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I think I'll bookmark this page. I want to copy and paste it at the end of the season for the ignorant, sad, and California dreaming Georgia fans that posted like a freaking lawyer on here. I sure hope the majority of you are retired because if not then you really need to get a life. Anyways, we'll see u in the SEC Championship, and break your hearts once again. Have a lovely day. Roll Tide dunces.
Duh. He's still hurt. That's why he didn't start earlier. Fool
I'm sure he has a reason. I'll take kirby to bama, go on and fire him. Biggest bunch of dummies on the planet
I just had a revelation. I don't really care for the NFL. Probably because "my team" would be the Falcons. I don't ever watch them or anyone else for that matter (big on college football), but danged if I'm not about to pull for the Dolphins. Watching Tua and knowing his story is very exciting. Everyone in the SEC and beyond... be safe
I like Will. Frankly, other than the head ball coach I ain't never seen anything resembling a winning tradition at South Carolina. I sure don't have anything against them. I'd probably go for Hugh Freeze.
When nick leaves we'll take him.
It could have been Gary Coleman and georgia fans would be pissed. "What chu talkin bout georgia "? And u, author of this post. U do this every week. Give us some real material
The brain is a miraculous thing. Ga fans can talk the whole offseason as to why they loose. Been doing it since 1980. Some fool said Florida was scared of georgia before the game. Don't seem like it to me
U just stay in last year. Uh too. Fla by 7
Btw. Alabama started 4 new people in the secondary this season. 2 of them freshman. When dan the clown cleans your clock don't start crying
Gump. Ok. Do you really think Florida fears georgia? U really think that?
And what do georgia fans fear? Oh, that's right: The Crimson Tide.
Even georgia doesn't care about this. I'm not a reporter by trade but by God get me in Athens and I'll give u something to read. These articles suck
Danny, Do Florida State fans even listen to what you have to say? I've got to check your ratings because they have to be low.
He should have had better sense than to say that. And u wonder why people look down on southerners?? There's exhibit 1
20 years from now ga. Fans will be saying the same crap.
Pull up in my pickup truck, YEAH, let the tailgate down, YEAHA I'M A BULLDOG FAN YEHA
I would like to narrate something here... " he's 8 years old, his claim to fame was, I WAS BORN IN THE SAME HOSPITAL THAT BEAR BRYANT DIED IN, daddy's making me cut the grass, and help mama in the kitchen ". YIkes, Christ, I was 8 years old
Yeah. They're woof woof. Sorry, my dog just took a dump. She's mad as hell too! She said " I'm embarrassed to have some bulldog in me". I tried to console ( big words ga. fans use: speak in ebonics, meow like a cat, etc.) But she's still pissed. I finally said, "beat them gators".. bith tore down the curtains. Facts
He's correct though. Read what he said again. READ IT
U say that like it matters. U should be focused on fla. Not Alabama. Flusey