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I actually think Luke did a solid job of keeping the ship afloat this past season and he earned the right to coach them going into the future. His loyalty to the school is unquestionable and while he may not be the best X and O coach, he makes up for it with passion for his school. Granted they could have gotten an up and comer or a retread but they would be likely to leave sooner than later and this program needs a few years of consistency.
Fromm is a sophomore to be right? I think that’s why he isn’t included. One thing about Nicky Fitz. His o line hasn’t been his problem. Scheme was his problem along with a well below average wr corps. The o line was actually one of the top 5 lines in the sec this last year. Didn’t give up many sacks. I think he’s still a little raw with his mechanics but when u take the beating he takes throughout the course of the game running the ball it’s bound to take a toll. I feel like moorehead will open the playbook a little and the vertical game will make nicks life a little better back there versus being basically a fullback in Mullen’s scheme. Just my thoughts.
Stop making this about the punishment or the needless bantering about everyone doing it and so on...what is a fact is that there was a concerted effort by HF and ole miss officials to deflect the investigation and pending penalties and put it all on houston nutt’s regime. This was admitted to when ole miss once again paid Nutt for blemishing his legacy.
Byron divinner (spelling) is a good handler and Fulmer has the old guard shelling out the dough. The bag man cometh!
He’s a sign n place guy. JoMo doesn’t like to sign sign and place guys. But once again, SDS will paint it as gloom and doom for the dawgs. And pump sunshine up ole miss’s rear.
Supposedly he wants immediate playing time. Our d line is young and loaded. If he is scared to come in and compete we don’t need him anyway. Best of luck to him as he “flips” to ole miss. SDS will play it up and do what they can to make it look like an ole miss victory. But then again they cherish the recruiting victories more than the on the field ones. Reb fans go ahead and bring up egg bowl. Cue it up...don’t care. There’s one program in the state that hasn’t brought embarrassment to the state for the last decade. We have outperformed y’all consistently for the last ten years and have finished above u in West 8 of last ten years. And we didn’t need escorts or gas masks to do it...
Typical SDS lazy journalism. Not a knock on the kid and wish him the best. Mullen had too many verbals committed in this class. The new staff had to trim the fat. It's not a steal or a flip. The only two real flips are the kicker and Bishop to arky. They have to have some click bait to rile up the fans. 25 verbals for 19 spots is gonna mean maybe 2-3 more "flips". Maybe more if we can get chunky and whop on board. It's lazy cause they just assume flip versus the fact that the numbers don't work out and have to b trimmed.
If this were best coach list I might agree but it's the most likely to win next season. State returns 18 starters including 4 of 5 oline. A sr stud qb. Four proven rbs. Pretty much all of the d plus the addition of two juco standouts. The only thing lacking was quality wr depth but the top juco wr is headed in along with the best wr in the state out of HS. State was within a late td of beating Bama and a broken leg away from winning nine games. The trajectory for next year is way ahead of anyone else on the list.
I appreciate your honesty with the question. Unfortunately, in today's world we have to find people to blame. It's never due to our lack of accountability. I'm not pretending there aren't sometimes extenuating circumstances, but ole miss brought this on themselves. They ran off the last honorable coach they had-David cutcliffe, and hired coach o. What a joke. Cutcliffe couldn't be strong armed by the big money so they cut him loose. I was also a fan of Pete Boone as your AD. Even though I am a die hard bulldawg fan, I respected those two men. I knew Pete on a personal level. Good person that did things the right way. We used to give each other heck about the dawgs and rebs. But we had respect even through our differences. Today, differences aren't respected because respect doesn't get clicks. Conflict does...fire that bum Bjork and re establish an athletic department that deserves respect.
Bunker...this is a serious question. Not trying to poke the bearrrr/shark. Pun intended. Seriously though, how does this AD survive all that's happened under his watch? Show causes and failure to monitor in three sports. Coaches fired. Widespread booster involvement. It's a systematic failure and he's at the top. What don't I get? He has caused/allowed/overseen a lot of embarrassment to ole miss.
So who tapes conversations with parents of recruits? Recruits are u listening? You normally don't have to ask a man about himself to find out about him. Just listen and he will tell you. Ole mess is telling u now...and where's the proof it's his mom? Where is proof they received the money? I can say I won th lottery. Does that make it true? Tick tock...hammer is bout to drop! And if there's proof state cheated, I hope we are disciplined for it. But if we were cheating you'd think our recruiting classes would've been better. Esp if we were offering 60k...
If I had just hired Matt Luke as a full time coach and my rival had hit a home run hire I'd try to release the same old talking points as well. Sounds like politicians to me. Same old worn out story. They got a new shiny toy coach and good publicity and we've got this retread o line coach and bad publicity and the hammer drops tomorrow so let's drag them down with us. Cry cry cry. Sounds like Hillary to trump before election. Will u peacefully concede the election when we win. Then she loses and doesn't hold herself to the same standards she held him too. Grow up and grow a spine people. Ole miss had a great AD in Pete boone and a great coach in cutcliffe. Both were good men with great integrity and did things the correct way. Some how Leo's testimony took down ur women's Bball program and track and football. He also set up the act testing facility for yall. What y'all have is a systemically problem from the top down. Tell me how an AD still has a job that has had issues in three major sports and hasn't been held accountable?
So state throttles LSU, Kentucky and TAMU and loses to two top ten teams on the road and gets ranked behind LSU? This the team with a loss to Troy. Their best win was when auburn laid down and let them have it in a night game in Death Valley. Where's the logic n that? Joe gave a bold prediction in an article and talked about TAMU and Rodney dangerfield. Looks like MSU is still getting no respect.
And the last thing I wanna point out is that TAMUs pass rush won't decide the game because it's not like Nicks gonna sit back there n 5 or 7 step drops 30 times and get sacked a bunch. If TAMU wins it'll b because the front 7 showed some physicality which the last couple years they haven't had. They did look better against Bama but State will b entering the game confident that they can run the ball based off last years game. Maybe they will and maybe they won't. Should b a good game but sacks won't determine the outcome.
Bayou. TAMU looks like the better team? Their best thing on their resume is playing BAMA close n a loss. Was it the great close win over Nichols state that makes them look so good or the close game to ULL? U didn't think State was too bad a month ago did u?
Joe,joe,joe...is this the same guy that predicted kentuckys vaunted run d to shut states ground game down last week? Do you do any research? First, bielema has lost control of Arkansas but he has pretty much owned ole mess. Next, has Chavis shut down mullen's offense since he's been at TAMU? That'd b a big no. Speaking of no respect...TAMU along with a couple of other teams gets too much of it while state gets picked last every year and exceeds expectations. Guess that's a good thing about getting picked last. I like the dawgs to run it down TAMUs throats and make them like it! Look for a couple of surprise play action passes to hurt TAMU. I'm thinking a 31-17 Dawg victory.
But your math is correct. 56 does come before 70. Your first grade teacher is proud of you!
Thx for proving my point gator fan. They lost to y'all but an offensive juggernaut you r not. How'd that vaunted Kentucky rush defense turn out today joe. But gator fan, of their wins,USM had the highest ranked ground game so the numbers were obviously skewed a little, which was my main point.
Come on joe...who has kentucky's great run defense been played against? Does any team they have played rank in the top 70 teams in rush offense? That'd b a big NO. USM is the best rushing attack they've faced. Also, why would u rush when their passing d is so bad. I'm sure those great wins on their resume is why you r so optimistic but the dogs gonna roll tomorrow.
I'd say as of now that's correct but Kentucky has to break the voodoo with Florida this week. It's been 30 years. As bad as Florida has seemingly been the last few seasons, the East still goes through them until somebody else steps up. Looking forward to the bulldog bowl this sat. Should b a great game!
It's gonna b a long season for the rebels. Shea is solid and they have some solid WRs but they only hit home runs. Can't consistently move the chains because they r too one dimensional. Defense will b shredded by anyone with a running game. Luke got out coached down the stretch. U can't have the 12 men on field for the cal punt. Then the whole deal at the end of the game. The announcers, like myself, couldn't explain what was going on. Where'd they find Longo? Jr high playground? They may not win a conference game, u less they play missou...missou flat out quit today. They r bad. Will ole miss quit or fight back? Off weeks coming at a good time. Then bama...
Oh cause you could never find anything classless at ole miss. Hung any nooses on statues lately? I'm sure your drunk students are like choir boys and there are never any fights at the grove...that'll b a good description of your team about mid season. Choirboys with no fight in them...
Collusion...next it'll b that Mullen and Putin had lunch together. Gosh. All these idiots use the same playbook I guess.
What you have are systemic problems from the top down. I'm sure most every school has a few rogue boosters that cause problems but ole miss has internal probs.
Well did Leo take part in the ACT fraud violations? Was he part of women's Bball violations that got coach fired? Did Freeze resign because of Leo's testimony? Is that why Texas fired former ole miss coach that was involved. David sanders at ULL? Man, Leo has some swag to make that many heads roll
This is just more diversion from an ole miss mouthpiece at sbnation. These ppl have defended ole miss and Hugh freeze and tried to deflect all the blame on Leo. They have way more probs than Leo. Looks at the NOA. Now look at the escort service stuff and use some logic. Only one school in Miss started pulling outlandish recruits in an illogical,unexplainable fashion and it wasn't State. If states been cheating signing a bunch of two and three stars then somebody should be reimbursed some money. This report is more alledged accusations without any proof. So does anyone really believe a tape exist? Somebodies hoodwinking rebel fans and the fans keep falling for it.
It's called being realistic...not hating. That's what's wrong with the world today. Just because someone has a diff opinion doesn't mean there's hate involved. Namecalling happens when ur viewpoint can't be logically defended...
That's why they play the games. How can booger think they'll improve over last years record. No head coach. Sanctions will come by mid season. Lack of depth on defense. No running game. Sure the offense has some nice weapons but they did last year as well and if u think they're gonna outperform last years offense with Matt Luke as the coach and a new o coord. then I think you should reevaluate expectations. Lastly, what about the thrashing at ole miss in the egg bowl last year gives booger the hope that they will improve enough to get the win in Starkvegas? Is it the awesome recruiting momentum going into the season? Nope can't b that...is it all the positive media hype going into the season? Nope, not that either. Is it the stability of having a returning coaching staff with little turnover? Not that either...my honest n unbiased pick is 5-7. For state, anything from 9-3 to 7-5 would meet expectations considering the schedule difficulty.
But wait. How does anyone know who he is? His name was redacted in the NOA. So the booster's names can be redacted and kept private but the student athlete gets dragged through the mud after being granted immunity. What gives? If I were a student athlete, I'd be hesitant in the future if this is how the NCAA is going to grant immunity.