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I like it. Would love a road win a whole lot more. Gonna be a fun game
Good thing we didn't get rid of Pruitt. We'd have a bunch of transfers
You don't kick fg down by 7 with 3 mins left. It makes zero sense.
If I had to put $100 down today I would put it on Florida. UGA has too much to replace on that offense plus they have a new OC.
He was larger than life. RIP Big Hoss
It just proves you don't have to be smart to be rich or powerful
Hey Auburn, stop trying to one up us. When it comes to incompetent management Tennessee is SEC King
This is what real coaching looks like. So great to have a real HC instead of a used car salesman on our sideline.
UGA walked into a snake pit yesterday and got humbled that's all. They're still the best team in the East and this loss may benefit them in the coming weeks. They'll beat Ky and Florida and end up in Atlanta.
Looking forward to BYU and Miss State at home. Also glad to get a open date between UF and UGA.
It's amazing how well Pruitt and staff are recruiting this early on the job. The future finally looks bright on The Hill.
Florida is the team I want to beat first and foremost every season and it ain't even close
Promote Greg Schiano to HC. OSU fans were raving about him last season and said the TN fan base were idiots for not wanting him.
I wonder how OSU fans will respond if Greg gets named HC because Urban isn't surviving this. I got my popcorn ready
Urbans chickens have finally come home to roost and he silence is deafening in Columbus.
They know he's a scumbag. They just don't want to admit it. Doesn't matter because he's as good as done.
Yeah they would no question. In 2018 no coach survives a s**tstorm like this.
I'll be shocked if Urban is still a HC by weeks end. Looks like the chickens have finally come home to roost.
I really think we finally got the man for the job. It will take time but Pruitt will get us back to the top.
In the SEC games are won in the trenches and they don't come bigger and meaner than Mr. Morris. I can dig it.
“We always have to stick with our core values and our integrity, and I never wavered from mine in that process,” Your values was whatever Jimmy Haslem told you they were John.