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@Mountain Dog....... The ONE??? There were 2 that I know I saw vs UGA!!! But I don't recall a bunch of articles about it. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I didn't see them. But there were 2 not just 1. Anyway it's a great day to be alive!!! The dawgs woke up and still have life. Alabama has been beaten for the second time and that by auburn as I predicted this last spring!!! Best of all. THEY ARE ELIMINATED FROM THE PLAYOFF PICTURE!!!!!! WIN OR LOSE in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. UGA has already gotten a type of revenge!!!! And we are guaranteed to have a better season!!!! I'm not referring just total wins and losses. But we are already IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! That is the top division title game in all of college football!!!! No division title game is more respected than the SEC TITLE GAME!!!! It is almost like a semi national championship game in itself!!!!!! WE ARE IN AND ALABAMA IS OUT!!!! LOL. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!! King Negan
I want to give Gus a hug!!!! I mean I predicted BOTH of Alabama's losses back in spring football. So I'm not surprised at all. But it STILL FEELS AWESOME!!!! Georgia bulldogs over here celebrating a 52-7 win over our in state rival. While watching Alabama fall to theirs while their playoff hopes fly out the window!!!! It wouldn't have been right if somehow Alabama got lucky and got in!!! Both Florida and Georgia are better teams than Florida. LSU already beat them to. So the only hope they HAD was for UGA to lose to LSU. If that happened Alabama would have gotten in without doubt had they won tonight!!! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WRONG. BUT STILL IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!! Alabama has been given more second chances THAT THEY DID NOT EARN than any team in football!!!! Even before the playoff era they were treated the same. Remember the year that LSU BEAT ALABAMA 6-3 I BELIEVE IT WAS? Then they still put Alabama in the national championship game. Forcing LSU to play them twice!!! Of course Alabama won the REMATCH and was awarded the national championship. Personally if anything they should have SHARED IT!!!! But I don't believe any team should be FORCED to play a team twice, unless it is part of the season. Like CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES for example.... But because of THE MYTH that the SEC WEST is so much stronger than the east. Alabama has been given chance after chance they did not earn!!!! I'm a Georgia fan. But to make my point. Imagine that FLORIDA is put in the playoffs this season. With the defense they have. And the WRs they have. I believe Florida could get hot and beat 1 team. Then suddenly they are in the national championship game with whoever... With their playmakers at WR and decent running game. I don't believe it's to much of a stretch to say. Their O LINE might play their best game. They also have a TE to!!! The QB can ball when he has to. Is it really a stretch to say. A couple of good weeks with an extra month of practice to get healthy and get ready. That they might become NATIONAL CHAMPIONS TO??? Is that a stretch??? I DONT THINK SO!!!!! But that is why we play the games!!! But still Alabama has been enjoying just that same kind of special treatment!!! And just like A NUMBER OF SEC TEAMS. Many are good enough to be CHAMPIONS if they were given Alabama treatment!!!!!! Do this.......Take the bama treatment away from bama. And suddenly NICK SABAN IS 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS LIGHTER!!! Because without the first SPECIAL TREATMENT with LSU. Bama doesn't win it that year. They could have and should have said...... LSU already played Alabama and BEAT THEM!!!! No more second chances!!!!! The year Alabama and THE REFS stole the national championship from UGA in double OT. That was just another special treatment year. As auburn defeated Alabama and won the SEC WEST that year. Alabama was voted in by the committee without ever having to even play in the SEC TITLE GAME!!! VOTED IN OVER OTHERS WHO WON THEIR DIVISION!!!! Take 2 titles away from Saban without THE SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!! How many more would have been taken away from him. IF KIRBY SMART NEVER WENT TO ALABAMA??? Because in 2008 Kirby turned Alabama into a regular season UNDEFEATED TEAM. A LONG WAY FROM THE 6-6 ALABAMA WAS UNDER SABAN IN 2007 BEFORE KIRBY TOOK OVER THE DEFENSE AND TURNED IT AROUND!!!!! Saban was 6-6 also losing to Louisiana Monroe at home in TUSCALOOSA in 2007. And came close to losing several more!!! No doubt that it was KIRBY SMART THAT BEGAN THAT DYNASTY WITH HIS RECRUITING AND COACHING, BUT GETS NO CREDIT FOR IT. Saban has always gotten more credit than he deserved. Think of the coaches who won national championships at Alabama who got FIRED and NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN. Nick was just LUCKY TO HAVE KIRBY AND COME AT THE RIGHT TIME!!! King Negan
@GATORDONTPLAY............I even love my gator friends tonight. I mean this is football heaven. Seeing Alabama fans crying like this!!!! Well I'll say it if nobody else will. As for THIS SEASON. UGA, FLORIDA AND LSU have ALL passed Alabama!!! All would beat Alabama this year!!! And I guess we have to add auburn to. As honorable mention since THEY JUST BEAT THEM!!!!! They will cry and say it's because they lost Tua. But sorry I'm not biting. They were better this year under Mac Jones. Either way they certainly can't blame him. But auburn, Florida and Georgia all have ELITE DEFENSE!!! Personally I don't believe Tua would have put 45 on auburn!!!! PS. I honestly believe. The 2 best defensive teams are Florida and Georgia!!! Auburn at times. King Negan
TO ALL YOU DAWG HATERS. AND I MEAN THE REAL DAWGS AS IS GEORGIA!!!!! We have no defense??? Tech got 7 today when we gave them a short field. THEY ONLY NEEDED 17 YARDS TO GET THEIR ONLY 7!!!! But yes, it's the same old same old on a DRY DAY. ONLY 52 POINTS WERE WITH FROMM AND SWIFT ON THE BENCH FOR SOME OF THE 3RD AND ALL OF THE 4th pretty much. ON A DRY FIELD ITS A DIFFERENT STORY!!! Now their trying to get all our playmakers out of this next game. GEORGE PICKENS EJECTED FOR DEFENDING HIMSELF after sitting the whole first half!!!! If he is not in the first half of the LSU game. THAT IS A INJUSTICE!!!! Lawrence Cager is already hurt!!! Either way. Do y'all think it will be raining in the dome in Atlanta????? I bet LSU will hope so!!! Plus I think LSU will be panicking when they realize the defense they are up against!!! King Negan
It's time for the grownups to play like they can!!! It's time for the defense TO DO MORE!!! And it's time for the offensive line to do a lot more!!!! You must realize that in order to bring home an SEC TITLE. YOU MUST BEAT LSU!!!! To be a national champion. You likely have to BEAT THEM TWICE!!! Are you guys MAN ENOUGH TO EVEN DO IT ONCE???? Or is this team going to be just another in a long line of EXCUSES??????? Time for the babies to grow up FAST!!!! WRS YOUR NOT GOING TO BE THE EXCUSE ARE YOU???? Hey OC, are you going to call the game right or just be predictable again???? DEFENSE, IF BY SOME CHANCE WE GET UP BY A FEW TDS. EVEN 21 MAYBE. ARE YOU GOING TO BE JUST ANOTHER GEORGIA TEAM WHO LET UP ON THE GAS PEDDLE???? Or are you going to FINISH????? HOLD THEM WITHOUT A TD AND YOU WIN!!!! No BS prevent defense that only makes it hard on uga. I would rather give up a quick score playing man to man defense than GIVING UP A GUARANTEED SCORE OF SOME KIND. BY LETTING THEM FLY DOWN THE FIELD INTO SCORING RANGE WITHIN 1 MINUTE. IN FACT AS FAST AS THEY GO. THEY WILL BE ON OUR DOORSTEP IN 40 SECONDS EASY!!!! NO MORE PREVENT PLEASE!!!!! Just go man, with our best guys on their best with a PASS RUSH AND A SPY ON BURROW AT ALL TIMES!!!! Take away their run completely!!!! Fromm it's time to throw more 50/50 BALLS down field. Don't wait until someone is wide open. And stop over working Swift!!!!! And most importantly. If you happen to WIN THE SEC TITLE GAME. REMEMBER ITS ONLY 1 WIN!!!! Remember how auburn beat y'all like a drum. And in game 2 you beat them like a drum!!!! I have a feeling there will be a game 2!!!! It could end up being in their home state!!! But remember it's ONE GAME AT A TIME, THE REST OF THE WAY!!!!! STARTING WITH GA TECH!!!!! Either go be great or have another year of EXCUSES!!! The choice is YOURS!!!! Your the underdog but you are also THE BETTER TEAM WHEN EVERYONE PLAYS FOR EACH OTHER AND 100%!!!!! PS. GA TECH FIRST!!! Use that game to get the offense clicking again IN GAMES!!!! Then in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. REMEMBER YOU CAN ACHIEVE 3 GOALS IN ONLY 1 GAME!!!! 1. Be SEC CHAMPIONS!!! 2. Punch your ticket to the playoffs!!!! 3. KNOCK ALABAMA OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS BY BEATING LSU!!!!!!!! And do it all in ATLANTA GEORGIA!!! In other words. For this game it's time for all the dawgs to CATCH RABIES AND TEAR THESE KITTENS APART!!!! A rabid dawg is not stopped by a wound. To stop him you have to kill him!!!!! GET MY DRIFT?????? That is to be your mind set!!!! Forget the eye of the tiger. And instead become a RABID DAWG!!!!!!! Then think of yourselves as RABID DAWGS THE SIZE OF DINOSAURS!!!! That is what you need!!!! King Negan
" What to do with Alabama? A team that put up 41 points and lost to No. 1/No. 2 by only 5? " VERY SIMPLE EASY ANSWER....... Leave the 3rd place team in the SEC at home!!!! Only UGA and LSU earned the chance to be in the playoffs!!! Even if you beat auburn and that is a huge IF!!!! But if you do. Your best and ONLY WIN over a fairly elite team. That would be 3 loss AUBURN!!!! The same team that both UGA and LSU BEAT!!!! Even if you win. Well you beat a 4 loss team at that point. SO WHERE IS YOUR PLAY-OFF DESERVING RESUME????? It's easy. YOU DON'T HAVE A RESUME AND CAN'T GET ONE!!! You are already and OFFICIALLY THE 3RD TEAM IN THE SEC!!! No way you can change that either!!!! Both of the teams ahead of you have played elite schedules. While Alabama played powder puffs!!! ALABAMA played DUKE!!! UGA played Notre dame!!! Alabama played WESTERN CAROLINA!!! UGA PLAYED FLORIDA!!!! We also beat auburn!!!! We have BEATEN EVERYONE ON A GROOLING SCHEDULE EXCEPT IN OVERTIME TO SC AFTER WE TURNED THE BALL OVER 4 TIMES TO NONE!!! WE LOST BY 3 TO A TEAM EVERYONE KNOWS UGA IS BETTER THAN!!! ALABAMA LOST BY 5 TO A TEAM THAT IS BETTER THAN YOU!!! It's real simple!!! Not hard at all. What do we do with Alabama??? Answer....LEAVE THEM OUT!!!!!! If y'all really want Saban and Alabama in the playoffs again even though they DID NOT EARN IT!!! Alright, ill give them a path to the playoffs.... Here it is........ALL GUMPS AND GUMP LOVERS. OPEN YOUR POCKETBOOKS AND BUY THE TEAM SOME TICKETS!!! DONT FORGET SABAN!!!. LOL. Alabama scored 41 on a average defense. BIG DEAL!!!! They also gave up 46!!!! And that AT HOME!!! So personally I say WE TREAT THE LSU VS ALABAMA GAME AS A SEMIFINAL. EXACTLY AS WAS DONE TO UGA LAST SEASON IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! Alabama played and LOST so let's move on!!!!! LIKE THEY TOLD UGA LAST SEASON. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE, SO NEXT???? If Alabama gets in this season. Then I think fans should BOYCOTT THE PLAYOFFS!!! That will PROVE ITS ALL FIXED!!!! Auburn would have 4 losses if Alabama wins. And that would be their BEST WIN!!! ALABAMA IS OUT!!!!! ENJOY BOWL SEASON!!! If UGA loses to LSU, they are still 2nd in the SEC and WINNER OF THE SEC EAST!!! Having played 5 times the schedule Alabama did. How can you jump Alabama over UGA??? I say, if UGA WINS. That is it!!! It's UGA and possibly LSU in!!! If we lose, either TAKE UGA OR SKIP THE 2ND SEC TEAM!!! That is the only way to be fair!!! Alabama is either already out!!! Or its BOYCOTT TIME!!!! I can get 10,000 people today to push for a boycott. Very powerful people to!!!! THE NCAA COULD LOSE MILLIONS!!!!! But unless Alabama is OUT, then it's time to all say together. ITS FIXED AND WE WON'T WATCH OR GO!!!!! And we can START ASKING OR DEMANDING MONEY BACK FOR ITEM'S WE BOUGHT FROM THE NCAA OR THE SEC!!!! PS. EITHER BAMA IS OUT OR PROTESTS AND BOYCOTTS ARE LIKELY!!!! MONEY TALKS!!!!! King Negan
UGA DOMINATED FROM WHISTLE TO WHISTLE!!!!!! TX A&M GOT AWAY WITH A BUNCH DURING THE GAME!!! Only an ANGRY ANNOUNCER didn't bother to argue about that!!!! Why??? Because he was ANGRY AT UGA FANS FOR THEIR ANGER OVER HIS FLIPPANT ATTITUDE ABOUT THE YOUNG UGA LADY WHO GOT HURT!!!! He was forced to make a FAKE APOLOGY and it pissed him off!!! So in return he made sure to keep on showing questionable plays for UGA and talking about them ALL NIGHT!!!! How many watching from home noticed that there were a number of UGA plays that just went by the board either REALLY SUPER FAST WITH NO COMMENTARY or THEY WERE NOT EVEN GIVEN A REPLAY??? TX A&M was holding the UGA DEFENSIVE LINE ALL NIGHT WITH NO CALLS!!!! Blatant bad holds to!!!! THEY MUGGED THE UGA WRS A BUNCH OF TIMES WITH NO CALLS!!!! I could go on and on!!!! The truth is that in a rain soaked game that actually helped y'all. UGA BEAT YOU LIKE A RED HEADED STEPCHILD!!!!! Dominated your offense. And in the end you had - ZERO RUSHING YARDS!!! MINUS ZERO!!!! Just like with Auburn, UGA LET YOU OFF THE ROPES!!!! Just be happy our offense wasn't clicking LIKE THEY CAN!!!!! Ever since that SC game UGA has been a little down offensively!!!! But people forget the scores we were putting up early in the season!!!! The only times that UGA didn't score well was a tough defensive team NOTRE DAME came early. Florida has a defense. LSU DIDN'T FACE THEIR DEFENSE AT ITS BEST, WE DID IN JACKSONVILLE!!!! MUCH MUCH DIFFERENT THAN PLAYING IN LSU AGAINST A WOUNDED HALF DEFENSE!!!! Then we got Auburn AT HOME!!!! I can't really remember but I believe LSU played them in LSU!!! Either way, LSU BARELY SCORED 23 POINTS TO WIN 23-20!!!!! UGA SCORED 21 AND ABSOLUTELY LET UP ON THEM AND WENT CONSERVATIVE ON BOTH SIDES!!! We could have EASILY WON 35-7 IF WE DIDN'T LET UP!!!! Then since that time it's been nothing before or after to build on BECAUSE OF RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!! I believe people are in for a BIG SURPRISE!!! LSU CAN SCORE, WE ALL KNOW THAT!!! But I think FIRST LETS WORRY ABOUT A GEORGIA TECH TEAM THAT BEAT MIAMI AND IS GETTING BETTER AND IS VERY CAPABLE OF AN UPSET IF WE'RE NOT VERY CAREFUL!!!! Let's FINISH STRONG on hopefully a DRY FIELD??? Then AFTER TECH AND ONLY AFTER TECH, then we worry about LSU!!!! But I truly believe the UGA OFFENSE is capable of TAKING OVER ANY TEAM WITH THAT O LINE, " IF " YES IF THEY COME TO PLAY!!!! And IF our offense and ESPECIALLY DEFENSE COMES TO PLAY BALL. I BELIEVE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO LOOK AND FEEL STUPID!!!! Honestly, I can't remember a 1 loss #4 team with THE TOP DEFENSE IN THE SEC that has been SO DISRESPECTED!!!!! UGA IS LAUGHED AT LIKE NO OTHER TEAM!!!! Alabama gives up nearly 50 AT HOME AND LOSES TO THE ONLY GREAT TEAM ON THEIR SCHEDULE. WHEN ALL THEY NEEDED WAS 1 DEFENSIVE STAND???? Yet they still think THEY DESERVE THE #4 SPOT???? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE?????? UGA has played and BEATEN all the same teams Alabama has except south Carolina. And everybody knows that was a 4-0 TURNOVER NIGHTMARE 3 point loss in OT. That probably won't happen again for 10 years. Yet we beat all the other same teams. ONLY WE ADDED FLORIDA AND NOTRE DAME TO OUR WINS!!! Oh and until they actually BEAT AUBURN. ALSO PUT AUBURN ON THAT LIST!!! That is why WE ARE #4 OVER ALABAMA!!!! The same will still be true even if they beat auburn. And if we lose to LSU, well so did Alabama AT HOME!!! Needing only 1 DEFENSIVE STAND!!!! What I'm saying is even if UGA GETS BEAT. I SAY, TAKE UGA OR LEAVE THE 2ND SEC TEAM OUT PERIOD!!!! Because they do NOT DESERVE IT. Not this year!!!! I'M SICK OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD and all the SECOND CHANCES THAT ALABAMA GETS!!! It's simply not right!!! THIS YEAR, UGA WOULD KICK ALABAMA'S BUTT!!!! KEEP ON LAUGHING AND DISRESPECTING UGA!!! Keep it coming!!! THEY COULDN'T BEAT FLORIDA REMEMBER??? Auburn was going to beat us at auburn, remember??? 35-7 is what it should have been!!!! KEEP LAUGHING AT FROMM AND THOSE YOUNG 5 STAR WRS!!! Keep forgetting our OFFENSIVE LINE and the BEST RUNNING BACK IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND THE TOP BACKUPS TO!!!! Their just NOT SELFISH and that is a great thing!!!! I believe UGA gets the last laugh in THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Then we will worry about next when it's time!!!! 1 GAME AT A TIME!!!!! Go dawgs!!!!!! King Negan
I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!! Only I said it way back when it was impossible!!!!! I said don't give up!!!! Tennessee is going bowling!!!! Now let me hear it again??? WHO IS THE GREATEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL MIND ON THE PLANET???? Answer.......King Negan
@WarEagle.........The onside kick WAS ILLEGALLY TOUCHED BEFORE 10 YARDS!!!! Auburn held the whole game and got away with most of it. The pass was out!!!! GO CRY IN YOUR MILK!!!! Now I see why players are leaving the state of Alabama. I guess the SMART KIDS ARE ALL LEAVING!!! And that leaves only the FAMOUS INBRED ALABAMA FAMILIES!!!! I'll bet your kin to the Updike family. However they spell their name. Uncle Harvey don't like you though!!!! LOL. PS. CRYBABIES!!!! Just beat Alabama or SHUT UP!!!! King Negan
Every one of these so-called questionable calls look EXACTLY LIKE ALABAMA ON EVERY PLAY!!!!! So why is it suddenly questionable???? Because it's UGA???? King Negan
@redsox...........SHUT THE F UP!!!!! Alabama wrote the book on BAD REFS!!!! They got THEIR SHARE AND EVERYONE ELSES SHARE OF CALLS!!!! ALL IN THEIR FAVOR!!!! Without all the bad CALLS you can erase HALF OR MORE OF SABANS TITLES!!!! Now that Alabama got BEAT and clearly do not deserve even consideration for the playoffs. Now you want to talk about THE REFS???? You and BamaTime ALWAYS talk about how UGA COMPLAINED ABOUT THE REFS AND RIGHTLY SO!!!!!! Y'all called us CRYBABIES!!!! PS. So what is it called now that it's not in bamas favor???? I'm just curious??? King Negan
To all you ONE SIDED CRY BABIES!!!! TX A&M finished with - yards rushing if it hadn't been given to you!!!!! THE REAL TRUTH IS THAT UGA CLEARLY DOMINATED THE ENTIRE GAME EVEN THOUGH WE HAD A BAD GAME IN THE RAIN!!!!! The only team who DESERVED TO WIN WAS UGA PERIOD!!!!!! You don't deserve to get PWhipped the WHOLE GAME then make a few lucky plays in the end to win!!!! That is called GETTING LUCKY!!!! And make no mistake. There were TONS OF NO CALLS AGAINST UGA TODAY!!!! So stop crying!!!!! King Negan
As usual a one sided BS article!!!!! The announcers as well as the replay guys didn't bother calling out TX A&M for all the times they got by with MURDER IN THIS GAME!!!!! PS. But at least we know who everyone wanted to win!!!!!! And WHY???? So we can watch Alabama be given ANOTHER FREE RIDE THEY DIDN'T COME CLOSE TO EARNING????? King Negan
Typical, somebody trying to make an issue of a non issue!!!! There were only around 15 times that UGA WRs got held in this game. Without as much as a mention by the announcers!!! And no penalty from the ones I'm referring to!!! The defensive line and LBS were held more times than I can count and it was allowed!!! Yet we want to discuss a few times by UGA???? TYPICALLY UGA HATRED!!!! MORE ALABAMA CRAP!!!! People are still trying to get Alabama into the playoffs based upon beating up WESTERN CAROLINA!!! What's with that???? If things finish with UGA and LSU both finishing with no losses. Then if UGA WINS that game, THEY ARE IN PERIOD!!!!!! Then if there is a second team. It should be LSU PERIOD!!!!! I believe we could make a case as UGA being the 2nd team WIN OR LOSE THE SEC TITLE GAME!!!! Based upon them having played and BEATEN everyone Alabama has, PLUS FLORIDA AND NOTRE DAME!!!!! As well as the fact the team we just beat was far far better than when Alabama played them!!!! To me it boils down to this. Even if Alabama beats auburn. SO WHAT????? So did UGA!!! And that would make their only good win and best win vs a 3 loss team???? While as I said. UGA BEAT BOTH FLORIDA AND NOTRE DAME!!!!! While Alabama played that monster Duke team!!!! ITS TIME TO GET REAL AND BE FAIR!!!!! Alabama had a chance to make it even with their soft schedule. THEY FAILED!!!!!! A close loss and losing the SEC WEST. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT AS GOOD AS BEATING NOTRE DAME AND FLORIDA PLUS EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE THAT ALABAMA BEAT!!!!! IF ITS FAIR ONLY UGA OR LSU SHOULD BE IN AS THE SECOND SEC TEAM PERIOD!!!!! PS. So what if Alabama might be able to win if they get put in. The same goes for UGA, LSU, OU, YOU NAME IT!!!!! King Negan
@beachbum...........Its. natural to want to defend your team. But NO, Auburns defense did NOT DOMINATE ANYONE!!!! When we went predictable and conservative. Then y'all looked alright. . But the UGA offense looked fine when pressing on the gas!!!! And it's the UGA DEFENSE THAT DOMINATED!!! If we didn't loosen up and give y'all momentum. I DON'T THINK YOU SCORE A SINGLE TD!!!! Maybe not even 3!!!!! We beat you a lot worse than LSU did!!! And we beat y'all AT HOME!!!!! Admit it and STOP crying!!!! Go dawgs!!!!! King Negan
In all honesty. I can see why an ELITE RUNNING BACK might want to go to Auburn. Although Gus seems to still want to be pass happy. But now days. Why do ELITE RUNNING BACKS choose Alabama??? I'm not being negative. I'm being honest. It seems like as far as talent goes. Alabama does have an elite backfield. But they don't really use them much. Not unless the pass just isn't working. Yea,I know that there is a lot of talent at WR and everyone wants their touches. I get that part. But why Alabama went so far in that direction is what confuses me personally??? I mean they recruited those elite WRs. But Saban knows just like I do that DEFENSE AND BALL CONTROL WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! Even if it's different this year. That won't change the fact that ball control and DEFENSE WIN TITLES AND MAKE DYNASTY TEAMS!!!! So why has Saban made Bama in the image of THE BIG 12 or those type teams??? Yea, Alabama had some bad injuries on defense. Pretty much everyone does eventually. But even if they had been FULL STRENGTH. You can't either score or go 3 and out as quickly as Alabama does. You can't do that, AND PLAY ELITE DEFENSE!!! They are humans not a video game!!!! Anyway, why any running back wants to go to LSU, or Alabama now or even OU. That is just beyond my understanding. Because, the truth is. THEY ARE HARDLY EVER USED AT THOSE SCHOOLS!!! UGA and Wisconsin or teams like that. I can totally understand why. UGA sends running backs to the NFL EVERY YEAR AND ALWAYS HAVE!!! And 90% of the time because of our ROTATION THEY GO HEALTHY!!!! UGA RECENTLY put 2 running backs fresh of ACL SURGERY into the NFL. And we put them their IN THE FIRST ROUND WITH FIRST ROUND MONEY!!!!! Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb!!! Sony Michel went healthy to the NFL. I COULDN'T BEGIN TO START TRYING TO REMEMBER ALL THE NAMES THAT WENT TO THE NFL FROM UGA!!!! JUST START WITH HERSCHEL WALKER AND KEEP COUNTING!!! I'm sure there were some before him. But that is all I can recall right now. Pretty much every single season UNLESS WE DON'T HAVE ANY DRAFT ELIGIBLE BACKS!!!!! Beck Tyrrell Davis was just SO SO at UGA!!! Then he went to Denver and became a LEGEND!!! Setting all kinds of records!!! Well recruits are free to go where they want. But Saban is just about ready to RETIRE!!!! And I don't think he really knows what he is doing anymore!!! It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Mac Jones comes in and looks as good or better than Tua!!!! They might actually allow him to use the running backs!!!! If he is better then it proves Saban is losing it!!!! If this year hasn't already proven it!!!! I mean, Saban made it all about CLEMSON in this off season!!!!! He barely even mentioned UGA and LSU WASN'T EVEN IN HIS VOCABULARY!!!! Look what it got Alabama!!! Yes he was great WITH HELP and in his time. But like ALL THE GREATS THERE COMES THAT TIME!!!! PS.The only choice is. Do you leave at the top of your game a winner? Or do you leave in DISGRACE STAYING TOO LONG???? King Negan
@beachbum..........Good thing we didn't need him tonight. It should have and would have STAYED A BLOWOUT. IF WE KEPT PLAYING OUR GAME!!!! Everything y'all got was based on luck and UGA playing Zone D and going conservative on offense!!! WE BLEW Y'ALL OUT REGARDLESS OF THE SCORE!!! Just admit it. PS. GO BEAT ALABAMA AND ALL WILL BE FORGIVEN WITH THE GUS BUS!!!! Y'all have a great team but we are better!!! King Negan
I am glad she is okay. I prayed for her. But I'm confused, I could swear I saw her wearing auburn gear!!! Was it something mandatory in the stadium or something? I saw the auburn emblem on her shirt. PS. I guess it don't matter. But I'm confused. King Negan
Sorry. Not sure why it doubled my name. Oh well, go dawgs!!!! King Negan
ZONE DEFENSE AND HOME COOKING MADE THIS ONE CLOSER THAN IT HAD TO BE!!!!!!! When we played our regular man to man. It was 21-0 in the 4th quarter!!!! Then of course uga went conservative on offense!!!!! But hey, everyone knows we can't possibly beat LSU!!!!! Just like everyone knew we would lose at auburn!!!! Should have been 21-0 or worse!!!! THE FIRST AUBURN TD CAME AFTER A 4th down that WE STOPPED!!!! But then THOSE REFS!!!! UGA DOMINATED AUBURN!!!! Love listening to the CRY BABIES on the college football network. Now I have to hear why Alabama deserves to be in because Tua got hurt!!!! Even though Alabama has played NOBODY!!!! And the only team they played BEAT THEM!!!! LSU BEAT AUBURN TO, BUT NOT AS BAD AS UGA DID!!!!!! 21-0 in the 4th quarter vs a 3 point squeaker!!! GET REAL, UGA DESERVES MORE RESPECT THAN WE GET!!!! But pleeeeeeaaaaase keep it up!!! Please keep saying who we can't beat and why we don't deserve respect!!!!! Hey GATOR FANS, too bad!!!! Good try though!!! Relish this season. Because next year is a rebuild AGAIN!!!!!! And your missing basically your entire 2019 class!!! To ALABAMA FANS. I hope your bigger than trying to use the TUA EXCUSES!!! Admit you do not deserve to be in PERIOD!!!!! You had 2 decent teams on your schedule. I mean teams that are usually considered to be contenders. You were AT HOME and still lost to LSU!!!! YOU DIDN'T WIN. IT WASN'T THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! It was the same LSU team you play every year and THEY BEAT YOU AT HOME!!!!! NOW AUBURN LOST AT HOME TO UGA!!!! It should have been a blowout and would have been if we didn't change our style!!!!! You have not beaten a single elite team!!!! NOT EVEN 1, NOT ONE!!!!! Even if Alabama beats auburn at home. And that is a huge IF!!!!! But if you do. It will be the only decent 3 loss team that you have beaten!!! DON'T TELL ME A TEAM WHO'S BEST WIN WAS A 3 LOSS TEAM. DON'T TELL ME THAT ONE LOSS TEAM DESERVES TO BE IN, OVER A TEAM THAT HAS NOW BEATEN. NOTRE DAME, FLORIDA AND AUBURN AT HOME WHEN THEY WERE A RANKED 2 LOSS TEAM!!!!!! UGA is the BEST 1 loss team in the country!!! In fact, when they play their best. UGA is the best team in the country period in my book!!!! DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! That along with a HUGE ELITE OFFENSIVE LINE and Elite running backs. An elite QB and some great young 5 star WRs that are learning!!!! We are OFFICIALLY SEC EAST CHAMPIONS!!! The rest is UP TO US!!!! We will be SEC CHAMPIONS God willing!!! PS. Alabama fans. Enjoy the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP and the playoffs from home this year. I trust you all have a comfy place to WATCH!!!! Also I trust you'll get a nice bowl bid!!! I wonder if Tua will now STAY??? I wouldn't though. I mean he has been hurt every season at Alabama!!!! Saban don't care!!!!! If he could shoot him up again and send him out, HE WOULD!!!! This injury DOES have to do with the others!!!! Tua lived in Sabans DRUG TENT last season and a lot of this one!!!! Now he got him a bad injury apparently. HEY TUA, GET WELL AND GO PRO!!!!! You already won the national championship and helped win a SEC TITLE!!! You got them there!!!! Get well and GET OUT BEFORE SABAN GETS YOU HURT FOR LIFE!!!!! I'm telling you HE DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT HIM!!!! Tua get well soon my brother. God bless you.... GO DAWGS!!!!!! Be just as ready for THE NEXT ONE!!!! Another one that you need to be ready for!!!! Remember, 1. JUST ONE GAME AT A TIME!!!! GET BETTER AND " DO MORE!!!!!! " King Negan King Negan
@Charlie Weldon........Yea, y'all lost to a team that is clearly BETTER and AT HOME!!!!!!! Everyone on the planet knows that UGA lost to a team by pure accident. A team that EVERYONE KNOWS CAN'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!! You see, there are always 2 ways of looking at everything!!!! But the TRUTH is that UGA DOES HAVE ACTUAL RANKED WINS INCLUDING FLORIDA on their schedule. Who has bama even played???? Forget beating anyone. WHO HAVE YOU EVEN PLAYED???? As for your other tough game that you ain't won yet, Auburn. Well guess what? UGA PLAYS THEM TO!!!!!! WE ALSO PLAY THEM IN AUBURN!!!!!!! Until UGA loses, UGA should be the highest ranked team between Alabama and UGA PERIOD!!!!!! Not by a little either!!!!! There is not A SINGLE TEAM ON YOUR SCHEDULE THATS WORTH A CRAP THAT UGA WILL NOT FACE!!!! Including, TX A&M, Auburn and LSU!!!! ONLY ADD FLORIDA AND NOTRE DAME TO THE UGA SCHEDULE!!!!! And this year ain't about LAST YEARS SURVIVAL GAME ALABAMA HAD, THAT UGA DOMINATED UNTIL OUR BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYERS GOT HURT!!! And Hurts prayers saved the day!!!! HURTS IS GONE!!!!! UGA has the better wins BY FAR!!!! UGA HAS THE BETTER DEFENSE BY A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG SHOT!!!!! And if they win out. ( There is NOTHING ON THE PLANET, OTHER THAN " A FIX " ) THAT PUTS ALABAMA OVER UGA!!!!!! Everyone is talking as if the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME is already in the books!!! LSU HAS ALREADY WON IT. So why bother playing the game or any leading up to it????? Yea, I love the talk. PLEASE KEEP TALKING!!!!!! UGA controls their own destiny period!!! IF THE REFS ARE FAIR THAT IS!!!! In fact they owe us a lot in my book!!!! If UGA can get there UNBEATEN and pull it out. Then the committee must decide. LSU OR ALABAMA OR NEITHER!!!! What do you suppose Alabama's chances are if an UNBEATEN LSU gets beaten by a 1 loss UGA???? Then all 3 would have 1 loss. LSU and UGA would BY FAR have the better wins. LSU would have beaten Alabama at home!!!! UGA would have beaten LSU in this scenario. AND UGA WOULD BE THE SEC CHAMPION AGAIN!!!! So tell me anyone. In that scenario, how does Alabama get in????? Even if UGA lost a close one to LSU. THEY WOULD STILL HAVE THE BETTER WINS!!!! I'm not sure Alabama gets in even then!!!! But here is your medicine, TAKE IT!!! If LSU and UGA both go UNBEATEN the rest of the way. And if UGA WINS the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. " ITS OVER PERIOD! " In that scenario, ALABAMA IS OUT PERIOD!!!! As I said, anything else is a PURE FIX!!!!!! THE END OF THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS PERIOD!!!!!! So the way I see it. UGA HAS ALABAMA BY THE THROAT!!! PS. You really think we're not gonna SQUEEZE THE LIFE OUT OF YOUR SEASON AND HOPES???? BYE BYE BAMA!!!!!! Love King Negan
@troyal............. " 2nd and 26 " Answer, SEC TITLE GAME 2019 LSU VS UGA!!!!!! The good news for Alabama. YOUR GOING BOWLING!!!!!! LOL. Hey, maybe y'all will play TEXAS this season if we don't lol. Funny thing is, if UGA lost the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME this season. It's possible we could play Alabama in a bowl. ALABAMA LOST, AND WE BEAT MULLEN THE CLOWN. THAT MAKES IT A GREAT SEASON REGARDLESS!!!!!! But I'm not giving up on UGA!!!! The WRs are gradually breaking out. When that fully happens, WATCH OUT!!!!!! People forget UGA has 3 5 star WRs!!!! It's just that 2 of them are true freshmen!!!! The rest are talented 4 star guys who are between 6 foot 5 and 6 foot 7 that can jump out of the stadium and run!!! It's just a matter of time until they know how good they are. Then look out!!!! We have THE MOST ACCURATE QB IN THE COUNTRY INCLUDING BOROUGH!!!!! And probably the smartest to. Not to mention the biggest, baddest offensive line in the country. Even bigger than all the NFL O LINES!!!!! Did I mention we also have probably THE TOP RUNNING BACK IN THE COUNTRY???? And his backups are STARS on any other team!!!!! Swift is a TD waiting to happen!!!! And the HUGE X FACTOR, he can CATCH THE FOOTBALL LIKE A WR!!!!! My point is, UGA will control the football all day long on ANBODY!!!! We will slow the game down and force LSU to play OUR GAME!!!! It will be a REVENGE GAME " IN ATLANTA!!!!! " One important thing to remember. Jake Fromm has played in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 2 TIMES, AND THIS WILL MAKE 3!!!!! Ever heard about THE THIRD TIME IS ALWAYS THE CHARM????? How many times has Joe Burrough played in this game???? I'm not saying we should be the favorite. I'm only saying that it won't be a cakewalk for LSU!!!! No matter how much Burrough and LSU say they won't get complacent. I don't buy it. Because A. They beat UGA badly last year but ONLY BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON WE PANICKED EARLY AND STOPPED RUNNING THE BALL!!!!! If we had kept running the ball and not call stupid fake FGs WE WOULD HAVE WON!!!!! Go back and watch that game again and see how we were running. They did NOT stop our run except a few times!!!! I'm not sure the coaching staff didn't sacrifice that game in order to beat florida!!! KIRBY SAID, THAT TEAM NEEDED SOME ADVERSITY!!!!! It was far more important to beat florida anyway!!!! I'm just saying the LSU defense has not been the same. Mainly because the offense goes to fast!!!! But the down side is. If you can STOP THEM or SLOW THEM DOWN DRASTICALLY. Then suddenly, they are out of their element!!!!! And if their going 3 and out in record time, KEEPING THEIR DEFENSE ON THE FIELD 70 or 80% OF THE TIME. That can only favor UGA, provided we play mistake free football and score points!!!! If I were the bookie. And if the game was played next in a few weeks. Right now, I would probably have UGA as the favorite. LSU was playing a version of themselves with Alabama. A great quick strike offense and a MEDIOCRE DEFENSE!!! Alabama could be better on defense if their offense didn't go sooooooooooooo fast!!!! Same goes for LSU!!!!! But it is what it is. KIRBY has kept UGA in the image of the old traditional SEC POWERHOUSE. BALL CONTROL AND " GREAT DEFENSE!!!! " ITS NOT SEXY UNLESS YOU JUST LIKE WINNING!!!! That was the recipe that won Alabama all those championships!!!! In fact Saban hasn't won another one with the exception of the one THE REFS GAVE TO HIM VS A UGA TEAM WHO WASN'T USED TO BEING IN THE BIG GAME, IN JUST YEAR 2 FOR SMART!!!! A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME is pretty good for your 2nd year as a head coach!!!! Go back and look how many years it took OLD SAINT NICK to get to his first national championship game and WIN in a time before their were great teams everywhere!!!! Do you really believe Saban would have won his first national title game if he was playing the Alabama team that UGA played in year 2 of Kirby Smart????? No, like it or not. KIRBY has been playing a monster that HE WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN CREATING!!!!! All those #1 recruiting classes that KIRBY SMART was instrumental in putting together for Alabama. That is hard for anybody to overcome!!!! BUT, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!! IT SHOULD HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED 2 YEARS IN A ROW NOW!!!! LIKE IT OR NOT. ALABAMA IS LIKE THE OLD CAGEY CHAMPION THAT HAS BEEN THERE OVER AND OVER VS THE NEW KID IN TOWN WITH ALL THE TALENT BUT NOT ENOUGH EXPERIENCE!!!!!! UGA DOMINATED BOTH GAMES BUT COULDN'T FINISH BECAUSE OF INJURIES, THE REFS AND INEXPERIENCE!!!! Now we have the SUPER TALENTED yet again INEXPERIENCED WRs along with GREAT TRUE FRESHMEN ON DEFENSE!!!! We could still get it done. It happens. But it's not every day that you have a Alabama and LSU in the same division at the same time when UGA IS GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Then add to that CLEMSON and even OHIO STATE and even OU!!!! In all the years that Saban and SMART were winning rings together. How many times was there a team like LSU in their way? Or Clemson, or Ohio state or OU and in our case even a Alabama????? THAT MAKES 5. COUNT THEM, " FIVE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER TEAMS " in the same season!!!! In all the years Alabama was winning titles. They were lucky if they had even 1 team with the talent to even STAY ON THE FIELD WITH THEM!!!! The year Clemson came CLOSE, everyone knows Alabama had more TALENT!!!! And when Clemson finally beat them by a last second TD, Alabama was still by far more talented overall!!!! It was Watson and Alabama complacency that allowed that loss!!!! I'm still not sure that last year's Clemson team was really the best. They were BY FAR the best Clemson team that Alabama faced. But still, how many were betting on Clemson based on talent going into the game??????? And the team that FIRST BEAT ALABAMA. I believe they beat OHIO STATE 31-0 FIRST!!!!!!! Pretty much THE SAME the year before also!!!! Bad game or not. Last year's Notre Dame didn't fare to well vs Clemson. My point is, Alabama has always faced maybe 1 team with a chance to beat them. THAT IS UNTIL KIRBY CAME HOME TO UGA!!!!! Gradually the power has been SHIFTING FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST!!!!! Only UGA has not been fortunate enough to play the same PANSIES that Alabama has been allowed to beat up on!!!, y'all know it's the TRUTH!!!!! Without Kirby Smart to back him up, Nick Saban SIMPLY HAS NOT BEEN THE SAME COACH!!!! And remember. The last TITLE he was FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO BE AWARDED BY THE REFS. Jeremy Pruitt was the defensive coordinator and he wasn't half bad. Especially with the star players that KIRBY RECRUITED AND COACHED!!!!! But just look what has happened since then!!! Like Kirby promised, UGA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!! This MIGHT or " MIGHT NOT " be the year of LSU!!!! But either way, the dawgs aren't going away and your going to have to watch us WIN a national championship very soon. So GET USED TO IT!!!! In fact, your going to have to get used to a UGA DYNASTY EXACTLY LIKE ALABAMA HAS BEEN IF NOT BETTER!!!! And we are not just going to lay down for LSU just because THEY BEAT YOU!!!! I mean that will really STING won't it??? If after beating you and knocking you out of the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP and the playoffs IF ITS NOT FIXED. To see UGA celebrate the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP and possibly a national championship. Yea, that would really STING!!!! But it could happen!!!! Oh and I know I concentrated on the OFFENSIVE WAYS WE COULD WIN THE GAME. But, I think it's worth mentioning. UGA PROBABLY HAS THE #1 DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW!!!! Not the sexiest, but we keep points off the board and THAT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!!!!! Oh and as Tua knows well. Don't think we can't RUSH THE PASSER ANYTIME WE GET READY!!!!! Either way Alabama fans. ENJOY WATCHING THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP AND PLAYOFFS FROM HOME THIS YEAR!!!! TA TA GO DAWGS!!!!!!! SICKEM!!!!! PS. To bama fans and ESPECIALLY MY FRIEND BamaTime and his crew. Here's to ya...... King Negan
HATE TO SAY, I SAID BEFORE THE SEASON THE WEST BELONGED TO LSU!!!!! Naaaa, actually it don't bother me one bit. Except that UGA won't get their chance at Alabama this year. Not unless it's in a bowl game. But hopefully UGA gets to the SEC TITLE GAME unbeaten the rest of the way. Then hopefully WE'LL SHAKE UP THE WORLD!!!!! PS. If all this happens. I don't want to hear the name Alabama again this season for the playoffs. BECAUSE THEY DON'T DESERVE IT!!!! PAPER THIN SCHEDULE AND THEN LOSE AT HOME??? NOPE, THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO EVEN BE MENTIONED AGAIN PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That defense looked like a high school team!!! It's high time that ALABAMA is not even mentioned again. THAT IS WHY WE PLAY THE GAMES!!!!! IF UGA CAN'T WIN OUT, ILL FEEL THE SAME. BUT IF A SECOND TEAM FROM THE SEC GETS IN. WIN LOSE OR DRAW IT SHOULD BE UGA!!!! Alabama had their chance and blew it. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH TUA!!!! UGA HAS THE CHANCE AND THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES!!!! If Alabama is mentioned again it's fixed!!!! PS. Hey BamaTime, that was quite a game wasn't it???? Crickets.... King Negan
BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!!!! Go dawgs!!!!!! King Negan
Grantham was blitzing on nearly every play that I saw. In fact, his blitz was not working. It led him to call several SAFETY BLITZ!!! The plain fact is. The UGA offensive line lived up to their billing!!!! The ref took points off the board for UGA. The truth is simple. Florida kept it closer than they should have!!! PS. But who do you trust to win one game? Smart or Mullen? Well considering each record in big games. ILL TAKE KIRBY!!!! The Smart choice!!!! King Negan
No there was NOTHING wrong with the catch by Cager. It never even touched the ground. Get some good review software that really pulls it up. You'll see it never touched the ground. The regular replay looked like that. But once you look closer. You see it was a half inch off the ground at all times. THE BALL NEVER TOUCHED THE GROUND!!! But that ticky tack holding call on Swifts touchdown. That was a real game changer. There were lots of other things to. Like on the FLORIDA TD THEY CALLED DEFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE. THE WR ACTUALLY PUSHED OFF AND THE DEFENDER HAD THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT HE DID!!!! Plus, that ball never crossed the goal line. Force them to run a play and who knows what happens???? But it should have been a 15 yard penalty on the offence instead of a TD. Keep that in mind. The ball would have come back to the original line of scrimmage. Then 15 yards marked off against the offensive team which was Florida!!! Personally I think if they call just that 1 call correctly. I believe UGA WINS EASILY BY 21 POINTS. NO WAY THEY STILL SCORE WITH A 15 YARD PENALTY!!! It's over so it don't matter. But I just don't like people trying to take something away from UGA!!!! WE ARE THE BETTER TEAM!!!! Sadly for Florida we will remain the better team for a long time to come. WHY??? Because Florida will lose half their very best players to the NFL AFTER this year. Next year is where you will really feel the loss of the 2019 recruiting class!!!! I mean most of the better ones left in the transfer portal. We could still possibly have Jake Fromm and our entire WR core back. Swift could return if he chooses. But I think we likely loose him. But don't worry. Because Zamir White will be in year 2 of his recovery and will be a fine back. James Cook will be running wild!!! McIntosh will show he is a stud and Kendall Milton will be running with a attitude!!!! That man can be another Gurly!!!! And we will add another elite back from somewhere. I still think we take the kid from Tx. He is to talented not to if he wants to be a dawg!!!! Honestly, I wouldn't put it past Saban to have tried to sabotage his reputation after he found out he was leaning towards Georgia!!!! Anyway, I hope he lands with UGA where he belongs. Because Saban would take him TOMORROW IF HE COULD!!!! PS. I mean he has a fallout with Alabama. Then suddenly there is this mystery problem that nobody even knows what it is. He said on his Twitter that he was being set up!!!! I BELIEVE HIM!!!! He belongs at UGA and I think we get him!!!! King Negan
@bayou tiger...........You know, I don't really think there is anything wrong with the LSU defense. Most people think their bad. I honestly don't!!! I just think that the change in the offensive style has affected the defense. Less time to rest. It's either really fast scores or a really fast punt. Either way, the defense doesn't have time to rest. The same happened to Alabama. Their faster pace on offense has really affected the defense!!! I'm not sure who will win between the two of you. But I still think Alabama should be favored. Mainly because they are used to playing these big games. They might have a bit of a mental edge on LSU to. But either way. I don't care who wins. I only care about UGA winning out and facing one of these great teams. Either way, the SEC TITLE GAME will be a REVENGE GAME for UGA!!!! I believe it's possible that IF UGA WINS OUT AND THATS A BIG IF. But if we do. And if UGA WINS the SEC TITLE GAME. That could possibly put 2 SEC TEAMS IN. In that scenario, they couldn't leave UGA out. But it's possible, the team we beat, if we do. That team will likely be the second SEC TEAM IN. Unless it was a blowout or something. Then UGA might be in ALONE!!!! That really is the only right thing to do. I'm not sure it's right to put a team we beat in. IM ONLY SAYING, IF WE BEAT THEM!!!! Well anyway, it's going to be hard enough to win out. If we do that. Then I'll worry about the other. But if we do win out. That will mean we beat. Notre dame, FLORIDA, auburn, Tx A&M and Missouri a pretty decent team. Then beat ga tech and that is a game we throw out records!!!! BUT IF WE GET TO TECH AND HAVEN'T LOST. SURELY, THEY WOULD PLAY WITH THEIR HAIR ON FIRE!!! If we have beaten all of these teams. Then WATCH OUT!!!!! That will mean UGA is a serious threat to whoever they play!!!! Heck even if we lose another and still get to Atlanta. A 2 loss SEC EAST CHAMPION HAS BEATEN A UNDEFEATED SEC WEST CHAMPION BEFORE!!!!! PS. Winning today has made my season so far. sorry. I wonder how Mullen is enjoying eating his words????? King Negan
@ Red and Black.......2 weeks???? How about a year, you mean. Dan Mullen has been talking for a year!!! The way I look at it. If fans can't trash talk. Then what is the point of these boards???? Do we come here to lift the spirits of the fallen??? That is the job of a psychiatrist not a fan!!!! Pretty sure we agree!!! I think Florida is fair game!!! Seems like most of college football was rooting against UGA. WHY??? I really don't get it. I mean Mullen was talking TRASH for a year. All Kirby said was. We will talk with our helmets!!! By the way. Kirby just won another BIG GAME. That makes at least 8 that I remember. But people still say, he can't win the big ones. What the NATIONAL TITLE GAME??? We were 1 play away. And again in the SEC TITLE GAME. Just two young on defense. The tx game don't count. Half our defense did not play and the others didn't care. Still we played them within a TD with 2 Swift fumbles in our sleep!!!! PS. Lots of teams have been beaten by Alabama. But not all, dominated most of the games they lost. I honestly believe UGA could have beaten Clemson last year. But I think Alabama could to!!!! King Negan
@Trudawg........What alternate universe was this written from??? Let me guess. Butch Jones is leader of the SEC DYNASTY VOLS. They are Alabama over there right??? Nick Saban probably got FIRED after years of frustration at Alabama. Where he was replaced by Dabo who is currently the only winless coach, right??? I'll bet Arkansas rules in the SEC WEST. With Ole Miss as the new auburn. While Gus is the head man at UGA and we're having a down year with a freshman QB. I'll bet the big 10 are the toughest conference in the country. And when Tennessee isn't winning its a big 10 team, right???? PS. It took me a while but I think I figured you out. LOL. CLICK YOUR SLIPPERS AND YOU MIGHT GET HOME!!! King Negan