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Tell you what. You post ONE MORE reply to ANYTHING I post and I'll file harassment charges and sue you and SDS. Clear? I'm tired of the verbal assaults on my character and intelligence and you're about to find yourself screwed for defamation of character. It ain't cool or funny.
Yall gonna get hit for all this the day after Saban leaves to get his HoF nod. Thats just how this stuff works. No matter how many times you insult people, that's the reality of where your teams headed very soon. NCAA left USC alone with tons of ammo piling up until how long after Carroll bailed? A week or two?
Because no one cares about the truth. Just so long as Alabama wins the media will NEVER touch it.
Well the truck is an AMAZING coincidence. The car though.. I got facts there and Alabama could have to ship some hardware back if they ever investigated that white impala and the upgrades to MSHS who did get in trouble for recruiting violations. Rumor around town is he got paid $200k to keep his mouth shut when he left Alabama because.. he grew up an Auburn fan and threatened to talk about his recruiting when he got buried on the depth chart. Half an hour at Foley, Russellville and Muscle Shoals high schools looking over their athletic facilities and comparing the build dates to 5* recruits will be enlightening as well. Julio got Foley an indoor practice facility, Calloway got Russellville a Jumbotron and Muscle Shoals got a $6 million upgrade to the stadium for Liner. Whole lot of coincidences piling up there.
Got proof on the car they gave him to flip from Auburn. The Escalade came out of Tuscaloosa County so I'm distanced from it but you can pretend he got it honorably the same day he transferred if it'll make you feel better.
I watched this one happen. While committed to Auburn Dee drove an old beat up late model gold impala with glass missing. He flipped and drive up the next day in a new white one purchased by Alabama fans from the Long-Lewis dealership in Muscle Shoals. Then when he left Alabama he magically had a 2015 Escalade. Tired or not. It's truth.
Purple 2015 Cadillac Escalade loaded on 24s with vanity plates. There's a picture of it on his Facebook. His family couldn't combine 3 generations of salary to cover the cost of that truck
Replacing 2 OL guys for Auburn was simple. Strange that Ole Mrs isnt getting the same scrutiny.
Honesty vs the click. The new measure of journalistic integrity.
If you believe the spoon fed lies the REC sends through
Follow his vehicle history. The whole story comes out real clear.
Google his Facebook. His participation trophy is purple.
#1 class is media fabricated horsesh*t because they always "adjust" the ratings one last time just before signing day when they basically know who's going where and get the team they want (deserving on rare occasions) as #1. I say freeze the ratings on Jan 1st and make it interesting.
It's not even lukewarm. The concept is a bad idea with bad timing for Auburn off the field before you get into the part where he's a champion coach that they're fighting to keep him from even coaching one full cycle.
Ole Miss will compete for last in the division.
Lol 3 of the 4 listed and the 4th is stuck in a media sh*t storm. Smh..
***if they survive the negativity of the media*** Seen a lot of programs buckle and fall off the rails fighting off the field battles.
So again, 2015 ain't gonna be the same as 2016.
They tried to exonerate Alabama over the UAB thing.
EXACTLY MY POINT. If the REC pays for it to be repeated enough... 120 teams disagree with that terminology and only ONE would agree with it.
I like how they label the kick six as "infamous". According to who?
If it's not, then why did you just go on the exact same rant with the exact same personal shots? Hmm? You could have just said "Naw, I can see how that looks but not me" and I'd still be wondering how you posted the facts to his research of something extremely obscure and difficult to google. Finding a teams historical record on a certain day isn't an easy search. That search rendered zero results on google.
BamaTime and BulldogBuck are the same person. A few Quotes and then I'll tell you who this person really is... BamaTime: "I was bored and looking for something to pass the time. Auburn hasn’t played on Oct 15 that often." Deacon: "I love it because that’s traditionally Florida games. Several huge wins in that series on Oct 15th." BulldogBuck: "They were 5-3 before that on Oct. 15 (since 1900). Same date occurs on same day only about every 6 years (darn leap year messes with me). Typically GT, but yall beat Samford by 78 over a hundred years ago." Need to work on logging out before you do some silly stuff like do the research as one person and post the results as a different person. Given the other stories at the time with the Ole Miss scandal breaking everywhere, I can understand the slip up to end up posting as a State fan. Now, lemme tell you about Franklin (and about 60 other names) that shows up and follows me to every possible site demeaning my intelligence and commenting mass volume to discredit me. I suspected it as soon as this happened but I didn't "know" so I had to post the media bias stuff to get confirmation and ole Franky only has one response and he cannot resist it. Tin foil hat. Don't you think 6 years is long enough harassment? I bet Bovada got even odds that you know my real name. He's got a lifetime ban on half the internet, twice by my request. That's why I'm just waiting on you to get yourself banned again. Ain't got time for your childish garbage.
THIS is what I'm talking about. SDS fixing betting lines. 2 days ago every betting outlet in Vegas had Auburn 30-1 and now we get this with all their negativity trying to prop up Ole Miss at the same time so that when they start losing games they can turn on you like they did Auburn.