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@Joe Marks........What's wrong with State fans having confidence in their program or their team? Mullen is not the only thing that Mississippi state had going for it!!!! They are and have been a program on the rise in the state of Mississippi. Ole Miss owned a lot of momentum before but have been getting hit by the NCAA for violations and losing a BETTER COACH THAN MULLEN!!!! All this tends to make the OTHER TEAM in Mississippi stronger!!!! Their FAN BASE is a lot better than florida and they have FAR MORE CLASS!!!! Mullen knows EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT TEAM AND THATS A HUGE ADVANTAGE!!! Yet you didn't exactly beat up on the new coach or his team!!! They loved Mullen and played hard for him in Starkville. The fans loved him to!!!! Yet the second he got the chance he left them for the gators!!! HE LEFT RECRUITS THAT HE PROMISED TO COACH AND THAT MAKES HIM A LIAR!!!!! I just wonder where he will land with his helicopter AFTER HE IS FIRED FROM FLORIDA??? I wonder would they have him back in Starkville??? Personally I hope not!!!!! Wait and see if he don't end up holding a clipboard as an analyst for Alabama before it's over!!! He sure WILL NOT BE their Offensive coordinator. Saban won't run that style offense!!!! NOPE, ITS CLIPBOARD FOR HIM IF HE IS LUCKY!!!! Saban loves hiring former head coaches of SEC teams. It gives him an edge and that's smart. No it's you FLORIDA FANS always acting like your on the same level with UGA!!! Get it through your heads. YOUR NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! WE PLAYED A BAD GAME LAST YEAR AND STILL DESTROYED YOU!!! Dan Mullen is A JOKE!!!!! At least at MISSISSIPPI STATE he had some respect and seemed a little better as a person!!!! THAT SO-CALLED FLORIDA SWAGGER THAT IS REALLY ARROGANCE HAS MADE HIM A JOKE!!!!! NOBODY IN GEORGIA IS EVEN WORRIED ABOUT PLAYING FLORIDA ANYMORE!!!!! Ill admit we used to always get a worried feeling when it came to the gators!!! I know I did. BUT NO, NOT NOW!!!! Oh I want my team TO BE READY AND NOT OVER CONFIDENT!!! I want them to prepare for the Florida game like it was Alabama!!!! Because I don't want florida TO LUCK UP BECAUSE WE WEREN'T READY!!!! All great teams know they can be beaten on any given day!!!! But make no mistake. FLORIDA IS NOWHERE CLOSE TO UGA AND DONT DESERVE THE RESPECT THE MEDIA IS GIVING THEM!!! Y'all beat THE MIGHTY OVERRATED MICHIGAN!!!! What an achievement!!!! South Carolina beat them before y'all did!!!! So close your big fat mouth until you've earned the right to talk!!!! Otherwise Mississippi state fans and anyone else can say what they like!!!!! Taking 3rd in the east does not give you room to boast!!!! REMEMBER WHO WON THE EAST AGAIN??? GOING TOTALLY UNBEATEN IN THE EAST AGAIN???? THATS RIGHT UGA!!!! UGA OWNS THE EAST AND FLORIDA UGA OWNS YOU!!!!!!! PS. WHO KNEW THAT GATOR MEAT MADE SUCH GOOD DOG FOOD? Or should I say, DAWG FOOD!!!!!! LOL King Negan
GROUP QUESTION and be honest. In the 2017 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME I thought UGA got ROBBED BY THE REFS!!! I counted well over 20 bad calls as well as no calls!!! Everything from holding to blatant pass interference and even punches with NO EJECTION!!!! I'M A DAWG but I'm still honest. So..... How many agree with me on this? I'm more interested in other fan bases answering this question. We know what bama fans will most likely say and UGA fans well anyway. I don't think we got cheated in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. We cheated ourselves. But in the 2017/18 national championship I TRULY BELIEVE UGA WAS CHEATED!!! I believe the REFS wanted to give Saban that game for the reasons below.... 1. REFS don't get to much of the spotlight. If you were a ref wouldn't you want to say, " I WORKED THE GAME WHERE SABAN TIED BEAR BRYANT? " 2. MONEY.....Both espn and SEC network CONSTANTLY air programs like THE PROCESS or interviews with Nick Saban. Eventually there will be money in future documentary films or books. The team of REFS that worked that game could be featured!!!! 3. MYSTERY....You tell me but it seems like as good as they are. Bama gets by with MURDER on the field. I mean they punch, they stomp, you name it!!!! The REFS seem to ALWAYS find a penalty in a CRUCIAL TIME late in the game if bama is being tested. They will either penalize the opposing team or conveniently find a penalty on them that changes the game!!! Sometimes it's a HUGE no call!!! But it happens all the time!!! 4. FEAR......Yes, I believe some REFS actually fear SOME bama fans and what their reaction might be should they cost bama a big game with a call, even if it's RIGHT!!!! Bama fans have been known to do crazy things. Remember HARVEY UPDYKE???? It's a good thing it was only trees he decided to kill!!! Imagine if it was more than trees and he tells the Judge, " I just have to much bama in me!!! " Updyke is a loon and his mind? Well, never mind. I'm just glad it was trees he was after. It could have been the fans, Cam Newton, the coach or the cheerleaders. As well as DING DING DING THE REFS!!! There are a WHOLE LOT of Updykes in Alabama as well as good people to!!!! But Harvey Updyke didn't just stop with murdering those innocent trees. NOOOOOOO, he had to call a TV show to announce his crime to Paul F!!!! That really is serial killer mentality. Just look in that man's eyes!!!! I'm dead serious when I say the police should DIG UNDER HIS BASEMENT AND BACKYARD!!!!! That is not a joke either!!!! 5. Lastly, FEAR OF SABAN!!! They all know that Saban will be in the booth someday or maybe even SEC COMMISSIONER or something!!! I believe they are afraid that someday they would be UNEMPLOYED if they were to cost Saban a close game and especially A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Blowouts where bama clearly just fall on their butts. Well that is one thing. BUT A CLOSE GAME IS ANOTHER ANIMAL ALTOGETHER!!! Be honest and think about ALL THE CLOSE GAMES that bama almost always wins unless THEY FUMBLE or throw an INT!!! Think how many close games they won because either A LATE PENALTY or NO CALL changed the game in their favor!!!!! I know the rules unless they've been changed. THROWING PUNCHES IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION AND QUICK TRIP TO THE SHOWERS!!! But I can show you video after video of bama players UNLOADING PUNCHES after a tackle like 4 or 5 punches while a player is down. Surely the REFS saw it. It's their job to watch the ball carrier!!! Some of the LSU GAMES immediately come to mind. But the 2017 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME is another one!!!!! Yea, I think there was a penalty but NO EJECTION!!! Why is that??? In crucial situations with THE GAME ON THE LINE. Bama DBs literally MUG WRs on 3rd and 4th down with NO CALLS!!!! While at the same time if you as much as bump or even get to close to a bama WR playing tight coverage, OUT COMES THE LITTLE YELLOW HANKY!!!!! 15 yards and 1st down bama every time!!!!! Many times the bama WR will push off to get open or DELIBERATELY INITIATE CONTACT THROWING HIMSELF INTO THE DB. It should be an offensive interference call but NOPE!!! Bama DBs know exactly what I'm talking about and they have become very bold!!!! They hold and get away with it over and over. Sometimes it looks as if their not even concerned with getting a penalty!!! LISTEN I KNOW BAMA FANS WILL CALL ME A TROLL AND FOR SOME REASON PEOPLE KISS THEIR BUTTS. I'm not interested in those who defend bama at any cost. I want to know what the rest of you think. HAVE SOME COURAGE AND TAKE A CHANCE ON OFFENDING YOUR BAMA BUDDY. If their really a friend they will forgive!!! Nick Saban is called the greatest ever and NO I DON'T BELIEVE THAT EITHER!!!!! He is okay. But if all the penalties that bama deserved had been called. How many close games would they have won? How many championship games would they have even been in??? You can't win it if your not in it!!!! PENALTIES THAT WERE CALLED IS THE ONLY REASON THAT MARK RICHT DIDN'T WIN 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS AT UGA!!! He came close many times. BUT UGA GETS PENALTIES CALLED ON THEM as well as NO CALLS!!!! Not to mention BAD CALLS!!!!! Last, those CLEMSON WRs had to fight through MUGGINGS and blatant pass interference in order to torch bama. But, if it had been UGA I'm convinced, the REFS would have called OFFENSIVE INTERFERENCE and took the catch away!!!!!! I'm speaking the truth!!!!! I'm just curious how many are with me on this??? People with no ax to grind feel free to give an honest opinion if you will and THANKS. Go dawgs!!!!! King Negan
I posted a question 4 times and it is still not showing.
@Co Jones.....You are kidding right?????? Florida fans worried about people talking trash???? Florida invented the concept!!!! I mean YOUR HEAD COACH TALKS TRASH!!!! It all started with Steve Spurrier but with ONE HUGE DIFFERENCE. His team's could back up their trash talk!!!!! Wait and see if South Carolina don't beat you next season!!! Tennessee will give you all you want if they don't beat you!!! Missouri torched you last year. You finished 3rd in the east and Dan the man achieved one really huge thing. HE GOT BEAT BY KENTUCKY FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE STONE AGE!!! And if Kentucky has even half the team they had last year, YOUR IN TROUBLE!!!! Like it or not. Dan Mullen cost you the Kentucky game because he wanted a bigger score!!! He was soooooooooooo sure that Franks would hit that TD pass on the goal line. But that sure didn't work out did it??? It's not like he was a first time head coach or something. He has been in the league forever!!! Personally I think he made a HUGE MISTAKE leaving Starkville!!! Mississippi state has a LOYAL GREAT FAN BASE. MUCH BETTER TALENT IS STREAMING IN THERE NOW. Mississippi state made him look much better than he really is I think!!! I'll say again. They have a tremendous fan base and deserve better than what he did to them!!! If the current coach don't work out and I HOPE HE DOES!!! But if he don't. They need to hire either Les Miles or Mark Richt. Either one of those men would KICK A$$ in Starkville Mississippi!!!! I mean I'm a UGA fan and I think we have the best fan base in college football. But I think Mississippi state fans are right there. I mean I'm rooting for Mississippi state to do well. As far as FAN BASES go....I think that UGA, Mississippi state, and south Carolina have the best fans. Alabama has good fans but if they put up with the mediocre to bad teams that the three I named have. Well their not as supportive in the bad times!!!! Clemson has pretty decent fans but they are ACC and I'm talking mainly SEC!!! If I forgot someone don't get mad. UGA holds the spring game record for fan attendance as they edged out Alabama on Kirbys 90 K day. There were many more than that!!!! Then even after a so so first season. The fans again showed up in mass numbers the next year for G day also!!! It was storming with tornado watches and tons of rain this year for G DAY. But still the fans gave a pretty decent showing considering the weather. I think it was close to 50 K and that's pretty decent in a flood!!! King Negan
@Joe Marks......The delusions are alive and well indeed. But hey, at least you admit it. That's the first step in recovery!!!! That 3 spots behind won't last!!! Remember you started way ahead. Now your already 3 spots back. But you GATOR fans fail to realize something. It's where your falling behind that matters!!! UGA has 20 plus 5 star players and growing. Florida has NONE!!!! But more importantly than that. We are building our OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE LINES while your still thinking WRs win CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! But honestly. We are off the charts in talented WRs as well. Probably as good or better than your WR ROOM!!!! Our running backs are MILES AHEAD OF WHAT YOU HAVE!!!! And do I even need to mention QB??????? Tell me I dont!!!!!! I'll admit that Florida used to be DB U along with LSU!!!!! But I'm sorry but UGA has a better, deeper DB ROOM than you now!!!! Speaking of LSU, they are better than florida to!!!!! They were also better last year!!! Delusional is not the word for people thinking that Florida is even close to UGA. INSANITY IS A BETTER WORD!!!!!! Mark my words!!!! Dan Mullen takes a huge step in year 2 like most coaches. Only he stands alone!!! As his step will be BACKWARDS!!!!!! It MIGHT not be as bad as 2017 but you never know!!!! Last year he was standing on those seniors and UPPERCLASSMEN that coach Mac recruited. This next season he stands on his own!!! LISTEN, I'M NOT SAYING HE IS A BAD COACH. But he is NOT the elite coach he is made out to be by the media!!!! With the exception of next season, you'll do okay I think!!! But dont think he is taking you back to first place because he is not!!! The only way you take the division is FLUKE BAD LUCK LIKE GOD FORBID INJURIES!!!! UGA also has depth running out their a$$, while you'll be lucky to field a decent first unit!!!! So don't talk about delusions!!!! King Negan
@LSUMC...........The only game we played bad was the LSU game!!! We would have WON if they had kept running the ball!!! You were playing COVERAGE and Chaney was calling passes instead of runs!!! You weren't stopping our run at all. As for the first part of the season. We played well!!! We blew everyone out!!!!!! Anyway the past is behind us and our NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is just ahead in 2019 I believe!!! You need to worry about how you look against ALABAMA!!!! They survived us!!!!! This post is a little late but oh well!!!!! King Negan
@Joe Marks.......Mickey, my favorite bookie!!! I am seeing someone. Where's my money Charley??? As for what's his name, HE STARTED IT!!!! When you gators are owning a particular stretch you love talking!!! Where is all that school spirit now???? In nature a GATOR sits with its mouth wide open as a way of COOLING OFF!!! You gators talk year round regardless of any success!!! BUT WHATS HIS NAME IS DOING MOST OF THE TALKING NOW!!! So am I to take it that maybe just MAYBE his seat is already getting a little to HOT for him in Gainesville??????? Well if your looking for a bright spot. Something to sooth the reality of the moment. Don't worry, JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH OPEN LIKE ALWAYS and look at the bright side. It can't last longer than say a decade or so right??? Well just keep a positive thought and KEEP THAT MOUTH OPEN!!!! PS. AT LEAST YOUR COOLING OFF!!!! In fact you should be nice and cool. As cool as any program in the SEC!!! LOL. King Negan
@Volzdeep...........STAGED AND FAKE!!!! Bama fans think he is a god and say so on boards!!! His CHEATING, rotten personality, did I mention his cheating??? It's all looked over by the NCAA and adored by the gumps!!! Forrest Gump had far more CLASS than Nick Saban. But it's just a movie. Nick CHEATS at EVERYTHING!!! Why not A PHOTO??? I think we need to STOP CALLING THEM THE GUMPS and change it. I personally vote that we start calling them THE UPDYKE'S in honor of their mascot fan Harvey. I'm not sure I spelled it right. PS. I just think Forrest Gump is to good for Saban or his crew!!! Man what a letdown the Updykes are in for soon!!! Negan
@Georgian in exile.....Again it's not as if he is running, jumping and hitting!!! He is sitting in a CUSHY OFFICE CHAIR!!! Plus Tua wasn't given time off. He was all messed up and ALL DRUGGED UP, all year. The answer from Saban was THE DRUG TENT, OVER AND OVER!!!!! I believe what they were doing is illegal!!!! For some reason THE NCAA IS AFRAID OF NICK SABAN!!!!! I'm hurt coach I can't go!!! Saban says " get your a$$ in that tent!!! SHOOT HIM UP WITH THE GOOD STUFF!!!! " Tua, wow I feel great coach. This won't effect my draft status will it??? " Saban, " NAAAH. " Then the team doctor says. Coach not to second guess you. But I think the kid is playing with an ACL STRAIN THAT COULD BECOME A TARE!!! " Saban, " That won't effect us now dammit and keep your mouth shut, WE NEED HIM!!! You heard him, HE FEELS GREAT!! " Doctor, " IM SURPRISED THE KID FEELS ANYTHING AT THE MOMENT!!! " PS. Saban is NOT a good man!!! AS FOR THE NCAA. I GUESS FEAR MAKES THEM LOOK THE OTHER WAY EVERY DAY!!!! They do to others what they should do to Saban but don't!!! NCAA IS AFRAID PERIOD!!! King Negan
@Kirby calling John Wayne a LIAR and A CHEAT and on top of that. Your calling Patton A SHORT LITTLE SISSY????? Change your screen name!!! LOL Go Dawgs!!!!! I'm not Not a ki$$ a$$!!! If Saban wants to recruit me as a friend and admirer. He better give me a car and a sack of money like he does others!!! Otherwise I call it as I see it!!! He is ALL DRUGGED UP and pushing a pen for the media, in a cushy office chair!!! Now he recruits doctors!!! MORE MORPHINE DAMMIT, quick I'm starting to feel this pen!!!!! It's not like he is running up and down a field like a goofy Gump said!!! You media folks who thought Saban was mean before. Just wait until he gives out of the morphine!!!! He is ALL DRUGGED UP RIGHT NOW!!! My granny broke ALL HER BONES and had hip surgery!!! She did it REFUSING PAIN MEDS!!! No he is not a god or anything close!!!! PS. A devil? Hmm, now that is food for thought!!! But I doubt it. He's to short!!! LOL King Negan
@ Upstategator......recruiting is not all about facilities!!! What was wrong in the Tim Tebow years????? Facilities don't hurt but it's more about WHO CAN RECRUIT and WHO CANNOT!!! Texas A&M from what I've heard has some of the best facilities!!! Yet a pretty decent coach just got fired and replaced by A GREAT RECRUITER named Jimbo Fisher!!! Dan Mullen needs do get off his LAZY BUTT and put it the extra hours that other great recruiters do!!! But he would rather spend his extra time. Thinking up new ways to troll the dawgs!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK DAN!!!!! King Negan trouble you mean what? Why should UGA be worried about him??? The west is no stronger than the east!!! Not at the TOP for sure!!! If Mullen couldn't beat Alabama why is he gonna beat UGA???? Last season florida beat LSU and Florida beat LSU under coach Mac!!!! LSU is the second strongest team in the west every year with the exception of auburn sometimes!!! LSU only beat UGA because we tried to force the ball into coverage rather than KEEP RUNNING IT!!! If we run the ball in that game WE WIN PERIOD!!!!! Go watch the game and come back and tell me I'm wrong!!! Florida is nowhere even close to beating UGA!!! We had a terrible game last year and still beat them badly!!! King Negan
I meant to say FLORIDA IS LUCKY THEY DIDN'T WIN ONLY 4 GAMES AGAIN. I SAID LOSE BUT I MEANT WIN!!! Meaning another 4 win season could have easily happened!!! Even if not 4 it could have been worse!!! That is my point!!!
@tonytiger....Sorry but Franks is a part of that team! And NO! Florida is not a great team!!! They are lucky that they didn't lose 4 games again as the article pointed out!!! They do have good WRs but so does UGA and Alabama and Missouri don't usually look to bad!!! Without the O line or D line and the rest. What good are WRs? It's true and proven. Some of the worst or mediocre teams in the SEC can beat teams from the big 10 and other places. MICHIGAN was beaten 2 years in a row by SEC teams. South Carolina did it before florida!!! MICHIGAN was HIGHLY OVERRATED and no way they were the Top defense!!! NO WAY!!! Florida is not even close to beating UGA!!! Are they close to beating Alabama??? If not then leave UGA off the list!!! UGA and bama are neck and neck with the advantage now going to UGA!!! Go dawgs!!!! King Negan
@Legend......Do you have any idea what your comment might look like to recruits??? Read it and see!!! You don't sound like a real dawg fan but I don't know you personally!!! He reads well enough to go to college!!! As he has already qualified!!! Thanks George Pickens and Go dawgs!!! PS. Slip of the tongue I hope!!! Real dawg fan, King Negan
Pickens officially just ENROLLED!!!! So much for rumors from angry fans that don't like UGA taking the then ranked #2 player in Alabama!!! He was #1 when they took him. Because the actual #1 PLAYER was already taken. That being Clay Webb!!! Oh yea, UGA GOT HIM TO!!! Whatever happened to the days that Saban got the top players in Alabama and auburn got the rest??? Oh and every time bama misses on a player. You can bet their fans will say. OH SABAN NEVER REALLY WANTED HIM!!! Or He never had a " commitable offer!!! " All I say is BS!!!!!! Go dawgs!!!!!! King Negan
THESE COMPARISONS ARE TOTAL BS!!!!! Other than at WR florida can NOT COME CLOSE TO MATCHING UGA!!!! Personally I think UGA might just have them beat at WR to!!! We will see!!! PS. NOW HEAR THIS MEDIA!!! MULLEN AND HIS GATORS WILL FALL FLAT ON THEIR BUTTS NEXT SEASON!!!! Wait and see!!! Not just the UGA game either!!! I'm talking BAD, BAD SEASON!!!! Go dawgs!!!!! King Negan
Is there some silly limit? If so why did other long post go through EASILY????
I only see 7 post and my last 3 are not seen!!! What's up??? King Negan
@Long Beach Mike..... What did he do??? Sylvester Croom poored out his heart for MSU!!! Do you still remember him? Dan didn't do much that I can see!!! King Negan.
Trudawg....STOP TELLING LIES!!!!!! Your not even a Georgia fan!!!
@UGARMYRet...............AMEN King Negan
@Corch........Hey Corch what about those 3 5 stars Dan Mullen recruited yesterday??? I can't find a word about them today. Did they already decommit or are they trying to get in the transfer portal already even before 2020????? Bahahahahaha PS. I had a feeling those guys wouldn't last LOL. King Negan
@LSUSMC......Actually in the context of how they used prodigal son that is correct!!! In the bible the prodigal son was the son of a king in a parable. That son demanded his inheritance and left home!!! And got lost in a world of evil. But he eventually came home as we know and there was feasting in the kingdom. A type of heaven and the sinner returning and being saved. God being the king. But I believe they were referring to the fact that this young man was once committed to the dawgs before and decommited. And since he has now chosen the dawgs again. That in ways makes him like a prodigal. Meaning UGA is HOME!!!! I believe that is what they meant. And that makes THEM CORRECT!!!! My 2 cents worth!!! PS. The crystal ball had it around 80 to 20 in favor of the gators. I doubt this will sit well with GATOR FANS!!!!! King Negan
@Trudawg......THERE ARE NO RECRUITING VIOLATIONS!!! Oh unless you meant from BAMA!!!!!! That or somewhere else is where your from!!! YOU ARE NOT A BULLDAWG FAN!!!!! As for the recruiting violations by NICK SABAN I'm sure you'll only pay for those when he retires. That could be soon though!!!! But as for Dan Mullen. Can it get any worse???? Half his players transferred and the other half have trouble with THE LAW!!! Now he got caught CHEATING!!! I wonder how the NCAA WILL HANDLE MULLEN??? King Negan
@CO Jones.....Yes that was funny very funny actually!!! King Negan
@BamaTime......That statement proves how scared you are of UGA!!! Oh and WE DID WIN ONE beck in 2017. But THE REFS took it away from us with over 25 bad calls and NO CALLS!!!! So climb back under your rock. Tell coach Saban not to deliberately lose the west this year!!!! Just to avoid playing UGA!!! He might need another hip replacement after this year's games if he starts acting like a maniac on the sidelines!!!! Bama 2017 western division LOSERS!!! Bama 2017 bogus national CHAMPIONS UGA 2017 TRUE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!! UGA 2017 UNDISPUTED SEC CHAMPIONS!!!! In 2018 many bama fans went to the hospital with panic attacks thinking UGA had beat their ass but we gave it back. Injuries didn't help!!! The other bama fans that left early..... Well they were given the news while out KILLING TREES!!! For your info BamaTime I have been predicting 2019 from DAY ONE!!!!! This time I'm not worried about your backup QB. I'm sure that our coaches will prepare for Matt Jones to!!! And even watch film on Tuas BROTHER!!! We will be ready and ready for your DIRTY PLAY!!!!!! King Negan
@BamaTime......Now my feelings are really hurt!!! Tree killer!!!
What about that report that He and Emory Jones are thinking of transferring to UGA??? The UGA RB room is pretty full for now. In 2020 they might need help. As for Emory Jones, that might just be fallout from his argument with Dan Mullen the other day!!! He reportedly told Mullen, " if I have to SIT. I can do that in red and black!!! " Since UGA wears red and black maybe that is the reason for that rumor!!!