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Justin...we know it’s you. You are 40 years old and have nothing better to do than troll on SDS. You have a child ! Log off and go be a father. FFS.
Yeah you stay at his house. I’m sure Maggie will find something to do while you’re away. It won’t be the first time.
Gatorboy14 is a little boy of nearly 40 years old. Talking behind the security of a keyboard is all he has. He’s a weak, scrawny guy. I can tell you for a fact he is not the only man that is having his wife, Maggie. And he can’t do a thing about it.
Have you started snooping through Maggie’s phone yet? Don’t waster your time. We use burners. You cuck.
You’re all talk. Meanwhile your wife is letting another man do anything he wants with her. Keep talking, cuck. It has led you to this situation.
Hey, Justin. When Maggie comes home and gives you a big kiss, tell me, how does my junk taste? Cuckold.
Gatorboy is not a minor. He is nearly 40 years old. A sad little man barreling towards middle age.
Gatorboy14 - Justin Rhine 407.497.3832
Gatorboy is not a kid. He’s a nearly 40 year old hiding behind a screen name pretending to be a petulant teenager. Which is actually worse than being a petulant teenager.
We both know Frank and Tammy are not real. But Maggie is. I miss that sexy freckle of hers. You know the one....it’s not visible with her clothes on. Have a great day, J.R.
Great choice for Game Day week 1 as there are several great games to choose from. I cannot wait to see this matchup in Lambeau. Get em' Tigers! Show them how we play ball!
Your comments are transparent. You are obviously one of those ignorant fans that knows very little about football so you rely on fictitious babbling for your own petty amusement. You're an embarrassment and you know it. It's sad. I bet you are the type of guy that when career day rolls around at your kid's school they just keep their mouths closed about it out of fear that you would actually show up and further deepen the embarrassment you bring to them on a daily basis. Look at yourself! It's time to make some positive changes for yourself and all those around you. We know you can do it.
UGA's back field IS the standard with Chubb & Michel...when healthy. Unfortunately for GA that does not seem to be the case presently. With all of the rehab those two are going through, Hurd & Kamara are clearly a better tandem. We are splitting hairs here. Any team in the country would love to have these guys running for them. The East will rise again!