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So can we expect this kind of story every week. This or that is bad news for Alabama. I can't wait to see the bye week version of this.
"BUT, we’ve already seen several other schools not punished for paying players, not being punished for controlling boosters, or just being allowed to investigate themselves. " Gee Weagle99 are you talking about the Cam Newton Saga a few years ago?
Thank you for that. Wan't to bet the 2 who responded were SEC coaches that Nick spanks every season.
Fair comment. But If I recall Hurts turned the ball over early. The old saying is if you have 2 QB's you don't have one. I really think Kiffin didn't think outside the box where Hurts and Barnett were concerned. Both could have been used more, and there was no reason to Start Barnett and only let him play one series when things mattered.
Not Just those three games, but I don't expect any other loss.
I agree. Bama and the Hogs always play a tough game. Unless this game is played in the pouring rain, Auburn leaves with a great road win. I also think Auburn is better than Clemson but that is a tough place to play. LSU, not so sure that was a deadly close game last season, and LSU is no walk in the park. Honestly think if Auburn win's these three games they will make the playoffs even with an Iron Bowl loss.
...but then Ashly Judd would whine about every loss for months.
I agree, and TENNDOT Road Construction Stadium at Knoxville would be the worst.....
He has said he had a bug the week prior to the combine, was throwing up and had issues on the lower end if you get my meaning. He was over hydrating to compensate. A diluted sample does not indicate drug use, though it can. Whatever the reason for the fall, players make their money on the second contract not the first.
There are lot's of places that are special, if you like the people there. I get what he's saying he's LSU proud and good for him, but then when you talk about rings, championships, that tells me more about what he isn't than what he is. I cheer for all the SEC guys in the NFL, cheer for all the SEC teams in bowl games (even Rocky Top and Auburn, but as a Bama fan it seems a bit hollow to me to act like championships don't matter. I bet next time LSU wins one (and they will one day) that the first thing Fournette will do is buy a championship shirt.
That's true of any team, but especially Bama.
"making public attempts to sway Alabama fans unlikely to vote for a coach that won" Wow that's a reach. The vast majority of Bama fans will vote for the best person for the job. I've always liked Tuberville as a coach, but that doesn't mean he's qualified to be governor. It says a lot about his lack of qualifications to think he has to win "Bama fans".
Tagovailoa looked really good and poised, but props to Hurts his passing looks much improved over last season.
I doubt Nebraska will ever be the program they were in the 1970's. The other schools have improved, and they are no longer the only game in town.
"Over the last two years the team has put up a 5-16 record rebuilding a program from the ground up." They do have 26 National Championships in Cross Country.I'm thinking she gets a split between football and basketball. Good for her, if it puts people in the stands great for the school.
One of 2 things happens, Hurts improves and Tua redshirts for a season, or Hurts is watching from the sideline in the Florida State Game.
Chat him up and buy him a drink. Watson was there to hang out with someone he knows, he should be allowed to chill. As a Bama fan I respect what he did in both National Championship games, and hope he has a a hall of fame NFL stint. The only time his team matters is when the game is being played, after that it's over.
Yes SC you are. No go win it all So this Bama fan can feel good about the fact we beat you twice and missed the dance. In all fairness that SC defense looks good. Pulling for you all the way.
SEC looking good so far. Funny how they couldn't get "enough" teams in because they are so weak.
Read his lips, if that were my child he would have bigger problems than a meme on the internet.