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"Hardly a competitive game" - I don't think anyone watching would say that. We were down by 12 pts with 8:39 to go in the 4th. That is fairly competitive and UGA was able to pull away with 4 min left. UGA outplayed us but to act like Florida was railroaded is pretty sily as well.
The whole proximity to Jacksonville for UF and UGA is silly - I've gone to TWLOCP a bunch and I have never met a dawg fan who thinks it is relevant. It's one of the best atmospheres in college football and anyone trying to move it just hasn't been there to appreciate it. I would love to go to Athens because from what I know, its a beautiful place. But this game should stay in Jax.
"it’s very evident that Muschamp still carries weight in the Florida locker room among the players" Huh? I mean its pretty normal to thank the coach that originally offered him a scholarship. The locker room is a majority of McElwain guys now, I don't think Muschamp carries any weight except for ya know...the guys who originally committed to him.
Franks is an upgrade from Appleby. So is LDR. Appleby was never meant to be a starter. That one huge pass wasn't something that Franks can't do (deep balls are his strongest suit, much like Appleby). Also when we played LSU, a majority of our starters on defense were injured in that game. Most of the players that played against LSU are returning outside of Wilson and Tabor.
Lack of depth is never a good thing. We have two redshirt freshman who have never played a snap of college ball and a Luke Del Rio, who just doesn't have the skill to run the offense (or can't stay healthy enough to run it). Depth and experience is needed badly. "That's good news for all opponents" - remember when Austin Appleby beat yall? I do.
All the players listed were missed by Muschamp and his terrible coaching EXCEPT for Jackson - and McElwain missed on Jackson because he had less than two months to recruit him. Combine Floridas reputation at the time with our lack to keep up in facilities and you get a loss of Jackson - that was the only one McElwain missed on.
Because Cam didn't get suspended like Grier. Griers punishment is essentially 25% of his playing eligibility. He could go the JUCO route, but when he transferred to another program he would still have to sit out for those remaining games. He misses a year of playing time.
Don't be that guy that makes our fan base look like idiots. The kid has a disease. Have an ounce of human decency and keep it football related.
Neyland was more critical to the growth of Tennessee football rather than the SEC as a whole. While Neyland did great things, he didn't have the legendary impact of anyone listed above. There is also just a factor of time to consider.
I am not worried about McElwain recruiting right now. I think he is actually pretty good at identifying talent (for example, Rick Wells is a 3 star whose recruitment is blowing up after he has been crushing it at camps). I think he knows that he will push lower rated guys out of the class if higher rated guys are willing to commit (for example, I doubt if the class is getting full, 3* Issah Johnson will stay with us if Sam Bruce and Nate Craig-Meyer commit). I think Mac is showing already he has the chops to understand what is needed to coach (getting oline transfers, getting the IPF fast tracked, renovating dorms, etc). He is just building some momentum right now.
Will Muschamp is a great Defensive Coordinator- a great coach, he is not.
SDS is just pushing what ESPN is doing. They didn't do UGA, Bama, or Michigan for a reason.
Most of those were actually Meyer recruits. Additionally, the range of students from 2012-2014 is dramatically different. This article uses numbers which don't exactly share the state of the program.
Nothing. They are delicious. But it was such a lame, lazy, and not even necessary analogy.
You know- the Gators write up is so half-assed. No, it wouldn't make sense for him to transfer to Florida- but it isn't because of Florida being "bereft of talent" (also- the only area they are actually pretty bereft at is Oline. There is talent on that team though) -its because you have two young QBs at the helm. You are right about this - Florida isn't going to compete for the SEC East- so why bring in a veteran QB for a year when you should be figuring out the long term solution to the QB and letting their QBs get experience playing- no food analogy required.