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Hey y'all read my other way to long post to URBANLIAR, thanks.
Your no longer MILES ahead!!! Have you looked at the 2019 recruiting rankings??? Tennessee is relevant there!!! I'm a dawgs fan!!! Your miles behind UGA, and after this year. You got nothing!!! This is make or break!!! Make or break for the gators. Personally I think you'll break!!! But it does not matter. Because next year YOU GOT NOTHING!!!!! Thanks to Mullens wonderful recruiting!!! So I wouldn't be poking fun of Tennessee if I were you. That one loss in 14 years was under butch jones. They will pass you under Pruitt!!!! If he is given the chance!!! If not bye bye rockytop!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan GO dawgs
Good morning everybody, it's game day and I'm up early raring to watch college football. How's everyone doing? Other than your own game which ones are you most looking forward to? God bless... UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan go dawgs!!!!!
No it's not good for SEC football. But I'm okay with it considering the SEC is BACK!!! In case you missed it. The 3rd place team in the SEC was awarded the national title last season!!! The so-called big 10 didn't have a single team good enough to make it in the playoff!!! All this talk of the big 10 being the better conference came from a short streak of meaningless bowl wins. 1 year I might add!!! But the season has only gotten started. But most of the SEC has been DOMINANT, except against other SEC powers!!! Mississippi state was unbeaten and looking dominant until Kentucky beat them 28-7!!! Kentucky also gave florida their only loss. Although I'm hoping Mississippi state is gonna change that!!! Kentucky is UNBEATEN!!! The SEC is BACK!!!! We never left!!!! Just a bit of a down time. AN ALL SEC NATIONAL TITLE GAME, surely did not signal the SEC is dead!!!! Remember, Alabama had a good record overall. But still only 3rd place in the SEC!!!! If everybody was a dominant team the whole SEC would be in trouble. We are dominant outside the division!!! But we don't want to be so good that we never have a single playoff team!!! We don't want CUPCAKE KILLERS like OSU and Wisconsin making the playoff and NO SEC teams because we all beat each other!!! That wouldn't be right!!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
Speedster, Good observation. Except, it's not CONDITIONING. It's DEPTH!!! I don't care who you are. A defense can't play all night without breaking. Not if your playing the starters the whole game!!! If your sending in mass subs that stink, it will look like conditioning when it's really nonquality depth!!!! Pruitt is trying to do it like Georgia and bama. But he don't have the quality depth that UGA or BAMA has. When they do mass subs it's like the starters are still in the game!!! Still good observation on your part though. THEY DID HAVE THEIR HANDS FULL!!!! That's why I don't want UGA overlooking Tennessee!!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
Hey Oskie, If your a Tennessee fan it could get a whole lot worse!!! You could get Fat Phillip Fulmer if you run Pruitt out of town. Then you would have a REDNECK who is also FAT LOL. And worse than that, CAUGHT UP IN YESTERDAYS GAME!!!!! Or you could get Willie Taggart who has a LIFETIME LOSING RECORD!!!! Trust me and I KNOW FOOTBALL!!! I won't promise you that Pruitt is gonna work out at Tennessee. But he is the best coach Tennessee has had in 20 years!!!! PS. That is if he can control his temper. And if those GOOFY PAMPERED PLAYERS can figure out who the boss it!!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
Pruitt is a redneck tard??? I'm no Pruitt fan. But I would like to know who the person is calling him a REDNECK TARD?? Because it makes a difference!!! For example. Black people SHOULD NEVER USE THE WORD REDNECK. Not in reference to white people. That's like white people using the N word it's just bad and wrong!!! I don't think white people look good acting like black people either!!!! To me it makes them seem goofy. I don't mean a little slang talk. I mean you know the whole deal that's hard to put it words. I mean black people look right acting black. Black folks culture is different than whites. Not better or worse, only different!! I honestly think even black folks think it looks and sounds completely stupid when a white man is going overboard to be black!!!!! BE WHOEVER YOU REALLY ARE AND BE PROUD OF THAT!!!! Also REDNECKS should NEVER CALL PEOPLE REDNECKS LOL "aight" Since I'm NOT a redneck ill say it. Pruitt is a REDNECK LMAO!!! Hey, I do like redneck women though!!!!! Come to think of it. I like any good looking woman as long as she is sweet!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the woman lover
For one thing UGA deserves the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP that was stolen from them last season by the refs!!! I don't think all TENNESSEE FANS are bad. But face it. MANY SIGNS WERE CREATED BY SOME TENNESSEE FANS. CELEBRATING NICK CHUBBS' INJURY!!!! An injury that was caused by A DIRTY OUT OF BOUNDS HIT!!! Nick Chubb is a CREDIT TO THE WORLD not just UGA!!!! To think if he was not who he is. That injury could have ENDED his career!!! A career he worked his ass off for!!! He wanted to get enough money to buy land and help people that needed help in his community. THOSE TENNESSEE FANS THAT CELEBRATED CHUBBS' INJURY. THEY CAN GO VOLUNTEER TO SUCK ON A DOGS HEMORRHOID FOR ALL I CARE!!! But to the many decent people and fans that I know are in Tennessee. I wish you the best except against UGA LOL. I actually love spending time in Tennessee. It's a nice place. Pruitt may not have the best personality but I believe his way is the right way!!!! I still believe Fat Phil Fulmer wants his job in a bad way!!!!
I'm a UGA man and always have been. No offense but this is exactly the attitude of THE MARK RICHT era!!! Nice, decent man and good coach. But his team's were NOT always ready to play. That's why they lost so many they should have WON!!! TAKING THE OPPONENT LIGHTLY might be the WORST ERROR in college football HISTORY!!!! I heard TENNESSEE turned the ball over 6 or 7 times!!!! If that is correct then eliminate the turnovers and it's a whole other game!!! A JOKE??? I'm not sure they are the same team as last season!!! Don't forget a win over UGA turns their whole season around!!! They are HOPING AND PRAYING THAT THE TEAM THINKS THEIR A JOKE!!!!! You see, THAT IS THEIR BEST CHANCE!!!!! UGA is still extremely young!!! I believe we are as good if not BETTER THAN ADVERTISED!!! I believe that because I believe the youth will GROW UP!!!! They are growing with every game. BUT LETS HOPE THEY ARE NOT READING " RAT POISON " LIKE THIS AND BELIEVING IT!!!!! It's NOT good to tell a young team or ANY TEAM how good they are!!!! UGA fans should HOPE THEY ARE LISTENING TO THE COACH. Wouldn't it be terrible if this JOKE came in to our place and PLAYED BETTER and beat us, God forbid??? Tennessee is Not OLD DOMINION, they are BETTER!!!! Yet that 0-3. 4 TD UNDERDOG team named OLD DOMINION just BEAT VA TECH BY 2 SCORES!!!! Va Tech was at minimum a 4 TD favorite!!! Tennessee would probably beat OLD DOMINION by 3 or 4 TDS!!!!! If I'm not mistaken Va Tech beat OLD DOMINION about 38-0 last season. I'm pretty sure that was the score!!! Any great team is GREAT FOR A BUNCH OF REASONS. Only one of which is NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNDERESTIMATE ANOTHER TEAM!!! Again, Tennessee is making MISTAKES like the ones UGA made in 2016 when we came DARNED CLOSE TO LOSING. To a team called Nicholls State!!! But we also BEAT highly ranked Auburn the same year. Not to mention SHOULD HAVE BEATEN TENNESSEE!!!! I call it as I see it!!!!! Like with Bama the REFS gave all those late penalty yards THAT WERE TICKY TACKY AT BEST, and darn right DIRTY on the other hand!!! They HANDCUFFED UGA. They were afraid to DEFEND THE PASS PROPERLY ON THAT MIRACLE JOSH DOBBS BS PASS!!!! They were RIGHTFULLY afraid of another 15 yard penalty. That would have put them in field goal range. I don't recall the exact score. But I believe a field goal would have beaten us wouldn't it??? I don't recall. Either way. Winning Field goal or TD pass. BOTH WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH EASIER WITH ANOTHER CONVENIENT 15 yard penalty!!! The UGA player that was flagged had I believe his TOE ON THE FIELD of play WHEN HE REMOVED HIS HELMET??? Without that 15 yards FORGET THE HAIL MARY PRAYER PASS!!!! Just another reminder of THE REFS. The REFS in UGA stadium seem to favor other teams. I can understand, even though it's WRONG REFS wanting to please the home crowd. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS FOR UGA!!!!!!! IF A PENALTY IS CALLED IN FAVOR OF UGA, YOU CAN BET 6 or 7 WERE NO-CALLS IN FAVOR OF THE OTHER TEAM!!!!! I'm SHOCKED whenever I see a CLEAN REF in a UGA game!!! They always call against UGA. Last season THE REFS COST US THE NATIONAL TITLE!!!! UGA WAS the better team PERIOD!!!! Also a little reminder for you GUMPS BELOW!!!! You could STEAL THE NATIONAL TITLE GAME with the help of your best friends THE REFS. Still REMEMBER, BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE THE REIGNING ....SEE BELOW UGA SEC " CHAMPIONS " PS. I guess since AUBURN SPANKED ALABAMA IN THE IRON BOWL. Well I suppose that makes THE ALABAMA GUMPS, THE REIGNING 3rd PLACE TEAM IN THE SEC!!!! But honestly now. EVEN IF THE REFS DID CHEAT. Isn't it just AMAZING THAT THE 3rd PLACE TEAM IN THE SEC WERE CROWNED NATIONAL CHAMPIONS??? AND YET.. AND YET, THE MIGHTY BIG 10.. That AWESOME incredible invincible, BIG 10 did not even have a team to represent themselves. IN THE PLAYOFF THEY BEGGED FOR!!!!! Yes, isn't that what THE SEC always heard??? Every year some BIG 10 CRYBABY WOULD SAY. " LETS SETTLE IT ON THE FIELD! " ISN'T THAT ALL WE IN THE SEC EVER HEARD???? The big 10, the big 12 or the umm. WHAT DIVISION ARE THE WASHINGTON PUPPIES IN AGAIN??? The team auburn just beat without having their best day??? Anyway, everybody was always going to beat THE SEC!!! ONCE WE HAD A PLAYOFF THAT WOULD BE IT!!!! No more SEC dominance!!!! Well with the 3rd place SEC team being DECLARED as the champions, right or wrong. Still you have to ask yourself. If your in these other conferences. WAS THE PLAYOFF REALLY SUCH A GOOD IDEA??? I got news for you. THE ONLY REASON THEIR IS A COMMITTEE IN THE FIRST PLACE. IS TO SEE THAT THE BIG 10 and others don't get LEFT OUT!!! But as you see. YOU LEAVE THEM NO CHOICE BUT TO LEAVE YOU OUT IF WERE PLAYING FAIR!!!!! If OSU would have gotten that LAST SPOT that the 3rd place SEC team got. Then it wouldn't even have been a close game!!!!! I doubt OSU gets past clemson. Last time it wasn't pretty. 31-0 or 38-0 whatever it was. I do remember the OSU SCORE. That's easy, it was 0!!!!! But if by SOME MIRACLE Urban Cryer and his team, or is it Urban Liar??? I can't remember right now. Either way. It's just a darn good thing that bama took that spot. Listen FELLOW UGA FANS. You and I know that had OSU and the Cryer liars made it in. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BEATING OF THE CENTURY!!! MAYBE THE MOST LOPSIDED WIN EVER!!!! UGA WHATEVER THEY WANTED TO SCORE AND OSU maybe 3 if their lucky!!!! Final UGA 59 OSU 3 and I'm being charitable both ways!!!!! BUT THAT WOULDNT HAVE BEEN THE ONLY BEATING!!!!! THEN MANY ON THE OSU COACHING STAFF WOULD HAVE WENT HOME AND BEAT UP THEIR WIVES, AND MAYBE THEIR DOGS TO!!!! So it's a good thing it never happened. Because then Urban would have been suspended against the next wimpy team on their schedule. They would probably make it a suspension where he could PICK THE TEAM and of course avoid the Penn state game LOL. Only I bet it's like this. AS A RESULT OF MULTIPLE WIFE BEATINGS. OSU MUST MISS THE PENN STATE GAME THIS SEASON. But will not be counted as a LOSS. Rather THE NCAA has ruled that the game be declared a TIE!!! That's the kind of TOUGH LOVE that Urban Liar would get. UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
Maybe you'll get your wish. Then Phillip Fuller will be in again. AND FIRED AGAIN!!! You better leave well enough alone!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
Or maybe they won't!!!!!! Let's hope Fat Phill is licking his chops. I mean he's already in sweats at practices. He has a clipboard in hand with a full practice schedule. SEEMS LIKE TO ME THAT FULMER HAS HIRED HIMSELF!!!!!! Anyone ever thought. Maybe Fulmer is putting a little in each players ear. To cause trouble on the team?? Even a wrong look or rolling his eyes when Pruitt tries to discipline players. That would be enough!!! Maybe constantly reminding players and coaches how it WAS WHEN " HIS TEAM " WON THE NATIONAL TITLE??? Remember how many fans thought he undermined Johnny Magors before him??? He already implied he wanted to coach the team!!! But hey, he was fired for a reason. Anyone remember that??? He may have hired Pruitt hoping he would get hot headed and quit himself!!!! Leaving Tennessee in another coaching search that almost destroyed them. Or HIRE FULMER!!!! ITS CONVENIENT IF YOU ASK ME!!!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
As for UGA they deserve the national title they were robbed of last season by 25 bad calls and NO-CALLS by the REFS!!! As for the gators they deserve Dan Mullen in all his glory!!! As for bama, they deserve to lose for about 20 years to make up for all Sabans' evil!!!!! PS. AND NOW, IT BEGINS!!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
Sure Saban means it right now, because he wants him for MOP UP DUTY and just in case there was an injury. But as soon as Hurts plays that ONE MORE GAME, that will be it!!!!! Then Saban will no longer kiss his ars!!! Saban blaims him for dividing the team even though he didn't!!!! If he enjoys being an emergency QB and mop up okay. But If and I MEAN IF UGA and bama meet with everything on the line. If Tua doesn't make it through and all hopes were on Jalen. Well it might be okay if Jalen is the hero. But what if again he is a ZERO???? And again can't close the deal. Then he has to give with that. With those expectations in Tuscaloosa. Personally if I was leaving I would just go!!!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS KING NEGAN THE GREAT
You are out of your mind!!!!! Massive improvement??? Bentley is just about the only thing on your offense that made uga sweat just a little!!!!! So if Hurts comes to USCjr then send Bentley anywhere but the SEC!!!! We handled Jalen Hurts last year. He didn't score a point on us and never got close either!!!! Tua did not beat us either. IT WAS ALL REFS!!! But at least he did score a little. Trust me, Bentley is better than Hurts all the way around unless your just looking for a pure running back at QB!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan
No, it's not at all fair!!!! But that is assuming that UGA has 1 LOSS. It is hard to go unbeaten in the SEC. Bama has not done it in quite some time, as far as I remember. The SEC is never a cake walk. IF UGA LOSES. I believe it would be AT LSU!!! But I am not ready to concede a loss to anyone just yet. Heck even Missouri is unbeaten. Nothing is easy in the SEC. Vandy played NOTRE DAME close just as I said they would. I think both Tennessee and Florida will be much improved. Tennessee's schedule might get them. But they do seem to be improved!!! I need to see where the game is being played and study it a bit. But I could see Tennessee beating florida this season. But I think florida ends up with a better record because of a weaker schedule!!!! I also foresee florida being a up and down team. The reason is they do have talent. But it seems to be lazy talent. That tends to lead to a team looking like world beaters one game and FCS the next!!! I'm not at all guaranteeing or even picking Tennessee to beat florida. I simply said I could see it possibly happening!!! Take care.. If everyone stays healthy and continues to improve. I think UGA takes the east again. But I'm not so sure about bama taking the west. I see a possible loss or two on their schedule!!! I think Saban is running up the scores but Kirby is NOT!!!!! UGA could have scored another 30 points in every game this season!!!! Most scores came on our reserves!!! UGAs second string QB Is more talented than Tua. He just hasn't taken as many snaps!!! Remember Tua is a sophomore now!!!! Justin Fields who had the ALL TIME TOP PERFORMANCE IN ELITE 11 HISTORY is still a true freshman!!!!! Tua did a lot of STUPID things against UGA. I get tired of saying it but TUA did NOT beat UGA!!!! The REFS did!!!! 25 bad calls or No-calls minimum!!!!! They were holding on every good play Tua made. He threw a pick in that game. He took a SACK IN OT!!!! His TD pass that tied the game should have been called back!!! It was a FALSE START on the WR!!!! The REFS wanted Saban to tie Bear Bryant in the game THEY WERE CALLING!!!! Do you really believe they wanted Saban to lose??? I mean now forever they can all say. Hey that historic NATIONAL TITLE GAME where Saban tied Bear Bryant. I WAS THE REFEREE THAT DAY!!!!!!! Now anytime there are TV shows about the day Saban tied Paul Bear Bryant. You'll also see their UGLY, FILTHY, DISHONEST MUG!!!! They might even write books about it themselves. Give EXCLUSIVE PAID INTERVIEWS!!!! I mean it goes on and on. But UGA WON that game. In fact they DOMINATED THAT GAME!!!! Tua was not only lucky. He was lucky the REFS made their mind up. That bama was not going to lose on their watch!!! I mean the TWO FACE MASK TACKLES ON D SWIFT IN THE SAME PLAY WITH NO CALL SHOULD PROVE THE POINT!!!! If that doesn't prove it. How about the alabama guy THROWING A PUNCH and still being in the game. To later make a DIRTY CLOTHESLINE HIT that could have been flagged but wasn't. But forget that. WHY WASNT HE EJECTED FOR THROWING A PUNCH??? Where was the 15 yard penalty and the EJECTION??? Also, notice every time in crucial times that they had to Flagg bama, they would also find something ticky tacky against georgia. So that the penalties would offset and bama would get another down!!! They let them interfere with our WRs ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! Yet if UGA just made a really great play that got a little close. The flags were gonna fall it was a guarantee!!! SO I MAKE A CALL TO REFS EVERYWHERE THAT KNOW IM TELLING THE TRUTH!!! If you REFEREE the NEXT UGA VS BAMA match. Remember what I said. DO THE RIGHT THING AND THAT IS THIS. YOU DO BAMA EXACTLY AS THEY DID UGA!!!!! Steal it from bama. It's ONLY RIGHT!!!!! UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
QUESTION FOR THE GROUP??? Okay of coaches who are out of a job OR MIGHT BE SOON. Who would be your dream staff if you could do the hiring??? I'm only assuming certain guys might be on the market soon. But I gave my opinion on Missouri in the loooooooong post below. I'm just curious what you guys think for your own teams? PS. I am totally happy with the staff at UGA and I believe it's the best overall staff in the country including better than bama!!!! Anyway who are. Your choices? UGA SEC CHAMPIONS King Negan the great
I am a UGA fan. I haven't watched Drew Lock this season. Has he cut down on the interceptions? Is he checking the ball down like he promised? Or is he still just letting it fly and trusting his arm??? Anyway, we UGA fans have respect for Missouri. Also I've not run into any DELUSIONAL fans. I mean that as a compliment. You seem to have fans who have a brain or at least use it. You know since Kirby Smart has taken over the UGA program. I can now see that for a looooong time our fan base was delusional. I mean I never really kept up with recruiting. I just looked at teams on the field and how they looked. Funny thing is. I never bought into the hype that UGA was gonna beat Alabama every year!!! I had hopes like any fan that we could MAYBE beat florida and win the east. But I never felt to confident of beating florida but now I feel we SHOULD BEAT FLORIDA!!!! South Carolina was also a little tricky there for a while under Steve Spurrior. That man's energy level went down I guess for recruiting. But now that is a coach!!! If he recruited like Alabama and now georgia I don't think Nick Saban would stand a chance!!!! Of course recruiting is part of being a great coach. But Steve was and is the Xs and Os man in my opinion!!!! Better than Saban!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and give you a compliment. It's rare when a fan of an unbeaten talks as you do. Good luck except against UGA LOL. You know I noticed something. Missouri seemed better a year or two after joining the SEC than they have recently. Seems like it would be the other way around. I mean the offense has looked great but the defense is the downfall. I truly believe if Missouri got itself an elite defensive coach/RECRUITER they could be an elite team. I don't mean just the hottest new guy on the market. I mean somebody that has done it YEAR AFTER YEAR!!!! Both recruiting and coaching!!! Elite players make elite teams!!!! I'm gonna be totally honest. I don't know about Derrick Dooley. I still think that one's gonna bite you eventually. I feel bad for that to!!! Drew Lock can throw that ball and it's like riding a bike. But I don't think elite recruits are going to respond to Dooley. No offense but that's how I feel. Hiring him as an OC??? Still not so sure about that move. Maybe go get Scott Frost once Nebraska sees that he is not the greatest HEAD COACH. Let him be the OC. Then maybe go get Derrick Mason for the defense if vandy is silly enough to let him go. THEN HIT THE RECRUITING TRAIL!!!! You never do know. You might even get Jeremy Pruitt for the DC. Because I don't think him and fat Phill will play to nice together!!!! Jeremy Pruitt is HARD HEADED and Phillip Fulmer wants to be the coach so badly he can taste it!!!! I think Derrick Mason is actually a better defensive coach than Pruitt. But Pruitt has the name and personality that kids seem to go for!!!! He's been around all the sexy programs. While Mason has been at Vandy. But pure coaching ability. Give me Derrick Mason on defense any day!!!! Not sure on offense but defense, oh yea!!! He has made " 0 through 2 and 3 star players " play pretty darned good on defense and at times offensively as well!!!! Look at the points that vandy put up on Tennessee the last few years. Everyone thought it was just a fluke. But he did it 2 years straight!!!! Derrick Mason turned that rivalry on its head. Yes I believe that coaches like people should KNOW THEIR STRENGTHS!!!! Many are not cut out to be head coaches but make great coordinators!!! Okay in closing. For RIGHT NOW at Missouri if they are available. This is my staff I would put together provided they would all agree!!! I would start with a head coach. That would be Les Miles the mad hatter!!! He always put a tough LSU team on the field and won 1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with LSU. That is as good as Saban ever did with LSU!!!! Only Saban had many very bad years with LSU something Miles never had!!! Not that I remember!!! Give me LES MILES as head coach. Then if available give me Derrick Mason for DC!!! If he hasn't already taken a job give me . Sheesh, give me the BIG MAN that Arkansas just fired. I can't think of his name. But Hes my new offensive line coach oh Bret Bellama is that how it's spelled??? Anyway BB is my new O LINE COACH!!! My new offensive coordinator I want to say is Scott Frost BUT, HOLD THE PHONE!!! After thinking about it. I don't think he fits with Les Miles type of coaching. Les had trouble finding a QB at LSU so I take care of that right away. I get a good QB coach. He is my first hire on offense!!!! I hire MIKE BOBO for that job. He is EXCELLENT as a QB coach. But, beware. DONT GIVE IN TO THE TEMPTATIONN OF MAKING HIM THE OC AS WELL. Because while he will score you some points. He is not great calling plays in big games. So he is ONLY MY QB COACH. Keep him away from calling plays. Well until I could find the ideal guy that wants to stay and be my OC. I GO ALL OUT TO HIRE LANE KIFFEN AS MY OC!!!! He will probably see it as a way to spring board his way to coaching a big team again and possibly beating Nick Saban. But for now he's a great answer!!! Last but ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST. I would hire the best strength and conditioning coach available on the market!!!!!! Now these are my guys to turn the program the right way. Notice there are no current UGA STAFF MEMBERS. That is because you can't have them, they are ours LOL. Anyway, they are All good to great recruiters and good coaches to!!! Well that's my staff to turn Missouri in the right direction. And the end of my looooong post. What are your thoughts? I think an entire staff is important. UGA NOW HAS A FAR, FAR, FAR better staff than Nick Saban at bama. Even our strength and conditioning coach is AS GOOD if not BETTER than Cockrin at bama or whatever his name is. Also you need that as well. It's just as important as anyone. PS. So I'm just curious. Of the available people or coaches that might become available. Who would your staff be and why??? Thanks. UGA SEC CHAMPIONS AND THE NWO of college football. I started the NWO thing long before ole miss decided to copy it. King Negan the great
BAMA FEARS UGA!!!! This advertisement was paid for by the NWO. All views expressed are true and we don't care what you think. Because Bill Goldberg and Hollywood Kirby Smart are on our team along with the #1 recruiting class in history who will pay the price to be the best. BAMA FEAR THE SPEAR AND THE JACKHAMMER WITH THE HOLLYWOOD LEGG DROP, 123 it's over!!!!!!! NWO=UGA
Where would bama have been after 2007 without the players that KIRBY SMART recruited and without THAT DEFENCE that KIRBY SMART BUILT???? Face it. IT WAS NEVER "BUILT BY BAMA." It was always"BUILT SMART!" Bama was BUILT SMART!!! Now UGA is "BUILT SMART." So Nature Boy Nick Saban you ready to face THE NWO OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND HOLLYWOOD HULKirby SMART, BY THE WAY. GUESS WHO ELSE IS NWO? That's right, BILL GOLDBERG AND BAMA, "YOUR NEXT!!!!!!" So bama FEAR THE SPEAR and THE SPIKED!!!!!!! NWO=UGA
Nick Saban reminds me of THE OLD CHEATING WRESTLING MANAGER. You know, the one who always INTERFERES IN THE MATCH WHEN HIS GUY IS LOSING in order to keep or win a title. I KNOW WRESTLING IS SCRIPTED OKAY. But I am not kidding. I DONT THINK ITS MUCH MORE SCRIPTED THAN SOME OF THESE SO-CALLED BAMA TITLES. Don't just take my word for it either. Ask any of their opponents. Bama ALWAYS CONSISTENTLY GETS CALLS IN CRUCIAL TIMES. Give UGA this kind of bias for the next decade like bama has had it. If that happens BAMA WILL BE A DISTANT MEMORY. UGA SHOULD ALREADY BE THE DEFENDING CHAMPIONS PERIOD!!! UGA GOT SCRE???. To use a wrestling analogy. Bama reminds me of Rick Flare, they both win and hold numerous championships in a DIRTY UNDERHANDED FASHION. Everything from their manager getting involved all the time to playing dirty to win. But UGA is more like HULK HOGAN in this case. Hogan might kick Rick all over the ring and treat him like a step child at a family reunion. But some how some way bama/Slick Rick will find a way to cheat umm cough win either with their manager Saban or by bending the rules with THE REF ALWAYS LOOKING THE OTHER WAY. So in this world of SCRIPTED college football. The Nature Boy Nick Saban might have the most titles. But THE REAL AMERICAN HOLLYWOOD HULK Smart is looking you right in your eye Nicky boy saying. NONE OF IT WAS BUILT BY BAMA BROTHER!!!!! IT WAS ALL "BUILT SMART" and watcha gonna do when DAWG NATION and KIRBY SMART RUN WILD ON YOU!!!!! That is why Saban started that TITLE BELT stuff. Hey will you guys put that belt on the line in the SEC title game IF YOU GET THERE????? How about THE BELT VS THE SPIKED SHOULDER PADS???? I don't think they will. That would be like Rick Flare wrestling Hogan and the road warriors at the same time LOL. GREAT ANALOGY
@BamaTime. Sure was!!!! About 25 or so NO-CALLS against bama that gave bama a chance in this game. Everyone including you gumps know that UGA was the best team in the season and on the field that night. You got bad calls and no-calls in your favor all night. As I said before. You played clemson. A hop,skip and jump over and your their. Right over your border. THEY HAD A WORSE STARTING QB THAN BAMA DID. Not to mention. UGA always constantly beats clemson. While UGA was playing a much better team across the country. Bama got off light. WHY????? DID YOU EARN IT???? Seems like I remember bama still plays in the SEC RIGHT??? But you DID NOT WIN IT!!!! UGA IS THE SEC CHAMPION BY VIRTUE OF AVENGING THEIR ONLY LOSS TO THE BARN. 28-7 and could have been 35-7. Bama was dominated knowing the barn was pretty good. They were NOT caught napping. They simply got beaten. I still say. UGA EARNED OUR SPOT, AND BAMA DID NOT. SO TELL US ALL WHY BAMA GOT THE EASY DRAW??? No excuses just admit there is BAMA BIAS PERIOD!!!!! Bama has made espn and the SEC NETWORK too much money to not fight for them. That is what happened after halftime. A few calls were made. I bet the bama player fainted to break uga momentum and get out of the stadium to get a few messages from Saban to a few big-wigs. Then in turn they made a few calls to the REFS. Now this is my honest opinion. IM NOT BREAKING THE LAW BY SAYING IT. UGA ARE THE NATIONAL CHAMPS IN MY OPINION. THEY WON THE SEC ON THE FIELD NOT BAMA.
Even though we all know UGA WON THE SEC and earned their spot in the playoff. Bama only got in because OLD saint Nick went door to door with his begging cup in hand. I'm not sure what that was in his other hand. But many saw presidents. Nevertheless UGA should have played clemson based on winning the SEC. Clemson was weak at QB and was the easiest team to beat in all the playoff. Bama should have had to fly across the country to play the best offensive team in the league. Who was very underrated on defense as well. OU would have beaten bama and bama fans know it. But either way. Bama drew the weakest team and THAT IS A FACT!!! Bama was tucked away in their beds while UGA was traveling back across the country after a grueling victory. Still WE BEAT YOU ON THE FIELD IF THE REFS HAD NOT BEEN PLAYING FOR YOU!!! Honest bama fans would admit that.That NO-CALL PASS INTERFERENCE that should have been called deep in bama territory would have iced it for uga. Just 1 of a hundred it seems. Not to mention the mystery calls the REFS kept pulling out of their a?? to keep bama in it. Also it is worth mentioning. Tua did nothing at all if those HOLDING CALLS would have been made. Holding and clipping on that big fancy Tua run where he would have been sacked. I can honestly say. Mark Richts' georgia teams would have easily had 3 national titles if we got the same REFS calls as bama gets every big game for sure. Fact is fact.
@redsox2004. Am I really hearing a bama fan talking about Smart throwing his starter under the bus??? Eason did NOT truly win the competition. He was given the job based on experience. He did a few good things at georgia. But against AP State he overthrew more than he hit. YOU BAMA FANS ARE JUST PISSED THAT FROMM EVER SAW THE GAME. You all know that Eason was not nearly the QB Fromm is. In the SEC it takes more than just a big arm. Hurts has a big arm doesn't he? But Hurts can run and Eason was a statue. You would LOVE FOR UGA TO HAVE A STATUE AT QB. Sorry but Fromm is not a statue. If Fields plays he is a 4.5 40 guy with a huge accurate arm. So accurate that he BEAT LAWRENCE in the ELITE 11 using only his arm. That must scare you gumps to death. Either you face the man who pushed you to your limits as a true freshman. Or you can face your greatest kryptonite an ELITE PASSING QB WITH ELITE WHEELS WITH SIZE AND STRENGTH. Not to mention potentially THE BEST OFFENSIVE LINE TO EVER STEP ON A COLLEGE FIELD. I truly believe our 2nd string could start for bama. I don't buy the bama hype. I saw the NT game and I know who really won on the field. Never mind all the REFS and their usual bama love.
Well, umm THEY DID. Well those who coached them said that Justin Fields was the BEST they have seen since J Winston. Considering fields elite 11 play was even better than Winston well that is that. 6.3 235 pounds with about a 4.5 40 time and getting faster. Oh and he was NOT ALLOWED to use his legs when he WON THE PASSING COMPETITION. When he BEAT that Lawrence kid passing the ball. No controversy because Fields has NO GIANT EGO, neither does Fromm