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SEC looking good so far. Funny how they couldn't get "enough" teams in because they are so weak.
Read his lips, if that were my child he would have bigger problems than a meme on the internet.
Alabama's must win isn't the National Championship?
Why not just do a Home and Home and let the chips fall where they may.
"As punishment, Bob Stoops will force Baker Mayfield to hand off on third and long in the Sooners' first spring scrimmage." Funny stuff!!! That said it's hard to expect a coach to lower the boom when charges are dropped.
Could it be that he so called booster (who wasn't a graduate of Alabama) 15 years ago said "I'll pay any kid to go to any school I want". The NCAA lost all credibility in the Cam Newton case, not at the end of the season, but when the information first came out. Ole Miss is going to have to vacate wins, which will be worst insult.
How is it best for his players to limit their access to one of the Best College football program in the nation? Sorry, coach, you don't get to use God to justify being a tool.
This guy should have got the ball a lot more last year and this year as well, especially in the Championship game.
Louisiana is a talent rich state, blocking recruiting from the team that has won the most SEC championships and takes gets a lot of players to the next level is stupid at best. It would be like a Basketball High School Coach in North Carolina closing his school to Kentucky. He was fired for "Feaster was ‘undermining’ school officials".
He's just mad he can't rent his trailer in lee county.
I'm Betting Texas A&M has played Texas, Houston, TCU, Baylor more than Trinity.
As a Bama fan, no way I see our 2 QB's as top of the SEC. Hurts can run and that's a fact, but his downfield passing is hit or miss at best. Tagovailoa is the real deal, but he is a freshman and that's asking a lot. I'd be at about 4
A few years ago the HUNH was all the rage and Defenses couldn't keep up, partly because rule changes, and partly because college football was generally run first pass second. We had a great defense that was built to compete with the HUNH, quicker, stronger, more agility. It was by many accounts one of the best defenses ever. That defense was on the field for 98 plays, on the 99th play with no time left it gave up the winning points. Now take the teams out of the equation (this to kill the hate all things Alabama) and ask yourself if we really want the game of football to be this. What would the score be if any other SEC team would have been in that same game situation? How can other teams recruit and train to stop that kind of game. I love high powered offense as much as anyone, and one could argue if Alabama's QB would have been better at passing this conversation would be moot, but can college football defenses keep up with the changes that are made to allow for HUNH type play? Do we really want games like Pitt / Syracuse with scores of 76-61?
The smell test says recruiting infractions....