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8-5,10-4,8-5,7-6,8-5,12-2 His best season at Auburn was his first year. I'm not sure what kind of records Bringtherain is talking about but at best he's a pedestrian coach. Period.
"I hope Vince Young will remember, a Texas man don't need him around anyhow"
More like Auburn's next head coach, sad thing is he's likely better at it.
IF UCF is as good as you want to be Play the 2-1 against Florida with a 50/50 split of the gate of the third game. Put up or shut up UCF!!!
Seriously? A 2 point win over a 3-8 Mike DuBose coached Alabama team, yea enjoy those bragging rights after 17 years.
Seriously, Tua had several on the money passes that were botched by the WR's 5 in the First half alone. One pick was after a dropped pass in the end zone that would have been a touchdown. After the sack with 2nd and 26 was that an erratic decision (National Championship). The sad thing about all those dropped passes is that Georgia fans actually think they had Alabama beat. Even on a gimp leg Tua still tossed a TD. One thing is sure Georgia lost AGAIN.
You have a suggestion other than suspension and a chance at redemption?
Well what does it matter if 80 fans at Iowa State rush the field???
Not a smart move or good look, but you just have to wonder what that was about. The injury on Ruggs though, an intentional twist of the leg while on the ground, I dare you SDS show that clip for the world to see. Hitting with the crown will get an ejection every time.
Alabama had a better SOS, Better FPI than Ohio State. They were number 1 the majority of the season. If this was any other team BUT Alabama most would say they deserved to be in. So their late season road loss to their rival was a worse loss than Ohio State's second loss to Iowa by 31 points. That's the argument you are making. This is to put the 4 best teams in and let them hash it out. A healthy Bama goes in undefeated, or at worst with a closs loss to Georgi in the SEC championship game.
And Fritz said it's an inside joke between him and the backup QB.
Good win AUforlife and I agree, stay off the field till the teams go in.
$250,000 Fine isn't enough, Auburn had no intention of keeping people off the field.
I'd like to think you are right, but Bama has been there so many times they will be left out just for spite. Obviously I want a Bama win in the Iron Bowl, but this team could get a loss and win the whole thing. In a few weeks their defense will get at least 2 starters back and healthy, if they can make it to then their playoff chances look good to take it all. The only way a 1 loss Bama gets in is if Georgia beats Auburn in the championship game. If Bama beats Aubun and gets beat by Georgia, they're out. Bottom line the Tide needs to win to be in.
"It’s not TCU’s fault that Arkansas fell asleep after that." BUT it is Bama's fault that after beating the number 3 team in the country, they fell off because they lost their QB to injury.
I'm a lot more worried about #hailstate than LSU.
So can we expect this kind of story every week. This or that is bad news for Alabama. I can't wait to see the bye week version of this.
"BUT, we’ve already seen several other schools not punished for paying players, not being punished for controlling boosters, or just being allowed to investigate themselves. " Gee Weagle99 are you talking about the Cam Newton Saga a few years ago?
Thank you for that. Wan't to bet the 2 who responded were SEC coaches that Nick spanks every season.
Fair comment. But If I recall Hurts turned the ball over early. The old saying is if you have 2 QB's you don't have one. I really think Kiffin didn't think outside the box where Hurts and Barnett were concerned. Both could have been used more, and there was no reason to Start Barnett and only let him play one series when things mattered.
Not Just those three games, but I don't expect any other loss.
I agree. Bama and the Hogs always play a tough game. Unless this game is played in the pouring rain, Auburn leaves with a great road win. I also think Auburn is better than Clemson but that is a tough place to play. LSU, not so sure that was a deadly close game last season, and LSU is no walk in the park. Honestly think if Auburn win's these three games they will make the playoffs even with an Iron Bowl loss.
...but then Ashly Judd would whine about every loss for months.