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Didn't catch it 'till it cleared the fence by 4 feet, athletic play yes, but it should be a home run, a "normal" fence and she never makes the grab.
Its easy to say a team will take a loss. Much harder to win every game, so that's also a harder prediction. One thing that remains is the potential injury bug. there's a reason the games are played on the field.
He was told he should shift to Tight End. He wanted to play QB.
I have a torn meniscus and MCL, it's no joke, every step is a potential knee lock. Impressed he toughed it out. That says a lot about his playing mindset.
Tua isn't a draft bust, he was rushed to start on a bad roster.
"The numbers show that 64 Alabama alumni played in NFL regular-season games during the 2020 regular season, more than any other college program produced." Go home Bulldog, you're drunk.
Do you know why SEC fans can't stand Vern and Gary? 2 Words Kieth Jackson.
Tell you what, If I was offered a chance to play baseball even on the AAA level and I had any ability at all to do it, I would in a second, Stunt or not. He has a good gig with ESPN, but yea even Jordan gave baseball a shot. Life is far to short to not go for it and do what you love.
Seed the top 8 teams in the playoffs and play those games in lesser bowl games. After round one the best 4 play it out with the other four moved into other bowl games End the season with the top 4 teams playing one weekend then the championship 7 days later.
As a Bama fan: This is so cool, and Aubie is fun as well. Read a story about an Aubie that was riding on a firetruck in a parade that got a call, they put him off at the curb, and he had to walk several miles back to campus. It was hysterical.
@hbobodraw Obviously it was posted in a time machine parked by the Superdome in 1981.
One team had 3 of the top 5 Heisman finalist and their best receiver was injured. The other has an L on their helmet.
How do you push on Alabama's D-Line when they played an All SEC schedule and played ND, and Ohio State? Come on man, that line is much better against good competition.
I've always felt like he wanted to win 3 in a row, something no major team in the modern era has done.
Ohio State needs to win time of possession and have a lot of long sustained drives to give our defense more plays to tire them out. The longer they stay on the field the better chance they have if the score stays close. If Bama ever gets a 17 point lead it's over.
"You don’t know how Dabo Swinney’s going to affect the outcome of the game through his mouth." Which is exactly why this Bama fan doesn't want him coaching at the Capstone.
"It’s important to remember that just because a player enters the transfer portal, it doesn’t mean he will transfer. " Whatever, he's graduated and is leaving.
There needs to be a dead period of communication for coaches, there's no reason a playoff team should have to deal with this while trying to get ready for a semifinal or championship.
Nice edit job, I bet he was dancing on the field and that little clip was pulled just to create a story.
Since Tommy Tubberville, Auburn has paid more than 35 million dollars in buyouts to get rid of coaches.
Oh look a Mississippi state fan commenting on Championships and their value, cute.