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After the dumpster fire Auburn had this off season with the board, fans and coach you have no business calling anyone out for acting like grammar school kids.
LSU considers Bama their Rival, Bama considers LSU just another team. aTm and LSU have a long standing history that dates back generations because both had a Corp of Cadets. Bama wants to avenge the hiccup vs aTm last season, but that doesn't make it a rivalry it makes it a date circled on the calendar. When you get to the status of a special name like Iron Bowl, Red River rivalry, third Saturday in October, to name a few, then you have a rival game.
LSU coach Brian Kelly said Tuesday that Saban apologized to the group for calling out Texas A&M last month. “We spoke in the beginning. It’s over,” Fisher said. "Odds are, Fisher and Saban won’t have talked by then." Which is it? Did they talk and it's over or they won't have talked by then?
In the last 20 years only five 9 win seasons or better. 16 out of 40 years. By any standard 9 wins is a remarkable year for aTm.
You have obviously never been to College Station, at least Tuscaloosa has an interstate.
I can't even begin to tell you how much you won the internet with that post! It's simply platinum level internet truth.
I can think of 3 coaches who would smoke him like a cheep cigar, I'm willing to bet even St. Nick could out run him, based on his well known basketball "league".
Only 3.1% of brackets still are undefeated according to CBS. com .
Dude whatever, the Bengals were beneficiary of a ton of no calls the entire game.
Wrong! "The simple fact is there is no other hire in SEC history more disastrous than Price." The hire wasn't disastrous, his behavior was. He was and is a good coach, but the moral issues were the real problem. Robbie Caldwell at Vandy was a bad hire, but Derek Dooley at Tennessee did far more long term damage than any other recent SEC coaching hire.
There may be a third problem that is far more Mike Price in nature.
Wrong the ball was not in the cylinder, in fact had the ball not been hit it would have gone off the rim. Other replays showed it wasn't goal tending.
Fact is, as good as Georgia is t wouldn't shock me to see Alabama Michigan in the final.
Georgia fans prior to tonight "you should win your conference to be in the playoffs".
Bama doesn't get in with 2 losses. Should a 1 loss Georgia get in with all the other 1 loss teams knocking at the door? I don't want to see a "redemption game" I want to see a playoff and if your last game is a loss to a playoff team that should be your elimination game. Let Georgia go play Ohio State.
Who are the elite receivers on this Alabama team? Elite receivers don't frequently drop passes that hit them in the hands.
Classy, should fit in the LSU culture just fine.
"Alabama could have lost to 5 average teams this season." Alabama is 11-1. Could have and did are miles apart. Heck half the SEC is 6-6 and all but Vandy have good teams. "Alabama doesn’t deserve to get in with 2 losses" I agree to an extent. Most feel this is Georgia's year. If the SEC championship comes down to an Overtime game that 2 loss team will have proved their worth. The thing you need to be most concerned about is this 11-1 team really has only played one "complete game". If they play one Saturday it may be a long day for the Bulldogs who haven't been challenged all season.
You can have Bama's we'll ship him tonight.
A two loss Bama doesn't get in unless there are some other crazy things that happen. The Bigger question is does a 1 loss Georgia get in. Don't get me wrong I think Georgia is a solid team but would the committee put 2 SEC teams in and not view the SEC championship as an elimination game. I think Bama can beat Georgia once, I don't think Bama can beat Georgia twice. Another question is, if Bama gets beat by Auburn then upsets Georgia what will the committee do? I think they take Georgia with one loss over a 2 loss Bama. Crazy year.
So drop Bama from the top ten, how exactly does that help Georgia?
You know who has to go, you and all your troll profiles.
Bama doesn't make the SEC championship with a loss to Auburn, Auburn does...
bubbatime has to go, hes wrong about almost everything on all his profiles and is just a troll.