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Decision came after he went to New York and saw the Doctors. They gave him a great check up. Reason he was considering coming back was he didn't think he would be ready by Fall NFL Camp. But appears he will be so Teams will now reconsider him as option.
Kirby's having to use Saban's evaluations to recruit players. This is like the third or fourth quarterback he's tried to go after after Alabama got a verbal. What a complete loser
Depends who sits out the how well each SEC Team plays in Bowl Game. Also what frame of mind will Georgia be in. Last year they mailed it in will they do the same this year.
That is a petty individual right there. Most Alabama Fan are Happy for Jalen. I hope Oklahoma wins since Alabama can't.
As Alabama Fan I don't think we get in. Even if they win out. Thanks to the Head of the CFP Committee the sitting AD at Oregon.
Technically the committee has to rank based on what has happened. Not what is going to happen. So Bama should be at 5. Now them being in the playoffs is another story. There is a serious drop off at QB.
Sorry but unless Georgia wins out they are not getting in with a 2nd loss.
As Alabama Fan can't argue. Possible drop even lower due to the fact there is a serious drop off at QB. We score 3 points in 2nd half after score TD's on first 5 Drives.
LSU and Ohio State would meet in Championship not Semi Finals. The question should be who is better than Alabama who have one loss.
4 of the 5 Years of CFP Alabama was SEC Champion with one loss or less. No SEC Champion is going to be left out. What Privilege is he talking about?
As a Alabama Fan I can't argue. We will know in 10 days what Alabama is. Plain and simple.
Auburn's QB is a true Freshman to early to rate. He passing skills are limited, but he has time to grow over next 3 years.
Let's be honest Heisman would be nice,but beating LSU is the goal. Because the loser is going to get screwed out of the Playoffs. Both Teams are good enough to be part of Playoffs. But because Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Clemson are going to run the table in regular season.
If he finish the year like he has started then Yes to all question. He is the Best QB of all time already.
This is stupidest prediction I Have ever seen. Loser is not play in peach
Not the same team as last year. If they win all there games they will be in playoffs as home team.
As Alabama Fan I do not believe they should be ranked #1. Defense has not shown me they can slow elite offense down.
5 of those teams have one thing in common.. Guess what it is. They all play Alabama. But Alabama has a crap schedule.
Exactly. That would be a legit Comparison.
I want what you are smoking Brian? N. Harris was Alabama leading Rusher last year at 3rd String. He was #1 Player in 2017 based on 24/7 Composite. Auburn will average around 32 Points a game while Bama will average around 50 Points a game. Why is there even a discussion?
As Bill King put it. Quit the Team don't get no Ring. I agree with Clemson on this one.