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One thing that everyone is overlooking is that our secondary is not weak. Never has been. If Florida had Chris Smith and Lois Cine playing safety or even Alabama. Everyone would be saying that Alabama is stout at safety with as much football as those guys have played. Then add in Tykee Smith and suddenly Florida thinks they have the best secondary in the league again. But then if you gave then the former #1 db in the entire country K Ringo or RINGO STAR as I just named him. © Well then their suddenly the best db room in college football according to them. We're not even close to finished. Then ad in 5 star db Green that we just got. I can already hear the hype train if all this db talent was at Florida or Alabama. Nobody would be questioning Saban's ability to get them ready EXCEPT ME!!!!!! I trust Kirby Smart and staff to get them ready. Especially with the addition of Will Muschamp and the guy from WV. Dan Lanning and others. We have hands down and I mean hands down. THE TOP DB COACHES IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY RIGHT HERE AT GEORGIA!!!! The new guy from WV who's name I'm forgetting. He coached THE #1 PASS DEFENSE!!!!!! Something to remember. WV plays in a league where they pass the football like the SEC plays defense. Yet they were the #1 pass defense in the country. Tykee Smith was probably the best db on that team and is now at UGA. Along with the DB coach!!!! I don't believe UGA has anything less than a 4 star in the db room. With plenty of 5 star talent and the TOP DEFENSIVE COACHES IN THE COUNTRY BAR NONE!!! But UGA also has something else to help get them up to speed quickly. We have 3 5 star QBs on the sidelines and Stetson Bennett ain't a complete waste himself. Ill bet he is the best 4th string QB in the country. He was the best 5th string QB before last year. Who knows Kirby might say he is #2 but I doubt he would come in if needed because Carson Beck is #2 with Brock Vandagriff right on his heels. Ill put the rest in my next post. So as to not draw this out any further. But UGA will be fine. Negan
darthGay.........Who are you talking to? I know it ain't me. I'm the one with nearly 100% correct predictions the last 10 seasons. I not only pick in the spring. I tell you who will lose to who. I've missed exactly 3 times in 10 years with official predictions. That's pretty good considering I do the entire power 5 schedule every year. I don't bet. But I make money for people every year. My football knowledge is vast. Regardless. Nobody in Alabama said a word about how bad this kid was. Not before he transferred to UGA!!! So I don't want to hear you're goofy sour grapes!!! He was good enough for little Nick onetime. But now that he sees the light he is suddenly horrible. Typical Alabama rednecks. Bryce Young could transfer tomorrow. Y'all would be on here saying. We didn't want him anyway. He's too small. Another Stetson Bennett. The whole nine yards!!! PS. I'm pretty sure you weren't talking to me. But I'm talking to you. : ) Negan
Your talking to people from Alabama. Just remember that. LOL Negan
That's one more than you have Aubie. Probably twice the career stats of 80 % of the auburn dbs!!! Why are you sticking up for Alabama rednecks Aubie???? Trying to play with the cool kids again? Well you're in the wrong crowd. There is nothing in Alabama of any value whatsoever!!! Everything with medium range intelligence leaves. I can't blame them. Alabama fans will literally try to hump you're leg. I've seen it. Nothing but a bunch of drunken broken down rednecks that carry a rebel flag then disgrace it by being cowards!!! BLM RAN FROM ME!!!! Showed they had some intelligence anyway. Antifa they are pitiful people. I could not bear harming one of those little Ninja Turtle wannabes. : ) But goofy is saying. The south is gonna rise again. Then running if they look mean at you. At least I can look in the mirror at a man who will NEVER RUN. PS. Leaders lead they don't follow. They don't back down from the devil if he comes snorting fire either. They say thought you'd never get here PUNK!!!! : ) Negan
Darth are you talking to me? You don't want to compare intelligence dear. You are probably offspring of cousins somewhere down the line. You know what you said. Just like you're doing now. Hypocritical is one thing I am not. I said I don't like it and I meant it. I still don't like it. But I'm not going to let Saban the A$$hole write all the rules as he goes. Because he was supposedly against this to not too long ago!!! That was until all his linebackers left and he needed an all SEC type linebacker. Saban is the hypothetical troll. He even looks like one. I'm the wrong man to try and get tough with. I'll let you slide but be a little more honest and show some respect. You have no clue who you're calling stupid. Some people are highly intelligent. But they let people think what they want. Wanna talk about more hypocrisy? Who really won the 2017 National championship game? You still claiming that one I bet. You know who really won it just like I do. Just like the head ref knows. When you OPENLY ADMIT UGA was the real winner. Then I'll gain respect for you. But sitting around popping off to me has never been an intelligent move. PS. But if you can't take it idiot. Don't dish it out. Go play with you're cousin now. : ) Negan
Saban has no attitude except college football kiss my a$$!!!! He thinks he is the king and he is the most overrated coach in history!!! Anybody, anybody, anybody can when championships with the players they buy!!! Kirby helped build the DYNASTY but who gives him any credit? Saban hasn't won anything that Kirby hasn't won. They won all those titles TOGETHER. Starting at LSU!!!! The 2017 national championship belongs to GEORGIA in my book. We beat them up and down the field. Only to be ripped off the entire game by REFS!!! At least the HEAD REF finally had an attack of conscience and confessed publicly when he retired. He confessed that he cost UGA that national championship with BAD CALLS!!!! There are well over 25 bad calls & no calls all in favor of Alabama!!!!! All of them key calls or key no calls!!!! And the REF even confessed!!!!. Yet nobody but me says a thing about it. I'm always fighting this battle alone. Every site is kiss Alabama a$$ day every day!!!! Well I didn't come here to kiss them!!!! I came here to kick A$$ and chew bubblegum. I'm all out of bubblegum!!! And the way I see it. Last season was Nikki's first championship without Kirby Smart!!! The first legit championship. Because round one in 2017 went to KIRBY!!! PS. Just like the election. Biden got awarded victory but he did not win!!! I will say whatever I choose. Negan
Aubie..........You believe in what captain Bluefield is selling don't you? First of all Bo Nix can only throw 5 tds on Alabama. He won't be able to throw from his back!!!! Is he good throwing from him back? How about his knees??? When y'all throw 5 touchdowns on the UGA defense. I'll come here and say anything you wish for me to say. But when you don't. Make sure you show up to Aubie!!! PS. You don't really believe you're going to do that. If you couldn't do that against Stetson Bennett. With better players. What makes you believe you're suddenly dangerous? Negan
READ THIS IF YOU WANNA GET MAD AT ME... Anyone want to still try and tell me there is no UGA hatred in the league? Show me one other topic where auburn fans get along with Alabama!!!! Yet they unite when it's step on UGA day!!! I DONE SOME STEPPING TO. Y'ALL MIGHT GET MAD. READ ON AND YOU'LL SEE AT THE END. I'll bet this kid will be just like Maurice Smith. The db that Saban tried to put in prison and LOST!!! At Alabama he didn't get on the field much either. But at Georgia he became all SEC and I believe all American. I know auburn really enjoyed meeting him!!!!!! LOL Seems like I recall a pick 6 against auburn? I could be wrong. But seems like I remember that. As for the new guy that just transferred. Yea he left Golding. Because he prefers real coaching and not FOOLS GOLDING!!!!!! LOL HERE'S WHAT I BEEN UP TO... It's not like I didn't warn you. I said Alabama players were about to transfer to UGA. They know I tell the truth. They know my accuracy rate. I'm not certain that will be the last. We might not have room at UGA for many more. But that won't stop the mass exodus of players. I talked Ben Jones out the door. He was a 5 star!!! I talked the 5 star defensive tackle Ishmael Sopsher out the door and another 5 star DEFENSIVE TACKLE from HAWAII!!!!! See if you can guess. And a 4 star linebacker. They all kinda left together didn't they? I've talked them all out the door!!!! Alabama won't have anything left if I have anything to say about it!!!!! PS. Who do you think was in Arik Gilbert's ear before he left LSU? Then he left Florida really really quickly didn't he? Kinda like PUNKING THEM!!! I'm not saying we planned it. I'm just saying it is very funny isn't it??? I'm not saying Arik Gilbert is Georgia bound. Because he might end up back with LSU. But it was still fun punking Florida. That was the real point!!!! But ill admit I'm still working on Arik. We will just have to see. Don't worry auburn fans I didn't leave y'all out. I had nothing to do with the guys that left for Florida. I don't even know them. I wouldn't tell them to go to Florida. But I can't say I didn't have anything to do with auburn players that left and went other places. But to be completely honest. I really don't care much about auburn. They are not even a threat. But y'all have a few players I'm talking to. : ) Negan
BamaTime..... You mean Preseason champs? Your just angry that we are picked to go unbeaten. While Alabama is picked to lose to Florida. LOL So used to people sucking on you're tailpipe. You can't stand it when Alabama isn't preseason champs. You're lucky you didn't play the real Georgia either! Do me a favor. You and you're boy friend/cousin TheRealcojones please stop sending me love letters and Valentine cards. You sweet talk me one minute and then y'all start drinking. Then here comes the breakup letters. I already told both of you I'm not that way and I'm getting tired of saying it. Go to a Biden rally and you'll find lots of you're types!!!! Personally I think you and Cody Jones are made for each other. Y'all don't need me!!!! We don't believe in SEC to SEC transfers. But if Saban can do it. Why shouldn't we???? But it's still wrong. Leave it to little Nick to screw the SEC and be the first to CHEAT!! Saban openly said he didn't want SEC to SEC transfers. Until a player from Tennessee wanted to transfer to Alabama. PS. Don't be talking hypocrisy. Saban is the king of hypocrisy!!! Little punk walked out of his contract with Miami after saying " I'M NOT GOING TO BE THE ALABAMA COACH!!! " Sound familiar? Before that he walked out on Michigan state after promising to stay!!! You're little coach is a liar and a hypocrite!!! Tell him for me that I said so!!! I have other things he won't enjoy!!!! In my own sweet time I'll take care of it. Now go back with you're cousin and I think Aubie wants to watch!!!!! Negan
I seem to remember a db named Maurice Smith that came from Alabama. He wasn't killing it over there. But when he got under UGA coaching. He became all American!!!!! I'm pretty sure Aubie knows all about him. Aubie what made you hate UGA so much? Is it because they even with bad coaches we have always owned you? Is it that or because you thought you were playoff bound in 2017????? All you had to do was beat us!!!! What's wrong? No led in the pencil?????? How old are you? Aubie makes you sound like a Charlie Brown cartoon no $hit!!!!! It's really a goofy name. Y'all are getting excited because a freshman defensive tackle looked good in the A day game. It's probably you're lousy O line!!! I have just 2 words for you aubie. PS. STETSON BENNETT Negan
Aubie, I don't think we need anyone special to kick you're a$$!!!! Ever since the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in 2017 you haven't even challenged UGA!!!!! Stetson Bennett tore you a new one last year with a better coach and better players!!!!! PS. Run you're mouth when you did something. Negan
SDS loves doubling my name. Negan
Your first loss LOWLY FLORIDA. LOL. What happened to the expectations? Fairly low if you ask me. By the way. I called that loss in basketball pretty good didn't I LOL. PS. Florida LOL Negan Negan
@BamaTime........2017!!!!!!!!!! You're not married to any of you're family are you??? Sisters or cousins? In this day and time even brothers. Either way. Either cut it out or don't have children!!!! I'm not just saying this because you're in Alabama either. I would give anyone the same advice!!! It's obvious that you're still upset about 2017. I understand it's hard to take a victory like that when you didn't win. But do like Saban. Just hold that TROPHY up in you're mind and say. I'm so proud of this team. I was so afraid I wouldn't get my money's worth!!!! Does it ever give you sleepless nights? Knowing that you got you're ars kicked by a divisional rival in the national championship game. I mean did you ever doubt for a sec that you're little bald coach had it all under control???? He thought y'all would just beat clemson. No need for payoffs. Really Alabama has players mother's coming out saying Saban CHEATED for my son to sign. Not just one either!!! Saban is a known cheater!!!! Notice it wasn't Kirby she pointed the finger at???? Saban is a known cheater. Y'all aren't as dominant as you think you are. And I hope you do make it to Atlanta this season. Because we are going to KICK YOU'RE TEETH IN AND MAKE YOU SAY PLEASE DADDY DONT KICK ME NO MORE!!!!!! You have an EPIC A$$ WHIPPING ON THE WAY!!!! I'm just sad that someone else will probably get to you first!!!! How does it feel that some writers think UGA are going unbeaten. While at the same time. They believe Alabama will lose to lowly Florida. Well I hate Florida more than I hate Alabama!!!! But if you lose to Florida. You can bet you're perverted A$$ that I'll be here with bells on. Just to laugh at you!!!!!! Oh and if you can't beat Florida. What makes you think you're going to beat Miami??? If you lose to Florida you're season is over!!!! We can afford to lose to clemson but we won't!!!! You know why? Because UGA can beat them!!! It's Alabama who seems to be over their heads every time you play clemson!!!! You made fun of a fake punt that was actually a good idea. Then Saban calls a fake fg with clemson sitting right there waiting for it!!! I think I'll go RE-WATCH THAT TONIGHT!!!! I want to see a freshman QB from Georgia lighting you're a$$ up!!!! Maybe you should go re-watch yourself. Because that is what UGA and JT Daniels is going to do to you!!!!! Maybe even worse!!!! I think it's hilarious that someone actually picked Alabama to lose to FLORIDA. That means they don't think y'all have enough led in you're pencil to beat lowly Florida!!!! Bahahahaha Haha haha Sorry I'm laughing so hard thinking about it I can't breathe!!! ONCE AGAIN. THANKS FOR THE 1980 REMINDER. THAT WAS A GREAT YEAR WASN'T IT?????? Say, bye the way. What was Alabama doing in 1980???? I seem to remember they thought they should be national champs or something. They were crying a lot in the media. But then the university of Alabama has always been a bunch of crybabies!!!! So that's nothing new!!! Will you give you're little coach a message for me? Tell him I said I'm a private citizen and I'll post what I wish when I wish!!! Tell him it's extremely easy to listen and record calls now!!! You just need a proper scanner and be in range!!!! Tell him that his dirty deals will catch up to him soon enough. Tell him I know that is why he wants to retire. While you're at it. Tell him the call he put in to Jimbo Fisher was cute. So it seems they really are golf rivals. But some calls he has made to recruits might be considered a bit over the line. While you're at it. Ask him does this sound familiar? " You'll have a better shot at being successful here. " Another... " Well at Alabama you get exactly what you put in to it." Of course there is a ton more but I think the last one is my favorite for now. " I can't talk to you about that(?) right now. But you can ask anyone who signed here. They will tell you that Alabama is a friendly place. Boosters and just everyone involved will see to it that you won't be sorry." Boosters Nick??? What do they have to do with anything? Keep reading. " I'll put it this way. If you sign with Alabama you'll be more than happy you did. If you come here to work and learn the process of success. That is payment all by itself. If you are asking me is their more? It depends on how serious you are. We discuss the details of things like that in person. Not on a phone. " Really what things Nick? Pay close attention to the ending here. " I'm not gonna say more at this time. You see me in my office the day you sign or as soon as you can. Because those are things I discuss in privacy. You just sign then come see me. I'll promise you'll be well taken care of. " Hmmm really? PS. BamaTime make sure you're coach gets this message. Then tell him I want a brand new car and a bag of money!!!!!! I know the questions that were asked but I prefer to hold on to it for now!!!!! THOUSANDS OF HOURS EXIST AND SOME IS REALLY REALLY REALLY INTERESTING. LOL Negan
What is this bunch of foolishness? Does anyone know or are we just responding to a mysterious message? Like why did the Apple eat the Orange? Because he's fruity. Yea I'm not copywriting this one. LOL PS. It should be in my hall of shame!!!! LOL Negan
I KNOW WHO DID IT!!!!!! BamaTime does this all the time!!!!! BamaTime why do you keep doing this? What do you even get out of it???? You and you're co-conspirator TheRealcojones. Y'all need to cool it. I'm going to try and do something about it... I'm going to have to talk to the falcon office and see if I can't get this kid a tryout. That was just mean. I'm calling my friend Arthur Blank right now. No promises but we'll see. Look for a possible reversal on this story. No promises but I'll see. PS. We need a happy ending here. I told them to draft Pitts when they were thinking of drafting another O lineman. Negan
Atlanta falcons practice squad? Who game him a NFL tryout now? Must be in bad shape. Well I wish him luck but I wouldn't hold my breath. I don't remember him playing for Alabama? Negan
It's neither, it's MEXICAN FOOTBALL. I don't quite get it. Did something happen with Trent Richardson? Is it his age or what? I don't even know how old he is. Negan
@SavimusMaximus.............Yea, our version of Jalen Waddle. Maybe faster!!! But I've been hearing so much about this Matthew Boling. I wonder why someone hasn't asked him to try out for UGA football??? Imagine what he could potentially do as either a wide receiver or a db. You never know until you try. But Matthew Boling needs to tryout for UGA football. Arion Smith is already probably the fastest man in college football. Imagine putting Matthew Boling on the other side? He can play db if he can't catch. PS. Personally unless he's dreaming of the Olympics or something. Matthew Boling is kinda wasting all that speed. Negan
Personally I think the brothers are UGA commits that are punking Florida. Negan
They only committed because they know he won't be around in 2023. Even if they do reclassify he still won't be there for 2022 either. PS. So Mullen wasted his time on these 2 5 stars. Keep them warm for UGA to flip. LOL Negan
The last 2 5 stars Mullen will ever recruit at Florida. Because he is getting fired!!!! Double LOL WITH A DOUBLE MULLEN WILL NEVER COACH THEM!!! Negan
The last 2 5 stars Mullen will ever recruit at Florida. Because he is getting fired!!!! LOL TWICE Negan
The last 2 5 stars Mullen will ever recruit at Florida. Because he is getting fired!!!! LOL Negan
The last 2 5 stars Mullen will ever recruit at Florida. Because he is getting fired!!!! Negan
Congrats to Florida for the brothers commitment. It's the 2023 class but if they both reclassify to 2022 well then y'all might be top 5 if that happens. I didn't think Mullen had it in him. Probably be the last two elite guys he ever gets. Why hasn't it been reported on SDS????? 247 had it 30 minutes ago!!!! If their brothers does that count as one 10 STAR or two 5s???? PS. Enjoy it while you can. TWICE AS NICE LOL. Negan
Congrats to Florida for the brothers commitment. It's the 2023 class but if they both reclassify to 2022 well then y'all might be top 5 if that happens. I didn't think Mullen had it in him. Probably be the last two elite guys he ever gets. Why hasn't it been reported on SDS????? 247 had it 30 minutes ago!!!! If their brothers does that count as one 10 STAR or two 5s???? PS. Enjoy it while you can. LOL TWICE Negan
Congrats to Florida for the brothers commitment. It's the 2023 class but if they both reclassify to 2022 well then y'all might be top 5 if that happens. I didn't think Mullen had it in him. Probably be the last two elite guys he ever gets. Why hasn't it been reported on SDS????? 247 had it 30 minutes ago!!!! If their brothers does that count as one 10 STAR or two 5s???? PS. Enjoy it while you can. LOL Negan