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Gabriel RTR, you have to see the difference between orgeron and smart. Orgeron built a one year one wonder, thanks in large part to a transcendent qb and offensive genius (Brady). Smart is building a machine. Elite recruiting, development, and discipline. He learned from the GOAT. Sabans still on top, but it’s not 1-2, it’s 1-1a.
I actually think our offense will be significantly better than last year. OL better, receiving room better, add a motivated arik Gilbert to what was already the best TE room in the country? C’mon. As for running back, I actually thought McIntosh was the best back on our roster last year. We’ll see about Milton. If he can stay healthy, he’s a stud.
Everyone’s certainly entitled to their opinion. I’d take Kirby over anybody. In my opinion, best recruiter in the country and best defensive mind in the country. Young, energetic, coaching at his alma mater. And there’s no better motivator (have you heard his “leaked” halftime speeches?)
Why did they get a rematch? Because even after the seccg they were clearly one of the 4 best teams. Who should have got in before them?
Walker is the most legendary dawg of all time. But truth is I’d vote for anyone with a R beside their name running against Warnock. Imagine someone fighting for the rights of women to murder their babies and still calling themselves a “reverend”. What a clown.
Man, gwhite spends a lot of time hating uga. Fact is, the dawgs are defending champs and because of elite recruiting, development and coaching, perennial playoff contenders. Tennessee has none of those things. Sorry. Here’s another fun fact: every fan on here, except for Alabama, would trade programs with uga in a hot second.
I’ve literally never heard anyone question McIntosh and Milton’s ability to carry the load. You’re the first lol. I though McIntosh was the best all around back on the roster last year and if Milton’s healthy he’s bigger stronger and more agile than Zeus. Our rb room is just fine. Also, losing Lanning hurts but it’s basically like losing an assistant DC. The defense is CKS’s baby. He runs the show and that won’t stop. And there’s no one else I’d rather having running our defense.
Kirby and Lanning inexplicably changed schemes in the conference championship. The real Georgia defense showed up in the last game. You know, the one where young was running for his life all night. I’m not gonna declare them the best ever, but they’re absolutely in the conversation.
Right! Isn’t the so called clear cut #1 pick supposed to be elite against everybody? Salyer turned him into a little child.
CNS is the goat. Any sensible uga fan knows that (any cfb fan knows that). That being said, I’m glad Kirby is leading our program. We could do a lot worse!
You give Daniels a decent O line and a good receiver or two and he’ll give you 3500/30.
What? SBIV is absolutely a mobile qb. That’s the whole reason CKS stuck with him over Daniels, his mobility.
He has the pre snap intelligence that Fromm had with much much better arm talent (accuracy and strength). But definitely not a scrambler.
Wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Bryce was running for his life all game. Totally different defensive game plan in the championship game. (Not sure what Kirby was thinking in the seccg)
First off, how do you “back into” a national championship? Second, I can’t believe there are still spoiled little Bama fans crying about injuries. You’re right, the outcome might have been different if Williams and Metchie played. It’s even more likely that the outcome would have been different if Blaylock, A Smith, T Smith, Ratledge, Gilbert, and Adam Anderson had played. Not to mention a 100% Pickens. You can’t blame a loss on injuries and not take into account the other teams injuries. Did you just start watching football?
Texas/Bama will be a bloodbath. I don’t know if Oregon is good or not, I only watched one half of one of their games last season. Arkansas/cincy would have been a good game last year. Cinch lost everybody. I see Arkansas winning by double digits.
This guy is almost as creepy as ol dirty joe Biden. Was he this fake at Notre Dame?
The answer is no. No one is worried about Lincoln Riley. What’s his playoff record?
If I’m Williams, I’m coming to uga. He could go to usc, put up ungodly stats and not win a natty. Or be a dawg with less impressive stats and have a much better chance at one.
They’ll be long on talent, short on experience, especially defensively, but you never know
They should be #1. They’ll have the two best players in cfb coming back in young and Anderson. And the GOAT. But go dawgs anyway!
That’s crazy. That’s the best part of this site, reading comments and talking smack to other fans.
Popeyes > zaxbys, chic fil a, raising canes and all the rest.
He’s extremely bright making pre snap reads. If he has a good pocket he can make all the throws. Very accurate. Needs a great offensive line. Definitely a pocket passer.
Big strong fast and physical, just had a problem with drops. If he can get that fixed, you got a good one.
Congrats and good luck to one my all time favorite dawgs. Doctors didn’t give him much chance to live as an infant. Had two acl’s to start his college career. Zeus is a fighter. Nobody worked hard or played harder. Will always be a DGD.
Here we go again, everytime someone feels the need to try and cheapen our natty by saying “if this player wouldn’t have gotten hurt, it would have been a different game” I have to point this out. Our 2 best receivers were out ALL year. Pickens played but made one catch. Not totally 100% and not in sync with offense. Probably our second best OL was out(ratledge). Fastest player in America Arian smith was out. 2nd team all American safety tykee smith was out. Our best rusher and former 1st round lock Adam Anderson was out. Yes, you’re right it probably would have been a different game without injuries, but not the way you thought lol
The defense will take a step back. But it won’t be due to talent. They’ll be inexperienced. But we’ve got 5 stars replacing 5 stars. By mid season this will be a very good defense.