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MIZZOU needs to lose out to get rid of Odom..........
I hope this game lives up to the hype it's generating. I think LSU has a real shot in this game with all the true freshmen filling in for the front line 7 is a big number even if they are 4* average recruits. Saban prepares for these big games and it shows as the game goes along with the adjustments he makes. I'm going out on a limb on this one LSU 31 Bama 28 and end of game winning field goal with a last minute hurry up Joe Burrow drive.
All you Odom train fans will get a dose of unprepared again this weekend. I think the line is to small on this game, 21-24 seems more realistic. Bye weeks against ranked teams have not worked out so well for Mizzou ........0% so far in the SEC era!!!!!! At some point when do you Odom fans give in? Pay the money and get a veteran coach with a good track record, hell I would even take Tiffin at this point.
Typical the header makes it sound like he is not ready but not stating because of injury! I bet had his finger never been injured and been practicing the whole time he would have been given a shot. I never got the Flacco to Denver thing anyway.
That's good to know! Odom's buy out is worth looking elsewhere........ You can not have an interview and say your team was not prepared and you were out-coached everytime you lose to a team you should beat.....
We are going to find out about depth and preparation real quick!
The season really started this week, only the exception of a few teams who played contenders in the first 5 games. Most teams have molded now and you seen who they are this week. Looking forward to the weeks to come and not putting much on games prior to this week.
Georgia by 17 Tennessee by 3 Alabama by 10 Vanderbilt by 6 Kentucky by 3 LSU by 7 Mizzou by 6
After Wyoming you can bet they will make a statement out of this game as to why they belong in the top 25. Wyoming has been pretty good and has votes to the top 25 but that was a no excuse game to lose!
Kids come and go, coaches come and go, this is the landscape this sport has turned into! There is no such thing as commitment anymore and living up to your word all kids add respect my decision on de-commitment. When you go after 8th graders and smooth talk them they bite as they grow older and look around they change their mind like the wind blows. Kids shouldn't commit until they are juniors or seniors in high school. History tells a story on most things and coaches usually have a history the history of years ago is different from todays game and things that worked then don't work now. Alumni doesn't make you qualified to coach and shouldn't be a consideration. what do you think the percentage of alumni coaches are that have been a success. I love my Mizzou like you all love your team, Odom is an example of alumni DC turned head coach that should be reconsidered specially after his latest comments about not being ready for the Wyoming game. Isn't that a head coaches job to have your team ready? Same with Pruitt is he really successful in coaching? Mullen etc.......
What kills me with this process is exactly what Paul said my words " Offer up info and persecute yourself keep your mouth shut and it's better". Even worse is that a tutor who was not instructed by anyone on any coaching staffs to commit academic fraud is the cause of this and that is not even a consideration from the NCAA....... I hope the ruling changes somewhat but they will stand their ground like they are a court of some sort!
Wasn't it about 5 years ago that MS had some kind of sanctions...... Were you calling for them to get kicked out of the league then!
102-14 in 2017-18 plus that 51-7 score is the worst a #11 team has been beatby an unranked team. The point is he has the talent to be a NFL quarterback based on the team he played on with less of talent than most other teams. The NFL is the college all star league in general so he will get the opportunity to show what he has until he fails in the NFL. There have been many great QB's in the NFL from the SEC that made it and many that didn't!
There should not be a permanent place, maybe 3 year commitments that way it can be moved around to new and updated facilities in the future.It's football why does it have to be somewhere that the weather is nice when most of them are played indoor anyways!
Well once again Odom blows it last play of the game to win and this is our call to win, WTF...... Sorry kids you played your ass off all year to go out with mind blowing - head scratching decisions. Sorry SEC teams for our bumble all we can do is hope the game that means the most LSU vs UCF doesn't end like our season! Good luck SEC teams left to play!!!!!!
I think one way to solve all this is to go to a points system..... using year end computer rankings! The team at the end of the year that has the lowest score is number #1. Example lets say you play #1 and win that is 1 point but as the year goes along and they are dropped to 18 by the end of the year that score you thought was a 1 becomes and 18. That would eliminate the thought of people saying well they were ranked when we played them. Also if there where a CCG game like the SEC CCG their score would have changed very little by 3 points. A team that schedules weak teams to gain wins pays the price for having a high score, you may be 10-2 or 12-0 but your where your supposed to be then.
I'm not for it what so ever if you keep giving in then it continues 6-8-10-12 when does it stop? If they went back to computer ratings using all facets of stats then you would get the real teams. When you inject human opinion only you get where we are today and teams like Oklahoma, UCF, even ND who is always over rated to get in based on opinion, then you leave a team like Georgia who plays a CCG to be out and they are on of the best 4.
Texas Bowl Vanderbilt 21 vs. Baylor 31 Music City Bowl Auburn 17 vs. Purdue 28 Peach Bowl Michigan 35 vs. Florida 31 Belk Bowl South Carolina 28 vs. Virginia 24 Orange Bowl Alabama 51 vs. Oklahoma 31 Liberty Bowl Missouri 45 vs. Oklahoma State 38 Gator Bowl Texas A&M 38 vs. NC State 35 Outback Bowl Mississippi State 28 vs. Iowa 24 Citrus Bowl Penn State 35 vs. Kentucky 28 Fiesta Bowl LSU 35 vs. UCF 21 DON'T LOSE THIS GAME LSU.......PERIOD!!!!!! Sugar Bowl Georgia 45 vs. Texas 28
We are counting on big things from LSU in this Bowl Game! Please put those big mouths over your knee and give them a good spanking........ Good luck from MIZZOU nation!
If your number 71 on the strength of schedule how the hell do you get to the best 4........ I don't care if you win 75 games in a row schedule tougher opponents!
Don't apologize for others ignorance! Not all fans from all teams are ignorant and most people get that and most fans I have met from other teams are good people. Fans like you that deserve respect because you get it and see the truth as in your comments! Hopefully the hogs can sort some things out next year and win some more games!
So the kid didn't choose Ark or AU and they blast him for it! I bet he is happy with his decision now....... The Ark fans comments are the best acting like they own MIZZOU in games and we suck! Look in the mirror and the record VS us before spouting off. The Auburn fans acting like they just came off a 11-12 win season and him going to the East is a downgrade for him! Maybe you AU fans better start looking at upgrading your team or you just might be the Ark of the West next year.......
Seriously! We didn't get picked so we will have our own game like UCF proclaimed themselves as national champions! When does it stop.............
Google what people are who word smith/announce others spelling errors! Yep that would be you.......
Thank the football gods for the LSU vs UCF so we can end this fantasy land UCF lives in! And please LSU don't pull an Auburn on us.........SEC SEC SEC
Coming to MIzzou Kelly would have an open door and in a QB situation that is pass happy and some returning weapons to fling the ball to.........
Please let a SEC team play UCF so they can STFU......... If this holds true I'm with LSU!!!!!!!
It's a proven scientific fact people who word smith others are jerks! Just google it..........