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No way we should go back to a BCS style play. Better to take the power 5 champions and 3 at large and do an 8 team playoff, uses lesser bowl games as round one. Then let the major bowls select who they want while the other 4 are locked into 2 major bowls with the championship a week to ten days later. Let good teams that get beat in the first round have a shot at another bowl game so we don't have a 6-5 UCLA team in the bowl games EVER again!
I got you beat I remember staying up late to watch videos on TBS from midnight to 3AM because there was no MTV. I also listened to Boston new album on 8-track. I also remember Jerry Stovall being coach at LSU. I hope game day goes to Minnesota, how many chances are they going to get to do that. Bama needs to focus on being Bama and the LSU game will take care of itself.
As a Bama fan I honestly believe LSU should be ranked number 1 till they are beat. Their body of work alone deserves that ranking. If LSU was number 1 and Alabama had the resume that LSU has to this point I would be mad at the ranking. Sorry folks it's about what happens on the field.
What's worse Gus passing on him, or the ref outrunning his DB's?
Areosmith fan? Seems dream on is your favorite tune.
SEC needs a 9 game conference schedule, realignment based on geography and end the cross division every year.
The Refs miss a lot every game, it's part of it. The knee was down. Period. The play would have stood. SC failed by not calling timeout for the review. What good are 2 timeouts left when you are in the locker room at halftime. The only reasoning to not call one is the thought that the D was gassed and you don't want to give them a breather. Tell me it was a good or bad call that the Bama WR had his foot out of bounds on the potential TD pass. All the ref's are biased people never see the things that work against Bama.
Dude wake up, sober up whatever SC couldn't even beat North Carolina. Not. Happening.
One day LSU will win, it can happen any season. LSUMC is right, there's a lot of football to be played to get to that game.
Cry us a river. You passed on 3 games with Florida. You don't get respect pretending to be someone, you get it by going out and proving yourself. If Auburn would have done their job none of this would even be a question.
Alabama has a long standing relationship with Duke so I have no issue with that game. In Recent years Bama has had home and home's with Pen State. Southern Miss is a no brainier, it's a short trip for them and the money helps them. Bigger programs on the edge don't want to risk a season like Florida State did a few years ago. I'm all for a 9 game SEC slate, but if it's not going to happen I'm fine letting the second string get a chance to play.
Please, Oregon ? If Auburn can't beat them it's going to be a long season, and the Gus Bus will be leaving town.
SDS PLEASE stop posting adds on your site. One is fine but the adds are loading and nothing can be read, videos load adds and it takes forever to read anything, just stop!!!!!!!
8-5,10-4,8-5,7-6,8-5,12-2 His best season at Auburn was his first year. I'm not sure what kind of records Bringtherain is talking about but at best he's a pedestrian coach. Period.
"I hope Vince Young will remember, a Texas man don't need him around anyhow"
More like Auburn's next head coach, sad thing is he's likely better at it.
IF UCF is as good as you want to be Play the 2-1 against Florida with a 50/50 split of the gate of the third game. Put up or shut up UCF!!!
Seriously? A 2 point win over a 3-8 Mike DuBose coached Alabama team, yea enjoy those bragging rights after 17 years.
Seriously, Tua had several on the money passes that were botched by the WR's 5 in the First half alone. One pick was after a dropped pass in the end zone that would have been a touchdown. After the sack with 2nd and 26 was that an erratic decision (National Championship). The sad thing about all those dropped passes is that Georgia fans actually think they had Alabama beat. Even on a gimp leg Tua still tossed a TD. One thing is sure Georgia lost AGAIN.