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One team had 3 of the top 5 Heisman finalist and their best receiver was injured. The other has an L on their helmet.
How do you push on Alabama's D-Line when they played an All SEC schedule and played ND, and Ohio State? Come on man, that line is much better against good competition.
I've always felt like he wanted to win 3 in a row, something no major team in the modern era has done.
Ohio State needs to win time of possession and have a lot of long sustained drives to give our defense more plays to tire them out. The longer they stay on the field the better chance they have if the score stays close. If Bama ever gets a 17 point lead it's over.
"You don’t know how Dabo Swinney’s going to affect the outcome of the game through his mouth." Which is exactly why this Bama fan doesn't want him coaching at the Capstone.
"It’s important to remember that just because a player enters the transfer portal, it doesn’t mean he will transfer. " Whatever, he's graduated and is leaving.
There needs to be a dead period of communication for coaches, there's no reason a playoff team should have to deal with this while trying to get ready for a semifinal or championship.
Nice edit job, I bet he was dancing on the field and that little clip was pulled just to create a story.
Since Tommy Tubberville, Auburn has paid more than 35 million dollars in buyouts to get rid of coaches.
Oh look a Mississippi state fan commenting on Championships and their value, cute.
It's a dumb rule, he could coach from the press box and remain in isolation.
Auburn wont win but Alabama might give it to them. If it's still close at halftime the spread won't cover. If Alabama gets up by 14 in the first half, expect a skull dragging till the late in the third quarter when the second team gets in.
There are two reasons this should be addressed. 1) If it's raining, the visiting team does warm ups in the rain while the home team stays dry during warmups. 2) The home team can scout warmups watching players who have injuries and watching other things worked on pregame while the visiting team doesn't have the same opportunity.
That's not even CDC guidelines any more. No testing required for anyone without symptoms. If you continue to have no symptoms, you can be with others after 10 days have passed since you had a positive viral test for COVID-19. THE PROBLEM IS no other illness is defined by lack of symptoms. One has symptoms then test to see what its is, not test to see if you have something. This Covid hysteria is getting out of hand.
"This is one of the two scenarios where you’re no longer allowed to legally ground the ball for the purposes of conserving time... so then the right call is intentional grounding loss of down and 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. It was a botch job by the refs the entire way.
Did you also watch a "fumble" early on the goal line when forward progress was stopped that turned into a 14 point swing? If Bama scored there they are up 2 touchdowns early and the beat down is on. I love Kiffin, he dialed up a heck of a game plan, but your 89 seconds crap is BS. At 3:16 in the 4th it was 56-45 prior to the 29 yard 4th down field goal at "89 seconds" 20 seconds later the fans were wide eyed and Harris scored his "jailbreak"5td of the game. Ole Miss was out of it when they kicked the field goal, they were out of it at 3:16 left, and they were out of it when Harris scored his last TD run. Put it another way 21-21 Halftime, Bama outscored Ole Miss by 7 in the third and by 8 in the 4th. At 3:14 in the second quarter was the last time Ole Miss led in the game, and never led in the second half ever. It looked close, it wasn't.
How the heck is Kiffin a "first year coach". Did his stints with the Vols, USC and FAU not happen...his NFL coaching...... what am I missing here?
You can go back as far as the Cam Newton years and see that Auburn always gets home cooked calls from the refs. It's a fact of life.
Bama's defense looked bad Saturday, missed reads on pass plays and a TON of missed tackles. That said if the tackling would have just been 25% better the game would have been a blow out. Look at the yards after first contact on every play. Ole Miss played a great game on offenses with a lot of hidden looks and unique plays. Georgia doesn't do that. Saturday I felt bad about this week, now I feel like if the tackling fundamentals improve Bama will win.
That Fumble was huge, but honestly forward progress was stopped. IF that play didn't happen, I feel like the score would have been far more lopsided, let a team with that fire power hang around early and it's going to be a long game.