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I thought I was going to read about Lane getting him a hooker and a bottle of bourbon!
I don't remember anyone saying that I know of, can you elaborate on who that was? Or find the post and give a name and the post? We wanted him to stay knowing Odom was going to get booted but to late to JH party.
Hendon is going to be running from the Mizzou defense like a hooker from a pimp, and when the defense catches him he is getting a smack down like a ho.
The punter grabbed the ball and made a non punting motion while the tackler was 2 steps away at full speed, as he turned to punt he was going to get hit either way. There is no way in hell he could have stopped his motion. Yes the rule is in the box, but if you look he was outside the hash when he was hit because he was moving that way as he was trying to turn and punt at the same time. That rule needs to have a yardage added to it, 40 yards past should not constitute in the box. That did change the outcome of the game probably but so did a few other calls like the sideline pushing and shoving. No penalty at all for UK? Usually they issue 1 for both teams that negate the calls......
Not happening, he stays put unless they throw highest paid coach dollars at him.
I'm not buying into the 15-12 win for MIZZOU, I think it's more of a 24-21 type game. It could even be UK that pulls out the win.......
Commits today, get's national attention, de-committs and opens recruitment before the 2023 season! It's the trend get used to it....... Commitment has no meaning in CFB!!!!!
Tennessee 35 Florida 24 Bama 42 Vandy 17 Missouri 24 Auburn 20 Arkansas 28 A&M 24
I said the same thing, he is not an SEC quality coach as was Odem, MIZZOU seems to keep going after what if up and coming coaches. We need a real coach with power 5 coaching experience. How many what if coaches are we going to get before reality sets in? Drink can recruit but he needs to also let someone call the plays, he is overwhelmed every week and only beating cupcakes and not handily enough. Mizzou is not a sought after coaching job but there is a P5 coach out there that will take it!
Ugliest of the helmet schemes, should have at least made the lettering black so you could see it from afar. My favorite helmet color of all the helmets but that logo needs to go. Uniforms look great! Can we please at least beat Abeliene even though it won't change the fact that Drink O Stink needs to go...... If this game isn't won by 45 it's time!
I will give you the K-State game but Mizzou is not beating Kentucky. I think Mizzou has 1 good upset game and if it does it will be an early season game. I think they pull off an Auburn win early which would not be an upset, but up next early would be Georgia or Florida. A betting man would take the Florida game while they are still searching for their identity. Georgia is Georgia, the beast of the east so not going to happen!
I hope a confident QB appears early in the competition, the receiving core is there to compete in the SEC through the air. Would like to see a little more scrambling and running added to the QB play.
Until LSU and Florida play games with a new coach their rating should not be that high. They may have good recruiting classes this year but most freshman don't get much playing time. Let's hope that the SEC has a good year in all........ This is just my opinion! Top 10: Alabama Georgia Texas A&M 15-20: Ole Miss Arkansas Kentucky 21-25: Tennessee 26-30: Mississippi State LSU Florida Mizzou 31-35: South Carolina Out of top 50: Vanderbilt
IMO the transfer portal for CFB should be day after the national championship game and fall in place when the last signing day for incoming new players out of high school.
Ours is absent anyway the way he coaches, at least your team has one........
Good luck kid hope it works out for you! Not sure he has the numbers or size for the NFL 6' tall 150 lbs..... 195 yds and 1 TD for 2021, 65 yards no TD for 2020. Should have stayed and finished school but everyone is their own person.
LaterGator and ImperialMajestyX02 ........... You trolled MIZZOU yesterday about how bad they are! I'll get the popcorn and wait for you 2 clowns to show up with your comments!!!!
Good god! who sits around and makes up this kind of analogy....... This is the best SDS has to offer for ways to stop the opt outs. ADAM get of the vape dude!!!!!!!
They suck so bad AL only won by 2 points......:)
I bet he makes a run at Barry Odom if this doesn't work out!
I wonder how many commits nationwide will de-commit with the early signing just days away with all the coaching changes!
He did awesome this year and hope he gets drafted in the second round......
I think we have a Dan Mullen on our hands with Drink. The loyalty to underperforming will get him fired!
Keep up the loyalty to an under performing QB, or any other player, and you will be the next Dan Mullen!
He should have interest in Mizzou knowing Badie is in his senior year and he could be the starter in 2022.