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After watching all year, I could see after the first few catches, some of the "hotdog" Pickins has was gone. That's growth
I would agree with you.....we got away with a few that could of been game changers.
Jedi mind trick placing Dogs in at 4. It means nothing unless they make and win SEC ship.
Reminds me of my wing-T running, Pony League coach. It's football talk at all levels.
I remember a guy saying something like " only conference winners should be in playoffs".
He says a loan from family friend. We'll see how the long game plays out.
Why doesn't the NFL (or NBA) use the same surgery for high ankle sprains? Is there a drawback?
I agree with both. They haven't played anybody yet still not dominant. On other hand, I remember when a champion was champion until they got beat. Win out and end of discussion for anyone in top 8.
A lot of football left. Simple, 1 - 7 win out and you are in.