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@Jobigator..........They never want the trouble of a 5 star player!!!! If Dexter didn't get upgraded to 5 star after the fact. I doubt he would have signed with Mullen!!!! Why? Because Mullen knows that most view him a A CLOWN!!! So he never bothers talking to truly ELITE PLAYERS!!! Those 4 star guys y'all got wanted to play for Florida not Mullen!!! It's mostly Florida guys who want to play for their home team!!!! But you'll see someday. Mullen will turn Florida into an average JOKE PROGRAM!!!!! It's just a matter of when??? King Negan
I still say he lands at UGA!!!! We already signed him and then released him!!!! But we're still talking to him. Personally I think he is going to get ALL THE FAME HE CAN WITH RECRUITING. HE THINKS IT WILL HELP HIM IN THE NFL, BUT IT WON'T!!!! All of this will HINDER YOU ZACHARY EVANS!!!! Regardless to how good you are. The NFL can find premier running backs!!! They want people who appear HUMBLE AND EASY TO COACH!!!! You could be a star anywhere except maybe Florida because of Mullen. BUT YOU COULD BE A NEXT LEVEL STAR AT UGA RIGHT AWAY!!!! From HERSCHEL to GURLEY, CHUBB AND SONY TO SWIFT. IT GOES ON AND ON!!!!! There is only 1 true RBU and that is UGA!!!!!!! Your about to miss the boat messing with all these others!!!! King Negan
Look here what I found on a Clemson board. They really don't want to see Brice at UGA!!! But if this comment below is not insanity. Then tell me what is?????? CLEMSON FAN COMMENT....... Tobias27772 " I agree that Georgia is not the best place for him - except it is close to home and they will get plenty of national attention. I'd like to see him go somewhere with a good running game to take a little pressure off of him." Is this really real????? It's a joke right??? HEY CLEMSON FAN. IF THE UGA RUN GAME DON'T IMPRESS YOU. THEN YOUR EITHER, A. 6 years old or B. Mentally challenged or C. BLIND AND STUPID!!!! He did alright at CLEMSON when y'all played him. And he did it with your HALFA$$ED RUN GAME!!! UGA HAS ALWAYS BEEN RBU!!!!! Our run game is FAR BETTER THAN YOURS!!!!!!!! Even losing Swift we still are better!!!! We have 5 ELITE RUNNING BACKS AT ALL TIMES!!! And our o line is better than yours to!!!!! Your scheme is better for passing the ball. But we have WRs that are just as good as anyone you have!!!! Our offense has been built TO HELP THE DEFENSE!!!!! But soon you'll all see who UGA has!!!!! Get ready, WERE COMING!!!!!! King Negan
Ben Cleveland is still a dawg!!!! He is academically ineligible right now. But it's a looooooong way until the start of fall camp. Cleveland will play for UGA in 2020!!! King Negan
5 star Beal REJOINED THE TEAM!!!! He ain't leaving. As for Mays. With UGA he would have become a first round draft pick. With Tennessee he might either RETIRE EARLY or just be an average player. Possibly he never gets drafted!!! People don't realize the value of having other players around you that can give you a break once in a while!!!! Tennessee wears their linemen out playing them on every down. Because they have no depth!!!! With Mays they will probably have a pretty decent first team o line. But they will need a QB. And he needs to be GREAT right away!!! They also need running backs!!!! What I'm saying is Cade is going from a great all-around team to a very average to bad team!!!! HE WON'T LOOK NEARLY AS GOOD AS HE DID AT UGA!!!! And to be totally honest. Personally I think Cade Mays UNDER ACHIEVED AT UGA!!!!!! I am not happy he left. But I'm also not worried in the least!!! UGA just lost 2 o linemen to the NFL and now Mays to the portal. BUT JUST WATCH AND SEE!!! UGA WILL STILL HAVE ONE OF THE BEST OFFENSIVE LINES IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. AND PLENTY OF DEPTH!!!! AND THEY WILL BE COACHED BETTER BY MATT LUKE!!!!! Sam Pittman was pretty good. But I never believed he was the best o line coach. I thought he was the best RECRUITER!!!! But LUCK plays a huge part in Pittman's career up to now. He made a bit of a name for himself at Arkansas because THE HOGS NICKNAME CAUGHT ON WITH THE O LINE THERE!!! It became popular enough that he stood out with recruits!!!! Still coming to RBU made him look even better!!! He was able to attract lots of TOP O LINEMEN!!! But NOT just because it was Sam Pittman. But rather because it was FINALLY SAM PITTMAN AT UGA INSTEAD OF ARKANSAS!!!! The UGA BRAND goes further than Pittman ever did!!!! My guess is. We sign our final unsecured o linemen. That will mean that we only lost 1 to my knowledge!!!! What is my point????? THE GREAT WALL OF GEORGIA AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE!!!! It will continue to thrive. Wait and see. In a year or two. MATT LUKE WILL BE CONSIDERED THE #1 O LINE COACH IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! And it's very likely that Sam Pittman might be FIRED!!! Oh I know Sam Pittman supposedly loves Arkansas. He loves them soooooo much that he left THE HOGS for UGA in a drop of a hat!!! THE REAL REASON PITTMAN LEFT... Trust me, the only reason he is back at Arkansas. IS TO BE THE HEAD MAN!!!! But sadly for him. Arkansas simply DOES NOT HAVE THE TALENT TO COMPETE IN THE SEC!!!!! That little WINDOW OF TALENT that Arkansas had back in the day. Well it makes for UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS!!!! Taking the head coaching spot at this time WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! Pittman should have stayed at UGA and coached these AMAZING O LINEMEN that UGA has!!!! He should have WAITED for a better deal. Waited for a team that MIGHT REALLY HAVE A CHANCE!!!! MY PREDICTION....... My prediction is that Pittman will be FIRED QUICKLY. Just as soon as they see he can't do MAGIC or MIRACLES. He will certainly tarnish his image. But he will probably always have a job as an o line coach somewhere. Provided he don't burn to many bridges!!! Heck it's possible he might even be back at UGA someday. But only if the job is open!!! Kirby Smart had as much to do with rebuilding our o line as anyone did!!! It was HIS FIRST PRIORITY AT UGA!!!! Smart is simply THE BEST RECRUITER IN THE COUNTRY. I personally believe he is THE BEST HEAD COACH TO!!!! He certainly accomplished more in his first 4 seasons as HEAD MAN, than Saban ever did!!!! He won the SEC EAST all but 1 season. Won the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP and the ROSE BOWL and nearly THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in just year 2!!!!!!! Almost made the playoffs in year 3. Really he should have!!!! And just finished 12-2 and said. THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! Florida folks love THE MULLET MAN. But they would trade him tomorrow for Kirby Smart!!!! And those who wouldn't are totally STUPID!!!!!! When Saban retires soon to the booth. Wait and see if Alabama don't come knocking at KIRBY'S DOOR!!!!!! It won't be Dabo like everyone thinks. They will want Kirby Smart!!!! But Kirby has his dream job right here in Georgia!!!! By guess is that the next head coach of Alabama will be. Either Jeremy Pruitt, Jimbo Fisher or Les Miles!!!!!! If Alabama had their pick. In my opinion they should choose Les Miles or my second choice Jimbo Fisher!!!!! Les Miles just had some QB issues. But he was still only loosing around 2 games a season when he was fired from LSU. I think he averaged around 2 losses. HE IS A GREAT COACH AND DESERVES BETTER!!!!!!! Personally I think Jimbo Fisher is a bit OVERRATED. But he has lots of experience and has proven he can win if he has the players!!! Pruitt might be a good choice. But he still has yet to prove himself with me at Tennessee!!!!! King Negan
Sheesh I thought I might reel someone in. LOL ONLY A JOKE!!!! I thought it might be funny.
BOOK IT!! That is very much the way SEC HATER Danny K talks. Could he be the big time source??? STAY TUNED!!!!! Some report states that Tennessee will lose 2 starting o linemen because of Cade Mays including their TOP O LINEMAN TRE SMITH AS WELL AS WANYE MORRIS I THINK IS HIS NAME??? Apparently their both upset with allowing Cade to TRANSFER HOME after things looking a little better!!! Both say they might consider other options but want to play in 2020. Just not for Tennessee!!!! Report has them also transferring to LSU most likely!!!! THE RICH GETTING RICHER!!!! Also 3 more Vols to transfer because of Cade Mays from the defense!!! 2 starters and a reserve 4 star cb. No names given yet!!!! Either way. Cade says he is still going home. Said he was thinking about it long before the 2019 season. He just wanted to come home to a better seem. No comment on his father's lawsuit. LSU looks to clean up. While reports say their is suddenly bad blood at Tennessee. And apparently Saban is NOT HAPPY EITHER. TAMPERING IS A REAL POSSIBILITY REPORT SAYS. BIG WINNER HERE IS LSU!!!! Loser in my book is Tennessee. We will see!!!!!! Jan 21 2020 9:35 I'm still awaiting details. Huge huge news
LSU FANS HAVE Y'ALL HEARD??? It's being reported that Tua will NOT TURN PRO!!!! But also that he has decided to TRANSFER TO LSU. In order to play 1 more season. Why the transfe???? According to the report . He wants his little brother to have every chance to play!!! Saban is apparently keeping quiet on the issue. But some feel there might have been tampering involved!!! Report says Tua will be immediately eligible to play for LSU!!! Same source says DONE DEAL, BOOK IT!!!! PS. I suppose that answers your QB opening. According to same reports. All current LSU QBs will transfer if the deal goes down/ went down!!! TUA TO LSU???? Anyone have more info? I'm not seeing it on the boards yet. Apparently it's so big they want to be sure. WOW!!! Imagine Tua beating his old team???? WOW
Well Emory Jones was once considered a 5 star QB. But by the time he finally gets to actually play. I predict he will be a red shirt Junior or something playing for UGA or somebody. How does that work? I'm not knocking him. He has ability. I'm just saying that he has been behind both Franks and Trask in his time at Florida. He said he trust Mullen according to some reports. WELL I DON'T!!!!!!!! Unless Trask falls on his rear to the point where Mullen has no choice but to play him. He will sit right there on the bench!!! Playing only sparingly to make him feel better. Mullen was already praising some freshman QB. But I haven't heard anything about Emory Jones except from FLORIDA FANS!!!! If the media presses Mullen on Emory Jones. He might say well I'm proud of him. He is doing real well. But when it comes to IMPORTANT GAMES. MULLEN WOULD RATHER START A WR AT QB THAN TO GO WITH A TALENTED FORMER 5 STAR QB!!!! Sorry young man but Mullen is not GROOMING YOU. HE IS BENCHING YOU!!!! Playing only in garbage time for a few plays is the same thing that sent Fields to OSU!!! The difference is. JAKE FROMM WAS A SEC CHAMPION, ROSE BOWL CHAMPION AND NEARLY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP QB!!!! And if Fields would have STAYED AT UGA. I BET MONEY HE WOULD HAVE PLAYED AS MUCH AS FROMM THIS SEASON IF NOT TAKEN HIS SPOT!!! And come next season in 2020. He would have started day 1. As is he did alright. But UGA is better than OSU in my opinion. WE WILL SOON SEE NEXT YEAR!!!!! The SEC is sure better than the big 10 or any other conference even in a bad year!!!! The SEC has UGA, FLORIDA, LSU, ALABAMA, AUBURN AND A TON OF UP AND COMING TALENTED TEAMS!!!! If I left anyone out it's because there are so many!!!! Anyway, my point is. Mullen won't play Jones unless he is just FORCED TO DO SO!!!! If I were him, I would DUMP DAN BEFORE HE COST HIM HIS CAREER IN SOME MEANINGLESS PRACTICE OR TRASH TIME IN A GAME!!!! I believe in loyalty. But it's more like INSANITY on the part of Emory Jones. Hey kid if you wanted to ride a bench. Why didn't you at least choose UGA? I'm sure they offered you. And you would get a fair chance!!!! Fields got a fair chance and was beaten out!!!!! That don't mean he wasn't a star!!!! PS. I have just 2 words for Emory Jones. TRANSFER PORTAL!!!!! FAST!!!! Well okay, 3 words lol. King Negan
I hate to be the one to bring a level head here. But, this season is over for LSU period!!! Coach O in my book anyway was very lucky. He gave Brady the power to change the offense as he chose. He have an awful lot of power to Brady. LSU FANS TAKE HEART........ Brady will be available again soon. This was his ONE LUCKY SEASON as well. He will probably never be that good again. Everything just clicked!!! Same as when the falcon last made the super bowl. The OC what's his name was never that good before with the falcons. Then he went to San Fran and I haven't kept up. But the falcons had the same talent both before and after but never recreated that success before or after!!! And will what's his name with San Fran be the next super coach??? I doubt it!!!! Anyway college football is full of ONE YEAR WONDERS LIKE THAT GUY WHO COACHED CAM NEWTON AT AUBURN. But then what happened???? COACH O DID NOTHING BY HIMSELF!!!! Until Brady and Burrow he was average to good at best. If he keeps it up and continues to make LSU win. Well then okay. But until that time. Stop mentioning KIRBY SMART AND UGA AS IF LSU AND COACH O OWN US. BECAUSE THEY DON'T!!!!! Y'all played Kirby with UGA twice. The first game was in LSU DEATH VALLEY WITH A YOUNG TEAM THAT WAS READY TO LOSE THEIR FIRST GAME!!!! I still say that the OC Chaney gave LSU that game by abandoning the run THAT WAS WORKING AND WAS DOMINATING!!!! Instead of keeping it up. The genius Chaney started demanding Fromm pass into double and triple coverages!!!! LSU WAS PLAYING COVERAGE AND WE WERE RUNNING THROUGH YALL LIKE A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER!!!!! Go watch the game again and see if I'm wrong. UGA WOULD PROBABLY HAVE DESTROYED LSU IF WE STUCK TO THE RUN AND WORN YOU DOWN LIKE WE WERE DOING!!!! But our next game was FLORIDA. I'M 100% CONVINCED. WE SACRIFICED THE LSU GAME TO WIN THE FLORIDA GAME!!! Florida beat LSU that year and was better as were we!!!! UGA BEAT THEM 36-17!!! This season, congratulations. You beat a uga team who didn't have a legit offense thanks to injury!!! As everyone has said. DREAM SEASON, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! But to act as if based upon 2 games, both having circumstances. That suddenly coach O is elite and Kirby is GARBAGE??? Well that makes you as DELUSIONAL as some others who think they own us who haven't beaten us in 3 years!!! Instead of poking fun at Kirby Smart. You should be THANKING HIM!!!! It wasn't Dabo or CLEMSON that made Alabama beatable. IT SURE WASN'T LSU EITHER!!!! It was KIRBY LEAVING ALABAMA that you can thank for that!!! If Kirby Smart had not left Alabama for UGA. You would have to ADD A MINIMUM OF 4 or 5 ADDITIONAL 5 STAR PLAYERS TO ALABAMA OVER THE PAST 4 YEARS!!! You would also be playing against both Saban and Kirby Smart TOGETHER!!! Even with the large NFL TURNOVER RATE. I'm sorry, but neither CLEMSON nor LSU WOULD HAVE STOOD A CHANCE!!!! Oh but what about this year??? This year never happens if Kirby had stayed!!! College football would still be bowing down to Alabama. Only by now they would be strong enough to make clemson their scout team!!!! Trevor Lawrence would be at either UGA or Alabama not Clemson!!! Personally I don't think that Clemson would ever have beaten Alabama and Dabo would be bagging groceries again!!!! COACH O would probably have been FIRED long ago!!!! Facts are facts........Nobody except OSU had any real success once the ball really got rolling at Alabama. Not with both Saban and Kirby coaching together. Look how both recruit and how they have done for just the last 4 seasons. Then tell me LSU OR CLEMSON would be $HIT!!! And don't go looking at their roster or recruiting success. Because CHAMPIONSHIPS are what bring the recruits. That can be either SEC EAST OR WEST TITLES. OR NATIONAL TITLES. And I'm simply saying. Kirby moving to UGA helped to create the teams like Clemson. Along with an ACC SCHEDULE!!!! But LSU is a direct result of kids choosing LSU over Alabama!!!! ITS A DOMINO EFFECT!!!! Alabama is not dead yet. But once they do become MEDIOCRE again. THE NEXT TRUE DYNASTY LIKE ALABAMA WAS, WILL BE UGA!!!! Because Kirby is the most like him of any coach. It's just a matter of getting the ball rolling like Alabama did. WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!! King Negan
QUESTION FOR ALL FLORIDA FANS......... Why is it that even some UGA fans and ALL GATOR FANS it seems. Why is it y'all are all assuming that Florida will beat UGA in 2020??? I loved Fromm but hey face it. Regardless of the reasons this just wasn't his year!!!!! UGA WILL BE BETTER IN THE PASSING GAME IN 2020!!!! We will have the best WR GROUP or one of the best!!!! Our Qb will be better than they were this year regardless to who it is!!!! FROMM DID NOT HAVE AN ELITE SEASON!!!! I think he is an ELITE QB but it didn't show up this year!!! It was the running game and THE DEFENSE that carried UGA TO 12-2 and a 3rd straight win over FLORIDA and a 3rd straight SEC EAST CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!! Our running game is not going anywhere!!!! We are RBU and will be elite as always!!!! Our O line will still be elite!!! WRS AND QB WILL TAKE A HUGE STEP UP FROM WHAT IT WAS THIS YEAR!!! 3 5 star WRS ALREADY HERE and a number of elite talented wrs on their way in!!!! Whether it's Jaime Newman, Carson Beck or Dwan Mathis. The QB room and passing game will be better DAY 1!!!!! Better than this season. I love all our QBS. That said. Everyone is anointing Jaime Newman as the starter. And if so, great. He is a great talent. But Carson Beck was called by everyone Jake Fromm with Stafford's arm only MORE ACCURATE!!!! He played on a bad team. But he is a great QB. COMPARED TO TREVOR LAWRENCE!!!! Oh but he's only a TRUE FRESHMAN!!!! Well Fromm was a TRUE FRESHMAN when he came within a play or so in double OT OF BEING A NATIONAL CHAMPION!!!! And Trevor Lawrence recently won a National championship in his TRUE FRESHMAN SEASON!!! ITS SIMPLY NOT AN ISSUE ANYMORE!!!! QBS are simply more prepared for the college game then they once were!!!!! Personally I only want what is best for UGA. If it's Mathis, Beck or Bennett or Newman. I just like the idea of having a choice. Their all good!!!! Probably a couple of Elite QBS in the mix to!!!! THE UGA DEFENSE WILL BE EVEN BETTER!!!! And has anyone looked at the recruiting rankings in the last 4 or 5 years????? EXACTLY WHY SHOULD FLORIDA BEAT UGA??? Because of what? MULLEN????? Is that it??????? If he wins one. IT WILL BE HIS FIRST TIME TO BEAT SMART!!!!!!! Florida will NOT live up to their expectations!!!! Wait and see. UGA WILL DESTROY THEM IN 2020!!!!! King Negan
@wrashall.........I'm sure the offense is here to stay in scheme for now. But hey if you think it's gonna look like last season. Then consider this. The Atlanta falcons were the LSU of the pro game a few seasons back. WE DIDN'T LOSE OUR QB OR A BUNCH OF TALENT EITHER!!!! We also KNEW THE PATH!!!! The fact is y'all caught EVERYONE INCLUDING YOURSELVES BY SURPRISE THIS YEAR!!!! Unlike the falcons you did NOT fall apart in the biggest game!!! Like it or not that is NOT GOOD FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!! Will the team still be as hungry???? ITS POSSIBLE BUT I STILL DON'T BELIEVE IN COACH O LIKE Y'ALL DO!!!! And QBs don't just have seasons like Burrow just had every year!!! THIS SEASON WAS PURE MAGIC FOR LSU!!! But y'all still beat a wounded uga team without a TRUE STARTING WR FOR THE WHOLE FIRST HALF!!!! Thanks to all the injuries. You might still have beaten us if we had been healthy but I don't know? But either way. Only teams having MAGICAL SEASONS BEAT TEAMS LIKE UGA FULLY HEALTHY!!! But come next year. UGA is set to SURPRISE EVERYONE!!!! Y'all all think we are going under mainly because of losing Fromm!!!! But UGA just might have the very best WR core in the SEC next season!!!! We will certainly be as good as anyone. And it is UGA who will have the big-time offensive coordinator or co-OC, however they choose to do it. And UGA needs a QB right??? Well we will have our pick of the smaller version of Baker Mayfield in Stedson Bennett. I didn't say that. THE COACHES DID!!!!! When he tore up our STARTING DEFENSE USING THE SCOUT TEAM OFFENSE THE YEAR WE WON THE ROSE BOWL. We also have. The 6 foot 6 ARM CANON WITH LEGS 4 star QB DWan Mathis. One of the strongest Arms you will see. Then we also have the incoming 4 star who is really a 5 star playing with bad overall players. The guy who IN MY OPINION MIGHT BE THE BEST OVERALL PRO STYLE QB CARSON BECK!!!! It has already been stated CLEARLY BY ALL THE COACHES AND EXPERT ANALYSIS GUYS. That this guy is JAKE FROOM ALL OVER AGAIN IN FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE!!! And that is saying something considering the fact that Jake made a career out of pure INTELLIGENCE!!!! NOBODY WAS SMARTER THAN JAKE FROMM PERIOD!!! These same guys also noted that Carson Beck is JAKE FROMM WITH MATT STAFFORD'S ARM STRENGTH ONLY MORE ACCURATE!!!!! He is around 6 foot 4 or 6 foot 5!!!! A big, smart and MOBILE QB WITH AS GOOD OF AN ARM AS ANYBODY EVER PROBABLY!!!!! That sounds like TREVOR LAWRENCE to me!!!!! Now I like Joe Burrow THIS SEASON. But overall I will still take Trevor Lawrence!!!!! And I believe that UGA has one coming that could be every bit as special as Trevor Lawrence!!!! That man is Carson Beck!!!!! Then we have JAIME NEWMAN. Listed by PRO SCOUTS as the #3 ranked returning QB in the country!!!! That is listing him from WFU!!!! Imagine what he can be with UGA type talent. This last season he played most of the season with an injured shoulder and without his top WR!!!! Yet he is listed at WFU as being behind only Trevor Lawrence and whoever is ranked #2!!!! Either way. Personally I think it's 2017 all over again. Only with a BETTER ENDING!!!!! Our QB situation will be just fine. In fact it will be BETTER THAN THIS SEASON!!!! And even given the offensive problems we had this year. WE STILL WON 12 and lost only 2!!!!! Legitimate losses should have been maybe 1!!!! In regular season anyway. With all the terrible problems that UGA had in the passing game because of INJURIES to WRS. If we don't have that 4 turnover to none nightmare vs SC. UGA MAKES THE PLAYOFFS EVEN LOSING TO LSU IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Allow me to remind everyone. We beat 11-2 FLORIDA, AUBURN who played LSU within 3 points and beat Alabama and and Oregon. We actually dominated Auburn in auburn until we took the foot off the the gas at 21-7 late!!!! We beat Notre Dame 11-2 as well as 11-2 Baylor before we beat them. Actually dominated them!!! We beat nearly as many top teams as LSU did!!! Only LSU also had a playoff run to add in there. I'm not saying anything negative about LSU this season. In fact I was THE FIRST TO SAY LSU WOULD WIN THE SEC WEST. I SAID IT EVEN BEFORE SPRING FOOTBALL!!!! But don't think it's going to be that way again!!!! Not saying you can't win the SEC WEST again. But it won't be as easy as it was this year!!! Allow me to REMIND Y'ALL JUST HOW EASILY IT COULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT THIS SEASON........ If Tua doesn't FUMBLE the football away going into the end zone. They almost certainly beat LSU!!!! Even with a loss to auburn in this case Alabama still WINS THE SEC WEST BY VIRTUE OF BEATING LSU!!!! And if UGA doesn't GIVE THE GAME TO SC WITH 4 turnovers to none in OT. Then in this case. REGARDLESS, WIN OR LOSE IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. UGA PROBABLY MAKES THE PLAYOFFS. And would the committee in the case of Alabama winning the SEC TITLE, IF THEY DID. Would they put LSU with 1 regular season loss in over a SEC EAST CHAMPION WITH NO REGULAR SEASON LOSSES? With UGA beating FLORIDA, AUBURN, NOTRE DAME and many others??? NOPE!!! It's not happening friends. Then should UGA have beaten Alabama in that case. Would the committee put LSU over a SEC WEST CHAMPION THAT BEAT THEM??? Not just over Alabama but over Saban???? Personally I say. NO WAY!!!!! Saban is NOT missing his first playoff to a team he beat!!!! It's just NOT HAPPENING!!!!! So LSU FANS, be thankful that Tua fumbled going in for a score!!!! That one single play probably decided your season!!!!! LSU WAS THE BEST TEAM THIS YEAR. BUT ONE PLAY COULD HAVE EASILY MADE IT DIFFERENT!!!! Considering the way we dominated Baylor. UGA COULD HAVE EASILY BEEN THE NATIONAL CHAMPION THIS YEAR HAD WE NOT LOST TO SC AND IF TUA DIDN'T FUMBLE!!!!! As is, CONGRATS!!!! But 12-2 is not exactly chicken feed!!!! How in the world does a team with no WRs thanks to injury. And trouble passing all season. How does this team go 12-2????? Winning the SEC EAST FOR THE 3rd straight season. How do you do that??? Answer..... ELITE OFFENSIVE LINE, ELITE RUNNING GAME AND THE #1 DEFENSE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have bad news for the rest of the league. We lose a lot from our O LINE. But we have continued to recruit that position better than anyone else. AND STILL DOING IT EVEN WITHOUT PITTMAN!!!! Matt Luke can recruit and might be just a bit better of an o line coach than Pittman was. And that is saying something!!!!!! BAD NEWS PEOPLE.... THE UGA O LINE WILL STILL BE ELITE!!!! Kirby Smart has as much to do with our O line recruiting as anyone and he believes in keeping the O line strong. It always will be!!!!!! MORE TOUGH NEWS......UGA IS STILL ELITE IN THE RUNNING GAME. Since we are RBU I imagine it's easy to see why!!! If he is able to stay healthy. Zamire White has been predicted to win the H TROPHY. His knee injuries were not on the same knee and they were not that bad!!! Doctors think his knees could be EVEN BETTER THAN THEY WERE WHEN HE WAS THE TOP RUNNING BACK IN THE COUNTRY. A GENERATIONAL TYPE TALENT!!! If he stays healthy. He will be back at FULL SPEED and that is bad news for anyone not UGA!!!!!! We have some other big time talent with James Cook and Kenny McIntosh. And a young Todd Gurley on the way!!!!! That being Kendall Milton who is a 5 star regardless to not being in top condition running his 40!!! He was ranked as the #2 running back in the country just behind Zachary Evans. Many felt he was the best of the two!!!! Strange as it might seem. Zachary Evans could still end up at UGA. He signed with UGA and we didn't except him. But who knows why? He might still be a dawg after its all over. If not good luck to him. Just not against UGA!!! LOL. BUT UGA RELOADS EVERY YEAR AT RUNNING BACK AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE THE GREAT ONES!!!! As I stated in the beginning of this book. Our WRs might be THE BEST IN THE SEC OR AS GOOD AS ANY!!!! So our offense will obviously be fine or BETTER!!!! That leaves only THE DEFENSE!!!! And this is the worst news of all for the rest of the country. And the rest of the SEC!!! The defense that was #1 this year. Brings almost EVERYONE back!!!! Oh yea, we will as always lose a few big names. But we have most everyone coming back. We will have a VICIOUS DEFENSE NEXT SEASON!!!! I predicted we would have the TOP OVERALL DEFENSE IN THE SEC AND THAT MAKES YOU TOPS IN THE COUNTRY REGARDLESS OF OTHER CUPCAKE KILLERS!!! I predicted it and we accomplished it!!!! And provided we don't have monumental injuries or unforeseen issues. THE UGA DEFENSE WILL BE EVEN BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER AND BETTER IN 2020!!!!!! That given we may or may not gave the same numbers!!! Because our offense will be so much better than it was this year. WE WILL PROBABLY SCORE TWICE AS FAST AND OFTEN AS WE DID THIS YEAR!!!! That will probably effect the defensive numbers!!!! But it won't effect our season!!!! FINAL THOUGHT......UGA starts off against a quality team in UVA!!! We will need to be ready. But I think uga will take that one. The Alabama game being played in Alabama won't be easy. I think UGA CAN WIN IT. But either way. It will be far more important to win in the SEC TITLE GAME should we get there. AND YES I BELIEVE WE WILL!!!!! UGA IS NO LONGER ANYONE'S LITTLE BROTHER AND THAT INCLUDES ALABAMA!!!!!! We ended Florida's decade of pretty decent success vs UGA. Kirby helped turn a game that every uga fan worried about. Into a game that now every Florida fan worries about!!!! And we have been on the verge of ending Alabama for years now!!!! And like it or not. KIRBY AND UGA RECRUITING IS WHAT ULTIMATELY REALLY OPENED THE DOOR FOR CLEMSON AND LSU AND AUBURN!!! Had it not been for UGA and Kirby recruiting the way we are. Alabama wouldn't have missed a beat!!! You could probably have added 4 or 5 more 5 star players every season to Alabama, had it not been for Kirby coming to UGA the past 4 seasons!!!! Think of 16 to 20 additional 5 star players added to Alabama the last 4 seasons had KIRBY not joined UGA!!! And think of Kirby staying at Alabama. Do you truly believe that Clemson becomes a DYNASTY type team??? I DON'T!!!!! Given that same fact. Does anyone really believe that LSU HAS THIS SEASON??? NO WAY!!!! Coach O would have already been fired and Dabo might have 1 title if he was VERY LUCKY!!!! UGA DOESN'T GET ENOUGH CREDIT FOR PUTTING ALABAMA IN THEIR PLACE!!!! But without Kirby Joining UGA. THINGS WOULD HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!! Everyone would have been facing both Saban and Smart TOGETHER in recruiting and in coaching!!!! Had that happened. It would have been exactly the same as it was from 2008 until Alabama won their last one when Kirby left and Pruitt helped keep the bama defense that KIRBY BUILT great!!!! Other than that last one in 2017 that bama BARELY WON. Alabama has been beatable. And that is THANKS TO UGA AND KIRBY SMART!!!! UGA helped to make Alabama human again. And now it's time that WE GET THE CREDIT WE DESERVE AND FINISH THE JOB OURSELVES!!!! With a little help from our friends. We will do our share to RETIRE SABAN. AND WE HAVE DONE MORE THAN OUR SHARE!!!!! But to LSU, AUBURN AND THE SEC. This one season won't be enough LSU!!! Alabama will come for y'all next season with a fierce fire. The game will be in LSU!!!!!!! If your truly an elite program now which I'm not yet convinced. But if y'all are. THEN BEAT ALABAMA!!!! Until you do, they still own the SEC WEST IN MY BOOK!!!! I knew y'all could do it this year. But can you do it LONG TERM?????? Auburn can y'all win one in Alabama?????? Will TX A&M finally be what they were supposed to become under Jimbo Fisher???? EITHER WAY....Make sure to thank UGA for opening the door for everyone!!!! Not Clemson, no it's UGA THAT DID IT PERIOD!!!!!!!! King Negan
@UGADAWG78.......I love Swift. But why would you say that HE CAN'T BE REPLACED??? Haven't we ALWAYS had great Running backs? We always cry doom until the next great one walks on the field. And I got news for you. Had Zamir White never gotten hurt. Swift would have been the #2 option!!! If Zamir returns to form you will see!!! And James Cook only needs his chance to prove why he was a 5 star most of his career!!! And watch and see. If Milton stays HEALTHY. He will be the next Todd Gurley!!!! Actually UGA probably don't have a bad running back on our team!!!! WE ARE RBU!!! They can all be replaced. But they will always be remembered. Maybe that is what you meant???? Nobody in their right mind should have Florida winning the east!!! THIS YEAR WAS THEIR BEST SHOT. And you see how that worked out. People act as if Florida didn't just lose the majority of their better OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE PLAYERS. The biggest difference is. UGA CAN REPLACE OURS AND THEY CAN'T!!!! At least no one should be betting on it!!!!! PS. FSU DANNY SAID BOOK IT!!!! But I bet he won't put a single dollar of his money on it!!!!! King Negan
Here is you VIRAL QUOTE OF THE YEAR FROM ME!!! All these media guys and Mullen champions just keep on keeping on. Betting on the same old losing horse over and over. WITHOUT REASON OR REALITY THEY KEEP STUMBLING THROUGH THE FOG TO BET ON MULLEN. Sadly, one of these years. Probably a long time from now. Mullen might get lucky. Then they will all say. Look we told you so!!!! But the fact is just as true in Gainesville as it is anywhere else. And that is that " EVEN A BLIND SQUIRREL FINDS A WIN EVERY NOW AND THEN. " PS. Yes, I know I should have said NUT right? Well I changed it purposely. BECAUSE GAINESVILLE ALREADY FOUND THEIR NUT 2 YEARS AGO. ITS A WIN THEY NEED NOW!!!!! Dedicated to MULLEN THE CLOWN. Originally written by me.... King Negan
Well sorry but Jake Fromm wasn't exactly deadly this year. Its almost as if he already left last year and Franks transferred to UGA. I LOVE JAKE BUT HE WAS THE SECOND COMING OF JOE COX THIS SEASON. NOT THAT IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT. But I'm just saying. If y'all expect the offense to be worse than it was at the end of this season??? Y'ALL REALLY ARE MORE DELUSIONAL THAN I THOUGHT!!!! Florida beating UGA in 2020 with the QBs we have coming???? Well okay I get it. WITHOUT HUMOR WHAT DO WE HAVE, RIGHT??? Keep dreaming!!!!!!! UGA BACK TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AGAIN WITH ANOTHER TRUE FRESHMAN LIKE FROMM IN 2017. That is what will happen. BOOK IT!!!!!! PS. HEY DANNY DUMMY K, WHEN DID YOU START LOVING FLORIDA???? I could have sworn you were an FSU QB???? I guess it's that MANDELA EFFECT!!!! Well it's probably more real than florida winning in 2020. BOTH ARE FOOLISHNESS!!!!!!!! King Negan
Yep, y'all watch them gators in 2020. Remember it's not a bowl game in your back yard so you can PAD YOUR STATS!!!! ITS THE SEC!!!! I'm with Urban Liar here. Watch them, WATCH THEM GO FROM A FAKE 11-2 back where they belong. As their season falls to pieces!!!! TO HIGH OF EXPECTATIONS CAN DESTROY A PROGRAM LIKE FLORIDA. BUT URBAN KNOWS THAT TO!!! He is deliberately trying to sabotage his old pal MULLET if you ask me. WHY???? Easy, so they will FIRE MULLET AND REHIRE URBAN LIAR!!!!! Urban Liar is dying to coach in the SEC again. And I'm sure he would rather it be Alabama but he will take Florida. But I say, LET HIM!!!! BRING HIM ON!!!!! This version of UGA WILL CURB STOMP HIM NOW!!!!! PS. It won't be long until Mullen is run out of town by his own defenders!!! But will y'all wait until Urban Liar is again snatched up????? If so. I'm sure you can still hire THE LIFE CHAMPION HIMSELF, BUTCH JONES!!!! LOL. King Negan
AND BEN CLEVELAND IS NOT INELIGIBLE FOR THE 2020 SEASON!!!!! It was only the sugar bowl!!!! He has been fine and will be again!!! His grades probably dropped because he took a break. He probably didn't really care to play in that game!!! PS. I like it when the team plays for pride!!!! But face it. UGA HAS HIGHER GOALS THAN FLORIDA. AND WE DON'T CARE ABOUT PADDING OUR STATS LIKE Y'ALL EITHER!!!! King Negan
@Wadeless...........UGA will be the ABSOLUTE CLASS OF THE SEC EAST AT WR and probably the CLASS OF THE SEC AT WR!!!! As for O LINE. Yea, we have to replace a few. So does EVERYONE!!!! But we will be replacing 5 stars with 5 stars at many positions!!!! And we have 1 247 5 star still committed for 2020. And another who is listed as a borderline 5 star in 247 while that same lineman is a 5 star with another big recruiting agency!!!! Y'all know just like I do that UGA has been just packing up on elite linemen for years now!!!! Our worst might be as good as your best!!!! TRANSLATION.......UGA IS STILL BETTER THAN FLORIDA ON THE O LINE!!!! At WR we are much BETTER!!!! Provided we get healthy and stay healthy. But y'all have to be healthy to. It's not just our problem!!! We have 3 5 stars already with the team. Along with all kinds of elite 4 stars!!! And we have a boatload of ELITE WR TALENT COMING IN IN 2020. Including the fastest man in COLLEGE FOOTBALL PROBABLY!!! Jake Fromm was a TRUE FRESHMAN the year we beat y'all 42-7. And came within 2nd and 26 and 25 terrible bad CALLS and NO CALLS, of WINNING THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! And the truth is had it not been for bad CALLS and injuries. We could have easily won 2 straight NATIONAL TITLES and competed better than Clemson for a third!!!! But it is what it is!! But Jake is gone. So automatically uga is gone right???? Given that same logic. HOW DID FLORIDA MANAGE TO SURVIVE WHILE TRASK ROAD THE BENCH BEHIND FRANKS???? Oh yea. Sorry, I forgot. YALL HAD THE MAGIC MULLET RIGHT????? The QB whisperer himself!!! Question. Wasn't Danny boy the one who benched Trask behind Franks in the first place??? Is it barely possible that Trask was always the better pure QB of the two???? But Dan don't want that. He wants the old duel threat regardless if it's really best for the team!!! TRUTH IS. DAN HAS NEVER WON ANYTHING BY HIMSELF PERIOD!!! So if he manages to overtake UGA which he has promised to do with all his UGA JOKES FOR 2 YEARS. Well it will be the VERY FIRST TIME that he ever won anything by himself!!!! He never won the SEC EAST. Urban Meyer did!!! And he never got close to winning the SEC WEST either!!!! He got LUCKY and had a dream team of talent at Miss State. But under Dan Mullen the at one time #1 RANKED DREAM TEAM became a CREAM TEAM in the second half of the season!!! I think they lost 4 in a row or something similar!!!! TRUTH IS. LAST YEAR WAS THE VERY BEST SEASON HE EVER HAD ANYWHERE ALONE!!! But face it. HE RIGGED THE BOWL GAME. HE MADE SURE THAT UVA WAS THE OPONENT AND THAT THEY PLAYED THE GAME IN THEIR OWN BACKYARD IN FLORIDA!!!! He made sure with his media pals and everyone else. That he picked a team from THE VERY WORST CONFERENCE IN THE BIG LEAGUES!!! The ACC!!!! UVA was a 4 loss or was it 5 loss opponent from the weak ACC???? Either way. They have 5 losses now if they didn't before!!!! I wonder why MULLET chose UVA as opposed to say even UCF??? How about Minnesota??? Heck, if he wanted to rig the game or make 100 % sure he don't lose. How about simply refuse to go to a bowl game??? That way the record remains the same. HE KNEW HE WOULDN'T LOSE!!! But they played y'all better than you hoped. Oh and while we are at it. UGA PLAYED A REAL TEAM WITH 2 LOSSES. TO A PLAYOFF TEAM. THE FIRST BY 3 POINTS AND THE OTHER IN OT!!!! And with pretty much half our team either out with injuries or sitting it out. WE DOMINATED THEM!!!! I love Fromm. But this year Fromm was NOT THE REASON WE WERE 12-2!!!! Carson Beck will be just as talented in every way from day one!!! But we will have Jaime Newman if needed or 4 star Dwan Mathis. Even Stedson Bennett is better than y'all would believe!!!! There are RUMORS that Chase Brice from Clemson might be coming to UGA soon. We are in a position to SELECT BASICALLY ANYONE WE CHOOSE!!! You can bet. Our QB ROOM will be just fine and probably a lot better!!! Carson Beck was called by many experts. A TALLER JAKE FROMM WITH TREVOR LAWRENCE ARM AND DEADLY ACCURATE!!!! And like Fromm he is EXTREMELY FOOTBALL SMART AND LIVES IN THE FILM ROOM!!!! He is good enough that both MULLET and SABAN WERE DROOLING OVER HIM!!! Saban would probably take him today over his fancy 5 star!!! Carson Beck would easily be the #1 RANKED PRO SRYLE IF HE PLAYED ON A BETTER TEAM!!! BEST NEWS YET...... UGA looses little and gains a whole lot. On our #1 RANKED DEFENSE!!!! We are high up in nearly all defensive categories. But POINTS or rather keeping points off the board. THAT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. AND UGA OFFICIALLY RANKS #1 IN SCORING DEFENSE. OUR OVERALL DEFENSE WAS AND IS THE BEST AND WILL BE BETTER IN 2020!!!! PS. We will DESTROY a better UVA TEAM THAN Y'ALL PLAYED and probably beat Alabama in TUSCALOOSA to!!! After that happens. THEN I WANT TO HEAR ALL THOSE MULLEN LOVERS BACKTRACKING AND MAKING EXCUSES!!!! LOL. Oh, I hope y'all enjoy watching UGA probably sign the #1 or #2 class in February. Even though we have smaller numbers. But Mullen has got a #7 ranked class going. DO THEY ALL HAVE THEIR VISA YET??? Can they all write their name??? At least good Tudors to take their test for them???? TO ALL THE HATERS......WE AIN'T GOING NOWHERE BUT UP. BOOK IT!!!!! King Negan
@ufLIZZARDMAN.........Y'all will run MULLET MAN out of town within 3 years or less!!! KIRBY SMART WILL OUT RECRUIT DAN MULLET IN HIS SLEEP!!!!!! It really bothers you gator fans that the only 5 stars y'all can get come from UGA and other teams via transfer!!! But remember Cox was a trouble maker and the running back thus far hasn't lived up to his ranking!!! Trust me the gators take a step BACK next season!!! That missing 2019 class is going to bite you!!!! Your going to absolutely fall apart under Mullen!!! BLAME IT ON COACH MAC IF YOU LIKE!!! Coach Mac WON THE SEC EAST his first 2 season's!!!! And it was FLORIDA PLAYERS THAT CREATED THE CREDIT CARD SCAM that helped destroy the team!!!! 11 OF THEIR PLAYERS INCLUDING SCARLETT AND YOUR BEST WR AND OTHERS WERE BENCHED BECAUSE OF FRAUD!!!! Yet you blame the coach????? Coach Mac had a TOP 10 CLASS going when y'all fired him and hired MULLET!!! The first thing MULLET did was run an elite QB off in order to chase Justin Fields who laughed at him. Then Emory Jones who still hasn't played a down as a starter!!!!! EMORY JONES WAS REALLY TALENTED UNTIL HE GOT TO GAINESVILLE. I think maybe the QB WHISPERER NEEDS TO EITHER SPEAK UP OR MAYBE EMORY JONES SHOULD TRANSFER!!!!!!!! As for Kyle Trask, y'all used to call him KYLE TRASH!!!! He has been buried in your system for 20 years!!! HE WOULD STILL BE BURIED IF IT WAS UP TO MULLEN!!!! Frank's was the starter for 3 STRAIGHT SEASONS!!!! Or was it longer???? I remember 3 for sure!!!!!! Coach Mac won the SEC EAST his first 2 season's. Dan Mullen finished 3rd in the SEC EAST in year 1 and 2nd in year 2!!!!! Both years beaten by UGA!!!! As for recruiting. It hasn't even been close!!!! We just brought in an elite STARTING QB VIA TRANSFER. He started and took WAKE FOREST to a bowl game. He was the best player on a bad team!!!! But he is certainly insurance for our QB ROOM!!!! With Stedson Bennett and Dwan Mathis already here and CARSON BECK coming in. Now we can afford to say goodbye and good luck to a great player Jake Fromm!!! But sorry to let you know. Jake Fromm was never the only reason that UGA WAS CLOSE TO A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! The scouting report on Carson Beck says that HE IS ANOTHER JAKE FROMM IN THE MIND AND WITH FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE. WITH AN ARM THAT RESEMBLES TREVOR LAWRENCE OR MATT STAFFORD, WITH PLENTY OF ACCURACY!!!! Extremely accurate!!! And he is 6 foot 4!!!!! Before you get too happy at the fact he is only a TRUE FRESHMEN. Just remember. Jake Fromm was also a TRUE FRESHMAN when he came within 1 play of being a champion in DOUBLE OT!!!! And Trevor Lawrence did DESTROY ALABAMA as a TRUE FRESHMAN to win the NATIONAL TITLE!!!! TRUE FRESHMEN COME IN EVERY DAY NOW AND WIN TITLES!!! It's no longer a big deal. And UGA's WRS will be nothing short of DEADLY next season!!!! Our O LINE will be tops and our running game elite. AND NEXT SEASON WE WILL HAVE AN UNSTOPPABLE THREAT AT TE!!!!! King Negan
@mrmax22al.........Wasn't that another of those REMATCH GAMES? One that never should have been allowed??? Because LSU DEFEATED ALABAMA to win the west that season to!!! It was way before the playoffs. And it also had NOTHING TO DO WITH LEGAL REMATCH GAMES LIKE SAY SEC EAST VS SEC WEST IN THE TITLE GAME!!!! Just another example of ALABAMA PRIVILEGE!!! Aka CHEATING!!!! Back then you were not supposed to have to play a team you had already beaten!!! Especially not for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! But Saban jumping up and down to be heard. Screaming, " that first one was just soooooooooo close. I KNOW WE CAN DO BETTER." He cried enough until he finally got his way. Now the game I'm referring to was the year that Les Miles LSU tigers won the SEC WEST defeating ALABAMA FAIR AND SQUARE UNDER SABAN!!! Yet they were forced to play Alabama again in the NATIONAL TITLE GAME something usually unheard of back then. To make it even worse. ALABAMA GOT TO OWN THE ENTIRE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ALL BY THEMSELVES!!! LSU DIDN'T OWN EVEN A SHARE OF THE TITLE AS HAPPENED MANY TIMES IN THOSE DAYS!!!! Tell me. In a time when TITLES WERE OFTEN SHARED. Why should Alabama have been the SOLE CHAMPION???? Why shouldn't LSU have also OWNED THEIR SHARE??? I MEAN, AFTER ALL. DIDN'T LSU DEFEAT ALABAMA FIRST????? At best that made them 1-1 in my book!!!!!!! Even then Nick Saban was getting his way somehow!!! Forcing a team in his own division to PLAY HIM TWICE AND THAT IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME????? I personally think it is sickening!!!! Les Miles would have at least 2 NATIONAL TITLES right now instead of one!!!!! And he wouldn't be forced to coach KANSAS either!!!! Les Miles deserves better than KANSAS period!!!! Tennessee should have hired him!!! Miss state should have hired him. Even Arkansas should have given him a shot!!!! He is one of those coaches THAT BEAT SABAN WITH HIS STACKED ROSTERS!!!! Alright, for a while he wasn't able to get the offense figured out at LSU. BUT, BUT, BUT....Coach O wasn't a guru either for his first few years!!!! In fact I would say his offenses were AS BAD IF NOT WORSE!!!! Even last year JOE BURROW was no shining star. He wasn't lighting up the scoreboard either!!! IT WAS THE SAME OLD LSU THAT IT HAD ALWAYS BEEN UNTIL THIS SEASON!!!! And that was NOT coach O!!!! That was an offensive coordinator and a whole lot of LUCK!!! In that the pieces just happened to all fall in place!!!! Next season is still a WAIT AND SEE as far as I'm concerned!!!! I'm happy UGA has KIRBY SMART. But if we did not have him. If it was up to me. I WOULD OFFER LES MILES IN A NEW YORK SECOND!!!! KIRBY IS MY FIRST CHOICE!!! But if I had my choice of COLLEGE COACHES AFTER KIRBY.... LES MILES would sure be at the top of my list!!!! He is a PROVEN WINNER when he has the talent to win. PS. I am SEC all the way. But I truly believe CLEMSON will win!!!! Not because they are so much better. Because their NOT!!! BUT EXPERIENCE GOES A LONG WAY IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! King Negan
Even though I truly believe CLEMSON WILL WIN. I still think that it's a total complete SHAME. FOR THE WORST CONFERENCE IN FOOTBALL THE ACC TO HAVE EVEN A SHORT DYNASTY!!!!! Clemson is a GREAT TEAM. But the ACC is a HORRIBLE CONFERENCE that gives Clemson an UNFAIR PATH TO THE PLAYOFFS EVERY YEAR!!!!! Take CLEMSON out of the ACC the last 3 years. Replace them with UGA!!!!! Is there anyone who don't think UGA goes UNBEATEN 3 straight years in that conference???? We make the playoffs every year in that case probably with very few injuries!!!!! So yes it's unfair to continue to allow CLEMSON to make it in with unfair competition. JUST EXACTLY LIKE THE ARGUMENT VS UCF BEING ALLOWED IN!!!!!! And numerous other teams that go UNBEATEN IN TERRIBLE CONFERENCES!!!!!! UGA BEAT NOTRE DAME 11-2, FLORIDA 11-2, AUBURN who beat Alabama and Oregon and played LSU within 3 points!!! We also beat TX A&M and 11-2 BAYLOR!!!! We lost a FLUKE IN OT TO SC THAT THE WORLD KNOWS WAS A 4 turnover to none FLUKE!!!! 4 turnovers to 0!!!!!! That was a fluke and OUR ONLY REG SEASON LOSS!!!!!! We played LSU " HANDICAPPED!!!!! " I'm not making excuses. But the truth is. WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY OUR GAME!!!!! Because we simply didn't have enough starting talent. ALL OUR #1 WRS WERE OUT WITH INJURIES. With the exception of GEORGE PICKENS WHO WAS OUT OF THE FIRST HALF BY RULE!!!! Running Back D Swift was hurt coming into that game and played hurt!!!! IT SHOWED!!!! To be blunt it simply was NOT A FAIR FIGHT!!!! Had we been healthy. I believe we would have given LSU ALL THEY WANTED AND MAYBE BEATEN THEM!!!! But it just wasn't to be, THIS YEAR!!!! Regardless to what happens this year or what don't. Enjoy it. Because it's the LAST ONE OF ITS KIND FOR A WHILE!!!! Regardless to if you win the west next year. UGA WILL STILL BE IN YOUR WAY. AND WE WILL BE MUCH MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE TEAM YOU PLAYED THIS SEASON!!!!! So until then, good fishing : ) King Negan
I DON'T CARE WHAT THOSE AWARD GUYS SAY. UGA IS BY FAR AND WIDE THE TOP O LINE NOW. AND WILL BE IN THE FUTURE TO!!!!! They just got carried away in the historic ONCE in a generation year for LSU. That I told you in spring was coming. It's just sad that it's all going to end SHORT OF A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! I'll be rooting for LSU because I'm SEC. But I truly believe the team with the EXPERIENCE who is being INSULTED BY THE MEDIA. THAT TEAM WILL PROBABLY WIN!!!!! If not I will be chanting SEC SEC SEC!!!! PS. UGA HAS AND WILL HAVE THE BEST OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!! And next year UGA gets what is RIGHTFULLY THEIRS. THE SEC TITLE AND THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! Only the start of THE DYNASTY!!!! Good luck for now. King Negan
LSUMC........YOU SHOULD BE!!!!!!! King Negan
I'M USUALLY NOT LIKE THIS. But let me say a very big F U TO CADE MAYS AND HIS LYING FAMILY AND THEIR LAWYER!!!!! Not only is it a PUBLIC RECORD. But does Cade ever talk to his family in PRIVATE???? Could it possibly be that CADE KNEW HE WOULD TRANSFER???? Possibly his PU$$Y FATHER KEVIN started hurting again after 2 years????? OR MAYBE HE IS A BIG FAT LIAR???????????? Either way. I believe the university of Georgia should FILE A LAWSUIT ON KEVIN MAYS AND TENNESSEE AS A BOOSTER FOR " TAMPERING!!!!! " Then file a LAWSUIT on their LAWYER LIAR MARS, for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER for saying UGA TOOK THE LOW ROAD AND MAKING THEM INTO A VILLAIN!!!! I hope that THE NCAA HAS THE BALL$ to DENY HIS ELIGIBILITY like they are supposed to!!!!!! They are letting this IDIOT MARS make a total CHUMP AND FOOL out of them!!!!! ARE THEY IN FEAR OF THIS SLIMY NOBODY LAWYER?????? Hey MARS yes I'M CALLING YOU A SLIMY NOBODY!!!!!!!!! What are you going to do about it?????? As for THE MAYS FAMILY. I'M GLAD TO GET RID OF YOUR FATA$$ SON PERSONALLY!!!!! Like FATHER like SON!!!! BOTH ARE FAT OVERRATED LOW TALENT BUMS!!!!! NOT NO TALENT BUT DEFINITELY LOW TALENT!!!!!! From Negan, please GET OUT OF ATHENS AND STAY OUT AND DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN YOUR BIG FAT A$$ ON YOUR WAY OUT!!!!!! And if you want my address and info to be TOUGH. I'll be more than happy to meet EITHER OF YOU any day in a BOXING RING. Just an exhibition fight for FREE!!!! We will put it on YOUTUBE IF YOU WISH!!!!! I wouldn't even need to get in shape to take care of either of you!!!!! BUT Y'ALL WILL NEED TIME!!!!! THE TRUTH Either way. UGA IS GOING TO STOMP A MUD PUDDLE IN YOUR BIG FAT A$$ NEXT SEASON!!!!! Tennessee is NOWHERE NEAR BEING BACK!!!!! They simply got LUCKY against the LOWER END OF THEIR SCHEDULE WHO TOOK THEM LIGHTLY!!!!!!! SHAME ON ME.... Sadly I actually ROOTED FOR TENNESSEE because they were SEC and because I FELT SORRY FOR THEM!!!! SHAME ON ME for forgetting that this is the same school who INJURED NUMEROUS UGA PLAYERS INCLUDING NICK CHUBB......WITH A DIRTY LATE OUT OF BOUNDS HIT!!!!!!!! And then their WONDERFUL FANS started hanging GIGANTIC HAND WRITTEN SIGNS in their stadium. LAUGHING AT CHUBB AND THE INJURY!!!!! Remember he was only one of many!!!! Tennessee has probably cost us more SEC TITLES and possibly NATIONAL TITLES. BECAUSE OF INJURIES THAT THEY CAUSED, THAN ANYONE!!!!!!! SO REMEMBER..... IF OR WHEN CADE MAYS OR ONE OF YOURS, COMES LIMPING OF THE FIELD DURING THE UGA GAME. I WON'T BE HAPPY LIKE Y'ALL WOULD BE. BUT DON'T EXPECT ME TO CRY EITHER!!!!!!!! And if MARS gets FAT BOY a dirty waiver to play. That is just fine with me. BECAUSE NEXT YEAR WE PLAY " IN ATHENS!!!! " And we have PLENTY of elite offensive linemen to go around. Yea y'all should have a decent O LINE but it still won't match ours or our DEPTH!!!! It almost seems like that between TENNESSEE and FLORIDA. If you didn't get UGA players through TRANSFER you would hardly have an elite player of the 5 star kind!!!! Tennessee had what 2 altogether except for UGA transfers????? FLORIDA had EXACTLY 1 before the MIAMI RB TRANSFERRED!!! And that 1 was from UGA!!!!! And Brent COX will regret having chose Florida to!!!!!! But UGA is going to put a whipping on y'all this season that will probably never be forgotten!!!! Regardless to what happens early vs UVA and Alabama which personally I THINK WE WIN BOTH!!!!!!! But still regardless. Those two games will give UGA the kind of competition that will get us ready. And when it's time to play TENNESSEE and FLORIDA. All I'll say is. IF WE ARE HEALTHY. Then there we be some HISTORIC BEAT DOWNS headed your way!!!!!! MY PREDICTION FOR 2020..... BE READY TO BE MOANING AND CRYING AND GIVING UP AGAIN ON YOUR TALKIN VAWLS SHOW, ON YOUTUBE!!!! And just you wait. On that same show as well as on here and ALL OVER THE WEB. Tennessee fans will call for Pruitts head!!!!! THAT IS MY PREDICTION FOR 2020!!!!!!! BECAUSE TENNESSEE IS NOT CLOSE TO BEING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CADE MAYS THE TURNCOAT... I'll forgive because that is what is right. But I won't forget!!!! Neither will the dawgs!!!! Cade Mays is a TURNCOAT. He was a TURNCOAT when he decomitted from a STRUGGLING TENNESSEE TEAM. And now he has TURNED HIS BACK ON A UGA TEAM. ONE THAT MADE HIM A BETTER PLAYER. All because HE WANTS TO JOIN IN ON " THE EXCITEMENT IN KNOXVILLE. " What excitement?????? The fact that Tennessee finally put a few things together for the LOWER END OF THEIR SCHEDULE. That still does not erase the fact that GA STATE OWNED THEM!!!!! Or that they were beaten by the mighty BYU!!!! UGA had a bad game and still crushed them. As did Alabama and FLORIDA and anyone that could actually BREATH!!!! FACE IT, YOU BEAT BOTTOM FEEDERS AND BARELY ESCAPED GETTING BEAT BY INDIANA. It's not basketball and they are not even great at that anymore!!!!!!!! FACE THE TRUTH...... TENNESSEE STILL SUCKS AND WILL FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE!!!!!! And as far as I'm concerned. SO DOES CADE MAYS AND HIS DADDY TO!!!! PS. Life will suck for Cade Mays the rest of his college career. And he has no real waiver issue. HE WAS A PART-TIME STARTER AT UGA AND TREATED VERY WELL FROM THE START. If he gets a waiver THE NCAA WAS BULLIED!!!!!!!!! King Negan
I would be willing to bet that WIDE EYES Jimbo Fisher is behind this. He probably offered to pay him!!!!! Fisher will destroy whatever integrity that TX A&M has!!!! And when he runs off on them. They will be worse than he left FSU!!!!! And IF Zachary Evans is really a bad Apple. It won't matter to him a bit. HE STOOD SIDE BY SIDE WITH A RAPIST AND DEFENDED HIM IN SPITE OF ALL THE EVIDENCE THAT WAS AGAINST HIM!!!!! All he cares about is winning. So if he does not go to UGA, I bet it will be A&M!!!!! PS. Then I hope it comes out that A&M paid him. If that is the case. I hope they get what they deserve!!!!! Either way I hope Zachary Evans can turn his life around. I'd still love to see him do that at UGA!!!!!!! King Negan
Hey Atl Gator.......How are you enjoying the UGA surge for the #1 class???? I mean we have a real shot at it. But either way. Just compare our class to yours!!!!! For all the excuses y'all make. Like we don't need 5 star players ya ya ya. Everyone knows it's burning you up!!!!! Y'all are definitely going to regress next year. I know y'all finally got a 5 star running back. But you did it through the TRANSFER PORTAL!!!!! Dan can't get them on his own because he is such a clown!!!!! The #1 reason that Florida is becoming transfer portal heaven both ways. Is because basically your coach knows your really going to SUCK!!!!!! Y'all got totally lucky this year!!! But luck eventually runs out!!!!! UGA HAS HAD BAD LUCK AND UNDER ACHIEVED ON THE FIELD. BUT WE HAVEN'T MISSED THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IN 3 YEARS!!!!! BAD LUCK RUNS OUT TO!!!! And we are very due, no over due!!!!!!!!!! WAY OVER DUE!!!!! PS. we're gonna beat you like you stole something!!!!! King Negan
@Atl Gator.........As long as we kick Florida's A$$ a 4th year straight. It will be a great season!!!!! That guarantees that Florida has seen their last national title for the next 20 years at least!!!! We should have won it in 2017. It was 1 blown coverage in a 2 OT game!!!! I'm sure y'all enjoyed watching that one from home!!!!! Y'all Florida fans should be thankful to UGA. By us keeping y'all out of the SEC TITLE GAME and OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS. Well it stops you from being humiliated. Just stick to playing UVA in a Florida bowl game. That's tough enough for you!!!! PS. We are going to beat florida silly next year!!!! I personally recommend that you lay off the talking!!!!! Because the beating we give y'all next year is going to wipe the smile off Mullens goofy face!!!!! After that beating. Mullen won't be able to tell a joke for at least a week!!!! King Negan
@BamaTime........But no more Jerry Jeudy Judy Judy or Henry Ruggs!!!! And NO MORE TUA!!!! Think what you like. HOTSHOT QBs like him aren't born every day. Just because they have 5 stars next to their name it means nothing!!!! Plus isn't your running back leaving also? Without Jerry to throw to and his pal Ruggs. It won't be nearly as easy to get open for Smith and Waddle as it was!!!! Also don't forget people also do get injured God forbid!!!! My point is that 2 wrs is not like 4!!!!! Jerry J was unreal. I bet he ends up an Atlanta falcon. We always take your best WRs lol. I actually think Mac is a good QB. But he is not as mobile as Tua. It's easier for good defensive teams to game plan against him!!! Especially without those ELITE WRs!!!!! I never got over watching team after team just leaving Jerry J open to run deep!!! But that's what happens when you have to guard 4 elite wrs!!! UGA was one of the few able to guard them enough to win if the chips fell correctly. And I hate to have to inform you. But 2020 will be even better on defense for UGA than it was this season!!! And remember I told y'all all in the spring how good uga would be defensively this year. Well they will be even better next year provided we stay healthy!!! We will have 2 5 star corners and a 5 star safety in his fourth year!!! And several high ranked 4 stars who are already playing all American football like Eric Stokes!!!! WE WILL SIMPLY BE LOADED AT LB AND THE SECONDARY. WITH MULTIPLE ELITE PASS RUSHERS ON THE DEFENSIVE LINE. WITH SOME TOP HUGE MEAN FAST DTS TO!!!! WE ARE LOADED ON DEFENSE!!!! We are still loaded on the offensive line and running back!!!! We had 3 5 star WRS that were young this year. And we just added THE FASTEST MAN IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL ARION SMITH THE ELITE WR TO THE ROSTER!!!! Dynamically Elite athlete and Wr J Burton. Marcus Roseme and Robinson. I could go on and on. Then to make it all even better. We signed the #1 athlete/TE who runs like a WR!!!! 6 foot 7 and 1/2 250 or 260 pounds AND CAN JUMP OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!!! And he has hands and is twitchy!!! That is why he is a 5 STAR ATHLETE AND #1 at his position!!!! A 3 sport athlete who runs a little track and field to!!! So he can run around you, over you or by you!!!! Imagine a almost 6 foot 8 250 pound guy. Being guarded by a line backer? Or worse, he can run out at WR and be guarded by a corner back. They run between 5 foot 8 to 6 foot 2 maybe!!!! And weigh 200 at best!!!! In short, WE ARE GOING TO LIGHT SOME PEOPLE UP NEXT YEAR!!!!!! Be ready Alabama because WE'RE COMING!!!!!! King Negan
@BamaTime.........Who cares if you laugh. The things I said are upon you!!! Clemson destroyed you in the national championship game. You couldn't even make it to the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME this year. Still with your USUAL ALABAMA FAVORITISM EVEN WITHOUT WINNING YOUR DIVISION THE WEST. THANKS TO ALABAMA'S WEAK SCHEDULE YOU STILL HAD A CHANCE!!! All you needed to do was beat the same Auburn team that UGA DOMINATED!!!!! Then likely you would be playoff bound even if undeserving!!!!! Still auburn kicked y'alls tail like you stole something!!!! No CHAMPIONSHIP and then no playoff!!!! No chance at redemption!!!! YOUR DYNASTY THAT KIRBY HELPED BUILD IS GONE!!!!! It's all down hill from here!!!!! So BamaTime if you need to laugh to keep from crying. I totally understand!!!! It really can't be easy to fall soooooooooooo far. Especially knowing that the worst is still to come!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway congrats on your 11-2 season. And your 15th ranking. Congrats from the #5 UGA BULLDOGS WITH THE 12-2 record. The next DYNASTY ON THE RISE!!!!! See ya in TUSCALOOSA next year!!! You'll be highly honored to play UGA. It's not all bad news. Yea we will win in your stadium. But you'll be able to tell your grand kids forever. Hey I was there when their DYNASTY came through TUSCALOOSA!!!!! Get ready friend. King Negan