped Alabama win!!!! It wasn't 1 call either!!!!! IT WAS AROUND 25 BAD CALLS OR NO CALLS!!!!! But either way. IT WASN'T KIRBY THAT BLEW THE COVERAGE AT THE END ON 2nd and 26!!!!!! Hudson mason, where is your NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RING???? Where is your PLAYOFF RING???? Yea, they didn't have a playoff. But it's not like you would do better!!!!! KIRBY SMART HAS GIVEN HOPE THAT SIMPLY WAS NOT THERE BEFORE IN THIS PROGRAM!!!!! HE IS THE #1 REASON LSU AND ALABAMA GOT THOSE SABAN TITLES!!!!! Nick Saban didn't even come close to Kirby' s record in his first 4 years as a HEAD COACH!!! Why don't you go look up his record his first 4 seasons!!!! He was coaching is a MUCH INFERIOR DIVISION TO!!!! Kirby did it in THE SEC!!!! IN JUST YEAR TWO. HE WON THE SEC!!!! WON THE ROSE BOWL!!!!! AND SHOULD HAVE WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! And that was NOT his fault!!!! Has he made mistakes??? Yes of course he has like everyone does. Nick Saban still makes mistakes today!!!!! Nick Saban has cost his team BIG-TIME in some of the biggest games!!!! How about this last year when Gus caught him with his pants down????? How about the national championship game when he insisted on faking a field goal knowing the defense was waiting on it???? And what was the big play he called???? THE KICKER RUNNING THE BALL WITH THE HOLDER AS LEAD BLOCKER VS A REGULAR DEFENSE JUST WAITING!!!!! A #1 rated regular defense at that!!!!! SO EVERYONE MAKES BAD DECISIONS UNDER PRESSURE!!!! But Kirby overall has had UGA ready to play more than anyone has. Especially in the bigger games!!!!! It's real easy to sit back and pick out flaws like your doing. But it's not so easy to own THE #1 RECRUITING CLASS 2 OUT OF 3 YEARS!!!! And it's not so easy to go 12-2 and win a huge bowl against a team that's 11-2 without half your team!!!! WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME UGA BEAT FLORIDA 3 YEARS IN A ROW AND OWNED THE SEC EAST 3 STRAIGHT??? IT SURE WASN'T DURING YOUR TIME HUDSON MASON!!!!!!! As long as Kirby is RECRUITING LIKE THIS and yes also WINNING LIKE THIS. HE AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!!! We don't need average X players talking down the best coach we have possibly ever had!!!!! We all loved Mark Richt and STILL DO!!!!! But we didn't love losing to Florida when we were better than them too many times. Or having to be nervous even the years we won. Worried that the team wouldn't be ready!!!! Florida had a pretty good little run against UGA for a while. And they shouldn't have won HALF THE GAMES THEY DID BASED UPON TALENT!!!!! And let's not forget the BLACKOUT GAME VS ALABAMA WHEN WE WERE GONNA WIN REMEMBER???? If any fans would have been truly looking at the RECRUITING RANKINGS. We would have expected what happened. Instead of getting our hopes up simply because Alabama lost a game they shouldn't have like UGA did!!!!! Plus we would have known that those former TEs they made offensive linemen were not going to holdup vs those #1 recruiting classes Alabama was bringing in thanks to Kirby and that TOP ALABAMA DEFENSE!!!!! Had we been looking at it INTELLIGENTLY we would have seen it coming!!!!! My point is RECRUITING IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF ANY AND ALL TRULY GREAT TEAMS!!!!! Coaching runs a close second!!!! IN KIRBY SMART WE HAVE BOTH!!!!! He also just happens to be a GREAT X UGA PLAYER WHO LOVES UGA AND IS NOT LIKELY TO RUN OFF AFTER THE THE FIRST PRO OFFER HE GETS OR ANOTHER COLLEGE TEAM OFFERING THE WORLD!!!!! I believe Kirby Smart is a LOYAL extremely hard working coach. Someone who will always do his best for UGA!!!! Someone who hates losing to Florida and LOVES BEATING THEM AS MUCH AS SPURRIER LOVED BEATING UGA!!!!!! So as far as I'm concerned. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TAKE SHOTS AT KIRBY MIGHT AS WELL GO COACH FLORIDA OR JOIN THEIR STAFF!!!!! Your not a DGD when taking shots at the TOP DAWG!!!!! There are better things to talk about if you wish to make headlines!!!!! EXAMPLES.... FOR STARTERS. HOW ABOUT DISCUSSING THE CONSTANT BAD OFFICIATING UGA ALWAYS GETS. HOW ABOUT THE CONSTANT UGA HATRED THAT FLOWS FROM SOME AT ESPN AND OTHERS??? WHY TRY TO MAKE HEADLINES AGAINST AN X DAWG PLAYER, THAT IS A HECK OF A COACH???? AND YOU ARE STUPID IMPLYING THAT HE IS TOO CONCERNED WITH THE DEFENSE!!!!! DEFENSE STILL WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! For anyone with HALF A BRAIN. It's the LACK OF DEFENSE that has helped offensive teams win RECENTLY. But those winning teams still had DEFENSE!!!!! DEFENSE WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE FOR ELITE WINNERS!!!!! THE #1 REASON THAT OU HASN'T BEEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS RECENTLY IS BECAUSE OF A " LACK OF DEFENSE, " PERIOD!!!!! There offense certainly hasn't struggled. Except of course when they needed it most vs SEC TEAMS THAT ALSO PLAY DEFENSE!!!!! LSU scored so quickly this last season that their DEFENSE was overshadowed by the offense!!!! But when they needed a stop they were able to get it!!! Any team that scores as quickly and often as LSU did this past season. That team will be imperfect on defense!!!! BECAUSE THE DEFENSE PLAYS TO MUCH!!!! They get easily worn down!!! LSU IS SOMETHING WE LIKELY WON'T SEE AGAIN FOR SOME TIME!!! They will still be good. But this season was A PERFECT STORM!!!! But they don't actually need to be that good on offense to win another title. Just be good and have GREAT DEFENSE!!!!! LIKE I FULLY EXPECT UGA TO BE THIS NEXT SEASON!!!! UGA doesn't need to be LSU or Alabama or OU on offense to win the national championship. They have the tools to be right up there with those teams offensively!!!! But all they really need to be is GOOD ON OFFENSE!!!! Just say as good as 2017 or 2018!!!! If they are at least that good and have the kind of defense we had this season or BETTER. Do that and UGA WILL BE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!! Just have a defense that squeezes the life out of other offences and be able to control the clock and SCORE ENOUGH!!!! THAT RECIPE FOR WINNING WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE!!!!! UGA didn't lose to LSU so badly because they couldn't stop them as much as they got winded because the offense was all injured and giving the ball back!!!!!!! Florida played LSU much closer and UGA DOMINATED THE FLORIDA GAME WITH THE OFFENSE JUST PLAYING BETTER!!!!! The score didn't reflect the domination of Florida!!!! But we had more players vs Florida!!!! But if the UGA offense would have been like 2017 or 2018. We would have destroyed Florida and may have beaten LSU!!!!! King Negan
@Tim Rupert........YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!! It has already begun!!!! Saban is weaker. Got blown out by clemson in the national championship game because UGA took too much out of them. Then Saban misses the playoffs getting handles easily by a team UGA DOMINATED!!!!! Now we just tore their soul right out of their program!!!! YEA, WERE THE NWO AND ITS BEEN ON!!!!! But now it's time to personally tear them limb from limb!!!! King Negan
@Usmc..........WE WILL SEE!!!!!! PS. Gumps don't look good in red and black!!!!! Those are NWO COLORS!!!! So go wash off the trick or treat costume!!! King Negan
Grrrrr typos Dwan Mathis not Swan Mathis. But honestly. Maybe Swan Mathis is a good Nick for Dwan. Because a swan is smooth, beautiful and graceful as they come!!!!! That might make Dwan a perfect nick !!!! Dwan the Swan!!!!! Either way get ready for him to fly high!!!!!! King Negan
You will have 2 great wrs not wars!!!! Typo sorry
@Chump123..........Yea, it's in Tuscaloosa and Saban is still your coach. Meaning that there are still plenty of easy payoffs!!!! But just remember. LSU owned you in Tuscaloosa. You won't have Tua or Jerry Jeudy or Jalen Hurts. You won't have Waddle. You will have 2 great wars. But UGA will have 3 5 star wrs and a boatload of offensive weapons you haven't seen yet!!!!! How about a 5 star TE that is 6 foot 7 1/2 nearly 260 pounds. That can run like a WR?????? That can jump out of the stadium!!!!! And catches everything that he touches nearly. Then what if I say. We will add this 5 star to the 3 5 star WRs and have 4 5 star playmakers right away in our wr/TE room???? Then what if I say. OUR OFFENSIVE LINE IS ALIVE AND WELL AND BETTER THAN EVER???? What if I tell you. The UGA BACKFIELD is still going to be 5 deep with elite players like always????? What if I said. Our new dual threat QB is 6 foot 4 plus. And can run and throw. What if I told you a major NFL EVALUATION SERVICE CALLED HIM THE 3rd BEST QB IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL?????? Well that would be great and all. But there is still the chance he might not win the game!!!! We have a 6 foot 7 fast QB that can throw the ball out of the stadium literally!!!! The strongest arm in college football maybe!!!! He has now been MEDICALLY CLEARED TO COMPETE. HE WAS VERY MUCH LIKE A LARGER VERSION OF JUSTIN FIELDS WITH A STRONGER ARM!!!!!! I know it hurts to hear about 4 star Swan Mathis who has been practicing and impressing everyone!!!!! Then there is the true freshman Carson Beck that should have been a 5 star!!!! Was an elite 11 QB. Is himself 6 foot 5 with a huge ACCURATE ARM!!!! Like Jake Fromm he lost all his WRs and offensive playmakers in his last year!!! So he took a hit in the ratings. But he has something to prove freshman year!!!! HE WAS MR FOOTBALL DOWN IN FLORIDA!!!!!! My point is we done whooped yall every which way on the field. Up and down and all around TWICE RECENTLY BUT JUST DIDN'T FINISH!!!!! That is what Scott Cochran and the others are here for. TO FINISH!!!!!!! And while yall are wondering where is that old Alabama Defense? I can answer you. It left with Kirby Smart!!!! And the UGA DEFENSE THAT WAS #1 IN THE WORLD LAST YEAR. THEY ONLY LOST 2 players and they gonna be young, super fast, Super strong and huge and mean!!!!!!! UGA IS COMING TO WIN!!!!! To dominate!!!!!!!! If by chance we slip up there is the rematch in Atlanta!!!!! UGA IS NWO AND WE'RE TAKING OVER!!!!! So learn to love it!!!!!!! UGA NWO OFFICIALLY COLLEGE FOOTBALLS #1 THREAT!!!!!!!!!! We are here. King Negan
@nottruedawg..............You can bet he will have a helping hand. It's in his blood!!!! But that motivation will be on the sidelines for games. That will be extremely valuable!!!! Plus give the guy a chance. It's like former bama players are laughing and people who say. He has no coaching experience!!!! Coaching is basically all he did at bama 24/7 12 months out of the year!!!!! He knows how to coach. Kirby is not stupid. Besides, special teams is a coordinated effort like most positions. He has been around THE BEST his entire career!!!!! And other than REFEREES BAD CALLING THAT HAS NOW BEEN PROVEN AND ADMITTED TO. He was the #1 reason that Alabama beat UGA in some of these last few games. While Saban would be falling apart and cursing out the water boy. Scott Cochran' s constant word in their ear and MORE IMPORTANTLY THEIR SOUL about being CHAMPIONS and never break!!! That is what brought them through. THE ATTITUDE HE BRINGS TO ANY TEAM!!!!! He brought it to LSU along with Kirby Smart when Saban got all the credit for his first national title. Then of course he helped along with Kirby Smart to create THE ALABAMA DYNASTY that Saban gets all the credit for!!!! Personally, I believe that Scott Cochran and Kirby Smart. Are the two people, most responsible for THAT KILLER INSTINCT THAT MADE ALABAMA GREAT!!!!! Now that these two are reunited at UGA. LOOK FOR A DIFFERENT KILLER INSTINCT FROM THE DAWGS. COACH MATT LUKE WILL ALSO BE A HUGE PART OF THE NEW ATTITUDE!!!!! In fact it's the ATTITUDE ERA at UGA!!!! AND WE'RE PUTTING COLLEGE FOOTBALL ON NOTICE. WE ARE THE NWO BABY!!!!!! And Scott Cochran just put on the red and black of THE WOLF PACK!!!!! This train ain't close to stopping!!!!! THE UGA NWO IS GOING TO RUN WILD ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION ELITE RECRUITS. DO LIKE SCOTT COCHRAN DID. AND JOIN THE NWO OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL....... JUST DO IT!!! Just put on the shirt and commit to the G!!! The NWO OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!! Otherwise, be average with the rest!!!!! We are in it to WIN IT!!!!! NO, RATHER TO STEAMROLL IT!!!! WE WANT TO BUILD A DYNASTY THAT WILL MAKE PEOPLE FORGET THERE EVER WAS A NICK SABAN!!!!!! They will still be talking UGA FOOTBALL 10 years from today. Only they will be saying. Can anybody slow down UGA???? And is THE UGA DYNASTY bad for the sport???? If Kirby is truly the most hated man in college football today, like they say. Then what happens when UGA TAKES WHAT BELONGS TO US?????? And why is he hated???? Because he out recruits Nick Saban? Or is it because he has set records like no other head coach ever did in their first 4 years as a HEAD COACH???? Could it be the UGA DEFENSE that was #1 and only getting better???? Come on and explain the hate??? SCOTT COCHRAN WAS NOT NICK SABAN'S PERSONAL PROPERTY!!!! He refused to pay him and wouldn't even allow him to try his dream. While at the same time. Using him to talk players out of the transfer portal. Relying on him night and day to be their second father. And knowing that his team was going to show up in better condition than everyone else every year!!! I would say. HE TOOK SCOTT COCHRAN FOR GRANTED!!!!!! BUT SCOTT COCHRAN WOKE UP!!!! AND SCOTT COCHRAN DECIDED TO PUT ON THE RED AND BLACK OF THE NWO AND COMMIT TO THE G!!!!!! Everyone knows that THE MASONS RULE THE WORLD. LIKE THEM OR HATE THEM. THEY STILL RULE!!!! And the main official Masonic symbol has a MYSTERIOUS G USUALLY INSIDE A PYRAMID OR SOMETHING!!!! I'm not a mason and don't intend to be. But they commit to the G!!!!! The G STANDS FOR GREATNESS!!!!! It is our time. The sleeping giant has not only risen but now he has ambitions!!!!! Now he is looking for a fight!!!!!! UGA IS ABOUT TO SET THE STANDARD IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!! WE ARE THE NWO!!!! WE ARE THE SOLDIERS OF THE G!!!! OUR TIME IS NOW!!!!!! . So get in line or get out of the way!!!! The soldiers of the G are on the way!!!!! The battle is never over until ALL OUR ADVERSARIES HAVE BOWED IN RESPECT TO THE G!!!!!! Alabama has a statue and statues can be broken. Clemson has a rock and rocks can be ground to powder!!!!! Auburn has trees. Sadly trees can die. But UGA has the G which is the power of an IDEA!!!! And ideas are bullet proof. And ideas are IMMORTAL!!!!! You can't break the G, you can't poison the G and you can't shoot the G!!!!! You can't kill the G!!!! The G stands for GREATNESS!!! The G stands for THE NWO!!!!!! The G stands for GO AHEAD AND JOIN US!!! PS. FINALLY THIS IS THE MOVE THAT MAKES UGA FIERCE!!!!!!! If your TRULY ELITE and not just HYPE. Then find a way aboard the G train!!!!!! King Negan
SCOOBY DOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU. WE NEED SOME HELP FROM YOU KNOW!!!!! Scooby was a famous dawg in the cartoons!!! Now Scott Cochran is with THE DAWGS!!!! Having a db named Scooby play for the dawgs potentially. That would really make the BITE FELT IF WE KICK SABANS REAR!!!!!! PS. SCOOBY you gotta see this as a sign. Come play for UGA!!!!! King Negan
Well if losing your heart and even YOUR SOUL is no longer a big deal. Then maybe it's not such a big thing!!!! So if the Tide lucks up and beats UGA in the season. We're not saying much except, see you in Atlanta. Unless of course LSU OR AUBURN DON'T GET THERE FIRST!!!!! But if UGA WINS. We are going to be hearing things like ITS OVER FOR SABAN!!! Kirby stole our coach!!!! First of all get it straight. KIRBY DIDN'T STEAL ANYBODY!!!! Kirby just elected to PAY HIM and let him live out a dream!!!!!! REGARDING THE RECRUITING BOARD.... WHAT IS ON YOUR RECRUITING BOARD THAT YOU ARE HIDING FROM RECRUITS????? I bet we find out. LOL. Y'all elite recruits should know by now. Saban is known for cheating. Other college coaches named him NIKKY SATAN!!!!!!! But he does more than cheat. He will also sign a player just to keep another team from getting them. Then he will imprison them on the bench for 3 years!!!!! PS. David Wasson...... It's time you come clean. You moonlight on here as Wasson. But during the day. YOU ARE COACH MARK STOOPS!!!! LOL. King Negan
Yea now that he is a dawg it's time to question his methods???? Those injuries had NOTHING TO DO WITH SABANS FULL SPEED TACKLE PRACTICE??? And what about those STEROIDS that both Alabama and clemson got CAUGHT RED HANDED WITH???? You know STEROIDS are famous for causing injuries!!! And just like with Kirby Smart. Saban didn't win alone!!!! Now Sabans SECRET WEAPON is a dawg!!!! Oh and I doubt he is coming to coach special teams. Kirby is famous for moving people around. I BELIEVE HE WILL BE OUR STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING COACH OR POSSIBLY HOLD 2 TITLES!!!!! Either way. TUSCALOOSA must be getting extremely nervous even if you don't admit it!!!! Saban gets beat by CLEMSON in the national championship game. Then he was coming for revenge right??? YEA, AND LOST TO LSU IN TUSCALOOSA!!!! Then turned around and LOST A MUST WIN IN AUBURN!!!! The LSU LOSS was forgivable. But losing to Auburn in a do or die game???? You do know Florida beat auburn right??? UGA SPANKED AUBURN REGARDLESS OF THE SCORE. WE LED 21-0 LATE THEN TOOK OUR FOOT OFF THE GAS!!! And Minnesota beat auburn in the bowl game!!!! Tua or no Tua. Mac Jones is NOT the reason you lost!!! No the offense was perfectly fine under Mac Jones. It was SAINT NICKS DEFENSE that couldn't stop the water boy!!!! Just like when y'all needed just 1 defensive stand to beat LSU!!!! JUST 1 DEFENSIVE STAND AND YOU WIN THE SEC WEST!!!! And your in TUSCALOOSA!!! Yea I get it. LSU WAS HISTORIC THIS YEAR. I SHOULD KNOW AS I PREDICTED AS MUCH IN THE SPRING!!!! I thought the offense would be greatly improved. Maybe not historic, but greatly improved. Still either way. Injuries or no injuries. YOUR AT HOME AND YOU JUST TOOK THE LEAD VERY LATE. AND ALL YOU NEED IS ONE DEFENSIVE STAND AND YOU COULDN'T DO IT!!!! Yep, I know that y'all lost the captain of your D, but that was a 5 star in his spot!!!! And he had all season to get ready!!! And then the defense looked even worse vs Auburn on the last game!!!! My point. I thought Saban was supposed to be A DEFENSIVE GURU???? Either way. You better get ready to hear those words. SABAN LEAVING THE TIDE!!!! I personally think he Saban had THE TALK with Scott Cochran. That man was TOO LOYAL FOR TOO LONG. To suddenly just up and say. Okay after all these years of saying NO NO NO, I'M GOING TO GEORGIA!!!! Once again for the record. Saban loses to clemson when he shouldn't have!!!! National championship out the door!!! Then in his big return season. The revenge game never happens because they lose 2 games to arch rivals LSU and Auburn. Thus being KNOCKED FROM PLAYOFF CONTENTION!!!!! Mainly because Saban couldn't field a defense!!! So don't tell me that NICK SABAN with his ego can stand much more of this!!!! His bad hip and losing to Auburn in a must win game and..... LOSING THE RECRUITING TITLE HONESTLY FOR A 3RD STRAIGHT YEAR!!!! But I'll just say losing 2 out of 3 years in recruiting to UGA!!!!!! That is not sitting well with Saban!!! HE DON'T LIKE PLAYING ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD!!!! Now he has LSU to deal with and yes AUBURN!!! UGA IS BUILDING A MONSTER AND TX A&M IS ON HIS HEELS!!!! Don't kid yourself. Saban is NOT going to allow his image to be totally destroyed!!! He is about ready to JUMP SHIP!!!!!! AND DON'T TELL ME ABOUT ALL HIS TALK ABOUT STAYING AT ALABAMA!!! In fact all he actually said. Was that HE WANTED TO FINISH HIS CAREER AT ALABAMA!!!! But he didn't say when he would finish!!! HE IS ON HIS WAY TO THE SPORTS DESK!!!!! The game day live crew has already welcomed him!!!!! Plus Nick Saban does NOT have a great record of TELLING THE TRUTH!!!! He told Michigan state that he was staying AND LEFT!!!! HE OPENLY SAID ON TV. " I'M NOT GOING TO BE THE ALABAMA COACH!" Two weeks later he left Miami to BE THE ALABAMA COACH!!!! So nothing is sacred to Saban but Saban himself!!! He said PLENTY OF TIMES that he hates the Alabama fans expectations and spoiled attitude!!!! He is only a man not a god!!!! THAT HIP IS BOTHERING HIM!!!! And the drugs he took or takes for the pain. There addictive!!!!! Honestly though, I wish him the best with the hip and the drugs!!!! I pray he will be alright. I don't hate him. But he is not my coach so im not rooting for him on the field. Except when it's non conference!!! ANYWAY BE HONEST WITH YOURSELVES. WHAT GOES UP MUST ALWAYS COME DOWN AS THEY SAY!!! Unless it's smoke as in a DUMPSTER FIRE LOL!!!! Yea I know Alabama is far from that. But when he leaves we will see!!!!! I predict all your best players will transfer to UGA once Nick Saban leaves!!!!!! PS. SCOTT COCHRAN TO UGA COULD BE A SIGN THAT NICK IS ABOUT TO CALL IT QUITS!!!!! We will see. King Negan
ATLANTA FALCONS NEED TO TRADE MATTY ICE FOR THE TUA PICK PLUS DRAFT PICKS OR CURRENT PLAYERS OF NEED!!!! I'm sure someone would gladly do it. But as far as I'm concerned. Ryan needs too many things to be good!!! He needs a perfect run game and 3 hours in the pocket to find the TOP WR IN FOOTBALL Julio Jones and the rookie Wr of the year Calvin Ridley!!!! Not to mention a bunch of other guys!!!!! Trade Ryan NOW TODAY!!!!!! That way you get rid of HIS HUGE CONTRACT!!!! That allows you to sign a TRUE DEFENSIVE MONSTER OR TWO!!!!! Plus Tua would be BETTER IN HIS FIRST SEASON THAN RYAN IS NOW!!!!!! He can move and is deadly accurate!!!! The only thing that Ryan has over Tua right now is DURABILITY!!!!! But maybe if Tua learns to get the ball out of his hand sooner and take fewer chances he might stay healthy!!!!!! King Negan
Well so is Mike Bobo MISSED as you say!!! But honestly I don't miss him that much other than him being a dawg!!!! He will always be loved. But not sure I miss the way he called under pressure!!! As for this guy. Umm, nobody fired him. HE LEFT!!!! PS. SO WHY MISS HIM???? He was probably taking the place of a better coach/STAFFER. We will see I guess!!! BUT HE LEFT!!!!!! King Negan
SO, PART OF THE TRUTH AT LAST!!!!! Only 1 of around 25 bad calls or no calls!!!! THE REF TALKING ABOUT IT AFTER ALL THIS TIME. THAT IS AN ADMISSION OF GUILT FROM A TERRIBLY GUILTY CONSCIENCE!!!! He is openly admitting the only way he could that UGA GOT $CREWED!!!! PS. Like I said. Saban hasn't won a legit national championship without Kirby in there somewhere!!! That includes 2017!!!! King Negan
@Kirby Smart..........Sorry but as a dawg fan. I MUST DISAGREE!!!! Like it or not. Sam Pittman BENEFITED from coaching at UGA. Yea he can recruit. But in that area. HE MUST BOW TO KIRBY SMART AND SABAN ALL DAY!!!!! Yes UGA stacked ELITE LINEMEN like nobody in my life has done!!!! The name Pittman didn't hurt. But the brand names, UGA and KIRBY SMART and Del and all the others. THAT DIDN'T EXACTLY HARM PITTMAN'S REPUTATION!!!!! The big man he worked with at Arkansas Bret B. He is made fun of but he was a great coach!!! I BLAME THE TEAM AT ARKANSAS AND THE FANS AS WELL AS THE BIGWIGS AT ARKANSAS FOR BRET B FAILING!!!! When Pittman left him it was without warning!!!! HE JUST UP AND DROPPED THE PLAYERS HE RECRUITED LIKE THEY WERE NOTHING!!!!! Yea, he came to UGA and I was happy with that. But I still felt for the Arkansas players and recruits!!!!! The whole team quit on Bret B after Pittman left and that wasn't fair!!!!! Bret B helped to make Pittman a big name in the first place and that is a FACT!!!!!!! MY POINT..... With the greatest offensive line talent that has ever been assembled on paper. PITTMAN DID NOTHING!!!!!!! Yes!!!! I said HE DID NOTHING!!!! I've seen UGA running backs historically RUN BETTER behind 2 stars and CONVERTED TES!!!!! They had stacked boxes then to!!!!! But uga had some darn good offensive line " COACHES!!! " Sam Pittman did NOT coach well this year!!!! In fact I wasn't satisfied for a looooooong time!!!! Not just this season. He is A NICE MAN OR SEEMS TO BE!!!! But he just popped on himself on this one!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE STAYED AT UGA. KEPT LOOKING LIKE A HERO AND LEARNING ON THE JOB!!!! He jumped at a disaster of a team. Simply because they asked!!!!! He loves the team and IT SUCKS!!!!! I actually care about coach Pittman enough to tell him THE TRUTH!!!!! This is the second time THAT YOU UP AND JUST WALKED OUT ON RECRUITS THAT YOU GAVE YOUR WORD TO!!!!! This team is still going to SUCK!!!!!! Oh they MIGHT play for you and pride. Like they were supposed to do!!!!!!! They could do a little better. SADLY fans have EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!! Sam Pittman will probably be FIRED QUICKLY BECAUSE OF EXPECTATIONS!!!! Then he will no longer be a SO-CALLED RECRUITING LEGEND AND BIG TIME COACH. NO, HE WILL BE A TWO TIME SEC FAILURE!!!!! UGA HELPED MAKE HIS LEGEND STATUS. BUT HE DID NOTHING THIS YEAR OTHER THAN RECRUIT!!!!!!! Because he sure couldn't coach them!!!! We had the best line on paper in history!!!! 5 stars backing 5 stars backing 5 stars!!!! But yet somehow these guys were stopped on the goal TIME AFTER TIME!!!!!! They were stopped in SHORT YARDAGE TIME AFER TIME!!!!! Why couldn't we just RUN THE BALL VS SOUTH CAROLINA???? If he was such an ELITE COACH, then why did all this happen with THOSE LEGENDARY RECRUITS THAT LOOKED LIKE DINOSAURS?????? Nope elite recruiter thanks to THE G!!!!! Yes for recruiting. Grade= A+++++++ for recruiting. As a coach on the field. He gets a generous D- because on the field he did NOTHING UNUSUAL!!!! If you wanna be mad at my comments that's your right. But as for me. HISTORY WILL SOON PROVE IM RIGHT!!!!! THE TRUTH Should have stayed at UGA and really learned his craft like Kirby did at Alabama and other places!!!! MATT LUKE came in with our 2 best linemen sitting it out. Cade Mays transferring. Players angry because of Pittman!!!! PLAYING WITH BACKUPS!!!!! But boy oh boy did he do a job out there!!!!!! HE INSPIRED THE O LINE TO PLAY TO THEIR HYPE AND THEY DID!!!!! THEN MATT LUKE KEPT THAT GREAT OFFENSIVE LINE HAUL IN PLACE!!!!! Lost nobody but a Florida boy that already planned on flipping!!!!! He was just a plant!!!!! BUT WE GOT EVERYONE WE WANTED THANKS TO MATT LUKE AND KIRBY, DEL AND GANG!!!!! MY PREDICTION...... In a very short time. MATT LUKE will be. THE NEW SAM PITTMAN and the new top recruiter and TOP O LINE COACH IN THE BUSINESS!!!! He just needed THE RIGHT BRAND AND PLAYERS AND FOLKS, HE'S GOT IT ALL AT UGA!!!!!!! 99 UGA LOOSES NOTHING!!!!! We gain MATT LUKE the best man for the job. Sorry Sam I love ya, but it's true!!!! YOU REALLY POOPED IN YOUR PANTS THIS TIME!!!!! You jumped to quickly!!!! My friendly advice. USE THE TRANSFER PORTAL NOW QUICKLY TO HELP BUILD A TEAM!!!!! But leave our dawgs alone!!!!!!! I'll be rooting for you to make me wrong!!!! Except against my dawgs!!!!! The UGA o line finally looked elite under Matt Luke even though he was new, little time and all those players missing!!!! THAT IS THE TRUE MARK OF A COACH!!!! Plain speech..... Sam Pittman is or seems nice. As a recruiter especially with Kirbys help he is great. As a coach at UGA he kinda sucked, sorry I'm being honest!!!! The players have 100 time the potential they showed under Pittman!!!! Thanks to Kirby Smart as a coach we won games and dominated opponents!!! 12-2 ain't bad!!!!! If coach Matt Luke had been hear mid year. UGA WOULD HAVE BEEN 15-0 or at least 14-1!!!! I truly believe that!!!!!!!! I PERSONALLY WELCOME THE MATT LUKE ERA TO ATHENS AND I HOPE HE STAYS FOR YEARS TO COME!!!!! Go Dawgs!!!!!!! King Negan
@RandyLeyey and UGADAWG78.........They could bring anyone they want in and Kirby still TRUMPS THEM ALL!!!!!! Kirby Smart is the best RECRUITER and TOP DEFENSIVE MIND IN THE BUSINESS!!!!! People seem to forget. He has only been a HEAD COACH for 4 years!!! In that 4 seasons he has done FAR BETTER than Saban did!!!! And far better than anyone I personally know of!!!!!!! With Kirby Smart as HEAD MAN at UGA. WE HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!!!! Charlie Strong was good and I'm no Grantham fan. But defense hasn't been Florida's problem!!!!!!! But it probably will be!!!!! Either way. UGA HAS BEEN #1 2 OUT OF 3 SEASONS WITH 247 the lowest being ranked #2!!!!! And if we count RIVALS. We have had 3 STRAIGHT #1 CLASSES!!!!! As for DBs????? Well Florida always does pretty good there. But UGA has MULTIPLE 5 STAR DBs ALREADY ON THE TEAM!!!! WE JUST GOT THE #1 DB IN THE COUNTRY IN RINGO AND THE OTHERS AIN'T BAD!!! So Florida ain't putting fear in my heart!!!!! Plus any DB with sense would commit to the G!!!! BECAUSE KIRBY IS THE BEST IN THE GAME!!!!! WE DIDN'T HAVE THE #1 DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY FOR NOTHING!!!!!!! UGA returns 9 STARTERS from that #1 DEFENSE!!!! We will have MULTIPLE 5 STAR DTs and DEs next season to. Including last season's #1 overall recruit Nolan Smith, 5 star DT Travon Walker and the big man in the middle Jordan Davis!!!!! Not to mention the guy who OVERTOOK BRENT COX CAUSING HIM TO TRANSFER!!!! The guy who played his way to the top!!! Then there will be the SECs TOP RETURNING DL MALIK HERRING!!!! To put it bluntly. The defensive line has caught up with the O line pretty much and that's scary!!!! Y'all do realize our BACKUP NOSE TACKLE used to be a 5 star right??? He lost his 5th star right at the end of his high school career!!! We have 4 players in this class that officially rank as 5 stars!!! But 2 guys lost their 5th star right at the end and IT WAS BS REASONS!!!! SO IN MY BOOK. UGA HAS A MINIMUM OF 6, 5 STAR PLAYERS AT LEAST. IN THIS MOST RECENT #1 RANKED CLASS!!!!! FLORIDA IS IN FOR A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT NEXT SEASON IN THE COCKTAIL PARTY!!!! And UGA will prove that they are the class of the SEC!!!! AS THE DYNASTY OFFICIALLY BEGINS!!!! But it all starts one game at a time!!!! Unlike the gators. UGA plays a real schedule next season!!! No gap has been closed!!! ITS ONLY GROWN WIDER!!!! Mullen will be telling his usual jokes I'm sure. Oh well. I suppose he has to do something for the money!!!!! PS. Still, the funniest joke of all. Will be when Mullen is holding a clip board. Dressed in red and black, saying. GO DAWGS!!!!! After he is fired for losing to UGA!!!!! King Negan
@DFBGator..........THEY SURE PLAYED FLORIDA CLOSE!!! I guess their closing the gap!!!! LOL. King Negan
Without even reading this I'm laughing!!!! I SUPPOSE THE UGA 2020 RECRUITING TITLE DOESN'T FACTOR IN HERE IN ANY WAY????? I suppose the fact that this being THE 2nd #1 CLASS IN 3 YEARS DON'T MATTER EITHER, RIGHT?????? And if 247 had counted our late 5 stars correctly last year. It would be 3 in a row!!! Not to mention UGA WAS #1 ACCORDING TO RIVALS LAST YEAR AND #2 WITH 247!!!!!! But none of these things matter right????? If UGA didn't have injuries and offensive trouble this season. We would have beaten your brains out!!!!!! THE UGA DEFENSE STRANGLED FLORIDA THIS YEAR!!!! AND THEY RETURN 9 STARTERS FROM THAT DEFENSE THAT WILL BE POTENTIALLY BETTER THIS NEXT YEAR!!!!! I know y'all must know the offense will be MUCH BETTER????? And before you count on our O LINE being weak. You better remember that UGA HAD 5 STARS BACKING UP 5 STARS LAST YEAR!!!! Even with our losses. It will be much the same this next year!!!!! UGA RECRUITED THAT POSITION BETTER THAN ANYONE IN HISTORY!!!! And last year's O LINE UNDER ACHIEVED!!!! Well, until coach Matt Luke took over that is!!!!! I SAY THEY LOOKED PRETTY SOLID AGAINST ONE OF THE TOP DEFENSIVE TEAMS IN THE SUGAR BOWL!!!! After all, that is pretty much the offensive line for next season!!!!!! ONLY IMPROVED!!!!!! OH AND DON'T COUNT BEN CLEVELAND OUT JUST YET. HE WAS ACADEMICALLY INELIGIBLE FOR THE SUGAR BOWL. BUT HE MADE IT FINE ALL THIS TIME. I SUSPECT HE WILL GET HIS GRADES UP WHEN IT MATTERS!!!! But if not, WE WILL BE FINE!!!!! And yes, we will even have DEPTH!!!! Sure Kirby will complain and act like we're sinking in that area. Because that is what GREAT COACHES do!!!!! But as someone who keeps up with UGA. TRUST ME, WE ARE BETTER THAN FINE!!!!!!!! We were so good in that area that we passed on 5 stars that we didn't like. And, 4 star guys transferred out!!!!! AS FOR CADE MAYS. HE WILL WISH HE STAYED!!!!! But then again, ITS PRETTY CLEAR HE WASN'T SURE HE COULD WIN A STARTING POSITION!!!!! When a 5 star lineman moves on like he did. YOU CAN BET. SOME OF IT WAS FEAR!!!! TENNESSEE SHOULD HAVE A DECENT STARTING LINE, " IF HE STAYS HEALTHY!!!! " Still, pretty much 3 #1 RECRUITING CLASSES IN A ROW, is NOT a sign of slipping!!!! Only a Florida fan would think that DELUSIONAL THOUGHT!!!!! Besides, Tennessee is going 14 or 15-0!!!!!!! HAVE Y'ALL FORGOTTEN THIS FACT????? According to some TENNESSEE FANS, neither of us will win the SEC EAST!!!!! That means bama had better watch out to!!!! BECAUSE TENNESSEE IS COMING!!!! According to some!!!!! LOL. COUNT UGA OUT GO AHEAD AND COUNT THE DAWGS OUT. DISRESPECT US!!!!! YOU'RE DOING US A HUGE FAVOR!!!!!! DON'T FORGET. LSU HAD NO EXPECTATIONS THIS YEAR " EXCEPT THEIR OWN!!!! " REMEMBER THAT!!!! LIGHTNING DOES OCCASIONALLY STRIKE TWICE!!!! And when it does. The wreckage left behind ain't pretty!!!!! I HOPE MULLEN HAS SOME REALLY CLEVER JOKES THIS NEXT SEASON!!!!! When he gets FIRED for not beating UGA in a year or so. I wonder what joke he will tell then??? Because of you DELUSIONAL FANS. His days are numbered!!! ITS COMING SOON ENOUGH!!!! THE FUTURE OF DAN MULLEN Mullen has a since of humor. That's nice. He will need it someday. ONCE HE IS STANDING ON THE UGA SIDELINE. HOLDING A CLIPBOARD. LIKE BUTCH JONES DID, AT ALABAMA!!!! THAT WILL BE A GREAT JOKE!!! Don't roll your eyes because it could happen!!!! THE FUNNIEST COACH IN HISTORY Mullen may go down in the history books as the funniest coach ever!!!! Tell me anything that would beat seeing Mullen in red and black. SAYING, GO DAWGS!!!! Anything???? That couldn't be topped. Not without the old ball coach becoming the UGA OC!!!!! That is about all that could come close!!!! Remember Negan called it, when it happens!!!! LOL. King Negan
ATTENTION JADON HASLEWOOD.................Okay this is actually FEBRUARY 4 2020!!!!!! But.... THE UGA FANS SHOWED YOU PLENTY OF LOVE AS DID THE HEAD COACH!!!! It's not our fault that Chaney changed jobs!!!! You had just over 240 yards receiving in a WIDE OPEN OFFENSE and didn't play vs Texas enough to tell. YOU HAD 1 TD!!!!!! GEORGE PICKENS HAD A MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER SEASON. EVEN WHILE DOUBLE COVERED AND PLAYING IN A RUN HEAVY OFFENSE!!!!! Either way. As you know ANYONE CAN LEAVE including your head coach!!!! KIRBY SMART is as close as you'll get to a lifetime coach!!!! He is coaching his DREAM SCHOOL WHERE HE ALSO PLAYED!!! He has built something special. He ain't going anywhere God willing!!!!! With D'wan Mathis, Carson Beck and Jaime Newman in town. Along with all the rest. YOU COULD DO WORSE THAN TRANSFERRING TO UGA!!!! Just like I told you before. At OU you'll get lost in the mix. Because they throw to everyone including the water boy/girl!!!!! AT UGA YOU WOULD BE SPECIAL!!!! Just like Pickens, Blaylock, Robertson and gang!!! We just brought in a world of ELITE WR TALENT. As well as a OC who knows how to use them. I'm sure Kirby would welcome you if you transferred. But the class is filling up. Currently we have the #1 recruiting class again for the second time in 3 seasons. And haven't been lower than second in that same time!!!!! OU WILL BE WHAT THEY ALWAYS ARE. A HIGH POWERED OFFENSE FIRST TEAM. THAT WINS UNTIL THEY FACE THE SEC!!!!! But they are not truly close to winning a championship!!!! In fact they may have just proven the point. THAT A 2 LOSS SEC TEAM DESERVES THE PLAYOFFS OVER A BIG 12 CHAMPION. SIMPLY BECAUSE WE DO PLAY COMPLETE FOOTBALL!!!!! Jadon, the coach that you made the comments about is GONE ANYWAY!!!! Nobody tried to fool you any more than OU did!!!!! Or did they tell you that you would be used sparingly??? I mean if Lincoln Riley told you. Hey kid you'll probably catch 1 TD AND PLAY VERY LITTLE. Then good for him on his honesty!!!!! But if that is how they treat the #1 rated wr coming out of high school. And if you enjoy it. More power to both of you!!!! I understand sharing and being a good teammate. UGA HELPED TO INVENT THAT IDEA!!!!! I'm just saying YOUR FROM GEORGIA!!!! And your watching the train go by at OU!!!!! You could do soooooooooooo much more in Athens!!! UGA IS ABOUT TO BE A DYNASTY!!!! Wait and see!!!!! I warned everyone that LSU WOULD WIN THE WEST BEATING BAMA!!!! I said it in SPRING FOOTBALL!!!! I said if it's not UGA it will be LSU!!!!!! Even LSU FANS laughed at predictions. But not anymore!!!! LSU WILL STILL BE GOOD BUT NOT LIKE THIS YEAR!!!! They will have moments or games maybe when people say. Hey that looked a lot like last year's magic. But overall. No way they will be UGA even if they win the west!!!! THE SEC WEST IS WIDE OPEN AND UP FOR GRABS!!!!! But UGA is taking it all for 2020 and many years to come!!!! So, Jadon. Come back to UGA HUMBLE AND HUNGRY. If they will allow it, that is. Trust me. It's in your best interests!!!!! Go dawgs........ King Negan
@KirbySmart.............YOUR ONLY SAYING THAT BECAUSE ITS TRUE!!!!! LOL, AMEN!!!!! King Negan
@Southern man.........NOTHING!!!!!!! But I bet Shorter will use this article to his advantage!!!! Shorter needs to SIT IN 2020. It's time the NCAA grows a sack. But the media loves Mullen and I'll bet this was written to help him!!!! I'm not even an athlete. But there is not a PRO TEAM that could do these things to me!!! I don't believe half of it. Either way if they tried it with me. THOSE PLAYERS WOULD NOT BE HEALTHY!!!! Once in high school when I was short and skinny. A football player got up on a desk/table humping in my face because I was small, quiet and peace loving. I asked nicely for him to stop 3 times. Then told the teacher to stop him which she did not!!!!! In fact, she seemed to enjoy it. Well I had enough. And I quickly drew back and HIT HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT TO THE GENITALS THAT HE WON'T EVER FORGET!!!!!! He jumped 2 feet off the table and came crashing to the floor in tears!!!!! Needless to say. HE NEVER DID IT AGAIN!!! I have no clue if he ever had kids after that. But I was the one who got in trouble!!!! So go figure. I was in the right but still got in trouble. I think I was given a choice between suspension or a paddling with a wooden paddle with holes in it. Thick and heavy to!!! I CHOSE THE PADDLE!!!!! Still, nobody ever tried that again. I grew bigger now. Actually much bigger!!!! Bigger, STRONGER and BAD TO THE BONE!!!! But still peace loving if allowed. But I promise you. NOBODY ON EARTH COULD DO THESE THINGS TO ME!!!! Oh well, just saying. I BET THE FOOTBALL PLAYER NEVER FORGOT ME!!!!!! LOL. TRUE STORY!!!! King Negan
ATTENTION FLORIDA FANS............ Y'all have a great program. Nothing to be embarrassed about. So why are y'all trying to hate on UGA???? Is it just because we lead the all time series? That you would have to win for a decade just to tie us????? Or is it because we have OWNED YOU FOR THREE YEARS STRAIGHT??? I mean what is it???? Why all the hate??? Personally I think there is more to it than that. I THINK ITS THE FACT THAT UGA IS #1 IN RECRUITING AGAIN FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THREE YEARS???? Maybe the fact that we really were #1 last year to and were ROBBED by 247. We only finished #2 in the country!!!! Yep, that's what it is isn't it????? You see UGA being #1 in recruiting basically 3 years in a row. And that bothers you. Because it reminds you that you've already been OWNED THREE YEARS STRAIGHT. AND THAT IF RECRUITING IS ANY INDICATION. YOU CAN PROBABLY LOOK FORWARD TO ANOTHER DECADE OF THE SAME OR WORSE!!!!! And the worst part for gator fans is. You realize with this kind of recruiting. It's only a matter of time before UGA CELEBRATES ANOTHER SEC CHAMPIONSHIP AND WORSE A NATIONAL TITLE!!! Then you won't even have that to hold over our head. Then to make it worse. Y'all have been praying for years that Alabama would fall so you would have a chance. Now that they have stumbled a little you simply can't enjoy it. Because now it's like UGA is becoming Alabama all over again!!!! You think that. If UGA can recruit this way without a recent NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Then what happens when they win one???? Then it will be even worse!!!! They might have a bigger better and longer lasting DYNASTY than Alabama. That is what scares you!!!!!! Well it's understandable. I get it I really do. So your anger is not really against UGA. ITS AGAINST ALABAMA!!!!! Your just acting out against UGA because you see Alabama all over again. Possibly even a longer stronger version of their DYNASTY!!!! Well I have your answer!!! Instead of worrying 24/7 and hating on UGA. Just go out and buy yourselves a UGA team jersey and a helmet. And officially make UGA YOUR NEW TEAM!!!!!!! If you can't beat them then JOIN THEM!!!!! Then your new team can recruit in the #1 spot and instead of hate you'll be happy!!!! Alright I've given you your answer!!!! Even Emmet Smith saw the light. He wore UGA colors when he was trying to get his son to pick UGA!!! I think he has a daughter at UGA to. So if Emmet and family can change then YOU CAN TO!!!!!! No need to hate or give up on football. Just switch your love and support to UGA!!!!! We promise we won't treat you as second class fans!!!!!!! Drop Mullen and embrace your better future at UGA!!!!! Look how many elite Florida recruits have done so lately. It's nothing to be ashamed of. THIS IS A SAFE PLACE....RIGHT GUYS???? Make that change. King Negan
@NashvilleGator.......4 to 1??? Since 20 years ago?????? Why are you going back 20 years???? How about THE OVERALL SERIES THAT UGA LEADS BIG-TIME??????? If you can go back to the 90s or 20 years ago. Then I'll go back to the 80s when we owned you!!!!! And apparently given the lead we have in the series. We must have owned you long before that to. But now is what matters, TODAY!!!! And we have OWNED YOU 3 YEARS STRAIGHT!!!!! And the media can say what they like. WE WILL OWN YOU FOR A FOURTH SEASON IN A ROW!!! By the way. As of January 30th, are you enjoying the 247 standings in recruiting??? Or does it remind you that WE OWN YOU THERE TO???? UGA CURRENTLY #1 IN THE COUNTRY IN RECRUITING!!!!! Me might beat y'all for 15 or 20 more seasons!!!!! Well the bright side is. At least you don't have to worry about Alabama anymore. Since you have their equal in the east now!!!! But SC proved on any given Saturday. Except we never overlook the gators!!! Mullen won't allow that with his big mouth!!!!! PS. Like it or not. Your best shot to dethrone UGA just came and went!!! We bring back 9 of 11 STARTERS from the #1 DEFENSE in the country!!! And we're only getting better!!!!!!!!! Y'all couldn't beat us because you couldn't score!!!! If we had an offense in that game you lose by 30!!!!! We will have one this year!!!! King Negan
@bryanchip...........BS!!!!!!! Both the SEC EAST and the schedule is tougher now than when Richt got fired!!!!! And Smart has lost exactly 1 SEC EAST GAME IN THE LAST 3 YEARS!!!! He has DOMINATED both Tennessee and Florida!!!!! Kirby is the reason y'all are down so don't talk!!!!! Florida was 11-2 this year. To bad UGA was 12-2!!!!! So Kirby and UGA have been $CREWED a few times in huge games and played LSU without a WR and everyone playing injured. But hey LSU BEAT EVERYONE!!!!! We were 1 blown coverage from winning a National championship in Smarts second season. And we have been in it every year!!!! AT LEAST WE DON'T LOSE TO GA STATE AND BYU!!!!! Don't act like Pruitt is tearing it up simply because y'all beat a few POWDER PUFFS to end the season!!!!! You needed a comeback to beat INDIANA!!!!! Tennessee is NOT BACK!!!!!!! Do something before you talk!!!! I'll bet you Tennessee hicks would gladly take Kirby Smart and the so-called not winning the big game deal. Y'all can't even hardly win a little game. SO DON'T CONCERN YOURSELF WITH BIG GAMES!!!! Leave that to UGA!!!!!! For your info. Beating Florida and Tennessee 3 straight ain't bad. Add to that winning the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP over an auburn team that was supposed to beat us. That was a big game!!!! How about the rose bowl??? Was that a big win????? Alabama survived by luck and REFS twice now!!! And we kicked the crap out of 11-2 Baylor who lost 2 times to OU by 3 and in OT!!! Was the sugar bowl a big game???? 12-2 again and we can't win big games???? YEA YOU WISH!!!!!! PS. GO POLISH YOUR CHAMPION OF LIFE TROPHY AND DON'T MENTION TEAMS THAT OWN YOU!!!!!!! King Negan
ATTENTION ALL UGA HATERS...... Since UGA actually had the TRUE #1 CLASS IN 2019 but OFFICIALLY finished #2. I have a question? Since UGA was #1 in 2018 and should have been #1 in 2019. And now it's becoming clear UGA IS ON THEIR WAY TO #1 AGAIN!!!! Since we are currently #1 and still looking to sign a few. A team who basically wins the TOP CLASS EVERY YEAR FOR 3 YEARS!!!! Doesn't that make them THE MOST TALENTED ROSTER IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL?????? If so, then how is it that UGA is losing the SEC EAST????? No, to the contrary. UGA IS ABOUT TO WIN THE SEC!!!!! Then KICK A$$ in the college football playoff and WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!! Y'all really shouldn't have disrespected us this year by writing us off!!!! BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!! The DYNASTY is about to officially begin!!!!!! We don't have a QB. No, we have 3 elite QBS and 2 more who aren't bad. We STILL have one of the top o lines in the country with plenty of depth!!!! PS. THE WORST NEWS YET. WE RETURN 9 OF 11 STARTERS. FROM THE ELITE #1 DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY OF THIS PAST SEASON!!!! And we're only going to get BETTER!!!!!! King Negan
No way!!!! You folks are sick!!!! You don't kill people for a prank!!!! Of course not. No, you kill their trees instead!!!!! Ask Harvey Updike or whatever his name is if you don't believe me. LOL JK King Negan
You know I believe that UGA IS STILL IN IT FOR ZACHARY EVANS!!!!! But, if UGA is not the team he goes to. I'll predict he lands with a team that I haven't heard of him even talking to. ITS OBVIOUS HE WANTS TO SURPRISE PEOPLE, RIGHT??? So what would be more surprising than Evans going back to the team he signed with and then parted ways with??? That being UGA!!!! That would certainly surprise people!!!! THEY WOULD BE TALKING ABOUT IT FOR YEARS!!!!!! But...... If it's not UGA. I PREDICT WISCONSIN!!!!!! Why? Well, I haven't heard much about them being on his list at all. And traditionally they always seem to have one premier running back standout!!!!! So why not???? I just think he is too image conscious to go to say the gators, for example. Mainly because of Mullen!!!! I think he knows Mullen is a standing joke and just goofy!!!! I don't think he created this recruiting circus to go and get misused at Florida by Mullen. As well as becoming the butt of the joke!!!! He MIGHT land at Tennessee but I wouldn't bet on that either!!! Honestly, I think he probably ends up at TX A&M or Wisconsin. But he wanted to go to UGA and that was a smart move!!!! What happened??? Who knows???? Maybe he even lands at Texas. But UGA was his first choice and he should have stuck to it. If he still has a chance at UGA, HE BETTER JUMP AT IT!!!!! King Negan