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While I agree UGA's play calling didn't make much sense LSU made adjustments to stop the run after that 2nd drive where Georgia had so much success. After the 3rd drive where they came out and threw 3 incomplete passes UGA tried to go back to the run on their next 2 drives starting each with 2 runs. LSU held and forced 3 and outs on both. After that it was a 2 to 3 score game the rest of the way forcing you them to go to the air and play catch up.
Still had the lead in the 4th quarter and then had the ball with a chance to win the game Florida made the plays and it didn't happen. Still a lot better than that 73 yards of offense in the 2nd half state put up. Man they really threatened there.
So it took everything Florida had to beat state but they manhandled LSU? You're delusional if you believe that. Florida dominated state in the second half the LSU Florida game was a 4 quarter fight. Now state can win this game for sure if LSU comes out flat but if LSU comes to play this state offense is too 1 dimensional to move the ball consistently against defenses.
By your logic becausec Auburn and Florida won against LSU they should automatically be ranked above them then A&M should be ranked ahead of Auburn and Tennessee should be ranked ahead of Florida. All these teams will have 4 losses and all have wins over each other its more complicated than you want to make it seem.
All 10 teams they jumped including the two teams that beat them lost LSU won this week not that this poll matters at all. The only thing that matters is the playoff poll and somebody out of LSU Auburn Tennessee and Florida is going to the sugar bowl even though none deserve it.
It was a good game. Wish LSU wouldn't have been so sloppy but it happens.
Florida deserved to win they made very few mistakes and relied on their defense and special teams. LSU made mistake after mistake in key situations. Congratulations Florida and good luck against Bama.
LSU has 10 dbs on NFL rosters and Florida has 9 so what exactly are we missing about the guys in the league? I guess facts don't enter into your thinking.
Domination? Florida hasn't dominated LSU since the Spurrier days 20 years ago. Florida leads the series 31-28 and over the last decade there has been no domination on either side.
This article is a bit misleading makes it sound like all of Florida's seats were moved which is not the case. It is only the 300-500 extra tickets Florida is getting that South Alabama wasn't. Since those seats were sold to the public already the only thing that could be done was take away one of the sections on the edge of student seating.
South Alabama wasn't getting as many tickets as Florida is getting due to them being an SEC opponent. The extra seats in the visitor section had already been sold so those extra couple hundred tickets Florida is getting got moved the only place in the stadium they could which is to take some seats away from the students.
It is. Its only happened 3 times in LSU history Alley Broussard ran for 250 against Ole Miss and the two times this year.
The difference being LSU's losses are to Bama by 10 TN lost by 39. LSU lost to number 8 Wisconsin by 2 TN lost to a A&M team that is getting exposed. LSU's other loss is to Auburn and TN lost to South Carolina. It's the eye test and by that the two teams aren't close.
Why won't Etling be back next year? I would say there is a greater chance Harris transfers out. There is a reason he didn't play last week and thats because all reports have been that he has looked extremely poor in practice,
Well since you asked Alabama had 216 yards rushing against LSU most of which came on the 2 scoring drives from Jalen Hurts. Arkansas doesn't have that rushing threat in Allen. Alabama has an elite rushing attack that averages 260 yards a game Arkansas doesn't have that they average 167.
Thats pretty bold thinking Arkansas scores 34 on LSU. The most points LSU has oven up in a game was 21 to Ole Miss and a turnover inside the 10 accounted for 8 of those. Next closest was State who had to get on onside kick to get to 20. LSU has only given up 9 tds on the year. I won't be shocked if Arkansas wins but I will be if they score 34.
I wouldn't say LSU fans don't care about this game its a football game which you are only guaranteed 12 of each which LSU seems to keep losing a regular season game so not even. More importantly its a conference game so of course it's important and people care. What I am saying that growing up in south Louisiana and attending LSU this game doesn't generate the excitement level other schools we play do. If Arkansas is what you consider the second biggest rivalry game for you then you are in a significant minority.
Maybe so except LSU has been coming out flat for this game for years even when it was the Friday after Thanksgiving.
LSU has a good interior line but is pretty weak at the tackle position. There is no way they should be ranked at the top of any list they just got annihilated by Alabama's front seven last week and have struggled at times in other games.
LSU sees this as another game every year for what ever reason it doesn't raise the excitement level like other teams do around here. LSU fans have never bought into this being a "rivalry" game the way Arkansas has. LSU fans see bigger rivalries with Bama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Florida. Sadly the team seems to come out flat in this game too most years when Arkansas usually plays one of their best games of the year.
UF is a bad rushing offense Auburn and LSU have good rushing attacks. Do I think LSU will approach 500 yards like Auburn did no I don't but They have a lot better odds of rushing for 200 plus than they do of being held to 12.
I don't know why but this game has never caught on as a "rivalry" to the majority of LSU's fan base. Despite Arkansas being extremely competitive in the series over the last decade or so LSU fans don't care about this game the way they do Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Ole Miss every year. Even Texas A&M creates more buzz around here. It seems like every year Arkansas and its fans come in super hyped and LSU just seems to come out flat both the team and the fan base. It has really showed the last two years and hopefully LSU comes out focused and plays with some energy because otherwise they will get embarrassed again for the 3rd straight year.
It was mainly two Ole Miss fans, rebellandsharks and armyguy, who have mysteriously disappeared after the Arkansas game. Imagine that.
They crawled back into their troll cave. Haven't seen a post from either of them since before the Arkansas game.
Cry me a river. LSU was willing to play Florida in Gainesville on Sunday or Monday and Foley wouldn't consider anything but Saturday. Now he's upset because LSU doesn't want to give up their home game.
Not an alternate LSU wears purple for all non conference home games except the home opener. Unless they wear the white helmets and pants again.
Rita was essentially the same exact situation. The storm made landfall on Saturday the 24th and the game was moved to Monday the 26th.