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Good we need that young man. Quality player and quality person!!!! UGA is lucky to have him and players like him. King Negan
These things do happen is the HEAD COACHES RESPONSIBILITY to know these things. Or at least have a pretty good idea. Dan Mullen was sooooooooo anxious to sign a top 10 class that he just overlooked things FOOLISHLY!!!!! In his defense, he was DESPERATE!!!!! Now he is still desperate. And no matter what anyone thinks or says. If he has a great season it will be pure luck because this is NOT a great team!!!! They were NOT great last year either!!!!! Last season they were GOOD but not GREAT!!! In my opinion it had nothing to do with Mullen!!!! It had more to do with those highly ranked 4 star and 5 star players who saw the 42-7 EPIC BEAT DOWN BY UGA!!!!! Who worked their butts off trying to beat UGA which they couldn't!!!!! But because of those team leaders they did manage to turn 42-7 into 36-17!!!!! Which could have and should have rightfully been 40-17!!! Jake Fromm scored once for sure on that so-called goal line stand. His whole upper body was over the goal by a lot but they pushed him back also pulling from behind!!!! THE USUAL REF EFFECT.... REPLAY DIDN'T SHOW MUCH BUT UNLESS HE/JAKE WAS CARRYING THE FOOTBALL DOWN AT HIS KNEES. THEN HE SCORED, CLEAR AS DAY!!!! Still I hated the play calling. Yea we're big/huge. Yes we're elite. But they had the numbers advantage with such silly predictable play calling. I mean those were NOT great goal line plays. Plus Florida and every other team has memorized all 3 of them!!!! That's all we ever do on the goal line. 1. Either QB sneak. 2. RB Behind TE blocking or alone to one side or the other usually a hand off, GRRR!!!! Occasionally a shovel pitch but takes to long and is basically the same play anyway. Or 3. The back shoulder pass. Probably our best goal line play which is NOT a good thing in my opinion!!! Everything we did under Chaney down there was predictable and WE ALWAYS TIP THE PLAY OFF!!! Plays that take to long and are tipped off by little things we ALWAYS show. To me that is not great play calling!!!!! SUGGESTION..... Alright I have many suggestions. But 2 simple ones would turn our goal line offense around. First, #1. While we had Justin Fields. Everyone knows he was a bigger, stronger faster QB. That would have naturally made him more dangerous at the QB sneak. But that is only one thing they had to guard against. How about with Justin Fields we do all our usual like the TE or whoever in motion. 2 TEs with one in motion like we're running that way. LET THE WHOLE LINE, BLOCKERS AND ALL INCLUDING RUNNING BACK HEAD IN ONE DIRECTION. THEN FAKE THE HANDOFF " FAST " AND BOOTLEG FIELDS IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!! Either he walks in untouched, runs over someone to score, makes a move to score with his SPEED and power. Or dumps it off at the last second to THE SECOND TE WHO BLOCKS IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION FOR 1 SECOND, THEN BREAKS IT OFF AND SLIDES TO THE SIDE OR BACK OF THE END ZONE FOR EASY TD CATCH!!! He would likely be uncovered!!!! So #1. The simple 2 TE, JUSTIN FIELDS bootleg would score from the 1 yard line at least anywhere from 70 to 90% of the time, if not better!!!! And YES, I believe the same is true for THE 6 FOOT 6 ATHLETIC DWAN MATHIS TO!!!! Probably even one of our running backs under center also. Image this... TRICK PLAY SUGGESTION Mathis comes in with say 2 RUNNING BACKS,POSSIBLY Zeus and Swift at running backs, split formation behind Mathis. Then all of a sudden with the 2 TE formation with split backs and one TALL WR!!!! All of a sudden, Mathis switches with Zeus and Mathis runs out to WR. This would give us, 2 WRs from the 1 yard line. Zeus would be under center and Swift behind him. Again 2 TEs and the one legit tall WR!!! You could put both WRs including Mathis on one side and one TE in motion that way. It would look like we're about to run an option play to that side which would be extremely good in itself. Or we could simply toss it to Swift and let him do his thing. Or HAVE ZEUS THEN SLIT OUT TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE GIVING US 3 WRs AND TWO TEs. Maybe Swift takes it from the WILD DAWG FORMATION and simply run where the blocking is to one side. He probably scores easily in all the confusion running or dumping it off to that side. " ANYBODY CAN THROW A 2 TO 5 YARD PASS!!!! BUT......BUT.......BUT................. My original idea has Zeus faking a quick pitch or HANDOFF to Swift with all the blocking going in one direction toward the 2 WRs including Mathis now. Then Zeus bootlegs out to the opposite direction. With one TE now sliding off his block and to the back of the end zone. Maybe if things go right he gets a quick block or chip block at least on the man who MIGHT BE SPYING ZEUS ON THE PLAY. And Zeus then walks in untouched. Or maybe he has an angle and runs the spy over. Or....... Possibly in all the confusion He is not even spied and walks in easily. Another possibility is HE IS JUST THAT HARD TO TACKLE AND NO SPY LB OR CORNER CAN STOP HIM FROM SCORING FROM A YARD OUT!!!!! Or.....Zeus simply fakes the run and tosses a little short pass to a WIDE OPEN TE!!!! Did I mention, maybe Zues just QB sneaks it in over a 340 pound center??? All of these are possibilities!!!!! Maybe Mathis runs the bootleg from under center? I see so many possibilities. But what I'm saying is BE TRICKY, NOT PRIDEFUL AND STUPID!!!! All I ask is let me draw up the goal line plays this season. And barring fumbles or not executing the play. WE SCORE EVERY TIME!!!! Yes I'm that good!!!!! PS. In other words. Walk SMART, but carry a few big/HUGE linemen and elite running backs and TEs, and WRs!!!!!!! LOL King Negan
When 5 star running backs come to UGA, THEY PLAY UNLESS INJURED!!!!!! I honestly can't imagine why any great running back would choose Alabama over UGA!!!! UGA HAS CAUGHT THEM IN OVERALL TALENT!!! IN FACT UGA MIGHT JUST PASS THEM THIS SEASON!!!! Alabama had an advantage of BIG GAMES and that is it!!! But now we have been in enough big games that the nerves are settled and UGA IS READY TO PASS BAMA!!!!!! UGA HAS PUT TOGETHER MORE ELITE OFFENSIVE LINE TALENT THAN MAYBE ANY TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY!!!!!!! Not to mention. We will ALWAYS be the team to beat for offensive line talent. Considering the fact we have THE TOP OFFENSIVE LINE COACH IN THE GAME!!!! WE SEND RUNNING BACKS TO THE NFL EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!! EVEN GUYS THAT GET INJURED. THEY STILL END UP BEING #1 DRAFT PICKS!!!! In fact UGA brought back #1 RUNNING BACKS to the NFL. THE NFL HAD A LONG DROUGHT OF RUNNING BACKS DRAFTED IN THE FIRST ROUND. THAT WAS UNTIL EVEN WITH A ACL INJURY. UGA RUNNING BACK TODD GURLEY BECAME A #1 DRAFT PICK AND HAS LIVED UP TO THE HYPE!!! In fact UGA RUNNING BACKS are helping their teams get to the super bowl. As Sony Michell and the Patriots squared off last year against THE RAMS AND TODD GURLEY!!!! Of course Nick Chubb also became a high #1 DRAFT PICK!!!! It baffles my mind why any running back would want to go anywhere but UGA. THE HIGHLY RATED 2020 RUNNING BACK KENDALL MILTON JUST CHOSE UGA. He made it clear he wanted another elite running back. Names he mentioned he wanted were Zachary Evans and Tank Bigsby. Many feel that Tank Bigsby was the likely running back to join Milton if anyone did. They believed that possibly UGA was going to go all in to sign Bigsby considering he was a georgia running back. But apparently UGA chose instead to go all in on 5 star running back Zachary Evans!!! It has been known for some time that UGA COVETED ZACHARY EVANS. Therefore apparently they like Zachary so much that they were willing to go all in with him rather than to try and settle for another talented runner Tank Bigsby. In my opinion Tank made a very, very, very big mistake passing up any kind of offer from UGA in order to go to auburn. Another of the UGA running back targets chose south Carolina. Another very big mistake!!!! How can these elite RUNNING BACKS see these UGA RUNNING BACKS year after year going to the NFL even with severe injuries. Then on top of that. UGA used to have a garbage offensive line that our running backs ran behind. Yet many still went PRO just based upon the UGA REPUTATION FOR GREAT RUNNING BACKS!!!!! THEN ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS. UGA HAS POSSIBLY THE STRONGEST TEAM THEY HAVE EVER HAD. WITH BY FAR THE BEST OFFENSIVE LINE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AND WILL HAVE FOR A WHILE!!!!! They are about to give Alabama a beat down that's been a loooooong time in coming!!!! WHY? Because the talent level is now the same or UGA MIGHT be better!!!!! But UGA is HUNGRY!!!!! UGA IS ANGRY!!!!! Alabama might be angry and hungry to beat CLEMSON!!!! But UGA comes before Clemson!!!! Nothing is ever a guarantee!!!!! BUT THE SAME GOES FOR CLEMSON AND BAMA!!!! Not to mention if anyone is going to be COMPLACENT. It will be either Alabama or CLEMSON or possibly BOTH????? I haven't missed a single prediction in 3 years. And I predicted UGA WILL WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2019. And then a new DYNASTY WOULD BEGIN. THAT WOULD EQUAL OR SURPASS THAT OF BAMA!!!! I am sticking by my prediction!!!!! I also predict that the UGA 2020 class will have AS MANY IF NOT MORE 5 STAR PLAYERS THAN CLEMSON when it's all said and done!!!! Right now CLEMSON holds a 6 to 3 advantage. And USATODAY is sure pumping them up!!! But if THE #1 RUNNING BACK ZACHARY EVANS INDEED CHOOSES UGA AS I PRAY HE WILL AND BELIEVE HE WILL. THAT WILL BE A BIG ONE FOR US. CONSIDERING UGA HAS MANY OTHER 5 STAR PREDICTIONS!!!! Plus when the season takes off. UGA is gonna help change a lot of people's minds!!!!! Nick Saban is gonna lie to recruits as always. He is about to retire and he knows it!!!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. NICK SABAN ACTUALLY ADMITTED HE WAS CONSIDERING JOINING THE GAME DAY LIVE CREW!!!! He wants to be an announcer without all the pressure!!! He already hinted he might go take another football coaching job earlier in his career if THE PRESSURE DIDN'T LIFT A LITTLE!!!! Saban hates all the expectations that Alabama fans have!!!!! And he has openly let them know it. After the GAME DAY LIVE CREW offered Saban a spot with their team. He already made up his mind and openly admitted HE ENJOYED BEING PART OF THAT TEAM!!!!!!! When asked about it. Saban admitted that YES HE ENJOYED IT AND IT WAS LIKE BEING A PART OF A TEAM. HINT HINT!!!!! Saban knows this is Tuas last season. He knows that some offensive and defensive superstars are about to go pro. He knows that UGA, AND CLEMSON HAVE CAUGHT HIM. THAT LSU IS CLOSE. And Nick Saban has never been one to enjoy to much competition!!!! He has a EGO the size of the moon!!!! He loves taking bows after NATIONAL TITLE wins. But he HATES having to explain what happened at losing game press conferences!!!! Especially when his team was a huge favorite!!!! Saban knows that KIRBY SMART was the real coach that made bama into a DYNASTY. THAT IS WHY HE CRIED ON TV AFTER KIRBY CAME HOME!!! He looked like he was ready to retire right then!!!! TRUST ME FOLKS, SABAN IS ABOUT TO RETIRE!!!!! Attention elite players:...... UGA IS THE NEXT TRUE DYNASTY!!!!!!! Join the 2020 class today!!! Commit to the G and be Great!!! Come be CHAMPIONS!!!!!! King Negan
Sheesh!!!! I meant......IF YOU ARE A ALABAMA FAN!!!! LOL
@redsox2004........Yea go right ahead and leave them on the field in that SEC TITLE GAME!!! You say that as if Tua was just doing soooooooooooo well. Sorry but he was being shut down just like with Clemson!!! If you a Alabama fan then be happy you had A. Hurts and B. THE REFS who never seem to fail you!!! With Tua in the whole game YOU LOSE THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Tua wasn't close to winning that game!!!!! But thanks to the backup QB, REFS, And injuries bama survives again!!!! Nothing better could have happened than Tua sitting on the bench. We had his number!!!! PS. You couldn't put 55 points on the UGA DEFENSE when their on their game. Not if you had 2 Tua's!!!! King Negan
@Ben7254........Yea, all dawg fans wished he would have stayed in the game last year to!!!! But for some strange reason Nick thought it best that Hurts stay in. I wonder why???? PS. Jake Fromm is a better QB!!!! King Negan
@CO don't take much to be an expert on Mullen. We know he was Urban Liars FLUNKY. We also know he went to Mississippi state and was average. He got lucky and once in his life he had a few big-time players playing at the same time. He might have paid them. But anyway, they got to #1 in the country until they hit the meat of their schedule. Then from bama on they lost the last games of the season I think. Then in 2017 Mullen had his magic going again. UNBEATEN and had stomped LSU in the dirt. The QB whisperer had himself another QB. THEN THEY CAME TO ATHENS GEORGIA LOOKING FOR A FIGHT. Umm, it didn't end well for them. AS THE DAWGS WHIPPED MULLEN AND HIS TEAM LIKE A RED HEADED STEPCHILD THAT YOU DESPISE!!!! Even though many were saying the dawgs were in trouble. Mullen left with a bruised ego and his team. WELL THEY JUST LEFT BRUISED!!!! Then even though it was a decent season. They even rocked bama and had a chance but blew it. Still beating LSU BADLY, and rocking bama pretty good. They still didn't have the dream season that they might have because UGA STOMPED A MUD HOLE IN THEIR A$$!!! Just one more proof that UGA was actually better than Alabama and yes THE TRUE SEC CHAMPION!!!!! Nevertheless, Mississippi state under Dan Mullen probably waisted the best crop of talent they had in years on both sides of the ball. Because like a coach we used to know. Coach Mullen loses inexplicable games to teams they should beat. While playing the big boys well. EXCEPT FOR UGA WHO HAS HIS NUMBER!!!!!! So Mullen in all his vast wisdom said. IVE GOT IT!!!! Since I couldn't beat Saban if he gave me their playbook and a chart of the plays their gonna run. Ill switch to the gators. Ill get out of the west and go back where URBAN MEYER won 2 titles. I just remembered, I was his OC and Florida is looking for a coach. Continued............ The media loves me!!!!! They think I'm a QB WHISPERER. Yea I'll go there. Maybe that mental edge the gators enjoyed for a while is still in place at georgia. If I can beat georgia, the media will praise me. The recruits will love me!!!! YEA, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE???? Never mind now I remember. MY WIFE HATED IT IN GAINESVILLE. SHE HAD TO HIDE TO GO SHOPPING IF WE WON BUT DIDN'T SCORE 45 POINTS PER GAME!!!!! Continued........ I wonder if they heard her talking about that??? Sheesh I hope not!!!!!! But Florida is the ticket!!!!! Surely I'll beat georgia there!!!!!!!!! The rest is HISTORY!!!! And he dances for his QB and elite recruits HATE HIM!!!!! Except for Brenton Cox!!!!! TO COX. SO YOUR SUPERMAN???? Alright then take your bullet proof A$$ and save the gators!!!!!! Let's see you do it!!!!! I mean if you can take a POT BREAK LONG ENOUGH OR STAY OUT OF JAIL. PS. I BET BRENTON COX GOES TO JAIL TO AVOID THE BEAT DOWN!!!!! So he has an excuse. Otherwise what's to know about Mullen??? Never even one a division title. Not west or east!!!! AND HE HAS A BIG MOUTH LIKE ALL GATORS, REAL OR OTHERWISE!!! King Negan
FALCONS ARE Y'ALL LISTENIMG??????? I've always thought that Clowney would make the sleeping giant Atlanta falcons back into a real super bowl contender again. Maybe even super bowl CHAMPIONS!!!!! I could see the falcons becoming the new patriots if they will do this WHILE RYAN and Julio are still young!!!!!! Make it happen no matter what y'all got to give up, within reason!!! 3 way trade maybe? Someone who has 2 great LTs, and will take a #2 pick or maybe a #2 and #3 or whatever. Then trade him to them for Clowney. Keep your #1 pick. Or....... Give the #1 pick for that LT, then trade him to Houston for Clowney. Make a blockbuster deal NOW!!!! Y'all ain't gonna get no Clowney at #1 anyway. At least not a proven guy!!! So he is worth a #2, #3 and maybe more!!!! And yes he is PROVEN. So he is worth a #1 if need be!!!!! ITS WORTH IT ATLANTA BECAUSE HE IS A ALPHA MALE!!! He just needs the right place and that is ATLANTA!!!!!!!!!!! Unless there is something I don't know. He has SUPER BOWL written all over him!!!!!!! PS. I know football. I haven't missed a single prediction in 3 YEARS!!!!! I could easily make money with my skill. PLEEEEEEAAAAASE DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY IF ITS REAL!!!!! King Negan
@cola_cock......... I agree he looks the part. Y'all might end up with him if we fill our spots. You can't blame the kid for being starstruck at the possibility of playing for the now famous. GREAT WALL OF GEORGIA!!!!!! Home state and all. Y'all could even be in on Burch if he decides to stay home. Because if CLEMSON ain't out they will be when he finds out things that Dabo and others said. I mean before they got the big boy what's his name Brazee? Can't spell worth a crap and don't feel like looking it up. Because during the initial process Dabo kinda shot his mouth off. It wasn't to a reporter or anything. It was just around town type gossip. He was eating out somewhere and a group of friends heard him talking to someone. Possibly another coach. They were kinda whispering so naturally they wanted to hear even more being CLEMSON fans. It was mostly CLEMSON fans. Anyway, he was heard talking about recruits. The other guy said hey how about that Burch kid. And he said Burch who? Then he answered and at first Dabo was still a bit fuzzy. Then he said oh yea him. Then continued, he's ours if and when we want him. I think we got somebody working on him. But the one I'm really concerned with is that Brazzee kid. Now there's a difference maker for ya!!! Then again the other dude said. Yea but what about Burch. Apparently Dabo said. Yea I think he is one of our backup plans if Brazzee falls through but he can wait. We already know he ain't leaving the state!!!! Then the guy said well I think you might be taking him a bit light. Then Dabo popped off NAW , you know how he talks. He said Naw, Bird can wait. Then he was corrected and told it's BURCH not BIRD. Then Dabo who don't like to be wrong because of his ego said. Yea, that's what I said Burch. But right now Brazzee is the priority!!!! Then the other dude said something like I think Burch will be big-time before all is said and done. Then Dabo supposedly said something like. Hey we make the real priority players priority first. After we get Brazzee and 2 or 3 other players he said. Names escape me. But he did mention another 5 star QB. And I think the running back Boeman or whatever his name is. Anyway he rattled off a few other names then said. Once we get our core class of recruits in place I'll worry about that guy. The guy said something like. He is gonna be a priority type wait and see. Then Dabo said. Hey you don't know much about recruiting. Then said HE WILL BE A PRIORITY AFTER WE GET THESE OTHER GUYS IN!!!! It was a long list to. So don't ask me names I can't recall. It was CLEMSON people telling the story and I don't follow CLEMSON. But Dabo apparently was treating Burch like a nobody. Now this was some time back. But I remember they said Dabo wanted the BRAZZEE and the QB the most. Another thing that makes me feel that some of his LOVE for recruits is a bit fake. Is that they were talking about Brazzee and the QB I think. The guy said something like I have a feeling that Brazzee kid just wants to feel at home. Then Dabo supposedly said. OH HE'S GONNA FEEL AT HOME. IN FACT HE'S GONNA FEEL SO MUCH LOVE THAT HE MIGHT ASK ME FOR A RING. Then he apparently started laughing. Then said. WE MAKE SURE THEY FEEL LOVED IF I GOTTA WIN AN ACADEMY AWARD FOR MY ACTING, I WILL DO IT. IF I JUST HAD A FIGHT AT HOME, THEY AINT GONNA KNOW IT. Then the guy said so you admit it's an act then. And Dabo said something like. Hey man I'm a football coach and that is what I do. So if they can play football and even if I HATE SOMETHING ABOUT THEM. THEY AINT GONNA KNOW IT. The other dude said so that's how it is kinda joking but mocking also. And Dabo apparently said something like. HEY MAN IF YOU WANT TO WIN. THATS WHAT YOU DO!!!!! Then he again asked about Birch, Burch ??? I think I'm spelling it wrong. I think it's BURCH. I know why I said Birch. It's because I got that transcript from those Clemson fans in my mind. But anyway...... The other dude said something like, you better get on that Burch kid. Dabo laughed and said I think we already got him. Because he wants to stay in state and it's us or south Carolina. It's my job to shoot for the bigger fish out of state. The in state talent we want is already ours. Especially when we know their staying in state!!!! Then the other dude said well there is south Carolina if you don't show enough love to Burch. The last word I heard was Dabo saying just watch and learn from the master with a laugh. I assume he meant himself. You see what it was. It was a short VIDEO taken by Clemson fans, college students I guess. It showed Dabo and the other dude. It was low quality and shaky. But it really was Dabo. Looked like a phone video or something. I'm surprised it didn't make a much bigger splash. It was on a page that also showed Dabo getting a speeding ticket. But it wasn't shot at the same time. I didn't watch the speeding ticket one. It was just a bunch of short videos that had famous coaches in them. Mainly Dabo that day. I saw something that showed Saban but it was just him driving a car. Anyway I was gonna try to save the video of Dabo. But when I finally got my equipment set up. It was gone. It said removed by owner for copyright infringement. I NEVER SAW IT OR HEARD ABOUT IT AGAIN. I THINK SOMEBODY TALKED ABOUT THE VIDEO ONCE BUT NOW I CANT FIND EVEN THAT. I'll bet either Dabo made them take it down or they realized it might not look good for their coach. I mean it was real short and writing about it makes it sound long. But they were talking fast and laughing through it. It also showed subtitles but I didn't need them. I guess because they had to keep the camera going back and forth. Maybe they thought people would get confused because of the other talking and laughing in there. But either Dabo had them remove it or they decided it was in the better interests of their school. Others did see it because people talked about seeing Dabo on camera talking. But they didn't mention what was said. I heard that Burch had a bit of a falling out with Clemson. I wonder if it had to do with that footage???? I probably shouldn't be talking about it myself. SO IGNORE MY WORDS AND CONSIDER THEM LIES!!!! Or a joke maybe LOL. Anyway I think y'all have a good shot at Burch. Unless for some reason he does decide to leave the state. Well, then who knows??? Personally I hope UGA gets a real shot at him if he leaves south Carolina. I believe he is a great player!!! Dang this is long isn't it. Think ill stop here. Sorry if I spelled Brazzee wrong. PS. I think Brazzii should consider flipping to UGA. I mean Dabo just seems so fake to me!!!! KN
I heard Sam Pittman is silently recruiting this guy. I also heard that his ears are at full attention to. I guess since UGA is going after him apparently quietly. They must not want bama and others jumping in the mix. Apparently Turnetine was all sc before he heard his home school had interest. I guess it makes sense to keep it on the down low. I know folks, that's why I know. He don't want to openly commit to UGA right now because he wants to be able to fall back on sc if his UGA spot gets took by a higher ranked player. Right now UGA is holding spots for 5 stars. But he might be a class finisher at the end. Apparently he understands and said he's all dawg if he gets that official call. PS. Makes since not to rock the boat right now!!!! Might be the same with Loyd but not sure about that. King Negan
@BamaTime..........You know by nature I'm a peaceful man. But your the type that I would jap SLAP!!! Y'all will need a tissue this year. Try coming and playing ALONE!!! As in leave your REFS somewhere else and see how you do. You need the tissue. CLEMSON HIT Y'ALL SO HARD THAT SABAN NEEDED A NEW HIP!!!!! LOL. THAT OLD FOSSIL FART OF A COACH NO LONGER MAKES ANYONE NERVOUS!!!! Really he needed an excuse to get more drugs!!! Now he's a MORPHINE ADDICT!!!!! PS. Do you have a Trevor Lawrence poster???? THE TIDE GOT ROLLED!!!! KING NEGAN
@BamaHeel........No he won't because Kirby Smart ain't going anywhere!!!! He MIGHT get them back to second place. But nobody but UGA is taking the east for a loooooooooooong time to come!!!! As for the other. I didn't hear anyone say that they were glad Sanders got hurt. Heck I told him to transfer to UGA long before that happened. He wasn't gonna get more than 4 games anyway and you know it!!!! It's the TUA SHOW IN TUSCALOOSA NOW. I'm surprised you even keep a running back. Nobody is happy about Sanders injury. But there were sure a whole lot of TENNESSEE FANS that made fun of Nick Chubbs injury. I guess that don't count does it?????? They even held signs poking fun of his injury!!!!! But they got what was coming to them twice now. This year will make it 3 years!!!!! IT SEEMS THAT 3 IS GONNA BE THE CHARM THIS SEASON. IF BAMA CAN MAKE IT BACK, AND I MEAN " IF. " Then make sure to keep your perspective after we kick your a$$!!!!!! Because you got it coming and your gonna get it!!!!! UGA DON'T FEAR ANYBODY AND WE WANT BAMA AS A WARM UP!!!! UGA has a running back over here that will run circles around Najee any day of the week. He has been injured 2 years in a row now. Where is the sympathy for him???? PS. You bama and Tennessee fans have a strange love affair lately. I think I know why. It's called, Tennessee hates georgia and Alabama is afraid!!!! King Negan
@BamaTime........ExcuseU??? Why don't you try TRUTH!!! Better yet why don't y'all try winning without the REFS in your corner!!! It seems they were absent in the CLEMSON GAME and you got your a$$ handed to you!!! What did y'all do??? Made excuses that's what. Well at least our excuse was not that we were tired. Although we probably were considering the fact. THAT THE SEC CHAMPIONS HAD TO TRAVEL ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO PLAY AN OU TEAM THAT WOULD BEAT BAMA!!!! They weren't the OVERRATED fly wait y'all played last year. But why were the SEC CHAMPIONS forced to travel across the country???? Come on and tell me BamaMouth!!!!!!! Y'all traveled next door while we traveled across country on a short week. They weren't about to let COACH SABAN lose on their watch!!!! It was a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE for the SEC CHAMPIONS WHO PLAYED THEIR WAY IN. TO have to travel. While the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME VIEWERS AKA ALABAMA WATCHED SIPPING TEA. AND HAVING TO BE VOTED IN BY THE COMMITTEE. Being voted in is fine. But being given the PRIVILEGE to play close to home. And play a Clemson team that SUCKED!!!! That is ALL PRIVILEGE PERIOD!!!!! Then if that's not bad enough. We kicked your a$$ all over that field. But those zebras made sure they kept you in the game by bad CALLS and NO-CALLS BY THE DOZENS!!!!!! I sometimes wonder how y'all even enjoy some of your wins, I really do. As BLATANTLY AS YOU CHEAT AND GEAT AWAY WITH IT. LIKE I BELIEVE IT WAS R DAVIS THROWING A PUNCH!!! Yet he wasn't ejected so explain that!!! It's not the first time either. HE IS KNOWN FOR THROWING DIRTY PUNCHES and getting away with it. Since you live close to him. Tell that BIG UGLY BEAR that I'll be more than happy to throw punches with him if he has the ball$!!!! Only he won't have no helmet or teammates to protect him. So I doubt he would take the challenge!!! King Negan
The reply was concerning bama depth concerns from BamaTime
It didn't used to be before UGA started getting all your recruits!!! King Negan
Sad for him. Saban only cares about Saban and how can he replace this guy!!!!!! Sorry this happened SIR. Get well soon!!!! Go Dawgs King Negan
They get SEC CHAMPIONSHIP rings if I'm not mistaken. That was just 2 seasons ago. To bad you don't get a ring for SEC EAST TITLES. That would be 2 STRAIGHT!!!!! Only a gators fan would be SOOOOOOOO CHEAP, AND SOOOOOOOOOOOO LOW QUALITY OF A PERSON. THAT THEY WORRY ABOUT HAVING TO GIVE A GIRL A RING!!!!! Gators fans generally LOOK SO GOOFY these days. No girl wants a ring from them!!!!!! Y'all have to PAY TO HOLD HANDS I BET!!!! Gators fans approach to dating....... Hi I'm Chip, how much is a lap dance????? $10.00 are you kidding me?????? $10.00 ought to buy me a few days in VIP!!!!!!! What do you mean get off the table??? Ain't this a table dance??? And why are you nekked anyway???? I'm the one paying. Shouldn't I get nekked?????? HEY WHO ARE THESE GUYS????? GET YALLS DEM HANDS OFF ME!!!! I PAID HER, HEY GIVE MY BEER MONEY BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK as they are tossed out on their head!!!!! Then come the blue lights as the NAKED FAN who thought he was supposed to get NEKKED is carted off to gator heaven!!! Arms twisted behind him in cuffs, SCREAMING I WANT MY BEER MONEY BACK!!!!!!! Then while in jail he sees some familiar colors. And faces for that matter!!!!! He walks up to a group of guys in Orange and says. Hey, ain't y'all flarda gators players??? They say, YEA, DAN AINT BAILED US OUT YET. SAY, WHAT YOU IN HERE FO BROTHER????? To which the gator fan answers. Well I paid for one dem lap dances that you also call a table dance sometimes. You know, where fokes take der cloths off? Players say, YEA SO???? The fan answers and says. I don know. As soon as I took my cloths off to dance on her table, I think her two brothers showed up. They got mad and throwed me out on my head!!! Not just that but they stode my beer money to!!! They say, They what??? The fan says THEY STODE MY BEER MONEY. Then they say, you mean they STOLE yo beer money? Fan says, YEA that's what I said!!!!! Players say, yo we outta here!!!! Dan's here we be seeing you at the games right? Fans says sure thing but no more dating these flarda girls!!! They steal yur money and get you arrested!!! Players say, YEA brother we know the feeling. Hey Dan brought us a joint and we gonna go burn one down with coach Mullen. Hey cat if you still here in a few days we might see you again!!! King Negan
I liked the Florida jokes. But I LOVED THOSE JEAN SHORTS AND WHAT WAS IN THEM LOL!!!!! King Negan
@arrowflight.........Will you take Cox when he takes your players out on a night on the town drugging it up??? What am I saying? I am talking to a gators fan. I forgot that breaking the rules and doing drugs and criminal activity, is all a regular part of Florida gators culture!!! Along with suspensions and going nowhere RECENTLY!!! But you are coming off the biggest bowl game you have been in since Tebow. You even managed to beat their BACKUPS!!!! But don't beat your chest. South Carolina did it before you did!!!!!! Even worse is the fact that y'all had to COME BACK vs a bunch of backups!!! An SEC team needing a big comeback vs a second place big 10 team and their BACKUPS is humiliating!!! At least the bowl game that UGA slept through was the opposite!!! THEY PLAYED OUR BACKUPS WITH THEIR STARTERS!!!! And they had beaten a playoff team to!!! They lost every game in regular season by a COMBINED 6 points with a win over OU!!!! Yet over half and the better half of our starting defense was out!!! Best run stoppers and the best pass rushers. Even THE BEST DB IN THE COUNTRY WAS OUT!!! We even played with our offensive line injured and at HALF STRENGTH!!! We were missing key players on both sides of the ball. But over HALF YOUR STARTING DEFENSE NOT PLAYING. AND THAT THE BETTER HALF? At least we have an excuse!!!! We were playing 2 guys who were, A. TRUE FRESHMEN, B. PLAYING THEIR VERY FIRST SNAPS EVER IN COLLEGE AND C. COMING OFF SEASON ENDING INJURIES IN THE SPRING!!!!! Yet these two anchored our defense. In place of BRENTON COX who couldn't hold his own and the TOP DB IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL LAST SEASON!!!!! I say last season because I fully believe we have one or two others. That might very well win the same award this year!!! Because it was KIRBY'S COACHING THAT DID IT!!!!! Just like KIRBY'S COACHING turned Roquan Smith into the TOP LB IN THE COUNTRY. Roquan having won the award the year before!!!! We have at least 3 DBs if not 4 or more all capable of winning the BEST DB AWARD this year. 5 star Tyson Campbell and E Stokes, and DJ Daniel and Richard Lecount are ALL good enough!!!!!! There could even be another surprise or two!!!! Not to mention their BACKUPS if that is what you call them are ALL VERY TALENTED!!!!! Talented enough that a 5 star that just left for Tennessee could barely if ever see the field!!!!! So it's time for another school to be added to the list of schools. That go by the title DBU!!!! Personally I think Florida needs to be taken off that list!!! Trey Dean might be an elite DB maybe. But that's if he, A. STAYS HEALTHY, B. STAYS OUT OF TROUBLE AND C. STAYS AT FLORIDA!!!!!!!! Personally I don't think Florida has elite DBs anymore other than Dean!!! So Hudson Mason worrying about UGA possibly losing to Florida based on our young WRs vs their DBs. I would venture to say, he will eat those words!!!! Even if Trey Dean can cover whoever our TOP WR is. Who is going to cover the rest of that elite WR ROOM???? Jake Fromm reminds me of Tom Brady in that he elevates his WRs based on his own play!!!!! Meco Hardman was a 5 star but ATHLETE NOT WR out of high school. Most thought he was recruited to be a DB. Now he is a NFL WR thanks in part to Fromm!!!!! R Ridley was a good 4 star WR but don't think Fromm didn't help him. Also Terry Godwin was a 5 star WR but a step slow. Thanks to Fromm they are ALL IN THE NFL NOW!!!!! We have had big TALL, FAST AND TALENTED WRs behind these guys for a while now. They could have easily transferred but chose to STAY!!!!! Why??????? The answer is simply JAKE!!! He throws a accurate catchable ball and he does have an NFL ARM, with a PRO BOWL BRAIN!!!!!! He already beat out 2 5 star QBs and he was a 5 star himself. That is until he flipped from bama to UGA!!!!!! Fromm missed breaking Deshawn Watson's Georgia passing record by 200 yards. The same one Trevor Lawrence just broke!!! But Jake had a good reason why he didn't break Watson's record. HE MISSED 10 GAMES WITH AN INJURY!!!!! Otherwise he don't break the record he SHATTERS IT!!!! 10 GAMES is a season of high school football!!!! THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK THAT JAKE FROMM IS JUST A GAME MANAGER. YOUR OH SOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!! JAKE FROMM IS AN ELITE TALENT WITH A GAME MANAGERS BRAIN AND A GENIUS FOOTBALL IQ!!!! JAKE FROMM AS A TRUE FRESHMEN TOOK UGA TO THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP AND WON IT!!!! Not the ACC!!! No the SEC, BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!! Then after winning the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP he then brought UGA from behind in great pressure to WIN THE ROSE BOWL!!!! In the process BEATING THE H TROPHY WINNER BAKER MAYFIELD!!!!! Yes Fromm to UGA all the way to the NATIONAL TITLE GAME and into double OT. He played well enough to WIN!!!! In fact if not for the REFS ALL GAME LONG and one blown coverage at the end in double OT. UGA does win!!!!! Fromm again played well enough to beat Alabama last year in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! Be outplayed Tua for sure!!!!! But in a bama tradition. THE REFS AGAIN ALLOWED BAMA TO CHEAT AND REFUSED TO STOP THEM!!!!! I hope this year the REFS will have a conscience and either CALL FOR UGA to make up for the times they were ROBBED. Or just call the game FAIR!!!!! Is FAIRNESS to much to ask????? But personally I feel the REFS owe UGA BIG!!!!! So I prefer they CHEAT AND GIVE US THE VICTORY FOR ONCE!!!! They could be in severe danger if they play politics as usual!!!! Well whatever happens. They choose their own destiny not me!!!! I hope they play it RIGHT for themselves and UGA!!!! Anyway we have Lawrence Cager a 6.5 elite WR from the U joining the dawgs this season!!!! He got hurt at miami but when he was healthy he was dynamic!!! Plus coming off injury he was their leading WR in TD CATCHES LAST YEAR I THINK!!!! Joing him is Matt Landers a talented 4 STAR WR. He has been in our system a while. I think Landers is anywhere from 6 foot 5 to 6 foot 7!!!!! He is tall, FAST and talented!!!! The coaches say he is Randy Moss but just don't know it yet!!!! Well Randy LANDERS Moss could wake-up any moment now!!!! Then we have 2 5 STAR WRs coming in. Blaylock and George Pickens who is already making 1 HANDED CATCHES AND He is also around 6 foot 3 maybe 6 foot 4???? Let's not forget LIGHTENING FAST D ROB!!!!! D ROB is also a 5 star WR that transferred from Cal last season. He was THE ONLY 5 STAR WR of his class!!!! Then their is the Tall Fast 4 star Tommy Bush and 4 star K Jackson and probably some others I forgot. And guess what. THESE WRs I JUST MENTIONED ARE PROBABLY THE BIGGEST WEAKNESS OF OUR TEAM THIS SEASON!!!!!! So I guess that should make the gators smile!!!! A group that could be as good or BETTER than their own WRs being the UGA weak spot!!!! That makes you gators feel grand. You know, like your CLOSING THE GAP!!!!!! LOL King Negan
@TFK_Fanboy...........Well I know they did one on UGA. Your not disappointed right? What kind of kiss up uga fan are you anyway??? It wouldn't be weird if they did one just for Florida. IT WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! The only difference is. The one they did about UGA is just a bunch of JEALOUS GARBAGE. But this one here against Florida is totally factual!!!!!!!! Not one thing here is not fact. Except maybe about all those players being in the transfer portal!!!! But hey, put all the players that either couldn't get it or transferred together. Then boom it looks a lot like that picture!!!!! THIS IS A " JOKE " BEFORE ANYONE GETS UPSET.....BUT.....I think they should have a picture of Mullen holding a GUN to his head. With a caption that reads... "I've come to the end of myself. Tell my wife I just couldn't face her after the cocktail party. Tell her she can GO BACK TO STARKVILLE NOW!!!! BANG!!!!! Dang it was only a painted toy gun!!!!! OUCHHHHHH THAT SMARTS!!!! I meant HURTS!!!!! " Go dawgs!!!!!!! 2019 SEC EAST CHAMPIONS FOR SURE, SEC CHAMPIONS PROBABLY AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONS LIKELY!!!! All God willing of course!!! King Negan
@GatorBait1984..............ALABAMA!!!!!!!! And this from a Dawg fan!!!!! Or were you referring to those SEC EAST TITLES???? Hmmm, not sure but UGA OWNS THE LAST 2!!!!! Including an SEC CHAMPIONSHIP that nobody can't take away. Now looking into the future starting probably this season? Well that would be UGA!!!!! Oh and overall WINS BETWEEN UGA AND FLORIDA IN THE COCKTAIL PARTY OR OTHERWISE? That would be UGA!!!! Considering we own the series vs Florida!!! Where do you get so much hate from? They did these for every team!!!! Well lots anyway including UGA!!!! What is it with you gators fans ALWAYS LOOKING BACK???? Oh yea, I forgot you have NO FUTURE OR PRESENT TO LOOK TO!!!! My bad. Go ahead and look back all you wish. Just stay out of the UGA vs Florida rivalry. Because as I said. We own it!!!! It will only depress you!!! But you had a nice run going against Kentucky. But HAD is the keyword isn't it? I'm not helping at all. Okay, okay I've got one. YOU HAVE DAN MULLEN!!!! PS. Could you ask for more?????? LOL King Negan
Listen gators.........UGA simply felt sorry for y'all not having a single 5 STAR. So we sent you one. Well we also sent you another problem. So say thank you or f?ck you. Either way, now you have 1 5 star and another problem!!!!! Deal with it. Glad he is gone for my part!!!! He will fit in perfectly at Florida. He is lazy and a pothead!!!! King Negan
Excuse me, but ALABAMA HAS HAD MORE 5 STAR TRANSFERS THAN UGA!!!! So there!!!! How about GO TO ALABAMA, THE ONLY TEAM WHERE A FLAG FROM THE REFS IS ALWAYS GOOD NEWS!!!! Or ALABAMA where REFS go to CHEAT and still be cheered by the fans!!!! How about WHERE WOULD BAMA BE WITHOUT THEIR 12th man? THE REFS!!!!!!! Or attention dirty players: Come to Alabama where kicking, stomping, HOLDING, clipping, FACEMASK and punching are all LEGAL IF YOU ARE BAMA!!!!! Or come to bama. If you can't win it on your own, you always have a friend in stripes!!!!! As for ALABAMA'S DRINK? It's not choke or water. No they are addicted to ORANGE CRUSH!!!!! And TIGER ENERGY DRINKS!!!!!! So when you BAMA TURDS get overly nervous about playing UGA again. Feeling like your LUCK might run out. Drink some ORANGE CRUSH OR TIGER ENERGY DRINKS. IT WILL HELP YOU TO REMEMBER THERE ARE OTHER SCHOOLS TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!! Or even better. You have heard of cereal being the breakfast of champions. Well how about RUNNER UPS OR HAS BEENS??? Yes STEROIDS the breakfast of HAS BEENS, THE BREAKFAST OF BAMA!!!!,,,, Saban just won the A$$HOLE OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!! He thought about a lawsuit. But then realized, HE WOULDN'T HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON!!! But he's getting a new hip, so we will see!!!! Love this one and these are all mine!!!!!!! Alabama is thinking of a new recruiting day. Their calling it FAMILY REUNION!!! They ultimately decided against it. Because there were to many recruits from Alabama showing up. Okay so? What's wrong???? WELL JUST A LOT OF FIGHTING AND JEALOUSY IN THE FAMILY!!!!!! Bama sisters were mad that their husbands still had a thing for other people in the family!!!!! I mean you would think brothers and sisters could get along. BUT ITS HARD WHEN THEIR MARRIED!!!!!!!! One guy actually married his sister at the event. But of course it didn't end well. She got mad thinking he still had a thing for their FIRST COUSIN. But he tried to assure her that he was much closer to her!!!! I mean brother and sister??? It was an inbred event but also CULTURE SHOCK. THEY DIDN'T REALIZE SOME PEOPLE MARRY OUTSIDE THEIR FAMILIES!!!!!! Where do bama fans and players find a date???? That's easy. FAMILY REUNIONS!!!!! A bama tradition!!!!! That explains how ugly most are and why they also resemble!!!! As for Tennessee.......A Chubby????? More sick Nick Chubb injury humor from a fan base that has had more players retire from football than anyone. Your motto is if you can't beat them then HURT THEM!!!!! Real classy bunch!!!!!! But since you want to be FUNNY. How about TENNESSEE, THE PLACE TO RETIRE EARLY IN LIFE!!! No not CHAMPIONS on the field but CHAMPIONS OF LIFE!!!!!! Or TENNESSEE the TOP place to go if you like being on the bottom!!!!! I could go on and on!!! How about come to Florida if your really into the beach and JAIL TIME!!!!!! Or GATOR football the place where criminals perfect their art!!!! Or FLORIDA GATOR FOOTBALL. The place to become an overnight success story. We teach CREDIT CARD FRAUD, GAMBLING, SHOOTOUTS AND RAPE, EVEN MURDER!!! If you truly want to be a career criminal. Then Florida is the place to start!!!!! Learn a complete lack of respect for authority today. Learn the criminal skills that will last you a lifetime!!!!!! Be a criminal or don't let the portal hit you in your a$$!!!!! The swamp where players go to REALLY GET DIRTY!!!! Yes the swamp, we might not win many big games but I'll bet we can steal your car before you blink!!!! The university of Florida. The only school that GUARANTEES ITS PLAYERS FOOD AND LODGING FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. AS THEY LEARN TO BECOME CAREER CRIMINALS THAT NO PRISON WILL EVER TURN DOWN!!! And even if their not placed immediately in prison. They still learn valuable street skills that will keep them going now and eventually land them in THE BIG HOUSE!!!!! Where they will have others just like themselves. A full time personal armed guard at all times. So that whether your outside or on the inside. The university of Florida has the aspiring career criminal covered!!! So come here to be LAZY and still have food and shelter. It's a guarantee with the GATOR WAY!!!!! Enjoy those little true sayings I worked out off the top of my head. King Negan
Get well soon big dawg!!!!! You have a bright future ahead. God bless you in you rehab. King Negan
Sorry to hear this. Prayers for the family and his soul. God judges not me. I don't know much about him. Anyway, pray for his family in this time. KN
HOLD THE PHONE!!!!! Wait just one minute!!!! So Hudson Mason says were gonna lose the cocktail party??????? Did I hear that right????? Am I reading this right from one of our own????? Alright Hudson, I could understand Notre Dame giving us trouble, MAYBE!!!!! But the gators??????? The GATORS??????? Really, the GATORS????????? The King has a bone to pick with YOU Hudson Mason!!!!! I'll bet you or anyone EVERYTHING I HAVE that Florida will NOT beat UGA!!!!!! I'm also tired of hearing they are DBU!!!!! THE UGA DBs are BETTER than Florida right now!!!!!! They were better the last 2 seasons to!!!!!! Our WRs are ELITE IN TALENT!!!!! Yes they need some time. Any team replacing all their WRs would need time!!!!! But, A. We have time!!! And B. We are THE PERFECT TEAM for these young guys to learn with. Our secondary is as good or BETTER than anyone in college football!!!!! And OUR SECONDARY are who they will practice against every day!!!!! It's natural for our YOUNG WRs to struggle early against OUR SECONDARY!!!!! First they know OUR PLAYBOOK and our way of doing things. So tell me, why wouldn't our DBs have an early advantage???? But pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase give me a break!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing how good Florida is gonna be!!!! PERSONALLY I THINK THEY ARE GONNA SUCK!!!!!!! I'm even sicker of hearing how UGA had better watch out!!!!! IF WE GET BEAT BY FLORIDA THAT LATE IN THE SEASON. WE NEED TO HANG OUR HEADS IN SHAME!!!!! Our OFFENSIVE LINE and running backs are good enough to beat florida to death!!!! We don't even need the WRs to beat them. But wait and see if we don't TAKE THEM TO SCHOOL!!!!!! It's hard for me to believe that Hudson said that. FLORIDA IS A DUMPSTER FIRE WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!!!! Anyone who can't see that is FOOTBALL BLIND!!!! Because of THEIR TALENT and because of who they practice against the UGA WRs will eventually be A STRENGTH!!!!!!! Anyone can drop a game. Alabama does it every year!!!! But it won't be to Diaper Dan or his gators!!! If we're good enough to win the east. Then if we lost, why Florida??? Florida will be lucky if they have enough DBs to fill out the roster!!!!!! Their DBs made Franks look like Tom Brady's master in the spring game. And that is when they were all still there!!!!!!!! PS. EPIC LET DOWN COMING TO GAINESVILLE!!!!!!!!! Bad year on the way!!!! No, " IF " UGA drops one. It won't be to Florida!!!!! Bet the house on it!!!!!!! King Negan