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Quanzo fields what he thinks is his best players and doesn't play that many bench players. And to their dismay they get pissed because they think they will not get a shot in the future. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence so they all think, and time will tell if all this de-comitment from programs stops some day. You will always have the age old thought, well they have to look out for their future and possible pro signing some day. Well that is far and few out of the thousands that play the game and some of them need to realize after they play college ball that being a pro is not in their future. Would be an interesting stat to see the average number of players going to the pro's vs the number of players out there. The one thing I hated this year was several games they tried to many 3's when falling behind by 6-8 points instead of chipping away with 2 pointers cutting the deficit, and still being behind by the same margin.
You could tell something was wrong as the season went along he was benched more. He was told by Quonzo to slow play down but he wouldn't so he had to take a seat quite often, also tried to make to many questionable passes in the paint. He does have talent but what the coach says goes! I'm not a Quanzo fan but he is the coach........ Good luck kid and listen to your next coach!
Every year Ohio State and Notre Dame receive biased rankings. Both of them will get blown out and the committee will wished it had put A&M in there! They should still use computer rankings first then eye as the second.
Why do we have to keep hearing about Sarah Fuller? Sex crossover in sports is a bad thing. Males that identify as a female ruin sports for women.....period! if a good male soccer player played on a female team they would be a super star, if a good female played on a mens team they wouldn't play in a game, just practice. There are many pissed off females out there in sports that have to play men, and men should feel the same way with women!
Win or lose Saturday the season has been better than expected, a win would be huge for recruiting. Good luck MIZZOU and Georgia......
892nd overall 3 star in 2021 class I think they will be OK.
Only thing worse would be a soccer girl kicking a 15yd FG for the win!
Because they 7-1 against Ol Miss since 1978 and have a 6 game win streak. Your point is......
2-10 overall 0-8 conference last year! What did you think was going to happen this year play in the SEC championship game. Give the team and coaches a couple years before you start calling for new coaches. Saying your team lost because of fake injuries is very laughable......... You had the game and was up big and gave it away it wasn't joe schmoe faking an injury. The SEC at some point is going to become a place where coaches will not want to come if they can't even get through one season without ridiculous expectations of the fans. Let them recruit and develop their own players for a few years then jump on the get rid of the coach bandwagon.
Last year didn't you say you Ark didn't belong in the west much less the SEC? Mizzou isn't complaining about nothing, you mean a couple of the fans?
I'm sorry Notre Dame is not the #2 team........ How they keep getting overrated is beyond belief!
They are just pissed because he called the SEC out on bad calls. Make no doubt this will be eliminated because they are pissed at him. This has nothing to do with covid or rain!!!!!
A week after the election it will be crickets on covid.........
Looking forward to the throwbacks of the gators and more for a MIZZOU win! We need this game for a lunge forward in the program with a first year coach and recruiting for the future. We need to start recruiting at least 1 - 5 star (unlikely) but at least 8 - 4 stars every year to be competitive in the SEC..... MIZ-
Can't wait to see these uni's playing our Tigers this weekend! Bonus would be a MIZZOU win, but with a 1st year coach at the helm a .500 season is a success in any league.
I was hoping that Mizzou-Kansas game would have happened....... The match ups looks like there should be a win % favorable to the SEC.
Weak yes! All their fault No! Some of these games are scheduled out years in advance while some flourish and others fall through the years. 15-0 you never know!
I disagree, you got 2 coaches and 2 of our top recruits, you should be glad if your defense ends out at 85% of what Mizzou has as you would win 3-5 more games. This direction is better than the one you were headed. You will get better recruits year in and year out once established. With Odom's focus on defense you all should be one of the best in the SEC.......
Players commit and de-commit all the time I respect the kid saying it was for the coach. Usually you hear the same comment all the time " After talking with my family and friends I have decided to open back up my recruiting, I want to thank the university of ????? for their interest in me" this has been and will continue to be the trend. No such thing as commitment and follow through anymore...........
Davis loves his players and will only leave if let go our OL coach is better than drinkwitz OL coach and hope he sees that and keeps him.
No No and NO on Willie Fritz why would we take a coach that has not been a power 5 coach at any level period. This is a Odom caliber .500 coach and that is a projection, we might as well kept him if this is what we are looking for.......
Part of firing a coach is losing players that were committed I think they will wait and see who is the replacement then they might re-commit. For the sake of the program please spend some money and bring in a good established coach. We don’t need anymore experiments this is the SEC.......
None of them are HC quality candidates that was the problem we started with. Odom is not HC quality either so the search needs to be outside the Mizzou arena. It would be great if the new HC somehow kept Odom as a DC but not going to happen. It’s only been hours and they will need weeks to pull someone in that is quality unless Saban gets fired after that loss. LOL
Ok the fans have spoken and the inevetable has happened and was needed. Now the fans need to lobby to spend the money for a name coach and show up to games. Second this will impact current committed recruits and we will lose some. Next year we will probably only win 4-5 games and this will take a few years to rebuild so be patient. I don't think with Odom at the helm we would have bettered the team in the next couple to few seasons so bear with the new coach and don't call for a firing after next season. And a message for the AD at Mizzou please do not promote Dooley to HC we would do a Lane Kiffin type or better but please do not hire within it will just be the same as always, we need a new start!!!!!
LMAO That was really stupid to put your team in that position and cost them the game, but also funny at the same time. This is where political correctness had brought us they are still kids and do stupid stuff. I personally am not offended by celebration and should be part of the game to an extent where it doesn't last more than a couple seconds and not during a play.
He is a west coast guy from CA and WY is where he resides and doubt that he will relocate to AR for the job but money talks........ WSU loves him and if offered more money then probably will get it!
What you talkin bout Willis? They appealed the sanctions because they were harsh compared to previous sanctions against other teams. Your analogy is not even comparable.