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As a Tennessee fan, if Tennessee goes 1-11 but that win is Florida I will consider it a successful season. If Pruitt beats Florida I will absolutely forget about Georgia State and BYU. That being said I am not holding my breath. Florida backups have a history of playing like Tom Brady in the Superbowl against the Vols.
Jinxing it before the game ever starts. Tennessee will continue its rich tradition of Florida backups paying like super bowl MVP's against them
This is the most accurate comment. BYU was a result of players under the previous culture not executing. Pruitt has a good staff on paper and this rebuild will take time. I am not ready to jump ship yet, but lose to Chatt and it will be time.
1.) Attendance is not waning, announcers noted the excellent turnout against BYU. Tennessee fans have always been really good about showing out 2.) The donors are not waning. Tennessee brought in more than every other program except Texas A&M last year 3.) The largest UT donors are the Haslam family which hate Fulmer(they were behind his removal in 08). The board answers to them and ultimately the athletic department answers to the board. Fulmer has everything to lose by coming back and Tennessee needs to move forward. Fulmer did a poor job recruiting and hiring in his last few years and thats what ulrimatley lead to the beginning of the decline. I do not see that getting magically better if a 69 year old coach takes over an 0-2 team. He is not a long term option and at best would only last till the end of this season. If thats the case Tennessee needs him on the coaching search instead of the sidelines.
Yall sure love to say that all of us in Knoxville thought we were getting Gruden. I am a student. The Grumors are fun and entertaining, but when we talk about them the follow up question is "Who do you think we will actually get?". Very few people legitimately thought Gruden was an option. Schiano was a bad hire from both a character and a football standpoint. We have swallowed bad hires before and we will again, but for a department where Neyland, Summits, Majors, and Fulmer have all left their marks by having high integrity hiring someone with Schiano's track record of dirty defensive calls in the NFL to "being worse than Cuba" to play for. His ties to Penn State were the tipping point and court documents are very real.