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Move Tennessee ahead of Kentucky, slide auburn back behind Tennessee and Kentucky (I think they both beat Auburn.) Auburn's best unit last year was their front 8 and thats gone now. Bo Nix doesn't impress me. I think they go backwards while Tennessee and Kentucky go forward. Whoever wins that matchup will be 3rd in the east. My money is on Tennessee to win in Neyland
Its amazing how much talent Dooley and Butch had that ultimately resulted in nothing.
Absolutely no way Kentucky beats Tennessee in Knoxville
He is a good kid thats put up with a lot of crap from our fanbase. He wants to be a vol. I hope Chaney's guidance lets him take steps forward and progress towards being a good QB. He doesn't have to be great just play smart and limit turnovers. Be more efficient in the redzone and limit turnovers and I think he will be fine. A better O-Line should help with some of those bad decisions because he will have more time.
Im all in on the Adam Spencer McDonald's meal. Can I tell them SDS sent me?
Fromm is a good prospect but may be behind the curve in development because Kirby Smart and his offensive staff suck. He will probably need a few years to adjust. It is beneficial for him to fall and get drafted somewhere with an aging veteran and allow him 2-3 years to sit and learn. Green Bay looks like a good situation for him as does Atlanta or even New Orleans. If he has to play immediately he will probably flame out
I do not care how much talent Kentucky returns. They will not beat Tennessee in Neyland and they will not win the East. 7-5 is the ceiling.
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Improved offense? you are losing 9 of 11 starters and most if not all of your O line
IDK what fantasyland your living in but I would like to visit
It literally does not matter who you have at QB, Kirby Smart will ruin them. He cannot coach an offense and people are starting to figure that out
pretty bad, have fun laying an egg in whatever bowl you go to. 1980
For Georgia to win they are gonna need to lean on that defense and Fromm can't have any turnovers. Gotta get a better plan then run up the middle on 1st and second down and a checkdown pass short of the sticks on third If LSU's offense sets the pace Georgia will have a hard time trying to keep up. LSU great offense, ok defense Georgia great defense, bad offesne If Georgia keeps the game in the 24-28 point range they have a shot Prediction: LSU 31-21
I was at the game. They cheered because at the same time Tennessee stopped Georgia on a 3rd and short that was upheld and lead to a 4th down punt.
I was a student at UT at the time and was working at my job at an apartment complex about 3 and a half blocks from the stadium when the protest started. I remember Currie's number going public on twitter and people begging the fans to call and voice their opinion. Eventually his personal number was leaked too. Why did the students not like Schiano? because he, like Currie was a puppet for the Haslam family, a major donor to the school that had been largely responsible for the demise of Tennessee athletics since the 2008 Football Season. If you are at all familiar with the Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam (professional Criminal and Pilot CEO) owns them. It is well known the Haslams put Currie in place instead of hiring Fulmer or Blackburn during the AD coaching search. Currie was a terrible hire and the students in a particular have a distrust of the Haslams because they run everything. (multiple protests concerning things like outsourcing jobs happened while I was in school) Additionally the State legislature continued to make funding for student orgs a pain and who was governor at the time? Bill Haslam. Schiano Sunday was a revolt against the bad administration put in place by the Haslams. Schiano would not have been a good hire, Curry was not a good hire, and the students finally got an opportunity to voice their opinion through one of the only things fans and alumni care about, the football program.
Grandpa needs to get off his soapbox. Everyone thought scholarship limits would ruin college football, it didn't. Everyone thought the transfer portal would ruin college athletics, it didn't. People think athletes receiving fair compensation will ruin college sports, it won't. We can argue about how every school has powerful alumni or talk about earnings caps but I won't waste my time since kody has already made up their mind
The answer to this is simple. Do not allow school's to pay players, allow advertisers to sponsor players. They make money for their likeness and endorsements, but the school doesn't get caught in the bog of title 9 or having to pay lesser athletes
LOL Alabama looked like hot garbage in the 1st half. Jeremy Pruitt exposed Alabama and LSU had the talent to replicate the game plan and finish the job. Expect the same from Auburn and Georgia (if they somehow play Georgia) Bama absolutely got punched in the mouth. They were down by 20 at halftime and played their most undisciplined ball in 3 or 4 years. Bama's defense is the weakest it has been in years and if Guarantano doesn't call his own number and fumble then they start the 4th quarter 28-20 against woeful Tennessee. Who knows what happens then.
A Tennessee team with 2 out of conferences losses to BYU and Georgia State has a very good shot at 7-5. College football sure is something
There's a joke among Tennessee fans that they don't want Peyton back for games because when ever he comes home we always lose
I said since BYU i was ready to ride with Pruitt to another year. Unlike in previously years with previous coaches, it is evident that Tennessee has improved over the course of the season. Pruitt has a great staff and can make adjustments in game. That being said, I would not give him a raise just yet. We are still paying Jones's buyout, and if things do go south we can not afford a bigger buyout. Pruitt still needs to prove he can prepare a team to be ready AT THE START of the season and he has yet to beat a big rival (Kentucky last year does not count, we own them.) Still a lot to be happy with over the past few weeks and going forward
I generally think the refs were to involved on both sides in the first half, but several calls against Tennessee were huge difference makers. The free bama timeout on what would have been a trick play and the personal foul on what should have been a 3 and out come to mind. Not to mention multiple weird reviews that started as spot of ball and turned into something else (targeting on bituli). I thought a lot of the PI's on both sides were soft, to your point.
Yeah the fumble by JG is what will be remembered but lets not forget the officiating was awful as well. Phantom holds, bad no calls, questionable reviews, and giving Bama a free time out when they weren't ready for a trick play were all reprehensible.
Alabama hasn't played anybody. Auburn has played 1 top 10 team and Oregon while LSU has played 2 top 15 teams. Play Their out of conference or cross division schedule and Bama's defense will look less comparable
I just graduated from UT in August. I lived through a 4-8 season where there was a torrential downpour against LSU and the crowd still stood firm. We put 85,000 in the seats against an FCS team after starting 0-2. Georgia won't be able to fill the stadium. Its 102,455 seats of die hard fans living through the worst 10 years in the history of the program. Those people are crazy and there is no quit in crazy But even if Georgia has the numbers they won't be smart enough to organize checkering it. Night games in Neyland are special even if the team stinks. I am driving 6 hours and finishing up my law school work half a week in advance just to be in the stadium for it. There is no shot that Georgia pulls it off. But they will still win the game 60-3