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Hey doubled... I know that was a looooooong PS. Sorry I meant to delete it!!!!!
doubledeuce33.......The dad blame Kirby junk is probably just more of the Africa Buggs LIES TO HURT UGA FOOTBALL!!!! More of NICK SABANS DOING!!!! Her and ISAIAH BUGGS FROM " ALABAMA " ARE BOTH FAMILY!!!! She also has ties to VOODOO WITCHCRAFT and that's the truth!!!! Hey AB " THAT IS NOT OKAY!!!!! " Just more LIES FROM PAID LIARS!!!!!! Apparently SOME OF THE BETTER RECRUITS can see right through it!!!!! Apparently some of the more well let's say mentally challenged SMILING LIARS/TRAITORS either can't or just don't care what is right or wrong anymore!!! PS. Just for the record. I heard that SABAN HAS SOME KIND OF CAR LOT!!! Either it's his own or he has someone FRONTING FOR HIM!!!! Alabama is going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE ONE DAY!!!!!! They worship SABAN NOW!!!! But JUDGEMENT DAY is on the way!!!! When the NCAA grows a set or SABAN QUITS OR GETS CAUGHT RED HANDED in a way he can't get out. Let's see how many love coach Saban when he gets their program PUT ON 20 YEAR PROBATION or they get THE DEATH PENALTY!!!! Seems like I recall that POOR SMU GOT ONE OF THE BIGGEST PENALTIES EVER FOR DOING LESS THAN SABAN for a year or so!!!! One of Alabama's THEN CURRENT PLAYERS MOTHER ADMITTED PUBLICLY THAT SABAN CHEATED IN HER SONS RECRUITMENT!!!!! She openly admitted it!!!!! Others that did NOT go to bama but we"re recruited by Saban have said THE SAME!!!!! So who really runs college football???? Is it THE NCAA OR SABAN????? If it's Saban then it means HE IS A CRIMINAL!!! Hey NCAA if your gonna LOOK THE OTHER WAY with SABAN then you sure better not look at anyone else!!!! I heard that even SABAN HIMSELF LAUGHS AT THE NCAA BEHIND THE SCENES!!!! He probably does!!!!! But if you GET YOUR EYES OFF OF MONEY AND ON THE SPORT. REMEMBER YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THE LAUGHING FOREVER!!!!! But if it don't START AND END WITH ALABAMA AND SABAN THEN FORGET ABOUT IT!!!! Nobody will care!!!!!!!!!!
I'm serious about this question. Maybe there is a simple answer and I just don't know it. Anyway why do THE VOLS have a DOG as their mascot??? Is it because their is no mascot for a VOL/VOLUNTEER??? Well now here is just some TRASH TALK FOR YOUR DUMPSTER FIRE!!! But when if ever you get that fire either where you want it fully blazing as the #1 DUMPSTER FIRE IN THE SEC or until you get it under control....But either way. How's about sending one or more of your best looking gals to VOLUNTEER HELPING ME WITH MY BACK AND NECK? MASSAGES for free??? WHILE THEY GET TO SEE WHAT REAL DAWGS LOOK LIKE WHEN THEY BITE!!!! Come on gals your VOLUNTEERS AFTER ALL!!!! So be good to yourselves and come VOLUNTEER IN KING NEGAN'S KINGDOM!!! Like I said. I'll even let you watch a real team of dawgs in action!!! After all, MOST OF THE BEST PLAYERS ON YOUR TEAM THAT YOU ROOT FOR NOW. THEY WILL BE TRANSFERRING TO UGA BEFORE ITS OVER!!! I mean they might get to beat THE GATORS before they go. But after that they will end up in red and black if they are good enough!!!! So think about it alright???? Go dawgs!!!!!!! King Negan
@TRUDAWG...WHY DONT YOU GO DATE JADON!!!!!!! I wouldn't be surprised if you were him!!! That PUNK!!!!!! Him and HIS UGLY MAMA ARE THE FAKES!!!!!! I say THANK GOD WE DID NOT GET THAT PUNK NOW!!!!! Your NOT A FAN TRU!!!! Not based on what I just read!!!! I would take PICKENS AND BLAYLOCK OVER HIM ANY DAY!!!!! Especially now that I see this!!!!!!!!!! We didn't PROMISE HIM THINGS and that is all it is!!!!!! Hey JADON.....ARE YOU SMILING WITH YOUR 2 CATCHES AT OU ON THE B TEAM?????? We beat OU when they were a MUCH BETTER TEAM THAN NOW!!!!! Your 2nd or 3rd string at OU??? Which one???? King Negan
@GATORDONTPLAYNOSH...REAL NAME SOULD BE GATORDONTPLAYNODEFENSE!!!! School name? Does it matter????? That STACKED DB core needed a RETIRED X GREAT Leo Sheppard to play and intentionally throw him the ball, IN ORDER TO GET A DEFENSIVE PLAY!!! Yea, they sure look STACKED!!!! Maybe it was just that Dan Mullen and TODD GRANTHAM DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM making them look soooooooooooooooo great!!!!!! I mean if I went by the NAMES and what people say about them. Then YEA, THAT DB GROUP IS SPOOKY!!! But if I were to go by WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE IN THE GAME??? Then that STACKED DB ROOM is as spooky as THE DUMBO MOVIE and MUCH SLOWER!!!!! No actually, okay, DUMBO WAS SPOOKY compared to this group!!!! And if you think I'm AFRAID OF THAT FLORIDA OFFENSE based on the defense. How those WR were open by 10 yards minimum on every play. YOU WOULD BE MISTAKEN!!!! What made me more sick was those FLORIDA ANNOUNCERS working OVERTIME to convince everyone watching. That the DEFENSE was a little SOFT because poor Grantham couldn't BLITZ!!! HE WASN'T ALLOWED TO BLITZ, POOR poor GRANTHAM!!!! But then a few minutes later. You hear... TODD GRANTHAM DIALS UP A BLITZ TIRED OF THAT VANILLA DEFENSE!!!! Y'all want to know what really scares me as A GEORGIA FAN? It's those throws to X WRs that are retired when the defense is not allowed to cover them!!! Then those 2 point plays really scare me!!!!! I mean if they start allowing that in the real game vs florida. WE DONT HAVE A CHANCE IN HEL? That truly scares me!!!! It's 53-35 right now. That of course is also proof that the defense is SPOOKY!!! 3rd and Grantham has went to another level!!!!!!!! They just SACKED/TACKLED the QB to, unless I missed something? Why did he have to get TACKLED??? He got his head ripped off while Franks and Trask and little Emory Jones got tagged WHEN THEY WERE TOUCHED AT ALL!!!!!! Listen people. WE ALL TALK TRASH!!!!! This is NOT trash talk. This last comment here I mean. But if THIS SPRING GAME is getting you GATOR FANS pumped up? Then I'm sorry but Y'ALL ARE DRINKING KOOL-AID!!!! I would be TERRIFIED AS A FAN if the UGA defense looked like that against an O LINE and bunch of average QBs like y'all have!!! Also if you believe that THIS GAME proves anything about the 2019 OFFENSE? Then again more KOOL-AID!!!! WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE ON BOTH SIDES IN FACT ALL SIDES OF THE GAME!!!!!! I do think you have good WRs if Dan Mullen don't destroy them!!!!! But sorry, your still NO BETTER THAN UGA IN THAT DEPARTMENT either and might not be as good!!!!! We will see!!!! But I do believe you have WR talent. But then SO DO WE!!!! But lots of teams have ELITE WRs and DUMPSTER FIRE TEAMS!!!! Because the games are won and lost AT THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE!!!! Line of scrimmage ON BOTH SIDES is not even close!!! Not based on what I just saw!!! " MAYBE " and I mean maybe your D line MIGHT be in the same league, possibly? You sure better hope so anyway!!! Because you are as far from UGA on the O line as the earth is from OTHER GALAXIES!!!!! Our QB is BETTER THAN FRANKS ANY DAY!!!! Our whole QB ROOM is better!!!! Our RUNNING BACKS are in another league to!!!!!!! Recruiting classes haven't been in the same stratosphere and WONT BE IN 2020 EITHER!!!! Any recruits you beat us out for now will be decommitted from Florida after we WIPE THE FLOOR with you a 3rd year in a row!!!!! I really fear the Dan Mullen fan club will be losing steam in year 2!!!! But as long as he keeps playing DUCK DUCK GOOSE in important scrimmage games and throwing to retired NFL X PLAYERS TO PAD THE SCORE. And keeps bringing the same type GATOR teams to the Kentucky games and UGA games and Missouri games etc... ILL BE A LIFELONG FAN OF DAN IN THAT CASE!!!!!! DRINK THE KOOL-AID IF YOU WISH!!!!! GO DAWGS!!!!! UGA #1 in 2019 and OWNS THE EAST AGAIN AND PROBABLY THE SEC AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!! It's NATTY TIME!!!!! King Negan UGA FAN
@GaDawg85...sorry the YEP!!! I was agreeing with you!!!! Go dawgs!!!! Mullen just doesn't want to get FIRED!!!! So he thinks being COMICAL will keep him at Florida!!!! I mean Florida RUNS THEIR MOUTH WITH NOTHING TO BACK IT UP!!!!! Therefore Mullen is actually the PERFECT COACH for this team!!!! Listen. IN A WAY I WOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO BE ANOTHER VICTIM OF MASS MURDERING COACH SMART!!!! Like Uncle Lou said. Kirby is wanted for murder!!! Well anyway. Yea, I wouldn't mind hearing DAN MULLEN WAS FIRED TODAY AFTER DROPPING A 3rd STRAIGHT LOSS TO UGA, THE LATEST TRAVESTY BEING UGA 50 UF 0!!!! A firing after a 50-0 BEATING would be FULFILLING to say the least!!!! But then again. We all know that URBAN LIAR is still recovering from whatever it is!!! The SUSPICIOUS TIMING DISEASE!!! I think he was told FLAT OUT. OKAY URBAN THIS AIN'T THE FIRST TIME YOU MESSED UP A CELLPHONE!!!! So sorry but it's the HARD WAY as in YOU ARE FIRED!!!! Not a great end for your legacy here at OSU or for our team!!! Or B THE EASY WAY!!! We walk you through a FAKE INVESTIGATION and COVER FOR YOU AS BEST AS WE KNOW HOW!!!! Then you announce your retirement near the end of the season and we put a popular UNTESTED guy in your spot. Try to sell the recruits a story that DAY OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS WAS THE REAL MASTER BEHIND THE TEAM!!! They said. Luckily it will be a bit easier than other times. Since we scored with almost everyone when it comes to offense in our NO DEFENSE CONFERENCE!!!!! After all, Michigan was SUPPOSED TO BE ELITE ON DEFENSE RIGHT??? We all know that is a JOKE and just a result of THE SCHEDULE!!! But still it MIGHT SELL TO RECRUITS!!! Later on they said. OMG FLORIDA EXPOSED MICHIGAN FOR HOW OVERRATED THEY WERE!!!! That makes 2 years straight that an SEC EAST team BEAT MICHIGAN!!!! SOUTH CAROLINA AND NOW THE GATORS!!!! Their last word was. WE NEED TO MAKE A TRUCE WITH MICHIGAN. WE WON'T RUN UP THE SCORE IF THEY PROMISE NOT TO PLAY " 3RD PLACE TEAMS FROM THE SEC EAST EVER AGAIN!!!! My point is. If they FIRE MULLEN I'm afraid that URBAN LIAR might suddenly recover and say I'm coming back to SWAMPY TOP!!! Then there is a real danger FLORIDA COULD MAKE IT CLOSER. Now and then anyway and I enjoy the blowouts!!!! So I'm a HUGE MULLEN GUY!!! LOL!!!! KEEP RUNNING YOUR MOUTH DAN MULLEN!!!!! PS. WASN'T OUR G DAY GAME LAST YEAR SOMEWHERE NEAR 60,000 MORE PEOPLE THAN THEIRS THIS YEAR?????? King Negan GO DAWGS!!!!!
Your RIGHT!!!! It's about to be a 3 YEAR DYNASTY OVER FLORIDA!!!!! LOL!!! King Negan
AMEN!!!!!! Dan eat your words pal!!! Now their better players can transfer to UGA!!!!! King Negan
It's worse!!!!! It's natural for 5 star QBs to find new homes when THEY CANT BEAT OUT FROMM!!!! Your just mad that we had 3 5 star QBs!!!! You don't have even 1!!! Not without bumping him up!!! Go dawgs!!!!!! King Negan
So Nick Saban still don't have a kicker??? He won't like having something to be pissed about if he has to play UGA!!!! THE UGA DEFENSE WILL BE THE BEST SINCE KIRBY HAS BEEN AT UGA!!!! We stopped Tua this last time around and Hurts saved the day throwing up prayers!!! Be thankful that UGA WAS SOOOO YOUNG!!!! Year 2 and another year BIGGER and FASTER and BETTER!!!!!! Sorry to say for bama. The UGA OFFENSE will also be just fine!!! We lost people but we also RECRUITED!!!! The Alabama 2019 recruiting class is not that much if any better than UGA!!!! UGA had 5 5 star guys again in 2019. But we really had 7 5 star guys again!!!! Dominic Blaylock flat out had his 5th star STOLEN FROM HIM!!!!! Based on nothing but some STUPID OPINION FROM SOME TYPE OF COMBINE!!!!! He had a bad day with his SPEED on that day and BOOM TAKE THAT FIFTH STAR THAT BLAYLOCK OWNED FOR 2 YEARS THAT I KNOW ABOUT!!!!! They don't consider the fact that FOOTBALL SPEED is different than combine speed!!!!! Go watch his TAPE and then tell me that he is slow!!!! But with the ball in his hands HE IS AN ELITE WR AND MAKES PLAYS AFTER THE CATCH!!!! He might be as good as anyone in the country with the RUN AFTER THE CATCH!!!!! Anyway, I'm not sure why T STEVENSON didn't have his 5th star counted by 247 considering the fact that 247 awarded him his 5th star OFFICIALLY THEMSELVES!!!! Maybe it was to late??? Either way ADD 2 more 5 star athletes and then tell me Alabama had the best recruiting class!!!! King Negan
OKAY LISTEN UP!!!!! I just FOR THE FIRST TIME watched the UGA vs TX Sugar bowl game. 28-21 final RIGHT????? Am I right????? You see I didn't watch because I ALREADY HAD A BAD FEELING!!!! BUT!!!! AM I THE ONLY FREAKING UGA FAN WHO WATCHED THE GOAL LINE STAND??? I not only watched it but OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!! I don't care what ANY TX FAN OR UGA FAN SAYS. SAM E DID NOT SCORE!!!!! UGA DID STOP HIM ON 4th DOWN!!!!! SAM ELINGER or whatever knows he didn't score just like I do!!!!! That's why he refused to say much about UGA. But he said to their fans WERE BACK!!! Well we will see about that. I admit it's NOT HARD TO BE BACK IN THAT CONFERENCE THAT PLAYS DEFENSE ONCE A YEAR WHEN THEY HAVE A MONTH TO PREPARE!!!! BUT AGAIN... THEY DID " NOT " SCORE ON THAT 4th DOWN PLAY!!!! I have the replay and looked at it over and over in slow motion. But HE DID NOT SCORE!!! SO WHAT COULD I BE SAYING???? I'm saying something VERY, VERY, VERY SIMPLE!!!!!! TAKE AWAY THAT TD AND THEY SCORED 21 POINTS!!!!! SEEMS I RECALL IT BEING 28-21???? RIGHT???????????????????????????? SO AS CRAPPY AS WE PLAYED AND AS MANY THINGS AS WE SIMPLY GAVE THEM. AND THE VERY LITTLE EFFORT THAT THOSE GUYS SHOWED. AND PLAYING WITH HALF OUR DARNED TEAM!!!!! With players coming off season ending injuries playing their first game EVER AT UGA!!!! FRESHMEN PLAYING THEIR FIRST GAME!!! Without the TOP DB IN THE COUNTRY AND HALF OF OUR BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYERS OUT AND SOME OTHERS PLAYING HURT. All this going against us. YET..... SAM E DID NOT SCORE PEOPLE!!!!!! I don't care who PLAYED BETTER AND WHO " DESERVED TO WIN!!! " I COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT WHO DESERVED TO WIN!!!!! WHY????? Because if I remember correctly. WE DESERVED TO WIN AGAINST ALABAMA 2 STRAIGHT YEARS NOW!!!!! BUT WHO DID THEY GIVE IT TO??? The team who DESERVED THE VICTORY or the one who had the most points at the end, REGARDLESS THE REASON???? SO NO I WILL NOT JUST CONCEDE THE VICTORY TO TEXAS!!!! I went by what EVERYONE SAID and assumed WE LOST!!!! But there is no such rule in college!!!!! THEY ALLOWED THE GAME TO END 21-21 WITHOUT OVERTIME IN MY BOOK!!!! Texas DID NOT score 28 points!!!!! Texas DID NOT SCORE 22 points!!!! So considering UGAs 2nd team unit with a few starters thrown in DIDNT WAKE UP UNTIL THE END. I SAY UGA WINS AN OVERTIME BATTLE NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!!!!!! BUT....To be fair. It ended 21-21 so this is what I'm saying. IN A 21-21 GAME. HOW DID UGA GET THUMPED???????? No as usual, WE GOT CHEATED!!!!!!! TIE GAME AT BEST!!!!! WORST CASE SCENARIO FOR TEXAS. THEY CALL IT CORRECTLY, SEND IT TO OVERTIME AND UGA WINS PERIOD!!!!! But as a fan. I WONT CONCEDE ONE I SAW WE DIDNT LOSE!!!!! So luckily for TEXAS. THE GAME WAS CALLED WRONG AND THEY WERE GIVEN A TD THAT THEY NEVER GOT!!!! But it should have been 21-21 OVERTIME PEOPLE!!!!!! 21-21 PERIOD!!!!!!!! Go dawgs!!!!!! NO TEXAS DID NOT WIN!!! And yes you COULD SEE THE FOOTBALL ON THE 4TH AND GOAL. HE WAS SHORT!!!! If you can't see that then I just don't know!!!! Any editing that shows DIFFERENT IS A LIE AND LIAR!!!! I'm not going by video equipment and DONT NEED TO!!! I have THE REPLAY AND I STOPPED IT EVEN AFTER HIS KNEE HAD BEEN DOWN FOR A SEC ALLOWING HIM TO SQUIRM AND EXTEND HIS ELBOW!!!! But HIS ELBOW is NOT THE BALL!!!!! SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKING THE BALL COULDNT GO ANY FURTHER THAN HIS FOREARM AND ELBOW, ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!! The back half of the forearm might have touched the line. BUT....THE BALL WAS ON THE SIDE OF HIS FOREARM THAT DID NOT BREAK THE WHITE LINE!!!! So tell me how HE SCORED??? I DONT CARE TO SEE PHOTOSHOP IMAGES EITHER!!!!! I ALREADY DID IT AND IM HONEST!!!! 21-21 UGA DID NOT LOSE PERIOD!!!!!! FINAL SCORE TEXAS 21 and UGA 21 NO SUCH THING AS STYLE POINTS!!! UGA HAD THE MOMENTUM HAD IT WENT TO OVERTIME!!!!! Make no mistake people. UGA IS FAR BETTER!!! ANYONE CAN HAVE A BAD GAME!!! 21-21 FINAL , NO THUMP!!!! King Negan written MARCH 23 2019
Clean Saban out because KIRBY MADE BAMA!!!! Go Dawgs!!! God willing UGA 2019 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS THEN... DYNASTY MODE!!!!! King Negan
Is this thread closed because my comments aren't showing up??
Yall are only saying that because ITS TRUE!!!!! Go dawgs!!!! KING NEGAN
Hey they do have a good coach now. Personally I like Les Miles. I think he is a better coach than Coach O any day!!!
Not to mention. These same UGA PLAYERS have been out performing these university of Florida players and executing better SINCE HIGH SCHOOL!!! Considering 3 or 4 years straight now including the 2019 class. UGA has recruited more 4 and 5 star players THAN THE ENTIRE SEC EAST COMBINED!!! But florida is still better!!!! Why??? I GUESS BECAUSE THEY SAY SO!!!!! The year before they were saying. " GEORGIA IS NOT A TEAM WE LOSE TO. " " They (georgia) can't beat florida. " 42-7 Enough said. THEY DO THEIR TALKING IN THE MEDIA!!!! UGA DOES THEIR TALKING ON THE FIELD!!!!! Florida hasn't woken up yet to realize ITS A NEW DAY IN ATHENS!!!!! When UGA WINS the national championship in 2019 or soon after. Will they stop talking then???? HONESTLY I DOUBT IT!!! But you know it's eating them up inside!!!!! LOL KING NEGAN
Truevol.....I just finished watching the game over again for about the 10th time. I'm sorry BUT YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!! If we were in person I would call you a LIAR TO YOUR FACE!!!!! Exactly what part of the game made UF the better team??? Was it the SO-CALLED GOAL LINE STAND THEY MADE??? I say SOCALLED because we did score it just wasn't counted. Secondly, Florida was offside on half the snaps and never called!!!! I mean lined up offside to!!!!! Lastly it was CHANEY and his dominate goal line calling that helped florida look so great!!!!! Well he is YOUR PROBLEM NOW!!!! Truth is that IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH WORSE LIKE THE 42-7 BEATING WE GAVE THEM THE YEAR BEFORE!!!!! Now I know that you vol fans are upset that the Richt era of losing to you when we were better IS OVER!!!!! But learn to live with it!!!! Florida has been afraid to take that game out of THE GATOR BOWL IN FLORIDA ever since it was first proposed!!!! Florida has had home field advantage since I've been alive!!!!! Don't give me that neutral field garbage either!!!! Because their is nothing neutral about it!!!!! They might as well play the game in the swamp!!!! Just split the tickets up and it would be exactly the same!!!! Georgia has played bad in Jacksonville for longer than I want to remember!!!!! Certain teams play badly certain places!!!!! The jinxed mentality is VERY REAL!!! It took a lot of GREAT PLAYERS AND COACHING TO BREAK THAT MINDSET!!!!! I CANT COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES THAT UGA WAS THE BETTER TEAM BUT STILL LOST TO FLORIDA BECAUSE OF OVERALL BAD PLAY OR FUMBLES, YOU NAME IT!!!!! It didn't matter how good we were going into the games. That field always brought the worst out!!! But somehow we still lead the overall series!!! Either way. The truth is YOU ARE JUST A LIAR!!! Your mad just like florida is. Why? BECAUSE UGA NOW HAS MORE 5 STAR PLAYERS THAN ANYONE!!!! For the last 3 years straight. UGA has recruited as many OR MORE 4 and 5 STAR BLUE CHIP PLAYERS THAN THE ENTIRE SEC EAST COMBINED!!!!!! That's right vandy, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri,Kentucky and anyone I forgot. Put them ALL together and UGA still recruited more blue chip players than all combined. NOT JUST ONCE EITHER!!! For 3 STRAIGHT SEASONS and I'm pretty sure that 2019 makes 4 YEARS STRAIGHT ACTUALLY!!!! I bet it's real close either way!!!!! But any way you look at it. UGA has been burying FLORIDA and TENNESSEE and all the rest of the east in recruiting including 2019!!! So that is why your mad!!!!! RECRUITING SAYS THAT UGA IS BY FAR THE BETTER TEAM!!! Not to mention RESULTS ON THE FIELD!!!!! 2 STRAIGHT BLOWOUTS!!!!! No preference for either side??? WHAT A LIE FROM A LIAR!!!!!!! It's just that florida and TENNESSEE were both considered DUMPSTER FIRE PROGRAMS UNTIL THIS PAST YEAR WHEN THE GATORS CAME BACK A LITTLE!!!! I predicted the gators would be much better!!! The 11 suspended players were back and they had a room full of UPPERCLASSMEN!!!!! Florida was not as bad as their record. They just have NO CLASS as a program!!!!! They had a GAMBLER ON CAMPUS!!!! They had a near shootout on campus!!!! Supposedly they painted pellet guns to look like real ones to chase the gambler off with!!!!! Not the brightest thing to do in my opinion!!!!! The gambler was upset over something to do with FLORIDA and their performance!!!!! HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE THE GATORS START SHAVING POINTS FOR MONEY???? HOW LONG BEFORE A REAL TRAGEDY HAPPENS ON CAMPUS???????? Why do you think the best players in Florida are coming to UGA and other programs???? ITS BECAUSE THEIR FAMILY WANT THEM TO SURVIVE THEIR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE AND ALSO NOT END UP IN PRISON!!!!! Those 11 players committed credit card fraud any way you look at it!!!!!! But to say florida was the better team verges on INSANITY or a total LACK OF ANY KNOWLEDGE OF FOOTBALL OR RECRUITING WHATSOEVER!!!!!! Truevol are you an adult????? Male or female??? I'm just trying to understand how you could make such a STUPID STATEMENT!!!!! Fact is florida LOSES the core of their team this year and will be REBUILDING AS IS TENNESSEE!!!! Tennessee has been rebuilding every year since the great flood!!!! UGA is primed and ready to again be a true contender for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! If people want to hop on the Trevor Lawrence train with CLEMSON go right ahead!!!! CLEMSON loses an entire NFL FRONT 7!!!!! If people think that's not going to Hurt them again I say INSANE!!!!! Lots of teams can score points. But you have to be able to stop someone sometimes to. Otherwise you'll lose eventually every time!!!!! CLEMSON stole the UGA DEFENSIVE GAME PLAN and stopped Tua just as UGA did!!!!! Bama had no answer on defense and nothing left in the tank in my opinion. UGA and OU exhausted them!!!! I told everyone that bama would SLOWLY WILT WITHOUT KIRBY SMART!!!!!! I still believe it to!!! Recruits still go to bama based on NAME ALONE!!!! But just wait until bama misses the playoffs for the first time, maybe in 2019 even!!! As soon as that happens recruits will start to question just how good Nick Saban really is? They will see as I do that he has ALWAYS HAD A GREAT STAFF BEHIND HIM WITH EVERY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! MAINLY KIRBY SMART!!!!!! He is the one who really built the bama dynasty!!!! Now if people want to DEBATE WHO IS BETTER BETWEEN UGA AND BAMA GO RIGHT AHEAD. BUT PLEASE LEAVE THE FLORIDA GARBAGE OUT OF IT!!!! There is NO DEBATE!!!!! UGA IS FAR SUPERIOR TO FLORIDA!!!!! I'm saying it right now. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. BUT IF AND I MEAN IF FLORIDA GETS LUCKY AND WINS NEXT YEAR. I WILL STILL SAY UGA IS THE BETTER TEAM BASED UPON RECRUITING ALONE!!!! I will say EVEN A BLIND SQUIRREL FINDS A NUT EVERY NOW AND THEN!!! MULLEN CONVINCED THOSE KIDS THEY WERE BETTER THAN UGA!!!! Then when UGA again STOMPED THEM IN THE DIRT!!!! Well hey they have to say something!!! AFTER ALL THEY ARE STILL THE FLORIDA GATORS. What are GATORS BEST KNOWN FOR??? Answer.....SITTING AROUND WITH THEIR MOUTH WIDE OPEN!!! They do it when they are babies to!!!! Plus they are BEGGING FOR SCRAPS!!!! Go count the 4 and 5 star players on florida and then count the same on UGA. FEEL FREE TO INCLUDE 2019 since florida had a top 10 class. Don't leave off the 2nd ranked UGA 2019 class!!! Then give Dominic Blaylock his 5th star back that he SOMEHOW LOST BY SCORING 2 TDS IN A ALL-STAR GAME. Then give T STEVENSON his 5th star that he earned according to 247 and their final ranking that was not counted for some reason??? Anyway those are also 5 STAR PLAYERS!!!! Go count blue chip recruits on each roster. Then come back and admit your comment was CRAZY!!!! Otherwise stick to your folly if you like. UGA IS COMING IN 2019!!!! THEY WILL BE OUT FOR BLOOD!!!!! PS. ENJOY YOUR REBUILD!!!! KING NEGAN
@BOB THE THOR CHILD...You really serious??? Are you really Thor??? I'm in awww!!! No but really. If I'm not mistaken. DIDNT YOU FIRE DEREK DOOLEY AND HIS STAFF????? This guy had FAR MORE TALENT on THAT TENNESSEE TEAM than on this one!!!! Don't forget, HE WAS PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!! The Derek Dooley years??? Not to great of a move for RECRUITING in my opinion. Because all ANY RECRUIT has to do is READ!!!! At UGA where they were committing to a PROGRAM and proven great coach it is DIFFERENT!!! But this is almost like GOING BACKWARD FOR YOU GUYS!!!! PS. You FIRED Chaney along with Dooley only after he served as interim coach. So what has changed??? OTHER THAN UGA TALENT MADE HIM LOOK BETTER BEHIND AN OFFENSIVE LINE THAT IS UNMATCHED!!!! HE IS GOING TO REGRET THE MOVE MORE THAN YOU WILL!!!! Wait and see!!! King Negan
@atnvol....... Bigger than Sabans FAKE FG in the NATTY???? Needing what 6 yards or so??? Clemson waiting on it and bama and the world knows it. Running right at a front 7 that are basically NFL PLAYERS and many FUTURE PRO BOWL PLAYERS. And Sabans big plan from his GIGANTIC EGO I MEAN INTELLECT. Is the kicker and the holder. WOW WHAT A RUNNING BACK!!!!! Bet that dude runs a 10.5 40 MAYBE!!! But that MOUNTAIN of a lead blocker is even more impressive!!!! Bet he weighs a good 195!!! And that mastermind way it was all drawn up!!! WOW. Not just any run, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Not with SABAN!!! It had to be RIGHT INTO THE TEETH OF THAT NFL DEFENSE with that mighty field goal team leading the way!!! I WONDER IF THIS PLAY. WILL BE RUN OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ON SEC FILMS AND ESPN FILMS???? Personally I think it needs to be an ADDITION to any new films they make about THE PROCESS!!! They have driven everyone crazy with Tuas heroic LUCKY OVERTIME PASS!!!! I love the KICK 6 and hope it stays forever!!!! Right beside that pass. Every time they replay that pass let's also watch THE KICK SIX!!! BUT THE END OF THE PROCESS SHOULD BE NOT ONLY CLEMSON TORCHING THEM WITH THEIR WRs and a freshman QB. BUT REMEMBER FOR THE END OF THE PROCESS, I VOTE FOR THE FAKE FG!!!! Yes from now on in Tuscaloosa. The letters FG should stand for something. How about " F'ING GOOFBALL " or " F'ING GREAT!!!!! " I mean that play shows the TRUE GENIUS OF SABAN LIKE NO OTHER!!!! Hey ESPN and SEC NETWORK. I HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A NEW DOCUMENTARY ABOUT NICK SABAN. Let's just call it THE FAKE which sort of covers BOTH SIDES OF THE MAN IN MY BOOK!!!! His intelligence, HIS EGO oh and HIS LEGEND as well!!!!! The story of THE MAN that built a college football empire using HIS STAFF and not giving them credit. CHEATING in New and sneaky ways. Yes, MONEY, CHEATING and SCANDAL SWEPT UNDER THE RUG!!! The true story of AN AVERAGE COACH with an above average LEGEND, built on others hard work and of course MONEY!!! And best of all, HOW IT ALL SUDDENLY CAME CRASHING DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!! The true story of Nick Saban. THE FAKE, coming soon to ESPN films. Personally I LOVE THIS NAME AND STORY!!! As it says it all!!!! THE FAKE King Negan GO DAWGS!!!!!
Yea, sugarcoat it!!! Can you say TRANSFER PORTAL FOR HIM AND HALF THE CLASS BEFORE HE EVEN GETS HIS FEET WET!!!!! That's why Kirby Smart is HONEST WITH RECRUITS. He tells them to COMMIT TO A PROGRAM and NOT A COACH!!!! But those wondering about will this one or that one be there when I sign and after??? Kirby Smart went to UGA and it's his dream job!!! He is in no danger of going anywhere for the foreseeable 15 maybe 20 years I think!!! HE IS ALSO THE REAL COACH THAT BUILT BAMA AND THE VERY BEST DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR IN THE BUSINESS!!!!!! Much, much better than Saban!!!! UGA 2019 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS KING NEGAN GO DAWGS!!!!!
Yea..that's like Mullen. The only ones he can recruit are the ones who are in diapers!!!! KID, YOUR STILL IN DIAPERS!!!!! 2021???? You left out one or two parts of that little speech!!!! That is the end where you say. PLEASE RESPECT MY DECISION AS ILL BE ATTENDING THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA IF YOUR RANKING TURNS OUT TO BE 4 stars or above!!!! Assuming we have room for 4 stars by then. The way Kirby goes after ONLY THE BEST AT THEIR POSITION. I could see the day that the whole class might be made up of 5 STARS FOR UGA!!!! Kid you might want to decommit unless you like looking silly and apologies. Because by 2021 Mullen could be fired and have a clipboard in his hand at uga as an analyst like butch was at bama!!!!! Speaking of butch. By 2021 the champion of life himself could be coaching the gators and attempting his BRICK BY BRICK METHOD. Which basically translates as SLOW REBUILD!!!!!! Always rebuilding and to slow for fans liking with no real progress to be seen even after 5 years!!!! But hey both Tennessee a dawg fans couldn't wish you anything more than BUTCH JONES BY 2021!!!! Or how about even sooner???? That means the gators have been so crappy that Mullen has been shown the door early!!!!! Yea, I for one like that. Now butch can recruit at times. But he can't coach or develop players!!! Kirby got him FIRED once and would love to do it again!!!!! If you really turn out to be a special talent kid. Then ill see you in red and black in 2021!!! KING NEGAN GO DAWGS!!!!!!!
" SABAN " not SATAN!!!!! Spellchecker did it. Saban probably gave them a bonus is what I said, not SATAN. But hey, why haggle over tiny differences LOL. JK SORT OF.
@Alatide...Yea it's called MONEY!!!! Satan either game them a little bonus or maybe a FREE TRADE IN ON THAT NEW CAR THEY ALREADY GOT FROM HIM!!!!!! I'm a UGA fan. But oh how I can't wait to see bama shining shoes again as mediocrity returns soon!!!!! If you didn't have ESPN and SEC/BAMA NETWORK constantly recruiting for you. Then you would have ALREADY BEEN BACK TO MEDIOCRITY!!!! Bunch of bumpkin saban worshippers!!!! Pretending it's not over!!!!!! LOL
NO,NO,NO.....Anthony Schwartz is THE VOICE OF REASON!!!!!! He knows what he is saying and I have proof!!! His own words. A Shwartz was very angry at the TINY CHECK HE RECEIVED FROM GUSS AFTER HE SAW WHAT SOME OTHERS GET!!!! He told Guss you better drop that NEXT CHECK or I'm gonna transfer!!!! No he has no proof anything happened with UGA and that's not what he meant by his tweet!!!! He was just telling auburn and Guss to get that DOLLAR AMOUNT UP and GET THE CHECK IN THE MAIL FAST!!! Otherwise, someone else is waving an offer!!!!! Saban is always around Guss!!! Starting with Mark Richt and now Kirby. UGA always hires honest people and insist on HONESTY!!! That is the ONLY REASON that UGA with a recruiting base like the state of Georgia ever trailed florida, Alabama or anyone!!! But recruits saw what KIRBY DID AT BAMA AND HOW HE SAVED NICKS JOB IN 2008!!!!! Players want to play for great coaches. People are FINALLY realizing that it was KIRBY that made bama great and Saban took all the bows!!! Watch Saban cry when he announced Kirby was going to UGA!!!! Go watch and look and see!!! HE DID CRY BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WAS OVER!!! PRUITT and great players recruited and COACHED by KIRBY SMART saved Saban just a little longer. But now it's STARTING TO SHOW!!!!! Now EVERYONE is seeing why Saban cried!!! Compare Sabans first season 6-6 with a HOME LOSS TO LOUISIANA MONROE in 2007 to their UNBEATEN REGULAR SEASON MARK WHEN KIRBY SMART WAS NAMED DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR IN 2008!!!! Everyone now sees what I said for YEARS!!!! UGA IS NEXT IN 2019 and for A LONG TIME!!! Plus Kirby is honest!!! Schwartz just didn't like his pay stub in the end. At the time he thought it was a great deal!!!! Oh well. Go Dawgs!!! King Negan