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Georgia grad here... I'm thinking that this just sucks for Tennessee. They've been down for too long. I lived in Memphis and Nashville from 1995 until 2000. UT used to be my favorite rivalry... but I've got too many UT friends now and that program has just had the worst luck with head coaches! Best of luck with your next hire! Hopefully better days are ahead.
Hey, I rarely make comments on here but just wanted to make sure that I signed in and posted...Congrats & good game, Gators!
Best wishes, Coach. Go Gators & Go Dawgs!
So happy for Coach Pittman...he is building a TEAM. Players love to play for that guy. Sam Pittman for Heisman!!
Definitely awesome news!! I'm glad that he's healthy and there were never any complications for the all time great. Best wishes, coach. Now we can focus on football..Roll Tide & Go Dawgs!!
Great game...and great fans on here from all over. Hope Florida's guys get healed up the rest of the way (I noticed some limping) and glad neither team got any new injuries!
Congrats, South Carolina. Great effort, good game and best wishes!