Deacon Blues

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We'd rather recruit in Florida than in Nashville.
You're saying it would take Kiffin "3-4 years." Give Pruitt that before you kick him to the curb.
With Jordan Murphy's recent spree of ill-advised tweets, I'm not shocked he's gone. Bailey wasn't likely to see much playing time at Tennessee, but I hope he lands on his feet at a school that recognizes his talent and gives him an opportunity to prove himself on the field.
This is great news for the Vols and great news for Trey Smith. That said, I hope he respects himself enough to know that football isn't everything and that if he needs to step back should these medical issues plague him again in the future...well, he's already proven himself. Vol For Life.
Couldn't agree more about the voices. I want a guy in the booth who is pulling for my team, excited when they win, devestated when they lose. I don't want someone who tells me what's happening, I want someone who feels like I do about my team to tell me what's happening. Tim Priest does this on color commentary for Tennessee, and Bob Kesling is a cosumate professional, but he's a football guy first and a Tennessee guy after, and I want a Tennessee guy first. When John Ward was the Voice of the Vols, we'd turn on the tv, turn off the sound, and turn on the radio. "It's football time in Tennessee," "To the 20, the 15, the 10, the 5...did he get it? He got it! Give Him Six! TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE!" And even THAT Larry Munsen call, “We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose! We just crushed their face!” It's all what WE did to THEM. And even though my team was THEM in this case, this one's a classic. Did Larry know what a hobnail boot was? Hell no. Did it make for great football? Absolutely. Georgia fans remember that moment, and so do us Tennessee fans. It's the reason that when Josh Dobbs launched the Hail Mary to Jauan Jennings fifteen years later, fans dubbed the moment the Dobbsnail Boot.
Wow, for the first time alcohol will be consumed in Neyland Stadium.
Great addition to the team, and hopefully he and Harrison Bailey can convince Arik Gilbert to come to Knoxville. Still would like to see a 5* or two headed our way.