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D1baseball poll out too, Ole Miss #1, Arkansas #2, Vandy #3.
It's possible, but it seemed like Corral still wasn't 100% and if your QB can only pass and not run in RichRod's system then he is ineffective.
I think a bowl game is definitely within reach I think Ole Miss beats Memphis and goes 3-1, or even 4-0 into the Bama game then the wins come sparingly as they get wins over Vandy and NMSU. Throw in a potential road upset win and maybe they get over the 6 win hump. We'll see how much the players have bought in to the new schemes put in place by RichRod and MacIntyre. Excited to see Ealy play the kid could be special!
I think Ole Miss gets bowl eligible with at least 6 Wins. Having competent coordinators should at least get us to the 6 win mark.
Apparently this guy is a pretty good recruiter. Hopefully he can continue that Trend in Oxford! Coaching staff is shaping up nicely IMO.
Here before em6126 blames that Bjork is the reason that the sky is falling.
That was fun to watch, Auburn only stayed in the game due to their 3 point shooting. Within the arch they shot an abysmal 8 for 28 (28.6%). Defense was pretty solid for the rebs and I'm looking forward to the game vs State this weekend! Hotty Toddy!
Gotta ton of draft picks why not hire a draft expert as a GM?
Yet you are the only one talking about "recruiting victories" when that actual phrase wasn't even used in the article. When you use quotations you should probably have a quote to source it from. :)
Considering what we had, I like the hire. Will see if the 2 previous HC's turned coordinators can make Ole Miss at least decent next season.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not thrilled with this hire, but you aren't painting the full picture. He has had success fixing defenses from nothing to something. San Jose State took the team from 2-10 to 11-2 in three seasons, while raising the defense from 104th to 33rd in 2 years. In Colorado helped their defense jump up 50 spots in his first season. Which I'd love if he could duplicate that here, but who knows. Not saying he's the best hiring, but he could pan out over time.
Arkansas has class... You're joking right we're talking about the same school that had Bobby Petrino and Bret Bielema as head coaches... not to mention their chant is Woo Pig Sooie....Classy!
In terms of how crazy the sanction itself is I mean yeah of all of them it was the most over the top sanction they got. Basically telling recruits who want to see a game or visit the campus (which is any persons right) "sorry you can only do that once" is definitely over stepping.
Doubtful, The offense is Corral's next season. He'll be in Oxford to stay.
I mean he isn't really wrong though. Ole Miss has been trash against good competition. Texas Tech is a "decent" team at best. This offense is vintage Longo. He always thrashed bad teams but when it comes to well coached defenses his offense always slips up. This is a winnable game for Ole Miss, but the defense is still a dumpster fire, so who knows.
I see 5 more wins potentially with Kent State, UL-Monroe, Arkansas, Vandy, and State. If only we had a defense...
Doubtful. I was watching the game thinking Wesley McGriff (D-Coordinator) was about to be fired after the first half vs SIU. If the defense was even mediocre we could have a chance, but I just don't see it this year.
Man our defense is roooouuuuggggghhhh. I'm cringing thinking about Bama on Saturday.
Really no sense of saying "Ole Miss Class". This happens everywhere with every group of fans. Bama has definitely had their share as well. Also it's primarily the Bama fans who think they are better than everyone because the team they root for (which most don't even have an affiliation to) are a top program.
Cow enthusiasts...what a great burn... How many days until Basketball season?
Well aren't you the positive one... Yes our Defense has issues at least on paper, but until they play the game who knows what they will be this year.
I'll take the crap over it. At least we don't have to look at the stupid ass black bear for another season.
Captain Obvious is that you? :P Take any team's best players off the field and that usually is the result.
I'd love that kind of class. Looks like Matt Luke really knows how to recruit and get these kids to commit. I'm excited for the future of the program and getting this stupid NCAA business out of the way.