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There is a long history of backups coming in and torching UT. The Baker Mayfield Oklahoma career started in Knoxville in 2015
Dee Beckworth, Brandon Turnage, and Juwan Mitchell all expected to be back for the UF game. Pass defense will be fine
I rolled my eyes when I saw it then I remembered its a road series against a talented team and Vitello is suspended the first 2 games.
Yeah I get 4 games is the auto suspension for touching an ump but what Vitello did was barely a "bump". Vitello has a history with that Ump who has made questionable calls in every game he has officiated involving Tennessee. Yeah you cannot touch officials, but when are officials going to be held accountable for being objectively bad at their job. 57 missed balls and strikes in a game is objectively bad. The stolen second base they called out was objectively bad and the replay didn't even over turn it when it was clear as day the runner was safe.
I know they were using him in the midweek games to ease him back in. Maybe the SEC debut for him?
The entire weekend rotation is on the golden spikes watch list
gotta make it to the second weekend, elite 8 is probably the mark with an SEC championship for an exceptional season. a Final 4 would be "once in a lifetime" season
Its larger than Vandy's baseball stadium.
Its the first weekend but if you want to do a real power rankings reward Tennessee and LSU for looking great and punish State, Vandy and Arkansas for looking bad
Wouldn't be surprised if Tennessee beats Arkansas by 15-20 in TBA. Arkansas won't get all of those 50/50 (or just straight up bad calls, see the out of bounds play where the Arky player was 4 steps out of bounds before throwing it off of JJJ) and Tennessee shoots considerably better at home. Tough game where a lot of leaders were in foul trouble but you have to give the Arky fans credit for making Bud Walton Arena a hostile environment. Even intimidated the zebras.
Even when its not Tennessee or Tennessee fans we still become a laughing stock because of people like Paul. (Yes I know he is an alumni but he doesn't make himself out to be a fan the same way that Peyton Manning or other high profile names do)
IDK how many teams would be in a position to win with their 2 best players declared out right before tip. Also not sure how you can credit Alabama who by all intents and purposes should have blown out Tennessee given they lost their 2 best players on the road against the alleged second best team in the conference. A loss is a loss but not all losses are created equally.
I think you got UCF/Florida backwards. UCF wanted to schedule it with a home and home, but Florida refused unless it was a HAH. Feels alot more like Florida was ducking the Knights the past 6 years
I know I am a Homer but Heupel took a 3 win team that lost 30 players to the transfer portal and their recruiting class to 7-5 being a few plays short of beating 10-2 Ole Piss and 10-2 Pitt (playing for an ACC championship. He took the most depleted roster in the country and improved every unit. He beats Beamer for COY
I am terrified yall will make a run at Hugh Freeze. His time wandering the dessert in isolation is coming to an end.
We have seen several current successful head coaches suffer from those same issues the first go round. Lane Kiffen is the first to come to mind, but Heupel and Ogeron both had to reinvent themselves after failed stints at Ole Miss and Oklahoma (OC). Lane had the biggest growing up to do and his new found maturity has made hime successful at ole miss where he struggled at Tennessee and then failed at USC as a young HC buried in a play sheet. Not saying Tom Herman will be able to find the same success but coaches have to reinvent themselves all the time and can come out more successful than before.
Davonte Gaines and English at George Mason is a great story
I agree but also interesting: Smart was 7-5 in his first year, Heupel Will likely be 7-5 with remaining wins against South Alabama and Vanderbilt
Kinda Surprised there isn't more love for Kennedy Chandler but this seems like a strong PG year in the SEC. He has looked impressive in the scrimmage games
you are really excited to lose at the grocery store you call a stadium
stats on tennessee passing defense are misleading considered they have played 3 of the top 4 offenses and 3 of the top 5 heisman favorites (pitt, Ole miss, Bama)
I can't wait for Auburn to beat Alabama and lock them out of the SEC championship and the Playoff
Georgia Michigan State Cincinatti Oklahoma Alabama Oregon Ohio State Wake Forest Michigan Notre Dame. I do not respect Oklahoma and I don't know what to do with Michigan and Wake Forest
How many of them were Ole Miss fans throwing stuff from the upper deck ABOVE the UT Student section?
2 star NFL uncles, I think you mean to say 2 HOF NFL quarterbacks, one of whom is the greatest to ever play the game, and the best overall student of the game.