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Some guys who have been big fish in a small pond don't respond well to being a little fish in a big pond. They feel as though they have already earned what they find they must earn again in the big pond!
Tua has had a great career at Bama, and the fan in me would love to see him return, but this is a business decision when it comes to the NFL, and his best move at this point is to go. He will have the option of completing his academic education down the road, but he stands to lose more than might be gained by an additional year. May you heal completely and be a great NFL quarterback, Tua!
I hear "Alabama Fatigue" and see the Tide get dropped down into the teens when they lose a close one (did anyone ever think there were 12 teams better than Alabama this year?), but if you want good TV ratings, just pair up Bama with any decent opponent. Tide fans travel well and watch well, too!
Sure am glad they spent all that $$ on those new LED lights!
It's called arrogance. They won't schedule in-state schools because they don't have to, and they don't have to give you a valid reason, either. Maybe if NOBODY bought a ticket to a game like last Saturday (new Mexico State), it might change, but since the stadium is relatively full from season ticket sales, that's not going to happen, either. Too bad, because in-state rivalries add a lot to the game!
There's only one flaw with this...you've got to play night games. That doesn't happen too often, unfortunately.
Musuld needs to be banned from this site. He only posts ads, not comments.
He anxious to get some ointment on his well-kicked @ss.
Yeah, LegendDD2...the Tide owes all their success to the officials. Tubberville just had the good fortune to be at Auburn when the Tide was down. Otherwise, he wouldn't have lasted there as long as he did. I think watching Bama right now is like watching a well-oiled machine run. Fun, if you like what the machine is doing.