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That's true of any team, but especially Bama.
"making public attempts to sway Alabama fans unlikely to vote for a coach that won" Wow that's a reach. The vast majority of Bama fans will vote for the best person for the job. I've always liked Tuberville as a coach, but that doesn't mean he's qualified to be governor. It says a lot about his lack of qualifications to think he has to win "Bama fans".
Tagovailoa looked really good and poised, but props to Hurts his passing looks much improved over last season.
I doubt Nebraska will ever be the program they were in the 1970's. The other schools have improved, and they are no longer the only game in town.
"Over the last two years the team has put up a 5-16 record rebuilding a program from the ground up." They do have 26 National Championships in Cross Country. I'm thinking she gets a split between football and basketball. Good for her, if it puts people in the stands great for the school.
One of 2 things happens, Hurts improves and Tua redshirts for a season, or Hurts is watching from the sideline in the Florida State Game.
And Arkansas would have beat them like a rented mule
And State Penn, and the Mich. State.... and Florida.....
Chat him up and buy him a drink. Watson was there to hang out with someone he knows, he should be allowed to chill. As a Bama fan I respect what he did in both National Championship games, and hope he has a a hall of fame NFL stint. The only time his team matters is when the game is being played, after that it's over.
Yes SC you are. No go win it all So this Bama fan can feel good about the fact we beat you twice and missed the dance. In all fairness that SC defense looks good. Pulling for you all the way.
SEC looking good so far. Funny how they couldn't get "enough" teams in because they are so weak.
Read his lips, if that were my child he would have bigger problems than a meme on the internet.
Alabama's must win isn't the National Championship?
Why not just do a Home and Home and let the chips fall where they may.
"As punishment, Bob Stoops will force Baker Mayfield to hand off on third and long in the Sooners' first spring scrimmage." Funny stuff!!! That said it's hard to expect a coach to lower the boom when charges are dropped.
Could it be that he so called booster (who wasn't a graduate of Alabama) 15 years ago said "I'll pay any kid to go to any school I want". The NCAA lost all credibility in the Cam Newton case, not at the end of the season, but when the information first came out. Ole Miss is going to have to vacate wins, which will be worst insult.