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LONG MESSAGE FOR SPARKY AND GATOR NATION.... Sparky I suggest you have all the FUN you intend on having NOW, right now!!!! I don't know how far the gators are or aren't from a national championship. But I do know that Kyle Trask is GONE THIS YEAR! Along with pretty much all your wide receivers and Kyle Pitts!!!! Y'all were LUCKY to catch UGA PLAYING STETSON BENNETT and having most of our starters on defense out along with George Pickens and a running back on offense!!! UGA ain't losing too much this season. Nope, not after the way things went down. Not happening!!!! We have a few ALL AMERICAN FRESHMAN OUT WITH INJURIES. This might be sad for gators fans to hear but oh well. UGA DEFENSE MIGHT BE AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN WE WERE BEFORE ALL THE INJURIES HIT. Y'ALL DIDN'T PLAY THE REAL GEORGIA! Anyway the defense will be dominating again next season. Our entire starting WR group could be back next year. Depending upon what happens with Demetrius Robertson! But the main core group of stars are all coming back. That being Georgia Pickens and the youngster who made all those big plays against Mississippi state last week. His name escapes me but he is A STAR!!!!! And then 5 STAR Blaylock that has been making big play after big play when he stays healthy. He will be back. And law of averages says HEALTHY!!!! THAT IS 3 ALL SEC ALL AMERICAN WRS IN THE STARTING LINEUP NEXT YEAR! AND I'M TALKING FIRST TEAM ALL SEC FOR ALL OF THEM! Our WR group will look like Alabama last season! And we will have JT DANIELS tossing it to them!!!! And if we need a backup. We will have 5 star Brock Vandagriff who is deadly with his arm or feet!!!! The dude threw for 7 TDS recently before leaving the game early to give their backup a chance. And regarding his running. Well I believe he ran for OVER 1000 YARDS LAST YEAR. I don't know his numbers this year. But I do know 1000 yards is good even for a running back!!!! But JT Daniels in his first start for UGA. Threw for 401 yards and 4 TD PASSES!!! He actually threw 6 TD PASSES. Because he hit the WR dead in the hands twice in the end zone and they dropped it. Needless to say. I believe he has regained the form that he had. When he was BETTER THAT TREVOR LAWRENCE OR JUSTIN FIELDS!!!! Because had he stayed his senior season. He would have beaten Trevor Lawrence out by 50 or 60 TD passes easily!!! He already beat Justin Fields!!!! He officially is behind only Trevor Lawrence by around 10 td passes. But Trevor Lawrence played 4 full seasons. JT Daniels only played 3 seasons!!! Then he RECLASSIFIED and started at USC when he should have been a senior in high school. ANYWAY GET ALL YOUR FUN OVER WITH!!! Because Kirby still owns Mullen in recruiting even in a bad year! And UGA will still own Florida. You didn't overtake UGA! What happened could happen to any team. Did auburn overtake Alabama by beating them last year with all the injuries? I think you'll get your answer in the iron bowl. And personally, I don't think it's going to be pretty at all!!!! Honestly though I don't think auburn fans want to win this one! Not everyone anyway! BECAUSE WINNING THE IRON BOWL WOULD MEAN MORE OF THE GUS BUS!!!! And Gus has proven. About the only good team he can beat is Alabama. And usually only because it's played in AUBURN!!! That is one stadium where even Nick Saban can't get a break!!! I don't think they like him. LOL Anyway UGA still owns a huge advantage in talent. And they won't be hurt forever! We have a TE we call the big 0!!! He is already bigger than Kyle Pitts and fast. He was a 5 star recruit. And next year he will be a red zone nightmare for anyone!!! In case you missed JT Daniels highlights against Mississippi state. Go check them out. And you'll see. Next season already belongs to the dawgs!!!!! Carson Beck will be a year older, JT Daniels will be a year older and healthier hopefully. So our TOP 3 QBS will be JT Daniels with Carson Beck battling Brock Vandagriff for the #2 spot. Either way we will have 3 5 stars!!! Assuming D'wan Mathis stays he could still make noise. He is talented. But I still expect him to be at #4!!! That leaves the mailman in his proper place at #5!!!! But I assume he probably transfers out. POSSIBLY TO FLORIDA? MULLEN's NEW MAILMAN MIGHT BE A DAWG NOW AND A GATOR TOMORROW???? He has MOST of what Mullen lives for. That being fast feet and AN ACCURATE ARM IF HE IS ABLE TO GET IT PAST THE LINE!!! But honestly I doubt he would go to Florida. He loves UGA. But I HONESTLY BELIEVE that this season. He could beat out Emory Jones!!! Next season we would have to see!!! I JUST FIND IT FUNNY THE WAY YOU SAID. FLORIDA MIGHT BE A FEW YEARS AWAY. AS IF YOU PLAN ON BEATING A HEALTHY UGA. THAT IS ALREADY MILES OUT IN FRONT. AND STILL WINNING THE RECRUITING BATTLE!!! I GOT NEWS FOR ALL GATOR FANS. YOU BEST HAVE FUN NOW. BECAUSE NEXT SEASON. ITS CRYING TIME AGAIN!!! FOR YEARS TO COME!!!!! Drop the ball now and y'all missed your chance!!!! THAT WINDOW WILL SHUT AND SHUT HARD!!!!!! And you might as well have fun now. Because Alabama is going to END YOU in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. And if it's close you'll still have 2 losses. And Saban will say. I sure as hell don't want to play them again. AND THE COMMITTEE WILL SAY. YEP, THAT WAS A SEMIFINAL GAME. BUT IF THEY STILL WANT A SECOND NO SEC TEAM. UGA WITH THE NEW QB WILL BE THEIR CHOICE!!!! Either way. I predict that UGA probably ends the season on a better note than Florida. With either the SAME or a BETTER RECORD!!!! Won't that sting? Knowing it's business as usual next year? Don't tell me you honestly believe that Emory Jones and a bunch of young WRs, will overtake what UGA is bringing back and bringing in!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!! Plus if Mullen benches Emory Jones even once next year. HE WILL TRANSFER!!!!!! Probably to Ohio State. PS. In fact after Justin Fields gets paid at seasons end. EMORY JONES MIGHT WISE UP AND SAY. WHY DON'T I GO PLAY AT OHIO STATE AND MISS GETTING BEAT BY UGA IN REGULAR SEASON? ILL LOOK GOOD IN THAT EASY LEAGUE WITH ALL THOSE 5 STARS!!! REMEMBER WHERE HE WAS HEADED BEFORE MULLEN GRABBED HIM???? WHO CAN TELL ME??????? It could have been Emory Jones getting paid this season if Mullen didn't grab him AND BENCH HIM!!!!!! King Negan
I REALLY LOVE KIRBY!!!! BUT I REALLY HATE THE WAY HE LET FLORIDA BEAT US. KEEPING THE BEST QB IN THE COUNTRY ON THE BENCH. WHILE PLAYING AN AVERAGE MIDGET, WHO COULDN'T GET IT PAST THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE!!!! Apparently you Georgia fans on this site don't hate losing to Florida the way I do!!!! And for what reason? Injuries? Yep! But we still win with JT DANIELS PLAYING!!! I wouldn't feel this way if I knew that Florida played the best we had!!!! But they didn't play half our best. Not even half!!! PS. One season doesn't erase the other three!!! Not when a healthy UGA IS STILL BY FAR THE BEST!!! King Negan
Sorry but JT Daniels outplayed everyone in camp including Jaime Newman!!! He was the very reason that Jaime Newman opted out!!! He was ready to go in week 2!!! Smart took his time because he takes after Nick Saban!!!! He loves a nice safe QB that doesn't turn the ball over. The fact is if Stetson Bennett hadn't thrown all those interceptions. He would have remained the QB! And UGA would have only got Stetson and D'wan ready as usual. AND WE WOULD HAVE LOST AGAINST MISSISSIPPI STATE, PERIOD!!!!! Now those are the facts!!! This is not baseball and he is not a pitcher! He is a QB who hurt his knee not his throwing arm!!! Had he played since week 2, he would probably have thrown 6 TD PASSES against Florida and won!!!! PS. Alabama fans. All these injuries bought you a little time. But next season we'll be back. And we will have a deadly QB starting. And a shiny new guy on the bench. Just waiting in case he is needed for our 2nd and 26!!!! King Negan
Mountain Dog.......UGA will be in that SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME next year. Heck their not out of it yet this year! I still say. Mullen is famous for late season collapses!!!! As for next season. UGA will have a great starter and an elite backup. I only hope that Stetson Bennett transfers out!!! Otherwise I'm scared to death that he might be an option. Even seeing what everyone has seen!!!! Something about that dude that Kirby likes. BUT I DON'T!!!!! I mean he is okay up to a point. But that low ceiling really cost us this year!!!! I told everyone that Daniels was in the same league as Trevor Lawrence and no one believed me. But 401 through the air and 4 TD Passes speak for themselves!!! PS. And there were 2 other TD passes that the WR just dropped!!! Just a reminder. ITS TIME TO START HYPING UGA VS CLEMSON IN GAME ONE NEXT SEASON!!!! King Negan
Mister2Bits........Nope, Muschamp isn't coming to Florida as a DC! Not after firing him as head coach. Plus Muschamp is going to sign with UGA as soon as he sees the head coaching market isn't interested. PS. Kirby should have already called him!!! Everything you said is the truth. And UGA is where he belongs!!!! KN
Mister2Bits.........Your wondering what happened to the defense? UMM SAME THING THAT HAPPENED VS FLORIDA. THEIR ALL INJURED!!!! WE HAD THE BIGGEST BEST PART OF THE DEFENSE INJURED AND NEVER PLAYED VS FLORIDA!!! A few others who played were doing do injured. George Pickens never played against Florida. And even his replacement got hurt. Now you yourself see who we had RIDING THE BENCH who could have and should have played QB against Florida. The simple fact is. Our whole defense was out against Florida! Our top WR was out against Florida. And the midget is still our 5TH STRING QB!!!! Florida did not come close to beating the real Georgia!!!! THAT GAP IS AS WIDE AS EVER!!!! Next season Florida will struggle just to be middle of the field in the SEC EAST!!!! Mullen's coolaid is only working thanks to all the injuries UGA has had. But I'm sure you enjoy it all the same. PS. But don't celebrate just yet. Mullen is known for late season collapses. Y'all still have a few teams that can beat you. King Negan
It's JT not TJ!!!! Why aren't you out looking for your son Darth? Go play in the traffic daddy Skywalker!!! PS. Still into star wars after all these years???? King Negan
Dawgtime........Do I know you? I get it. You must be the guy that BamaTime is always raving about. SOME THINK ITS TACKY WHEN COUPLES DRESS ALIKE! Oh well. I'm glad your here whoever you are. Now BamaTime can stop hitting on me!!!! So you wanted UGA to lose? Some kind of fan you are. Possibly feel a bit stupid? You wanted the mailman!!! By the way. Your boyfriend is the whiny lil bit@h punk!!! PS. Now that your back. Tell your boyfriend to stop sending me flowers!!! King Negan
BamaTime..........I told you a long time ago. I AM STRAIGHT!!!! No need in being bitter!!!! I like girls. Can't you get it into your head? PS. And stop sending me flowers! I'm just trying to save you money. KN
Maybe so. But I'll take half of JT Daniels over all of Stetson Bennett!!!! ALL DAY LONG!!!! King Negan
In August yes that MIGHT be true. Still in week 2, he was ready. And not a soul on earth will convince me that he wasn't better than Stetson Bennett all season!!!! JT Daniels at his very worst is better than Stetson Bennett at his best. EVERYONE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL, GOT TO SEE EXACTLY WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING. JT DANIELS IS THE BEST QB ON THE UGA ROSTER, PERIOD!!!! Carson Beck is the second best. Carson has superstar written all over him as well!!!! In fact Carson Beck might give JT Daniels a run for his money!!!! These were the guys I thought would be one and two. When I predicted UGA would win the national championship this season. And with a healthy defense. Along with JT Daniels at QB. I THINK ANYONE CAN SEE I WAS PROBABLY RIGHT!!!! Next season we will have JT Daniels, Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff. To go with the TOP WRS IN THE COUNTRY NEXT SEASON. George Pickens, Burton, Blaylock and Jackson. Then A Smith and Marcus R!!!! And a bunch of others!!!! While Alabama will be starting a red shirt freshmen. No Devonte Smith!!! They will have Waddle back. Florida will lose Kyle Pitts and Kyle Trask to the NFL DRAFT. Along with most if not all their starting WRS!!!!!!!! SINCE MULLEN CAN'T RECRUIT. FLORIDA WILL BE STUCK WITH EMORY JONES TRYING TO BE DAK PRESCOTT!!! In other words. THE FUN AND GUN WILL AGAIN BE RETIRED!!!! Florida will not be deadly offensively!!! BECAUSE OF PERSONNEL. FLORIDA WILL BE FORCED TO PLAY TRADITIONAL MULLEN BALL. THE DEFENSE IS LIKELY TO FALL OFF EVEN WORSE THAN THIS SEASON!!! SO ENJOY YOUR EAST TITLE THIS SEASON. BECAUSE ITS COMING BACK HOME TO UGA!!!! THAT IS IF FLORIDA CAN HOLD ON!!! Mullen is known for LATE SEASON COLLAPSES!!! THEY DIDN'T EXACTLY SHINE AGAINST VANDY!!!! And they made sure that teams that can beat them are still on the schedule!!!! Tennessee might be good enough. LSU COULD GET LUCKY!!!! LOSE TO THOSE AND GUESS WHO WINS THE EAST??? AGAIN, MULLEN IS KNOWN FOR IT!!!! PS. I honestly still believe that UGA is still in it for the east!!! Because of who Florida still has to play and Mullen's late season collapses!!! And GRANTHAM!!!!!!!! King Negan
Umm, Florida fans shouldn't talk. Not after using the covid card. In order to take a 3 week vacation and refuse to play LSU. During a time when Florida had just lost to A&M!!! All just to get rest. So that when the cocktail party was played. Florida would be well rested and healthy. While UGA got no such vacation time and played the game with hardly a starter on defense and the #1 WR we have not playing. And with our 5TH STRING QB PLAYING AS QB1!!!!! Be happy you didn't face UGA at full strength. And be real happy that you got Stetson Bennett instead of JT Daniels!!! Just imagine if he had been playing since week 2 and learning. Like I said. Be happy because he would have roasted your defense!!!! PS. I wonder where all the doubters in the media are? Because if UGA had a better QB than Bennett. They would be on the field, right? WRONG!!!!! I TOLD ALL OF YOU AND I WAS RIGHT LIKE ALWAYS!!!! King Negan
Well as long as that fossil keeps having bad seasons that mean he ONLY LOST 2 GAMES. I'M PRETTY SURE WE ARE IN FOR JURASSIC ERA AT UGA!!!!! PS. AND I LOVE IT!!!!! King Negan
Well Memphis kitty, I'll still stick with Kirby!!! One mistake don't mean anything. Saban makes them all the time!!! Tua was within a half of TRANSFERRING!!!! King Negan
BamaTime...........Just feel blessed that you got to play our #5 guy instead of our #1 guy! AS ALWAYS THAT KING NEGAN GUY WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!!! I still say. If JT Daniels had been playing the whole season since week 2. Our defense doesn't have to play as much or as hard!!! WE WOULD HAVE BLOWN MOST TEAMS AWAY! WAIT, WE DID BLOW MOST OF THEM AWAY??? Sorry Arkansas, AUBURN and Tennessee and yea Kentucky. I didn't mean to look over y'all. Hey I know we are playing our B team out there. But who believes we win last night without JT DANIELS? I DON'T!!!! In fact I believe we probably LOSE HANDILY!!!!! My point? MY POINT IS FLORIDA. DON'T BEAT YOUR CHEST BECAUSE YOUR NOT THAT GOOD!!!!!!! Florida didn't come even close to playing the REAL UGA TEAM!!!! EVEN WITHOUT THOSE OTHER STARTERS THAT WERE MISSING. I BELIEVE WE COULD HAVE BEATEN THEM HAD WE PLAYED OUR BEST QB!!!! Heck I bet money that Carson Beck would have taken them apart!!!!! Kirby I love you but I don't care how long you've been coaching. I've been coaching from the couch longer!!!! JT DANIELS WOULD HAVE BEATEN FLORIDA AND PROBABLY ALABAMA!!! And instead of wishing upon a star and dreaming of MAYBE! WE WOULD HAVE WON THE SEC EAST AGAIN AND PROBABLY MUCH MORE!!!! REMEMBER NEXT SEASON..... Regardless to how this season turns out. We need to remember. We have Ringo and Blaylock and a bunch of young guys hurt. We will have a deadly WR group next season. Pickens, Blaylock, Burton and Jackson and Marcus R and A Smith and a group of elite young guys. I'm sure I forgot someone. Plus the way I understand it. This season is a FREEBIE! I believe anyone who wants to can come back!!!! EITHER WAY, WE WILL HAVE A TON OF NFL ELIGIBLE GUYS. WHO NEED TO STAY ONE MORE YEAR!!!!! DON'T FALL INTO THE TRENT THOMPSON TRAP!!!! STAY AND HELP TAKE THE EAST BACK FROM FLORIDA!!!!!!! STAY AND GO FOR THAT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! REGARDING PEOPLE WHO SAID FIRE KIRBY. THOSE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF THEIR MIND!!!! Maybe Kirby was way too skittish. Maybe he was way over protective!!!! But the fact is y'all want someone to blame? BLAME THE MAILMAN!!!! It was his better than average play vs Arkansas, auburn and Tennessee that convinced Kirby that he could probably beat Alabama. If not it was only 1 loss! Then it got late in the season. Players started dropping like flies! KIRBY WANTED TO KEEP THE OFFENSE IN SYNC!!! The truth is if he had benched the mailman and JT Daniels had an off game his first game back. Everyone would say. KIRBY WHY DIDN'T YOU PLAY THE MAILMAN???? So as a coach it's hard to win. That is why. KIRBY SHOULD HAVE MADE IT A REAL COMPETITION. AND LET JT DANIELS HAVE A FAIR SHOT ON THE FIELD. A reminder. JT Daniels could be ONE AND DONE if he wants to be!!!! AT LEAST NOW. HOPEFULLY HE STAYS!!!! That is the silver lining!!!! Maybe that is what Kirby was thinking. LETS SAY THAT ONLY ONE TEAM FROM THE SEC MAKES IT IN. I HAVE A BOWL GAME FOR YOU! PS. Let's say either Florida gets destroyed by Alabama and they don't get in or they just don't make it in. HOW ABOUT FLORIDA VS GEORGIA PART 2, IN A BOWL GAME THIS SEASON? WE GET SOME PLAYERS BACK AND JT DANIELS AT QB. BOWL SUGGESTION..... THE REAL GEORGIA VS FLORIDA PART 2, IN A BOWL GAME. PLAYED IN FLORIDA, SO THAT BOTH TEAMS CAN PACK THEM IN? I FOR ONE AM EXTREMELY INTERESTED. HOW ABOUT YOU DAWG FANS???? King Negan
ONLY 10?????? And I'll bet their not all starters. UGA HAD MORE OUT VS FLORIDA!!! NOT INCLUDING PLAYING OUR 5TH STRING QB AS QB1!!!! THE COCKTAIL PARTY WAS RIDICULOUS THIS YEAR! Florida did not even face the real UGA! And they sure as heck didn't beat the real UGA! AT LEAST THE UNIFORMS WERE RIGHT!!!! Injuries and decisions at QB help UGA get screwed! I wonder why we didn't take a covid holiday? Florida had one for 3 weeks while UGA with everything against us played on a weeks rest. PS. THE POWERS THAT BE DECIDED IT WOULD BE FLORIDA VS ALABAMA IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. King Negan
You didn't actually believe that they were going to let COACH O lose to Arkansas did you? They have been protecting LSU all season. They have also been $CREWING ARKANSAS ALL SEASON. STARTING WITH THE STRONGEST SCHEDULE IN SEC HISTORY!!!! With the games y'all have been $CREWED out of this season. Arkansas would probably be headed to a big bowl game at the end of the year. I'M A UGA FAN AND ARKANSAS FAN BECAUSE OF YOUR COACH! But there is no excuse for it. LSU IS BEING PROTECTED AND ARKANSAS IS BEING $CREWED!!!! UGA has been $CREWED because of injuries and schedule as well. While Florida has been protected. Along with LSU and Alabama!!! Florida was originally scheduled to play Alabama. Then Mullen and Saban cried about it. That is when Arkansas got stuck with this schedule. Nothing is right about this season. Nothing at all!!!!! Without the injuries and without playing our 5TH STRING QB, AS QB1. UGA WOULD BE THE RIGHTFUL SEC EAST CHAMPION AND MAYBE MORE!!!! PS. THIS SEASON IS LONG FROM OVER OR DECIDED. IF THEY REALLY WANT THE 4 BEST TEAMS. THEN 3 OF THEM SHOULD BE FROM THE SEC!!!! These teams who play NOBODY should be left out!!! I'M TALKING TO YOU OHIO STATE AND YOU CLEMSON!!!! King Negan
I'M A UGA FAN AND SC PROBABLY COST US A PLAYOFF SPOT LAST SEASON. BUT... I personally believe the fans have been pretty good considering THE PRODUCT!!! I mean think about it. CLEMSON IS IN THE SAME STATE. AND THEY WIN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FROM THE EASY ACC! WHILE THE OFFICIAL TEAM OF THE STATE OF SC PLAYING IN THE SEC. CAN'T GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY!!!! Honestly I don't believe it's all Muschamps fault. The fact is CLEMSON is the biggest problem!!! Steve Spurrier won the SEC EAST and even beat Saban and Alabama. Yet he had to QUIT to keep from getting fired!!! That is a program issue. LOOK HOW LONG THEY GAVE MUSCHAMP WITHOUT EVEN MENTIONING FIRING HIM. WHY DID COACH SPURRIER FEEL AS IF HE MIGHT GET FIRED??? His age was an issue in recruiting. But he was more energetic than Saban. At least as energetic!!! SPURRIER SHOULD HAVE STAYED AND HIRED A STAFF PACKED FULL OF ELITE RECRUITERS. MUSCHAMP SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIRED UNDER SPURRIER AS THE DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!! South Carolina would have probably been near the top of the division every year. And with the right staff and recruiting. South Carolina of the SEC would be the most popular team in the state. THE SC PRESIDENT AND HEAD OFFICE, CAUSED ALL OF THIS. NOT THE FANS!!!! YOU CAN'T LOSE EVERY YEAR, WHILE CLEMSON WINS AND EXPECT THE FANS TO BE OKAY WITH IT!!!!!! A dawg fan understands. We are both having a off season because of coaching decisions. But I'm sure sc fans would love to be having the OFF SEASON THAT UGA IS!!! But still, UGA is the best team in the east. NOT FLORIDA!!!!! They played our backups including at QB!!! I HOPE EVERYONE SEES THAT TONIGHT, INSTEAD OF GAME RUST!!!! PS. Honestly I hope you don't end up going with Mike Bobo. That would make a bad situation much worse!!! Go sc except against my dawgs!!! King Negan
This is Florida!!!! The refs can't let them lose again. That might give the better team the SEC EAST once they get healthy again!!! Anyone who knows football even a little. Knows that Florida DID NOT BEAT THE REAL UGA!!! PS. UGA COULD SEE FLORIDA AGAIN IN A 3 SEC TEAM PLAYOFFS! TALK ABOUT MONEY!!!! WOW AT THE MONEY THAT GAME WOULD MAKE. King Negan
That would be the STUPIDEST MOVE in Kirby Smart's life as a coach!!! KIRBY'S GREATEST STRENGTH IS RECRUITING!!! You don't recruit in the NFL!!! You rely on some idiots to draft or trade for talent. Otherwise they sign free agents. But in today's world. A cheap owner or lousy general manager and your goose is cooked in the NFL! Saban absolutely SUCKED in the NFL!!! And lied on tv and broke his contract to get back to the college game!!!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW WELL YOU CAN COACH. BECAUSE NFL PLAYERS LAUGH AT YOU WHEN YOU ATTEMPT TO COACH THEM OR DISCIPLINE THEM!!!! By going to the NFL. Smart would be throwing everything he's built at UGA away!!! He would likely never get another chance at UGA!!!! And some other coach would take advantage of the players that Smart recruited. YEA, MY HEAD WOULD EXPLODE!!! AS WOULD YOURS IF SABAN DECIDED. HE WANTED ANOTHER SHOT AT THE NFL!!!! It's kinda funny. Regardless of how this article was written. What glares at me. Is the fact that TAMPA DIDN'T SAY A WORD ABOUT WANTING TO TALK TO SABAN!!!! SABAN IS FAR MORE LIKELY TO WANT A SECOND SHOT!!! THANKS TO THE THEFT IN 2017. SMART HASN'T YET WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. WELL HE HAS BUT IT WAS STOLEN!!!! No mention of Saban? I guess they know the better coach. One is THE LUCKIEST!!! The other is the best!!! But he is just YOUNG AND MAKES MISTAKES!!! But look at SABAN'S FIRST 10 YEARS. THE BIGGEST PART IN THE L COLUMN!!!!!! PS. From LSU to Alabama. Where would Saban have been without Smart???? Had he never met Smart. He never wins his first natty! Nobody would even care about Saban. SABAN ALWAYS HIRES A STAFF FULL OF X HEAD COACHES!!!! King Negan
THIS IS EXTREMELY LONG. BUT IT IS REGARDING A PATH TO THE PLAYOFFS THAT MAY NOT REQUIRE WINNING THE EAST!!! And it is INSIDE KNOWLEDGE about what truly happened this season with THE QBS! How lies were told and stories sold!!!! IF YOU WANT THE REAL TRUE STORY. PLEASE READ IT ALL!!! It took me time and energy to write this so please read. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE TO ALL UGA FOOTBALL FANS...........THE TRUE STORY.... FIRST A SMALL NOTE REGARDING MY CREDIBILITY... I TOLD YOU ALL BAKER WAS INNOCENT!!!! THAT SOMEONE IN FLORIDA WAS RAILROADING HIM!!! Y'ALL LAUGHED, BUT I WAS RIGHT!!!!!. Now I want to tell you all that UGA can still make the playoffs. Here is how!!!! FIRST, BENCH THE MAILMAN, PERIOD!!!!! THEN KEEP MATHIS ON THE BENCH TO!!!!!! Get some players back from injury that were missing in the cocktail party! About half the STARTING TEAM AND STAR'S!!! Even Pickens was out! And the best safety in college football had the motorcycle accident before the game! He needs to get back. I believe big Jordan Davis was out and I know that former 5 star ROCKCHESTER WAS OUT! UGA HAD A TRUE FRESHMAN STARTING IN THEIR PLACE!!! Yes, he is quite talented. But they are 2 and he is 1!!! They were our STARTING RUN STOPPERS!!!! They were the UGA NOSE TACKLE POSITION!!! Ask anyone who knows football. What happens to a 3-4 defense without the NOSE TACKLE??? WITHOUT 2 STARTING BIG-TIME SEC NOSE TACKLES AND THE TOP SAFETY IN THE LAND. Well suddenly without just them. THE TOP DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY. SUDDENLY BECOMES VERY AVERAGE TO BAD!!!! Not just at UGA but ANYWHERE!!!!!! It was a huge handicap. LIKE TURNING A YOUNG MIKE TYSON INTO A 60 YEAR OLD GLASS JOE!!!!! Yet there were still LOTS OF OTHER BIG-TIME PLAYERS OUT!!! Without naming them all. I'll just name one more! Sadly, Stetson Bennett was ready to go! Against all the teams we needed him TO SIT AGAINST!!! We proved we could beat the rest of the SEC with that MIDGET!!!! BUT EVERYONE KNEW THAT JT DANIELS OR CARSON BECK WERE BY A LONG SHOT OUR TOP QBS!!! Everyone who actually knows anything about football or either of those two guys!!!! You see people really believe that CARSON BECK regressed in his senior season. Because again, THEY DON'T KNOW FOOTBALL!!! And how many knew, that Carson Beck was the ONLY REMAINING STARTER FROM THE TEAM HE LED TO THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP, JUST THE YEAR BEFORE??? A school that in fact, had never won ANYTHING! Not until Carson Beck and the starters he made great, came to town!!! Yet remember it's a BAD high school team. With just a few fairly talented offensive players. The best of whom was CARSON BECK BY A LONG SHOT!!!! Then he stepped in and led a very AVERAGE GROUP TO A STATE TITLE!!! A HISTORIC PLAY-OFF RUN THAT NOBODY BELIEVED POSSIBLE!!!! THAT EARNED CARSON BECK A DESERVED 5TH STAR!!! HE WAS INVITED TO THE ELITE 11 THAT YEAR. WHERE ONLY THE BEST PLAYERS GO!!!! Sadly he was the only underclassmen among the offensive starters! WHICH LEFT HIM PLAYING WITH A TOTALLY BRAND NEW GROUP OF PLAYERS, HE DIDN'T KNOW!!! HE HAD NO CHEMISTRY WITH THEM!!! Plus they were not good players! THEY WERE PRETTY TERRIBLE!!! Because before Carson Beck they had NOTHING! And the next season, they really had NOTHING! EXCEPT POOR CARSON BECK ALL ALONE. WITH A TERRIBLE OFFENSIVE LINE. BAD RUNNING BACKS AND WIDE RECEIVERS!!!! NOTHING AT ALL AROUND HIM!!! NOT A SINGLE STARTER FROM THE YEAR BEFORE!!! Something similar happened to JAKE FROMM, last season! The difference was. That Jake was still surrounded by 5 STAR college talent everywhere!!! STILL JAKE REGRESSED AFTER HAVING TO JUST REPLACE HIS WIDE RECEIVERS!!!! NOTHING ELSE. Yet he struggled all season long. Went from being a sure FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK TO A LATE POSSIBLE STEAL IN THE DRAFT. WASN'T HE DRAFTED IN THE LAST ROUND? Either way. All that regression was caused by having to play with BRAND NEW WRS LIKE GEORGE PICKENS! The 5 star was a star right away!!! Then there was 5 STAR Demetrius Robertson!!!! Jackson and well y'all all know we have some wide receivers!!!! AND JAKE HAD 2 FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE!!! Along with all the other BLUE CHIP TALENT ALONG THAT LINE!!! PROBABLY THE BEST STABLE OF RUNNING BACKS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! Led by D Swift!!!!! Play maker extraordinaire!!!! JAKE FROMM HAD ALL OF THIS. AND STILL LOOKED LIKE STETSON BENNETT AT TIMES!!! And absolutely regressed!!!! HE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE BY LEAVING EARLY FOR THE NFL DRAFT. AND IT COST HIM MILLIONS!! AND POSSIBLY AN NFL CAREER AS A STARTER OR POSSIBLY EVEN A PLAYER. We will see? With Jake we possibly go UNBEATEN this season!!! He looks like Jake again, with wide receivers he got to know. Finally got a little chemistry near the end of the season and finished strong. Thanks to the bowl practices!!!! But my point is, that even with NFL talent all around him. Just replacing WRs that Jake knew with others maybe more talented but less chemistry. WELL, EVERYONE SAW THE RESULT!!! If Jake had only stayed. Even with these injuries. We still win the SEC EAST and probably the SEC!!! Maybe a lot more!!!!! THAT ONE DECISION COST JAKE AND UGA!!! But my point is THE REGRESSION! That was just replacing your wide receivers with BETTER wide receivers! Just no early chemistry!!! It caused Jake to really regress badly! BUT WHAT WOULD UGA FANS GIVE TO HAVE HAD JAKE FROMM FOR HIS SENIOR SEASON????? OKAY, I HEAR YOU!!!! Therefore, how in the world does anyone expect a high school 5 STAR ELITE 11 QB. Who was MR FOOTBALL in the state of Florida!!! How do you expect him. To NOT REGRESS. When he has to replace LITERALLY EVERYTHING???? ALL HIS WRS, TE, RUNNING BACKS AND O LINE, ALL GONE!!!! He has absolutely NOTHING from the championship team, except for the uniform!!!! IF A NFL DRAFT PICK REGRESSED. JUST REPLACING HIS WRS! YET, TOTALLY SURROUNDED BY 5 STAR TALENT AND BETTER WRS! WHY GET DOWN ON A HIGH SCHOOL KID. WHEN HE LOST EVERYTHING!!! AND NOT A SINGLE 5 STAR OTHER THAN HIMSELF ON THE OFFENSIVE SIDE. ONLY BAD HIGH SCHOOL KIDS!!! TELL ME. IS HE NOT SUPPOSED TO REGRESS A LITTLE??? Because that is exactly what happened to Carson Beck!!! He didn't regress. His team did!!!! BECAUSE OF A SIMPLE LACK OF CHEMISTRY AND IN CARSON'S CASE. A HUGE LACK OF TALENT TO!!! ONLY NOT HIS!!!! Yet, Carson Beck also pulled things back together near the end of the season. Even after losing everyone. He pulled a bunch of average high school kids together and began to look like himself again. Only it was too late by then. YET CARSON BECK WAS STILL INVITED TO THE ELITE 11 AGAIN. HE WASN'T SPECTACULAR BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN. HE WAS FORCED TO QUICKLY ADDAPT TO PEOPLE HE DIDN'T KNOW!!!! BUT HE DID FINISH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACK AND THAT IS GOOD!!!! TREVOR LAWRENCE ALSO WAS NOT VERY GOOD AT THE ELITE 11!!! Lots of elite QBs have simply not had their best stuff at that competition. JAKE FROMM DID CONSIDERABLY BETTER THAN TREVOR LAWRENCE AT THE ELITE 11 CAMP! Jake Fromm and Tua took the TOP HONOURS! Tua barely edged Jake out!!! BACK TO MATTERS THAT MATTER NOW! We have a QB who was HISTORICALLY GREAT in only 3 seasons at the very TOP LEVEL COMPETITION. That man is none other than JT DANIELS!!! You've all heard about Alabama's superstar freshman. Who would be calling signals right now, if Mac Jones wasn't doing so well, right? Y'all have surely heard of BRYCE YOUNG and his 151 TD passes in high school in 4 seasons. You have haven't you??? I mean Bryce was only 10 or 12 TD passes behind the great Trevor Lawrence!!!! Everyone says, he is better than Tua and his stats prove it!!! BETTER THAN JUSTIN FIELDS BECAUSE THAT 151 TD PASSES IN 4 YEARS ECLIPSED FIELDS PASSING ABILITY FOR CERTAIN, RIGHT???? We all know how Mac Jones has looked. Yet this TRUE FRESHMAN has pushed him all the way!!! And could be another of Sabans secret weapons if Mac Jones has a bad game!!! OKAY, 151 TD PASSES IN 4 YEARS SPEAKS VOLUMES BY ITSELF, RIGHT??? THEN LISTEN UP UGA FANS. WHO KNOW ONLY THE USC JT DANIELS!!!! THAT PLAYED WITH ZERO RUNNING GAME AND NO O LINE. RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE HIS ENTIRE FRESHMAN SEASON. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR. NOT A POWER 5 STARTER!!!!!! YET, HE WAS!!!!! But y'all are still hung up on Bryce Young and his 151 TD PASSES in just 4 seasons!!!! I got news for y'all JT DANIELS DOUBTERS! JT DANIELS THREW 151 TD PASSES AT THE EXACT SAME SCHOOL AS BRYCE YOUNG!!! ONLY HE DID IT IN JUST 3 SEASONS!!!!!! YEP YOU READ ME RIGHT. JT DANIELS DID THE EXACT SAME AS BRYCE YOUNG! YET HE DID IT IS ONE LESS SEASON!!!! JT Daniels was so good and so smart that he RECLASSIFIED and just SKIPPED HIS SENIOR SEASON!!!! Not so hung up on Bryce Young anymore are you???? IN FACT. IF JT DANIELS PLAYED HIS SENIOR SEASON. HE WAS ON TRACK TO THROW ABOUT 50 MORE TD PASSES THAN TREVOR LAWRENCE. AROUND 60 MORE TD PASSES THAN BRYCE YOUNG!!! Tua and Justin Fields don't even make honorable mention in stats, if he plays 4 years!!! JT DANIELS NEVER LOST A SINGLE QB BATTLE EVER!!!! SLOVIS AT USC DID NOT BEAT HIM OUT! Daniels won that QB contest again. But got injured the first half of the first game!!!! BUT NOT, HE IS COMPLETELY HEALTHY!!!! HE IS THE VERY REASON THAT JAIME NEWMAN OPTED OUT!!! NEWMAN WAS LOSING THE QB BATTLE WITH BOTH JT DANIELS AND BECK! Only as you all know. JT Daniels was not yet cleared to play!!! So with a brace he was beating out Jaime Newman!!! And JT Daniels was the #2 QB just weeks before the opener against Arkansas! HE WAS THE #2 GUY. ONLY BECAUSE HE WASN'T CLEARED AND NEWMAN WAS A GRADUATE TRANSFER HOTSPOT WITH MORE EXPERIENCE!!!! Still, JT Daniels threw so many more COMPLETED PASSES! That it scared Jaime Newman into opting out. Using covid19 as his EXCUSE!!! Covid19 didn't scare him, before JT Daniels transferred in and began to immediately out perform him by a long shot!!!! Still it was no guarantee that JT would be cleared for Arkansas. Therefore Jaime Newman was the #1 QB, like he was promised!!! But remember JT Daniels was absolutely the #2 GUY!!! With Carson Beck at #3 and Mathis at #4!!! They weren't even sure Mathis would play this season at all. HE WASN'T WINNING ANY QB CONTEST EITHER!!!! THAT WAS ONLY A LIE PUT OUT BY THE STAFF AFTER NEWMAN OPTED OUT. To save face and as an emergency since JT Daniels wasn't cleared and CARSON BECK HAD NEVER PLAYED!!! Kirby was scared to death to put Carson in the real game. Because of his inexperience even though he was ahead of Mathis in practice!!! Mathis did play in the G DAY game. So that was better than no experience!!! Plus he can RUN!!! Smart was relying on his legs if his arm was WILD!!!! Smart planned to let the running backs take over and Mathis was supposed to HELP THEM!!! Yet in pure QB talent and PERFORMANCE. Both JT Daniels and Carson Beck had led all QBs including Jaime Newman!!!!! YET WEEKS AWAY FROM ARKANSAS. NEWMAN IS SCARED HE WILL BE BENCHED IN FAVOR OF JT DANIELS OR CARSON BECK!!! SO HE OPTS OUT!!!!! Leaving coach Smart in a panic since the MOST EXPERIENCED and TOP QB JT DANIELS has not been MEDICALLY CLEARED!!! Smart is desperate but he thinks well it's only Arkansas. He thinks that Mathis can get them through with his legs and maybe build some accuracy along the way. Since he had G DAY EXPERIENCE. AND SINCE THEY SPREAD THAT LIE AND WANTED TO SAVE FACE. IN CAME D'WAN MATHIS ON HOPES THAT HE WOULD BECOME JUSTIN FIELDS WITH ARKANSAS! BUT JUST UNTIL JT DANIELS GOT CLEARED!!!!!! JT DANIELS WAS ALWAYS THE BEST IN THE CAMP PERIOD!!!! CARSON BECK WAS LESS EXPERIENCED BUT SUPER TALENTED AS WELL!!!! BUT THEN ARKANSAS HAS COME TO PLAY AND ARE KICKING OUR REAR!!!! MATHIS LOOKS LIKE HE HAS JUST COME BACK FROM A BRAIN INJURY AND IS WILD AND SCARED AND TOTALLY UNPREPARED!!!! But Carson Beck had not been properly prepared either!!! Because it was always going to be Jaime Newman at least until JT Daniels gets cleared!!! Newman knows it and gets pissy and OPTS OUT ON PURPOSE!!! Leaving no one really ready!!! Smart is desperate and does something desperate!!! HE THROWS OUR 5TH STRING WALK ON QB STETSON BENNETT IN THE GAME. BECAUSE HE HAS SEEN BENNETT HAVE A FEW DECENT SNAPS BEFORE! AND BENNETT HAD ALSO PLAYED A LITTLE!!! But it was only a roll of the dice!!! A desperation move!!! CARSON BECK WAS ON THE VERGE OF SEEING ACTION IN GAME ONE! SIMPLY BECAUSE HE STANDS NEARLY 6'5 AND WEIGHS 225! IS A GREAT QB AND PRETTY GOOD ATHLETE!!! He was within a few bad series of being Smarts last resort. OH HOW I PERSONALLY WISH THAT COULD HAVE COME COME TO PASS!!!!!! But sadly Stetson Bennett came off the bench with very little pressure to go with his very little body!!! And he ran the team well. Simply getting the ball to playmakers! Something that Mathis didn't do. Because he wanted to be Fields part 2!!!!! HOTSHOT IN OTHER WORDS!!!! But he was also scared and wild!!!! He even made mistakes running!!!!! STILL EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER KNEW THAT STETSON BENNETT HAD A LOW, NO, VERY LOW CEILING!!!! He looked so good and took care of the ball. Just like Smart craves! So he got another start and another and THE UGA TALENT OVERWHELMED TEAMS!!! Stetson Bennett was only driving the RACECAR, made of 5 STAR TALENT!!!! Everyone knew he could not and would not beat Alabama!!! BUT SADLY HE MADE SMART FEEL SO SECURE! AND ALABAMA WAS JUST 1 GAME. Smart loves to sacrifice 1 game a year. Just so his players have some ADVERSITY!!! Smart feels it brings out the best in a team. SADLY FOR ALL UGA FANS. KIRBY ROLLED THIS DICE ONE MORE TIME TOO OFTEN, GAMBLING! Because according to some. JT Daniels person physician hadn't yet totally cleared him. HMMM??? LIKELY STORY!!!!! Then on top of Smart gambling on THE MAILMAN MIDGET ONCE TOO OFTEN. IT SEEMED LIKE THE FOOTBALL GUARDIAN ANGELS DECIDED TO OPT OUT FOR A WHILE WITH TOP UGA STARTERS!!!! And they began dropping like flies!!!! NOW YOU NEED A REAL SCORING OFFENSE!!!! BECAUSE THAT DEFENSE THAT HE WAS BANKING ON BEING THERE TO FALL BACK ON. WELL IT WAS NO LONGER ELITE FROM AN EXPERIENCE POINT OF VIEW!!!!! Too many backups were forced into action. Against a QB that has some weapons like UGA has!!! ONLY HE IS TALL ENOUGH TO SEE THEM. AS WELL AS GET THEM THE FOOTBALL!!!! With everyone out for UGA! And playing with a CRIPPLED TEAM. WITH A MAILMAN THAT COULDN'T WORK FOR UPS AT THIS POINT. A MAN WHO STARTED GREAT. BUT HAS FALLEN APART LIKE DAN MULLEN AT THE END OF A BIG SEASON HISTORICALLY!!! The mailman could no longer deliver! Even against a lousy defense like Florida!!!! AND WHY??? SIMPLY BECAUSE HE CAN'T GET THE BALL PAST THE LINE!!! HE KEEPS GETTING IT BATTED DOWN LIKE A BABY COUSIN OR SOMETHING!!! Mighty mouse was now Jerry!!! From Tom and Jerry!!! A mouse that always runs from a bigger cat!!!! THIS GAMBLE WAS SICKENING FOR ANY TRUE DAWG FAN TO WATCH!!! MAINLY BECAUSE YOU COULD SEE IT COMING A MILE AWAY!!!!! Yet these MILLIONAIRE COACHES. Who are paid MILLIONS because of their coaching ability. YET THEY COULDN'T SEE IT COMING!!! That really pissed me off!!!! They should have put Carson Beck in DAY ONE and let Bennett save him off the bench every game. If that is what it took!!!! BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY DANG WAY YOU GET EXPERIENCE!!! Then JT Daniels should have been brought in and out. The very second that he got medically cleared by the team and wanted to play!!!!! Both Carson Beck and JT Daniels should have been playing every single game this season that they were allowed to! With Bennett only saving them IF NECESSARY off the bench like against Arkansas!!!! Because no matter what. Kirby Smart already knew Stetson Bennett's ceiling just like we did!!!! HE WAS GAMBLING THAT HIS DEFENSE WOULD ALWAYS WIN FOR HIM!!! This gamble because of his fear cost us the season and the SEC EAST, up to this point. AND IT NEVER HAD TO HAPPEN!!!! Both of these QBs would be 50 times the QB Stetson Bennett is right now!!!! We would have 2 reliable options at QB! WITH ONE OR BOTH BECOMING A SUPERSTAR BY NOW!!!! IN FACT BY THE FLORIDA GAME!!! And because the offense would have played so well. MANY OF THE DEFENSIVE PLAYERS THAT WERE HURT, WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN!!!!! Because A. They would have been rested more and used less! And B. They wouldn't have tried too hard and taken so many chances. TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR THE MIDGET WHO CAN'T COMPLETE A PASS, ALL THE SUDDEN. MAINLY BECAUSE WORD GOT OUT. PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND HE IS INEPT!!!! JT Daniels or Carson Beck are more than tall enough and know how to throw past defensive linemen with raised hands anyway!!!!!! OKAY I'M SICK TO MY STOMACH, BECAUSE I KNOW UGA HAD THE BETTER TEAM!!!! I DID PROMISE A PATH FOR UGA, I BELIEVE IS STILL THERE! BUT IT WILL REQUIRE ANOTHER GAMBLE ONLY BECAUSE WE DIDN'T DO IT WHEN WE SHOULD HAVE!!!!! ATTENTION UGA COACHES. IN THE FUTURE, YOU PUT YOUR TALENTED YOUNG QBS IN THE GAME IN THE BEGINNING! If they fall you let the backup help save them a few times. Like Kelly Bryant saved Trevor Lawrence in his national championship season!!!! But you don't wait until your main rivals are on your doorstep to play them or even NOT PLAY THEM BECAUSE THEIR NOT READY!!!!! This stupidity is never to happen again ever at UGA, PLEASE!!!! If you have a young 5 star QB or two. You bring them along and DEVELOP THEM by a simple act of PLAYING THEM!!!! Your 5th string QB is not to become your starting QB. Simply because you were paralyzed by fear to the point that you never got the big guns ready!!!!! KIRBY TRUST ME, EITHER OF THOSE TWO WILL OUT PLAY STETSON BENNETT RIGHT NOW!!!! And if you want any chance at all if the COMMITTEE voting UGA in. It's not enough just to win with Stetson. YOU NEED TO DESTROY TEAMS!!!! AND YOU NEED TO DO IT WITH A QB THEY HAVEN'T SEEN GET DESTROYED BY ALABAMA OR WORSE FLORIDA!!!!!! More on that later but it's time to SWITCH NOW!!!!! There are actually several paths still left for UGA to make the playoffs!!! BUT ONLY IF SMART IS SMART ENOUGH TO CHANGE QBS RIGHT NOW!!!!! Otherwise it will be in the committee's minds that HEY WE ALREADY SAW THIS GEORGIA TEAM LOSE TO ALABAMA AND FLORIDA. THERE IS NOTHING DIFFERENT ABOUT THEM!!!! But with a brand new GOOD TO GREAT QB, ITS A DIFFERENT STORY!!!!!! Winning with a different QB makes the committee automatically start to wonder about a rematch with Florida or Alabama or both in THE PLAYOFFS!!!!! SO DO WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE WEEKS AGO!!!!!!! PLAY JT DANIELS OR CARSON BECK!!!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW AND RUN UP ALL THE SCORES!!!!!!! ITS THE ONLY WAY LEFT!!!!!! I'M TELLING ALL OF YOU. A HOT UGA WITH ONLY 2 SEC LOSSES. WITH VICTORIES OVER ARKANSAS, AUBURN, TENNESSEE AND KENTUCKY IN DOMINANT FASHION. AND DOMINATING WINS TO FINISH THE SEASON. HAVING HAD SO MANY INJURIES AND A BIG OPT OUT. AND A BRAND NEW EXCITING QB AND DIFFERENT LOOKING OFFENSE. UGA STILL HAS A GREAT CHANCE AT THE PLAYOFFS AS EITHER A 3RD SEC TEAM OR BY JUMPING FLORIDA WHEN THEY LOSE BIG TO ALABAMA. BUT ONLY IF WE START ANOTHER QB!!!!!!! PS. IT HAS GOT TO BE JT DANIELS OR CARSON BECK!!!! Bennett or Mathis even with wins will still cost UGA the season by playing!!!!! PLEASE KIRBY, MAKE THE CHANGE!!!!!!! King Negan
? HOW ABOUT Y'ALL COUNTING ALL THE MISSING STARTERS ON DEFENSE AND OFFENSE BEFORE WRITING THIS GARBAGE!!!!!! IT WAS NOT GEORGIA'S #1 DEFENSE OR OFFENSE. IT WAS FLORIDA VS BACKUPS AND THE MIDGET MADE IT EASIER ON FLORIDA. BY PLAYING INJURED THE WHOLE GAME!!! Bennett sucks as is without playing injured! Florida hasn't come close to playing UGA at their best or beating them!!!! DAVID POLLACK CAN KISS MY REAR!!! TRAITOR!!!! Before we crown Florida the winners of the east. Let's see them first beat Arkansas! UGA DID! Either way. Alabama will crush Florida even without Waddle!!!!! IF THEY GET TO THE DANCE. HISTORICALLY THIS IS WHERE DAN MULLEN USUALLY BEGINS TO FAIL!!!! LIKE HIS #1 RANKED MISS STATE. THAT FINISHED BADLY!!!! PS. Mullen historically CHOKES!!!! King Negan
As I was saying. IF FLORIDA SHIFTED THE BALANCE OF POWER IN THE EAST IN THIS ONE PATHETIC GAME. AGAINST A MIDGET AND UGA'S BACKUPS! WELL THEN, I'M ANTIFA AND BLM, ALL IN ONE!!!! And everyone knows how I feel about that!!!! Mullen the clown had a decent day against a bunch of backups!!! That is all!!! UGA IS STILL BY FAR THE BETTER TEAM. RIGHT THIS SECOND AND NEXT YEAR! In fact I will state clearly. I DON'T THINK ITS OVER BY A LONG SHOT!!!! It's going to be hilarious when Arkansas and Felipe Franks put a whooping on Florida!!!!! THEN OLE DANNY BOY, WILL BE LOSING THE REST OF HIS HAIR. WORRIED ABOUT THE TEAMS LEFT ON THE SCHEDULE. WHEN KYLE TRASH FOLDS UNDER PRESSURE!!!! I'm still pro JT DANIELS or CARSON BECK!!!! But the truth is, if D'wan Mathis had played the whole game. We probably still win even with THE BACKUP DEFENSE AND BACKUP WRS AND OTHERS IN THE GAME!!!!! I knew Florida would celebrate as if they beat THE REAL GEORGIA! But oops sorry THEY DIDN'T!!!! And I'm not going to say they did!!! Take as many STARTERS off Alabama or Florida as UGA had missing. And see how you do!!!! MESSAGE FOR BAMA AND FLORIDA..... UGA STILL OWNS THE EAST, UNTIL SOMEONE BEATS THE REAL UGA!!!! By the way. SC beat us last year. Yet we won the east. ITS NOT OVER!!!! YOUR CELEBRATION IS PREMATURE AND SILLY!!! ARKANSAS IS COMING, WITH UGA LOYALTIES AND A SCORE TO SETTLE WHEN IT COMES TO QB!!!!!!! KYLE TRASH MIGHT NOT MAKE IT OUT OF THIS GAME!!!! Not wishing, just saying!!! It would be more even then!!! I PERSONALLY CAN'T BELIEVE UGA SAT TWO 5 STAR QBS! AND LET THAT MIDGET GIVE IT AWAY!!!! Still Danny boy doesn't close very well!!!! But the fact remains. ALABAMA WANTS FLORIDA. BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY WILL SMOKE YOU!!! INSTEAD OF BITING THEIR NAILS TO THE VERY END. JUST HOPING TO SURVIVE!!!!!!! Bottom line, Alabama don't want any of a possibly healthier version of UGA. Possibly playing THE RIGHT QB???? Well I guess you'll all just have to see if Dan the clown can FINISH? If he can't, NO EXCUSES! If he does, BIG DEAL! He will still lose recruiting like he has since he's been at Florida. AND UGA IS STILL WAY BETTER! Even if we lose the east thanks to STUPIDITY AND INJURIES. It still says nothing at all about THE BALANCE OF POWER!!!! ILL BET ANYBODY $1000.00 RIGHT NOW! THAT UGA WINS THE COCKTAIL PARTY AND THE EAST NEXT SEASON!!!! ANY TAKERS OR JUST TALKERS???? Celebrate if you like. But you really should be THANKFUL! Because you did not come close to playing the real UGA! And not even one uga fan with football knowledge fears Florida in the least!!! I PROMISE YOU ALL. I'M HONESTLY EXPECTING MULLEN TO FIND A WAY TO BLOW A GIFT!!!! REMEMBER, ITS NOT OVER YET! FACE IT, YOU JUST GOT LUCKY! EVERYTHING WENT RIGHT FOR FLORIDA FROM THE GO! STARTING WITH THE EASY SCHEDULE! AND ENDING WITH ALL THE UGA INJURIES!!! BECAUSE WITHOUT THOSE INJURIES. UGA STILL DESTROYS YOU, WITH THE MIDGET!!!! PS. Alabama fans cried all off season about injuries costing them. BUT UGA HAD TWICE THE INJURIES THAT ALABAMA HAD, ALL SEASON. RIGHT BEFORE THE FLORIDA GAME!!! I don't blame you Alabama fans for feeling RELIEVED! But a reminder to you to. IT AIN'T OVER YET!!!! KN
@glad2bsec..........Hmmmm,if this post doesn't prove what I've always said. What will? ALABAMA FEARS UGA!!! Alabama fans are sooooooooooo excited that they THINK Florida has won the east! EVEN GOING SO FAR AS TO BE NERVOUS. TELLING THEM, MAKE SURE NOT TO OVERLOOK WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T!!!! If Florida shifted the balance of po
Even with all the injuries. Florida had best be at the top of their game. They won't beat UGA without playing their best! PS. We all know Alabama fears playing UGA twice. But that is the reality if we get passed Florida! King Negan