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No team that isn't playing should be ranked. Period.
"It’s not about you. For one second think about someone else. It’s called empathy." Empathy for your point of view but not mine? It's not about me, but in your case it's about you and your views. See where this is going? I don't have a dog in the fight as to what the Band plays, that's their call, and as to that letter it was highly respectful. Tip my cap to the director for it. That said, banning things is just a way to purge history. Everyone is fine with banning things they disagree with, but at what point does your standard become more important than the standard of another?
As a Bama fan I have huge respect for Aubie. That mascot rocks, is fun to watch and the kids love him. Some of the stuff they do with him using the video board is creative and funny. Props to AU and Aubie.
Vanderbilt Commodores, in honor of the nickname given to Cornelius Vanderbilt, who made his fortune in shipping.
Every single hot seat SEC coach has the Covid-19 excuse built in this season. "We needed spring ball to coach up our players, install new D or O". Even though every team is in the same boat, some are in worst parts of it than others. The teams that deal with the crazy factor quickest will steam roll those who don't.
Woa Fuzz, Butch Jones was good at turning 4 star players into 2 star players.
That's True. If the game happens then we know who is wrong, and if it doesn't we know who was right.
Divorce after 2 days of separation? Not really much of an attempt to reconcile.
If anyone thinks Saban can't win another National Championship at Alabama because SC went to Georgia, they are crazy.
I can think of 2-26 reasons why he's not the one butthurt.
1 "get my body prepared to transition to that NFL stage where you know you’re going to be playing against grown men" Slam on Michigan! 2 He gets paid for the senior bowl and NFL coaches and scouts are there.
Slowjonfizz Anyone who complains about Alabama's 2020 strength of schedule is an idiot.
Idiot who has his team playing the best football anyone has seen in a long long time. If they win the National Championship that Idiot will never pay for steak again in Louisiana!
Where is Manziel's SEC Championship? Exactly.
Complete moron. Talk about not doing game prep!
I've always pulled for the SEC if Alabama wasn't in the game. LSAU fans have won a National Championship and been there in the past, they should try acting like it.
No one mentions Alabama injuries all season either.
I agree, its a Slam on the SEC as a whole. I for one hope LSU Pounds Georgia and what ever other team they face. Nothing would thrill me more than LSU to take Ohio State and Clemson to the wood shed. GEAUX TIGERS !
Got Smoked? Alabama is 10 points from being undefeated. Watch the SEC championship game you will see what getting smoked is all about when LSU skull drags Georgia.
b. No simulated replacements or substitutions may be used to confuse opponents. No tactic associated with substitutes or the substitution process may be used to confuse opponents (Rule 3-5-2-e) (A.R. 9-2-2-IVII).
LSU should be number 1 hands down. If they are seeding to avoid a semi-match up then move the other teams around to make up for it. I'm still fan of 8 team playoff, but anything beyond that would be a joke. I don't however thing 1 should play 8. 1-7 3-5 2-4 6-8 First round winner of 1-7 plays winner of 6-8 Winner of 3-5 plays 2-4 then championship game. Doing it like this rewards the top seed with 2 games vs 6-8. It also makes the selection of 2-8 less important once the "top seed is determined.
You mean a Guy who was misused at OSU because the coaching staff is / was inept?
The Criteria isn't "conference" champ, and never has been. It's the 4 best teams. Period. If Alabama is one of the best 4 then they deserve to be in.
I think he retires after he wins another National Championship. Go out on top with nothing left to prove.
No way we should go back to a BCS style play. Better to take the power 5 champions and 3 at large and do an 8 team playoff, uses lesser bowl games as round one. Then let the major bowls select who they want while the other 4 are locked into 2 major bowls with the championship a week to ten days later. Let good teams that get beat in the first round have a shot at another bowl game so we don't have a 6-5 UCLA team in the bowl games EVER again!