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The crux of this story is "Chad" Grier goes on and on while "Will" Grier has little to say. Let Chad take his game to WVU.
I agree. Real head scratcher.
Again, the staff WAS 100% behind the guy but as a person. He was a young man that made a dumb mistake. The prevailing sentiment on the Gator boards right now is it is agreed it is time to move on and everyone wishes him the best.
In order to be disgraced it is at least inferred one has a decent reputation and is relevant. Ole Miss' reputation at the moment is based on top rated players spending most of the season in street clothes or falling out a hotel window. As for relevance, it's been over 50 years..............
Where were you on that list?
Staying at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead with dope in his room. Could you afford that as a college junior? Think he has some splanin' to do before he can come back.