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Weak yes! All their fault No! Some of these games are scheduled out years in advance while some flourish and others fall through the years. 15-0 you never know!
I disagree, you got 2 coaches and 2 of our top recruits, you should be glad if your defense ends out at 85% of what Mizzou has as you would win 3-5 more games. This direction is better than the one you were headed. You will get better recruits year in and year out once established. With Odom's focus on defense you all should be one of the best in the SEC.......
Players commit and de-commit all the time I respect the kid saying it was for the coach. Usually you hear the same comment all the time " After talking with my family and friends I have decided to open back up my recruiting, I want to thank the university of ????? for their interest in me" this has been and will continue to be the trend. No such thing as commitment and follow through anymore...........
Davis loves his players and will only leave if let go our OL coach is better than drinkwitz OL coach and hope he sees that and keeps him.
No No and NO on Willie Fritz why would we take a coach that has not been a power 5 coach at any level period. This is a Odom caliber .500 coach and that is a projection, we might as well kept him if this is what we are looking for.......
Part of firing a coach is losing players that were committed I think they will wait and see who is the replacement then they might re-commit. For the sake of the program please spend some money and bring in a good established coach. We don’t need anymore experiments this is the SEC.......
None of them are HC quality candidates that was the problem we started with. Odom is not HC quality either so the search needs to be outside the Mizzou arena. It would be great if the new HC somehow kept Odom as a DC but not going to happen. It’s only been hours and they will need weeks to pull someone in that is quality unless Saban gets fired after that loss. LOL
Ok the fans have spoken and the inevetable has happened and was needed. Now the fans need to lobby to spend the money for a name coach and show up to games. Second this will impact current committed recruits and we will lose some. Next year we will probably only win 4-5 games and this will take a few years to rebuild so be patient. I don't think with Odom at the helm we would have bettered the team in the next couple to few seasons so bear with the new coach and don't call for a firing after next season. And a message for the AD at Mizzou please do not promote Dooley to HC we would do a Lane Kiffin type or better but please do not hire within it will just be the same as always, we need a new start!!!!!
LMAO That was really stupid to put your team in that position and cost them the game, but also funny at the same time. This is where political correctness had brought us they are still kids and do stupid stuff. I personally am not offended by celebration and should be part of the game to an extent where it doesn't last more than a couple seconds and not during a play.
He is a west coast guy from CA and WY is where he resides and doubt that he will relocate to AR for the job but money talks........ WSU loves him and if offered more money then probably will get it!
What you talkin bout Willis? They appealed the sanctions because they were harsh compared to previous sanctions against other teams. Your analogy is not even comparable.
Please excuse my lack of coaching ability and surrounding myself with assistant coaches who can get the job done. With that being said I want to thank the UM for the contract extension they gave me and letting me run the team into the ground and wreck some of the possible future recruiting, and I hope the committed recruits stay here after I'm fired next week after the Arkansas game. As an alumni I hope Mizzou continues to hire alumni with less than adequate coaching experience and ability!
18-41 overall record wouldn't be successful in a pee-wee leauge...
I appreciate his commentary but really like to hear from former players and coaches instead. More power to him if he can move on and better himself with more money but also will not hurt the SEC network if he leaves.
Sorry Barry but the fans have stuck it out with you and enough is enough, it takes a special person to bring a team together and on the same page. You are a sectional coach (defense) that is your forte! Go back to that and you will be successful just being an alumni does not merit the coaching position. This is the SEC look around at other teams and what it takes for the coach to released of his duties! You have surpassed that point and thanks for trying it just didn't work out!
Sorry Vanderbilt fans Mizzou fans feel your pain........ I just wish that when fan bases say we will not show up they would, and that would be a message they will understand.
I don't want them to score and get 30+ scored against them, then lose to AR. This will ensure a change at the HC and OC position!
MIZZOU needs to lose out to get rid of Odom..........
I hope this game lives up to the hype it's generating. I think LSU has a real shot in this game with all the true freshmen filling in for the front line 7 is a big number even if they are 4* average recruits. Saban prepares for these big games and it shows as the game goes along with the adjustments he makes. I'm going out on a limb on this one LSU 31 Bama 28 and end of game winning field goal with a last minute hurry up Joe Burrow drive.
All you Odom train fans will get a dose of unprepared again this weekend. I think the line is to small on this game, 21-24 seems more realistic. Bye weeks against ranked teams have not worked out so well for Mizzou ........0% so far in the SEC era!!!!!! At some point when do you Odom fans give in? Pay the money and get a veteran coach with a good track record, hell I would even take Tiffin at this point.
Typical the header makes it sound like he is not ready but not stating because of injury! I bet had his finger never been injured and been practicing the whole time he would have been given a shot. I never got the Flacco to Denver thing anyway.
That's good to know! Odom's buy out is worth looking elsewhere........ You can not have an interview and say your team was not prepared and you were out-coached everytime you lose to a team you should beat.....
We are going to find out about depth and preparation real quick!
The season really started this week, only the exception of a few teams who played contenders in the first 5 games. Most teams have molded now and you seen who they are this week. Looking forward to the weeks to come and not putting much on games prior to this week.
Georgia by 17 Tennessee by 3 Alabama by 10 Vanderbilt by 6 Kentucky by 3 LSU by 7 Mizzou by 6
After Wyoming you can bet they will make a statement out of this game as to why they belong in the top 25. Wyoming has been pretty good and has votes to the top 25 but that was a no excuse game to lose!
Kids come and go, coaches come and go, this is the landscape this sport has turned into! There is no such thing as commitment anymore and living up to your word all kids add respect my decision on de-commitment. When you go after 8th graders and smooth talk them they bite as they grow older and look around they change their mind like the wind blows. Kids shouldn't commit until they are juniors or seniors in high school. History tells a story on most things and coaches usually have a history the history of years ago is different from todays game and things that worked then don't work now. Alumni doesn't make you qualified to coach and shouldn't be a consideration. what do you think the percentage of alumni coaches are that have been a success. I love my Mizzou like you all love your team, Odom is an example of alumni DC turned head coach that should be reconsidered specially after his latest comments about not being ready for the Wyoming game. Isn't that a head coaches job to have your team ready? Same with Pruitt is he really successful in coaching? Mullen etc.......