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We're right on track!!! No one would ever admit it. But some games are SACRIFICE GAMES just to try and get better at something. Or to try and get a certain group more into the game. To get them more experience. So see where you are in other areas!!! Winning them would be gravy I suppose. But at the same time. I'm not sure their not strategic losses!!!! Of course the team would never ever be told that. But like throwing every play vs LSU when they were playing coverage the whole game and OUR RUN HAD BEEN DOMINANT???? No that was a test or throw away. Because Florida was next and meant more!!!! Now the team knows they can't just lay around and be LAZY!!!! Now we know from last year that we cannot afford another loss!!!! Win lose or draw. From now on UGA WILL BE PLAYING EVERY GAME LIKE ITS THEIR LAST!!!!! Any LAZY PLAYERS will get to see how it feels to WARM THE BENCH!!!!!! I believe UGA will be LETHAL when they come back. I don't know if Kentucky will feel the wrath or not. But come Florida week. LOOKOUT!!!!!!! Personally since its right before the buy week. I believe Kentucky is in a lot of trouble. BUT THE WEATHER WILL BE BAD!!!!!! And in a game like this. That favors Kentucky!!!! Anyway, we will see. PS. Laugh now and CRY LATER!!!!! King Negan
TO ALL.......Let me tell you something. We know y'all all love it!!!!!! Alabama likes to pretend that they never lose games they shouldn't. Really? Ole miss beat them 2 straight games not that long ago. Johnny Football and TX A&M had them chasing shadows. I know they beat them once but it could have been more I can't remember. Auburn beat them with Scam Newton. And Remember that huge comeback when bama had them like 24-0 at half or worse!!!!! Then auburn came rushing back and beat the socks off them!!!! The kick 6, the DOMINATING win in 2017. Auburn has beaten them so many times I can't recall them all. Most every time ALABAMA WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN!!!!! Auburn has their hiccups like vs Florida recently every year!!!!! Gus is strange in that he beats Saban with regularity but can't stop losing at least 2 or 3 regular season games with regularity either. With 1 or 2 exceptions!!!!! Others who have beaten Saban and bama with some regularity at times. There is the occasional LSU victories. As mentioned. Even now auburn usually puts it on Alabama at home and their at home. The game is at auburn this year!!!!! Louisiana Monroe beat Alabama in TUSCALOOSA in 2007!!! And lately many have said that Clemson owns the crimson Tide and Saban is aging before our eyes!!!!! Personally I DON'T BELIEVE Clemson owns Alabama. But Saban is getting older like all of us do!!!!!! Personally I think LSU HAS something for them. That is after Alabama gets through with their grueling schedule!!!!! LOL. What will be left of Alabama after Tennessee rips them into a thousand pieces with a NOTHING TO LOSE MENTALITY??? Okay I'm not predicting this one, but it's possible Tennessee could win. It really is so stop laughing!!! STOP IT!!!! Alright not likely but possible. And while I'm not predicting it. Just remember I told you so, should it happen!!!! But Alabama has to deal with even more of these bottom feeders and punching bags until they even get to LSU!!!!! But tell me shouldn't they be used to it???? Who have they played other than PAID SPARRING PARTNERS AND BOTTOM FEEDERS???? They played TX A&M and that is it period!!!!! And they are just above a bottom feeder at this point!!!!! But getting more dangerous as the weeks go by. I'm sure they will be finally playing well just in time for UGA!!!!! We will get their best shot like everyone else!!!!! Point is Alabama loses one they shouldn't every single season. But they would have you believe their above that. Especially with RECRUITS!!!! But hey to the SMART RECRUITS, that type of recruiting has a name. ITS CALLED TELLING LIES!!!!!! If losing one game or even two that they shouldn't have is a big deal. Then Alabama is the KING of doing that. They have done it pretty much EVERY YEAR UNDER SABAN!!!! I can only recall 1 TIME that they actually went UNBEATEN. And that is a while back when KIRBY SMART coached next to Saban!!!!! If there was more than one I certainly don't remember it. So don't buy that UGA CHOKES GARBAGE!!!!! ALABAMA DOES TO!!!!! Oh but look how many rings they have!!! Yep, ALL BUT ONE came with the help of KIRBY SMART!!!! Jeremy Pruitt was the defensive coordinator that day. And Smart was only in YEAR 2 AT GEORGIA!!!! And it was UGA THAT GOT ROBBED OUT OF THAT ONE TITLE!!!! Other than that. SABAN HAS NEVER WON ANOTHER NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WITHOUT KIRBY SMART, PERIOD!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! So if you want to say UGA CHOKES, then you better talk about all the times ALABAMA HAS CHOKED UNDER SABAN because it's been A WHOLE LOT!!!! South Carolina also beat Nick Saban and ALABAMA a few years back to!!! LOUISIANA MONROE AND OLE MISS AND EVEN TX A&M WERE NOT PLAYOFF CONTENDERS HAD THEIR BEEN A PLAYOFF. BACK WHEN THEY BEAT THE TIDE!!!!! In fact I still recall THE SOCALLED SABAN REVENGE GAME VS OLE MISS!!! Ole Miss had messed up Sabans perfect season by beating them the year before. I think it was pretty bad to but can't remember. But anyway...... Paul Finbaum however you spell his name and the whole crew were talking about THE REVENGE GAME!!!! Talking about how lethal Saban is in REVENGE GAMES!!!! I believe it was in TUSCALOOSA but can't swear to it. But it seems like it!!! But it was built up in the media that ALABAMA WOULD PROBABLY WIN BY 100 POINTS!!!!! They were debating things like if Saban runs up the score how bad might it get? They were all happy and laughing and joking. I MEAN THIS WAS A NICK SABAN REVENGE GAME AGAINST AN INFERIOR OPPONENT. And YES ole miss was inferior in every way. MEDIOCRE and probably not nearly as good as say a MISSOURI of today!!!! But the media was all set for an ALABAMA REVENGE GAME PARTY!!!!!! Until........ Until, well until ALABAMA GOT BEAT AGAIN 2 STRAIGHT!!!!!! LOL. THERE WAS SMOKE COMING OFF SABAN'S HAIR PIECE THAT DAY!!!! He was so angry he could barely contain his anger!!!!!! Pushing his players around and screaming at the coaches!!!! It wasn't fun, but IT SURE WAS FUNNY!!!!! There is not a single team in the SEC that has done any better or been more dominant. Than UGA and Alabama have been recently. In fact, nobody other than Alabama until UGA has had such a stacked roster in recent times. Or a more COMPLETE TEAM!!!! Some have great offense and little defense!!!! And some have defense but no offense. The FEW teams that might have both. WELL THEY HAVE NO DEPTH!!!!! UGA STILL HAS ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!! Everyone in the SEC loses games. Most of the big boys under bama and UGA will lose a minimum of 3 every year IN A GOOD YEAR!!!!! I told everyone that south Carolina was a DANGEROUS TEAM. I don't know who they play next. But now I'm telling you. If south Carolina plays a good or even average team. Look for them to get beat!!! WHY???? Because they put their heart and soul into beating UGA. And it's just not easy to replicate that. They might be DOWN!!!!!!! I think it's Tennessee. And I'm telling you all right now. TENNESSEE IS CATCHING THEM AT THE PERFECT TIME IN MY OPINION, IF ITS TENNESSEE!!!!!! But South Carolina is a DIFFERENT TEAM since they started playing these new QBs and got healthy on the defensive line and on defense!!!! BUT UGA WILL BOUNCE BACK I BELIEVE. AND I BELIEVE THEY WILL EVENTUALLY BOUNCE BACK LETHAL!!!!! So enjoy it while you can!!!! But we are STILL coming for OUR SEC EAST TITLE!!!! Then we will deal with the rest, all in good time!!!! PS. UGA WILL REBOUND AND BE LETHAL!!!! You'll all be laughing out your butts if UGA WINS THE SEC AND THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! We are not afraid of ANYONE!!!! Go dawgs!!!!!!!! King Negan
Sorry misread your post. I thought you said the gators defense played well.
You call 42 points playing well on defense???? King Negan
UGAlien..........Here to stay???? Yea but where????? I hear the YMCA still rents out their showers during the daytime pretty cheap. But most of the shelters are full at night!!!!!! So if their here to stay. Then it had better be at your house!!! Their not staying at mine!!!!! . UGA still owns the east!!!! And Mullen still doesn't take recruiting seriously. They just got beaten by 2 tds and you see it as a great sign????? Do you still believe in Santa Claus???? WAIT UNTIL THE COCKTAIL PARTY. Let's see how full of energy you are after UGA spanks you!!!!! Florida is NOT here to stay!!!!! Like I've been preaching. They will lose 2 or 3 before it's over. Maybe more!!!!!!!! PS. Is UGA that's not going anywhere!!!!! King Negan
@Blitzer........Not possible!!!! Florida ain't beating UGA!!!!!! Did you forget about uga????? Or is this just another slam on uga for losing a game they shouldn't the same as Alabama does every single year??????? Now it could still be LSU vs UGA but you can bet. We still own the east!!!!! King Negan
This was one of my silent predictions. No way that south Carolina can carry our jock strap!!!!! I didn't watch the game but I bet the REFS were heavily involved. Either way. We drop one like this every year!!!!! We will still win the SEC EAST. I think we needed this to hopefully wake us up!!!! I have no idea how we lost. But sadly I predicted it!!!! Silently because I don't root against my team!!!! But I knew south Carolina was being too quiet this year and didn't have the best record. But their new QB apparently inspired them. Oh well, congratulations to south Carolina, enjoy it. It's the first SEC EAST loss in over 2 years!!!!! To the team. I few others will join you in defeat today!!!!! NOW ITS TIME TO GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!!!! Brandon Adams didn't see a regular season loss for UGA. I thought he was crazy then and now it's been proven!!!! But I still like the guy. PS. Play like this again and sadly Florida will murder you!!!! Your twice the team that Florida is. But your gonna have to PROVE IT!!!!! My guess is you'll both have the same record after tonight. King Negan
MULLET is stealing from Spurrier right now!!!! I saw Spurrier drawing up plays and coaching the team in the locker room. That should be ILLEGAL if the coach is not actually employed!!!! Listen Spurrier might not be able to go out and recruit like he once did. But there is NOTHING at all wrong with his mind or play calling ability. Personally it bothers me knowing he is in their locker room drawing up plays for games especially against UGA!!!!! You think MULLET don't steal those plays and use them???? He worships Spurrier!!!!! And the bad thing is. UGA cannot game plan against a coach their not even playing!!! Their gonna coach based on plays that MULLET himself has called, not Spurrier!!!!! Did you notice that Trask looked like garbage as a backup. When he tried to play in Mullens system with his plays he sucked!!! But then SUDDENLY HE KNEW IT WAS ALL ON HIM!!! Then Spurrier starts going into the locker room and even coming to games. All of a sudden. Trask looks like he's running the old Florida fun n gun offense!!!! I don't think it's coincidence either!!!! I think that Spurrier is coaching Florida secretly for their bigger games!!!!! So if I'm right. UGA should prepare for the old Florida fun n gun offense and at the same time. Prepare for basic things Florida always does!!!! JUST BE PREPARED FOR BOTH!!!!! Have a plan A and a plan B if needed. And even a plan C!!!! It's not harmless fun to allow Spurrier in their drawing up plays!!!!! If he wants to coach then tell them to HIRE HIM AND PUT HIM ON STAFF OFFICIALLY!!!!! That way you know who your game planning for!!!!! But all this SECRET BEHIND CLOSED DOORS SPURRIER COACHING THE TEAM IS WRONG!!!!! It should be illegal if it's not!!!!!! It's an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE FOR FLORIDA AGAINST ANYBODY!!!!! But ESPECIALLY vs UGA!!!!!! So if Mullen is the coach. How about KEEPING SPURRIER OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM, and no email contact allowed either if it's x and o related!!!!! Either that or force him to be on payroll and counted as a coach with the NCAA!!!!!! Because what their doing now I consider to be CHEATING!!!!!!! King Negan
CERN SYMBOL, not STUMBLE!!!!! I must have spelled a letter wrong and spell check did the rest. I meant the CERN SYMBOL is made up of 666!!!!! It's deliberately mixed in with interwoven and meeting lines and circles. This is to show that the universe has many more dimensions than people think!!! Cern is trying to play God and their not God!!!! Only evil will come from what their really trying to do!!!!! The United States should get out of the CERN deal. In fact we should do this world a favor and treat it like we would a terrorist bunker!!!! We should get rid of that machine. And we would if we knew what was good for us!!!!! But knowing this world, we won't!!!!!!! I mean the stated goal of attempting to OPEN A BLACK HOLE is bad enough in itself!!!! If successful, it could swallow the solar system like a grain of sand!!!! And they say that is what their trying to do!!!! THAT IS INSANITY!!!! Yes I know most cern scientists say it " PROBABLY " wouldn't happen. Meaning even they can't say with certainty that it wouldn't!!!! But the brain that puts all of them to shame who recently passed away I believe. The crippled guy. I can't remember his name and yet I know him well. But he feared them opening a black hole. He feared that the machine at full power might destroy the solar system!!! He warned them many times to STOP PLAYING WITH THAT MACHINE!!!! Since he was the scientists that scientists learn from. Maybe they should listen!!!! But opening a black hole is only one of their stated goals!!!! They want to open windows to other universes and other realities!!!! Just like on the movie star gate!!! They want to open up portals and see what pops out. Is that a good thing???? Go read I believe it is the book of revelation chapter 9. About the opening of the bottomless Pitt or abyss. Read what comes out upon the earth and then tell me it's cool!!!! If you think it's all fiction. Okay, but then go read about the scorpion people of Sumerian mythology!!! Then consider the way we now have the ability to actually mix DNA to create monsters!!!! We can do that right NOW!!!!! Oh but of course we would never do that right??? There are no scientists in some underground lab somewhere as we write. That are already creating MONSTERS. For what purpose you say??? How about JUST BECAUSE WE CAN FOR ONE PURPOSE???? Okay you need another??? How about MILITARY SUPER SOLDIERS????? It's evil but all fine and dandy as long as their underground right??? Wrong!!!!! Regardless one day that underground Pitt is going to be opened. And be it monsters of our making or not. SOMETHING WILL COME OUT!!!!! And personally I don't see helicopters being the fulfillment of what I read!!!! Somebody did this genetic altering and DNA MIXING long before Adam ever existed!!!! In the first earth the bible talks about. Some of these evils have been in prison a long time just waiting on the day that man overstepped his boundaries!!!! It's time to put your faith in the only one who can save you both now and forever. That is Christ Jesus the Lord who died for all. John 3:16 King Negan
I HATE TO BE THE BEARER OF BAD NEWS, BUT.......Holding up 3 fingers is perfectly fine with me. But NOT as the add above shows!!!! The trend of curling your thumb up to make a circle with your finger. And then holding up your last 3 fingers. THIS HAPPENS TO BE SATANIC!!!!! Especially when a person then puts it up to their eye!!!!! This is another form of 666 made with the hands. You'll also see 666 in the CERN stumble!!! I'm very serious about this. I don't believe the family does it for that reason. But still the Luciferian cults that rule this planet. They take every opportunity they can. Even to turn a good thing into something bad. It's their speciality!!!!! SO INSTEAD, JUST HOLD UP THREE FINGERS WITHOUT THE SATANIC CIRCLE ADDED THAT ALSO FORMS 666!!!! You've been told now. So the rest is up to you!!!!! But these symbols are NOT innocent!!!! It's blatant mind control. Monkey see monkey do!!!! Just another way of making the 666 hand gesture a good thing. Instead of the DEVIL WORSHIP that is really is!!!! SO CHRISTIANS, HELP SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE!!!!! Honor the young man by holding up three fingers and DON'T ADD THE CIRCLE!!!!! Otherwise your unconsciously honoring the very same devil that told him suicide was the answer!!!! Is that what you want to do???? SURELY NOT!!!! SO DON'T!!!!!!!! Other evil signs The texas longhorns also have a similar hand sign that is also satanic!!!! The horns of the goat. Also used in rock concerts!!! It's not a good thing and neither is this!!!! SO JUST HOLD UP 3 FINGERS WITHOUT THE CIRCLE!!!! PS. There is enough evil in the world without unwittingly invoking more with satanic hand signs!!!! Just my opinion. But right here and now I'll honor the Hilinski kids memory 3!!!!!! God bless the family!!!! 3333333333!!!!! There are many occult hand signs that most don't really know about. I pray God be merciful. King Negan
@pairs10........Is that a $5 dollar bet or $500 dollars???? Because if you want to give away $500 dollars I'll take it!!!! Your betting on a loser in my opinion!!!! Florida is NOT that elite. Their just NOT!!!!! And hey, if LSU can't beat them at home at night. Then neither are they!!!!! Sorry to LSU fans but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!! If LSU is an ELITE team like I think. They should beat Florida period!!!!! King Negan
@LSUMC..........Sorry but WRONG!!!! I've been doubting those gators and STILL DO!!!!! I won't believe in the hype until it's proven to me!!!!! So far they have played NOBODY and a overrated freshman QB led auburn!!!! It was in the swamp to!!!! Auburn is a different team at home and everyone knows it!!!! I've had respect for LSU since game one!!!! Don't go proving me wrong by losing to Florida in a game that should be lopsided!!!!! Personally I think the new fast offense is affecting the DEFENSE for LSU. I don't believe they are as bad as the numbers!!!!! I also don't believe that the Florida defense is as good as their numbers!!!! I think it's a result of the teams they played!!!! I think their a good team but not a GREAT TEAM!!!! The only way I see LSU losing is if they buy into the Florida hype train and for some reason can't RUN THE FOOTBALL!!!!! Yes the KEY to victory is not the pass it's the RUN!!!!!! You hear me??? RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!! If a team can RUN. That slows down any pass rush every time!!!!! Then the RUN also sets up the pass!!!! I don't care if you want to get tricky and throw on first down at times and run on third down. But you better RUN if you want to win. Otherwise you play right straight into their hands!!!! Coach O, if your a great coach. You'll RUN THE FOOTBALL!!!!!! The Florida DBs and defense has looked elite vs weaker teams. Simply because they either couldn't or wouldn't run the ball!!!! Todd Grantham is NOT tricky!!!! He only knows one style and that is blitz, blitz and blitz. Oh and stop the run if they happen to bump into your Blitzer!!!! Mark my words....... Any team that can and will hit Florida right in the mouth consistently with the RUN to set up the pass, and play defense. They will also beat them!!!! It will probably even get UGLY!!!! You have to TIRE THEM OUT!!!! Florida has a good first unit but little to no real DEPTH!!! So body shots will do better than sexy passes!!!! Don't get me wrong. I think LSU is good enough to play their new passing game and still beat florida. But I'm simply saying. The odds are better with BODY SHOTS AND BALL CONTROL AND DEFENSE!!!! Because your actually playing the style they want dropping back to pass on every play!!!! Great PASS RUSHERS absolutely HATE playing the run!!!!! They despise playing the run!!!! A team of pass rushers want you to throw on every down. That way they just pin their ears back and shoot straight to the QB!!!!! It makes their average DBs look so much better to. Because they probably get pressure and the QB probably throws the ball before he wants or while being hit. Result, lots of incomplete passes or interceptions!!!! And a very sore FRUSTRATED QB!!!!! And lots of 3 and outs or turnovers!!!! But with a team that can impose their will by RUNNING THE BALL. Your result is the opposite. Lots of tired frustrated defensive linemen. Long scoring drives. This eventually leads to breaking a teams spirit. It's the reason that OLD MAN FOOTBALL IS THE BEST FOOTBALL!!!!! I haven't paid attention to the LSU running game. But surely you have one right? I mean John Emory Jr would already be an elite running back at georgia!!!! If you have the horses then USE THEM!!!!!! Don't do like some other teams and play right into their hands!!!! I think LSU is way better if they play right. But if not. I can't say. Regardless to how well Florida does or doesn't do now. Their still going to have to play UGA!!!! I say to their " PASS RUSHERS." Enjoy playing our dinosaurs in shoulder pads and having to stop our run game for 4 quarters. And then having to stop our dynamic WRs and the deadly accurate Jake Fromm!!!! As well as scoring enough against our defense!!!!! If they don't just get blown out from the first whistle. I'll give the lizards 1 half to maybe mid 3rd quarter before they start to break!!!!! And when they break, it will be a huge breakdown and beat down in favor of the university of Georgia!!!!!! Florida unglued Even if you manage to be UNBEATEN until the Georgia game. Which I seriously doubt!!!!! THAT IS WHERE THE FLORIDA SEASON COMES UNGLUED!!!!! Where you find out that YES RECRUITING DOES MATTER!!!!! And that Dan Mullen is NOT Steve Spurrier!!!!! After the dawgs put another beating on you. It wouldn't surprise me to see you lose 2 or 3 more!!!! Then your whole team tries to jump into the transfer portal after they get out of jail I mean. LOL. Just a little humor. King Negan
@Gatorboy..................PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!!!!! Top 10 maybe. But your NOT a TOP 5 team!!! So get over it!!!! Your lucky that's all. Wait until next week. But either way. Y'ALL MUST ANSWER TO UGA FOR ALL YOUR BIG TALK!!!! That won't be pretty!!!!!!! Gonna be some sad gator fans. But my money says you don't get past LSU UNBEATEN!!!! Nobody in the media talks bad about Florida. They kiss your butt all the time!!! Keep saying your better than UGA. GO AHEAD!!!!! In fact keep talking about LSU!!!! Auburn lucked out vs Oregon who barely beat cal. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase nobody thinks auburn is that great. But hey they had a bad game!!!! PS. I don't think auburn was even ranked in the top 25 to start the season!!!! King Negan
@gatorinsemin........Next week you face a different breed of Tiger. And in a different place!!!!! SO GET YOUR EXCUSES READY!!!! PS. Go dawgs!!!!!! King Negan
Where is Trask gonna run???? Florida is out of QBs and he don't have another season!!! This is it for him!!!! So Mullen puts him out their with a broken leg and says GO RUN MY OFFENSE!!! That won't work forever!!!! He will be called Kyle TRASH again before this year is over!!!! That was the name that Florida fans gave Trask not me!!!! Actually I was the one who said he was your best QB. BUT YOUR GENIUS COACH SAT HIM FOR 2 YEARS PLAYING FRANKS!!!!! He would still be sitting if not for Franks injury!!!!!! So stop praising the man!!!! It's sickening!!!! Y'all know as soon as he throws 4 or more picks vs LSU or UGA. You will call him Trash again!!!!! That is exactly why FRANKS SHUSHED THE HOME CROWD!!! He wasn't wrong he was RIGHT!!!!! Y'all bood him to until he started winning and HE DIDN'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!!!! I DON'T BLAME HIM!!!! Even after LSU dismantles you. It will be okay. As long as you still think you have a chance at the EAST you'll kiss up!!!! And encourage him. But when UGA BEATS YOU AGAIN. You'll all cry TRASH AT HIM!!!! PS. When that happens. I hope Emory Jones jumps into the transfer portal THAT VERY DAY!!!!! Because he will be next!!!!! King Negan
@bayou tiger........Amen, starting next game!!!! EAT THEM ALIVE!!!!! But save some for the Dawgs!!! King Negan
Hey Alabama fans, get your lips off of the gayturds!!!! Why should UGA fans five a flying frat about another Florida underwhelming victory??? You gumps know it won't last just like I do!!!!! But run Forrest run!!!! Your dreaming and praying to!!!!!! Y'all don't want any of UGA in Atlanta!!!! I get it. I understand. But hey, you may not need to worry. Auburn had 2 losses last time they beat y'all for the SEC WEST!!!! And as for Florida. They ain't going UNBEATEN past the LSU GAME!!!!! LSU is UNBEATEN and has REVENGE ON THEIR MIND!!!!! And this game won't be in any swamp!!!!!!! Honestly I think it will get UGLY!!!!! Florida is STILL OVERRATED!!!!! Now yes, I believe Florida is a TOP 10 team right now. But..... Your not implying their top 10!!!!! Your saying their better than UGA!!!!! SORRY BUT NOTHING HAS HAPPENED THAT PUTS THEM OVER UGA YET!!! Personally I still don't believe their even close!!!!!! KEEP TALKING THOUGH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS FLORIDA YOU MADE IT ONE MORE WEEK!!!! Just one step closer to your doom!!!!! Y'all can go back to kissing now and as for that other thing. GET A ROOM OR GO BACK IN THE CLOSET!!!!! Nighty night " boys " LOL. PS. That is starting to STINK!!!! Glad I love women. I can still say that around here, right??? King Negan
ILL HAVE MIXED EMOTIONS IF LSU OR AUBURN BEAT ALABAMA IN THE WEST THIS YEAR!!!! On one hand I'll be laughing my butt off of Alabama losing the west AGAIN after calling UGA cocky. But then again. I don't know a dawg fan that doesn't want to beat Alabama!!!!!! Either way. This time if Alabama doesn't even win the SEC WEST. ITS TIME THE COMMITTEE LETS THEM STAY HOME!!!!! Don't go put them in the playoffs if they can't win their own side!!!!!! HEY UGA WON'T BE IN THE PLAYOFFS WITHOUT WINNING OUR SEC EAST!!!!! We don't get the favoritism that Alabama gets. Hey just in case. PUT US IN IF WE DONT WIN IT. SEE IF WE DON'T WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! We CAN to!!!! But we don't get the benefit of the doubt and THAT IS CHEATING!!!!!!!! And hey Florida DON'T TALK!!!!! Y'all will have at least ONE LOSS vs UGA!!!!! You won't be the SEC EAST WINNER EITHER. If you get lucky you could end up a one loss division loser like bama when they were voted in!!!! GIVEN A FREE RIDE!!!!! Y'all will think you deserve to be in. BUT YOU WON'T BE!!!!! PS. Fair is fair. If Alabama can't win the west. They don't belong in the playoffs period!!!!! King Negan
@CODY.........Last time auburn won the west. They did it with 2 losses before they beat UGA and Alabama in auburn!!!! Y'all ain't beat auburn or LSU yet!!!!! So keep talking!!!!!! Go dawgs!!!!!! King Negan
@Blitzer.........Listen we all know that is what Alabama is PRAYING FOR!!!! But hey, y'all ain't in Atlanta yet. TALK ABOUT COCKY???? Y'all ain't beat auburn or LSU yet!!!! Alabama is scared to death of UGA!!!! Y'all are praying that this overrated Florida team can somehow STAY LUCKY!!!! Florida is the absolute KING OF COCKY!!!! Them and their coach and fans all started talking and haven't shut up!!!!! Yet you call UGA cocky!!! I don't think Florida luck holds out passed LSU!!! But if it does. Wait and see. UGA BEATS THEM AND THEIR SEASON WILL FALL APART!!!!! PS. GO DAWGS!!!!!! Bama is scared!!! We will be in Atlanta but will you???? King Negan
@Marshgator........I think you mean the kittens!!!! UGA is still gonna MUDSTOMP Y'ALL!!!! Y'all have a pretty decent defensive line that has CARRIED YOU this year!!!! But......THE DAWGS HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR D LINE!!!! It's called THE GREAT WALL OF GEORGIA!!!! Our defense will keep the score LOW all day!!!! Our OFFENSIVE LINE will make the gators and their fans CRY!!!!! We still haven't peaked!!!! We didn't even come close to playing our best game. We didn't even wake-up until near HALFTIME!!! We still didn't play inspired. Yet 43-14 BEATING AT HOME IN FRONT OF THEIR FANS. AFTER A BUY WEEK. THAT STILL AIN'T NO BAD GAME EVEN THOUGH IT WAS!!!! Y'all beat Tennessee IN THE SWAMP, same as overrated auburn. I thought they were better. I should have studied them instead of listening to everyone talk!!! This might be the worst prediction year I've EVER HAD!!!! I've missed 3 games this year!!!! I don't miss 3 in 10 years!!!! But I just don't believe y'all stand a chance vs LSU AT HOME!!!! NOT A REVENGE GAME IN LSU!!! If y'all beat them ill REALLY BE SURPRISED!!!!!! Honestly, I should root for y'all to be UNBEATEN!!!!! I can't think of anything in football much better than GIVING THE GATORS THEIR FIRST LOSS!!!! I mean if y'all are UNBEATEN when you play UGA. I can't imagine how funny it will be. I know how y'all talk when your a 4 win team. Imagine an UNBEATEN TEAM from GAINESVILLE FLORIDA GETTING BEATEN BY UGA!!!!! Y'all will be blaming Trump if you lose!!!! EVERYONE BUT YOU!!!!!! While our fans sing OVERRATED as the clock WINDS DOWN!!!!! PS. I'm more impressed I'll be honest. But I'm not that impressed!!!!!! And that's the truth. King Negan
I am sorry. It took me a while to get back here. I WANT TO BE THE FIRST TO CONGRATULATE THE GATORS ON A GOOD VICTORY. I STILL BELIEVE THAT UGA IS THE BETTER TEAM. But as I predicted. UGA is not taking Tennessee seriously in their own stadium. I'm convinced we take the game over in the second half. Anyway the only thing wrong with UGA is they DON'T REALLY PLAY TO A STANDARD AS MUCH AS THEY READ THEIR HEADLINES!!!!! It's time to GET BUSY PLAYING IF YOU WANT AN SEC EAST TITLE EVEN!!!!! Because at this point I'm not sure Florida doesn't want it more!!!! It would truly be a shame for the better team BY FAR to throw away this chance!!!! But I believe in my dawgs, SO START BITING!!!!!!! Man of my word. Congratulations Florida King Negan
IF IT WERE UP TO MULLEN, TRASK WOULD STILL BE ON THE BENCH!!!!!!! So if he suddenly becomes a superstar I don't want to keep hearing about Mullen!!!!!! FRANKS IS THE STARTER!!!!! Both last year and this year. Mullen sat Trask on the bench!!!!! Trask has yet to face anyone that can play defense and blow their nose at the same time!!!! No he has yet to face anyone that can play any defense!!!! If auburn is as good as advertised, they will be Florida!!!!! King Negan
Well it might be the quickest de-commitment in history. Plus scheduling auburn for homecoming. That is all on Mullen!!!!! Mullen scheduled auburn because at that time, they weren't supposed to be good!!!!! So when they lose on homecoming. That is on Mullen!!!! King Negan
Dear David P.......I love you because your a dawg. But on this we will have to agree you just called me and other dawgs idiots!!! BECAUSE I'M NOT BOUGHT IN ON MULLEN!!!!! Those 3 losses came to the best 3 teams they faced!!!! With the exception of a lucky win with LSU!!!!! Those same players did the same thing under coach Mac!!!!! I'm tired of hearing how they were 4-7 or whatever under coach Mac!!!! THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES CAUSED THAT DEBACLE, NOT COACH MAC!!!!! He coached without 11 of his players, many being starters!!!!! Regardless of his running backs. Mullen is PASS HAPPY!!!!! Pass happy to the point of throwing the team under the bus!!!! I believe he is 100% responsible for the loss to Kentucky. Because of trying to PASS THE BALL ON THE GOAL LINE INSTEAD OF RUNNING THE BALL!!!!! Mullen is already a record breaking coach at Florida. He broke a 30 year winning streak to Kentucky trying to play Steve Spurrier!!!!! He gushes over Spurrier. That is funny considering that Urban Meyer was his coach that hired him!!! The one that won the championships that Mullen takes credit for!!!! Spurrier he is NOT!!!!! But that is who he aspires to be!!!!! Auburn will be the first team he has played in a loooong time that is actually good. Listen anything can happen including a Florida win like with LSU. But I'm still picking auburn!!!! If it's close it might be for a half or 3 quarters maybe. But Florida has no real DEPTH!!!! That is what will take them out against better teams!!!! Mullen doesn't believe in recruiting. So don't look for his team's to ever have great depth!!!! And in the SEC that will cost you!!! This Florida team has played very average opponents so far and played very average!!!! Today we see what they look like against a decent team. Now remember auburn was NOT ranked to start the season. Personally I believe the jury is still out a little on auburn and LSU!!! But still I think they have enough to beat florida. And after they do. I want see people close their mouth about how elite Florida is!!!! FLORIDA IS A MEDIOCRE SEC TEAM. That makes them better than most other teams in other conferences yes!!!! But in the SEC. THEY ARE MEDIOCRE UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE!!!!! King Negan
@Pitre1970.........It's not Florida you need to worry about. It's auburn and more importantly Alabama!!!! Can your defense stop them to??? If they do I bet your offense takes a step back!!!! Then you'll get your heart broken. As a angry UGA team has something to prove to LSU if you get there!!! Your getting to cocky. You haven't done a thing yet!!!! King Negan
@SportsGuy72.........He is not forced to throw every down!!! He hasn't been forced to play late much either!!! D Swift is a H TROPHY CANDIDATE. But the only TROPHY UGA cares about is first THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY and then the national championship trophy!!!! King Negan
LSU LUCKED OUT LAST YEAR. But don't go overboard. It's just the system. It's similar to OSU!!! But where did the DEFENSE GO???? We won the SEC EAST. Gave Alabama more than they wanted while they crushed LSU!!! Florida beat LSU last year. While again UGA destroyed Florida!!! So don't talk crap about last year!!! Plus Fromm would excel in a fast paced offense like your running. But personally I like the traditional football that UGA plays. That allows our defense to rest!!!! In high school Joe Burrow didn't even compare to Fromm!!!! PS. UGA is the most complete football team in the country period!!!! King Negan
Okay, I'm not attacking Hurts and certainly not Fields. But What did people think was going to happen when Hurts went to pass happy offense. Where they also play ZERO DEFENSE!!!!! They don't even know the meaning of defense outside the SEC!!! Yet Hurts played at Alabama and practiced against their defense every day. And other SEC defenses every week!!! The same with Justin Fields. Then he goes over to another ALL OFFENSE NO DEFENSE TEAM. Then these talking heads say. Look how much Hurts has improved. And look what Ryan Day has done with Justin Fields!!!! What should be said is. WOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET USED TO PLAYING IN THE SEC AND THEN GO PLAY A LEAGUE THAT PLAYS NO DEFENSE!!!! They are both supposed to look and be unstoppable in those leagues!!! Wait until either one plays an SEC DEFENSE in a playoff situation!!!! Then the headlines will be. Hurts is hurting and Fields fails short!!! Excuses will be what it's all about then!!! But until then I'll root for both!!! King Negan
@Nashville Gator.......UGA Played both. While the good guys were playing. Auburn was FAR BETTER!!!! Far harder to run against and everything else. But........ But, what does last year have to do with THIS YEAR???? The offensive line that played MSU are GONE!!!! Your offensive line though still overrated, WAS your strength!!! You replaced them ALL and NOT with 5 star players!!! I'm not saying they can't be good. But right NOW how can you know anything? Based upon who you played so far. I just genuinely do not understand the mind of gator fans. Except to say. LOVE IS BLIND??? But maybe we could add. At times.....LOVE IS BLIND AND STUPID!!! LOL. Your hope in this game relies on how well you can STOP auburn!!! How well can FLORIDA PLAY ON DEFENSE???? So far I couldn't care less about the stats. When your best win was a close one to Miami in the first game!!!! Example, UGA plays a different style defense than Florida. We play to stop big plays and make you work to score!!! Getting pressure is enough. Sacking QBs, well that is gravy on the potatoes!!! If UGA played the offensive lines that Florida has. And if we played the same style. We might have over 20 sacks by now and that's the truth!!! Plus you have played a bunch of drop back passers with weak offensive lines. While UGA has played a bunch of mobile QBs with big offenses that play fast!!! Nobody gets a ton of sacks on those types of teams!!! Anyway, enough. I'm just saying. If you can play defense and keep it close. Then of course you'll have a chance!!! They have a true freshman and y'all have a backup that's been there a while. But was never Mullen's man!!! Personally I like Trask quick release. But he ain't played no defense like auburn yet!!!! UGA had a true freshman in 2017 and should be national champions. Clemson had a true freshman and did win. But not all true freshman are the same. But still I'll take AUBURN ALL DAY LONG!!!! King Negan