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Congrats Arkansas you got a good one. Used to watch this guy in high school
You’ve got a point, but I guarantee you the seccg was the first game all year that Dean actually played all 4 quarters. Most games he only played the first half because of the lopsided outcomes. I guess the voters were taking that into account when looking at stats.
See that’s the thing, Georgia has this type qbs. Brock Vandagriff is a 5 star freshman, mobile with a rocket for an arm, and another 5 star on the way in Gunner Stockton, but kirbys so bullheaded, neither will probably ever start for uga.
Badie in the top 10 should be a no brainer
Not that I live and die with the opinion of an SDS writer, but the fact that Brock Bowers is not on this list invalidates the whole thing.
Something to consider: whether or not jamaree salyer plays. Georgia’s left tackle. Projects as a guard at the next level but has been dominant as a tackle in college. He’s been banged up but if he plays, he has the ability contain Anderson. Not saying he’ll shut him down, Anderson’s too good. But salyer hasn’t allowed a sack all year. Should be a great matchup.
Did you think the 2017 bulldogs were better than this year, you either didn’t watch many games that year, this year, or both. This years team is better in all phases of the game. I would trade white and cook for Chubb and Michel. But that’s it. Dean and Roquan Smith are a toss up. That team was a couple of studs and a bunch of 3 star overachievers. This team is absolutely loaded with nfl talent
Great year for the razorbacks!
I’m thankful that Jordan Davis and Will Anderson exist. Two just incredibly dominant players at the top of their games. Both seem to be natural leaders who are loved and respected by their teammates. Although I’m not looking forward to having to face Anderson in the seccg! Happy thanksgiving sec fans!
Scoring margin: UGA, OSU, Alabama, Cincy.
He’s very good, but he’s not even the best player on your team.
Where is Bama time? Just last week on another thread he laughed at me for saying our blowout of Arkansas was a quality win. Lol. What do you think now Bama time?
Bama and OSU are the only teams that can beat uga. Oregon is a fraud
Ok I’ll concede, by the slimmest of margins, Bama has more quality wins than uga. I’ll give them that. They also have something else this year that uga doesn’t have. It starts with an L… rhymes with sauce…
Who hyped up our schedule? You’re reaching brother. All I said was ark and Kentucky were highly ranked when we beat them. Who exactly has Bama beat? Besides ole miss, who doesn’t play defense.
Don’t forget that brutal nonconference schedule with Mercer and New Mexico State
Dude calm down, you’re right. Uga hasn’t played anyone and Bama has ran through an absolute gauntlet of playoff caliber teams. Lol get over yourself buddy.
Ole Miss, I forgot. But Arkansas was top 10, and Kentucky was 12 I believe when uga beat them. My point is has young’s opponents been that much better that his stats count and Bennett’s don’t?
Dude, we can only play who’s on our schedule. It’s not uga’s fault that Tennessee lost half their team to the portal and Florida is a dumpster fire. Heck we even scheduled a perennial playoff Clemson team, that just happen to be having an off year. Who did Bama play last year, until the seccg and playoffs?
Please provide a list of top 10 teams that Bryce Young has beaten. I’m not arguing that Stetson is better than Young, I know he’s not. But how can you discredit stetsons stats because “he hasn’t played anybody” and not do the same for Young? Because he’s taller? Had more stars by his name?
That’s why they play the game people. We’ll find out in a couple weeks.
Somebody’s feelings are hurt . What are we supposed to do? Be upset that we won.
Davis and Anderson are both incredible players. Neither will win the heisman, and that’s ok they’ll both be very rich soon enough. Also, what elite D has OSU played? I think they should be more worried about uga and Bama than we are about them.
Sorry, but no. The ‘17 team was nowhere near as good as this team. That squad had a few really special players (roquan, baker, Chubb, Michel) and a bunch of no names. They had absolutely no business being on the field with Bama talent wise. This years team is absolutely stacked from top bottom. Scary thing is for rest of the country, our real offense has really only been showcased for the first half of games and puts it into conservative mode with 2nd and 3rd stringers for the second half. And still averages more ppg than this “dynamic” tn offense
All this smack talk, but the truth is all Tennessee fans would trade programs with uga in a flat second.
Nothing wrong with having confidence in your team. But you’re telling me you honestly think this defense will give up 38 points? Come on man. Not to mention uga is scoring more points per game than this great tn offense and we only run our real offense for 2 to 3 quarters a game? Come on man.