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Must be a sad life you lead that causes you to lurk about and post such drivel.
Seems perhaps you are missing a point or two. Florida is a fine team, no doubt. But, football is a funny game, often decided by inches. LSU is a team (nearly) overwhelmed by injuries, and all the other "stuff" that seems to define 2020. Credit must be given to the team on the field - many freshman - that refused to roll over and play the patsies. Proud of these guys. That said, should these two teams play five times, Florida would probably win three - or four. The stars were askew last night. I feel for Florida fans (been there too many times), but love the redemption for LSU. LSU vs Florida = always a good watch!
Can't agree with you - and I'm a loooongtime LSU fan. The best team on the field won today. Good teams overcome their mistakes. Seems the "lower" echelon is tired of that label. Couldn't see Missouri, Tennessee. et al, accepting mediocrity for too long. Just makes the SEC that much more trying.
The best team on the field won today. Been following LSU for over sixty years. Have never seen such a dismal defensive performance. Congrats to Mizzou for taking advantage - that's what good teams do!
You pretty much stated - other than your ridiculous abortion comment - all the reasons a sane, sensible person should vote for Democrats. I do not ever want a warped religious demagogue like you in charge of anything.
I stand in amazement at folks like you. There is no objective analysis that support your comments, yet, you spew them anyway. Your greatest "distortion" is saying that Trump promotes wearing a mask - a Johnny come lately from a man that has from the beginning downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic. I look forward to a landslide where people like you (the ones that refer to a female vice-presidential candidate with a vulgarity) are returned to the undersides of a mold infested rock.
Gotta love the ignorant politics on a football blog. Makes you wonder why Cali is the most populous state in the union. And, if an independent nation, would be the seventh largest economy in the world! Must be all those "bad political ideas". Let's just talk football please!
Vote for Trump?you mean the guy that was skiing in Aspen with bone spurs while I was leading air combat assaults while getting shot at in Vietnam? That guy? And, why don't you post some reliable evidence that Biden will take away you gunz!! Perhaps you need some meds to calm you down. Oh, and I somehow thought this was a site to discuss football in the south - then you showed up!
Old news. Sherman was there for a year, then the war started. He left to accept a commission in the US Army. That LSU campus was in central Louisiana, near Pineville. It is the site of the VA hospital now.
This is so heartbreaking. But, as a former helicopter pilot (Vietnam), I had much rather take my chances there than in a fixed wing aircraft that experiences engine failure. Just be safe. Life always takes twists and turns that are beyond explanation.
Great job at providing locker room material. Maybe take a deep breath and simply relax and enjoy the ride. As a longtime LSU fan that suffered through the Bear Bryant years, I would never poke the sleeping dragon. Sounds a lot like Aggies crowing about kicking the Tigers in that seven overtime blowout - owning LSU with one win in nine tries? Sounds familiar? How did that turn out?
Always enjoy Georgia fans. Generally well balanced, a pleasure to read and share comments.
Fortunately, I know many caring, intelligent Aggies. I'll not judge your school by your ignorance.
So, you're excited about a high school player that was not allowed to play in the state championship due to his inability to follow rules? North Shore HS won handily without him. What you will get is a very talented player with an equally huge ego. Good luck with that!
Gotta love it! "You might want to stick to insulting the football team that sent ya’ll packing before you insult a giant." Well, I guess LSU can afford to lose one out the past eight games. Come back with your insults when you win a few more. Most Aggies I know are nice folks. You, on the other hand....