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Oh yes, because any SEC school would want to face the possible consequences FOR A THREE STAR.
You don't over-drink water by accident. It's actually not easy at all to dilute your urine. Most people achieve this by attempting to "flush-out" their system before a drug test. If someone has any type of drug concentration in their urine that too will be diluted and probably won't be picked up by the test (that last part after "and" is just an assumption) which is probably why they are automatically a positive test.
I thought Directv would've gave in a long time ago but now I'm worried. I haaaate Dish and wouldn't want it if I didn't have to have it.
I love the rivalry game and all but there are definitely better rivalries in the SEC.
There are some rules in the CBA that are just downright stupid. This is one of them.
I have to disagree with your take on Bateman. That long bomb he threw down to like the 3 yard line was simply beautiful. He didn't play perfectly but I think he did great for the fact that it was a scrimmage in April. Sims was worse than shaky, his passes were behind his receivers almost every time.
That kitty looks like he gained a few pounds. I think the older logo was much better.
I like this idea. I absolutely hate the idea of removing extra points all together but I'd be all for making them difficult.
with Manziel, Mettenberger, McCarron, Murray, and even Shaw.
As I was looking down this list I was thinking this same exact thing. Driskel is top 5, Marshall is number 1. Crazy how the SEC was stacked just last year with
In the NFL the officials signal when they are in position and the ball is able to be snapped ONLY when the signal is given. Could also work at the college level, I believe.
Within the last 10 years Saban has won 4 championships at two different schools. Almost half WITH him going to Miami within that timeframe. The game is passing him by though? Oh, okay. Maybe you need to think about putting in your opinion when you don't really know what you're talking about.
Should be awesome to watch. I love Gruden's QB camp.
He put the Texas job to rest like 3 or 4 times but I get what you mean and agree. But it still won't stop the media or other coaches from saying the same exact things.
That proposal is pretty stupid, imo. No huddle hurry up offenses have been around in college football for quite some time now so I don't see how that statement works either.
He's won less than 10 games in college and high school combined. Are you implying he had the same roster in high school too?
Brown and Humphrey were huge gets and if they live up to their potential they'll be incredibly important cogs in another championship run.
You forgot to tell us about how you're so close to the family and their upbringing, please, I'd love to hear about this.
Yeah, you're right. He is totally doing it just for the attention. I mean, who gets sucker punched and then jumped by a bunch of guys anymore? That's such a desperate cry for attention. But please, tell us more about how close you are to the brothers and how much you know about their upbringing, I'd love to hear it from a guy who is so close to the family as you are. And you're right, how dare those cops arrest Denzel for smarting off to them, shouldn't they know that it was his birthday and you're allowed to act like a fool?
My question was for VolsJake, sorry for the confusion.
Well yeah the defense will be better, it can't get any worse.
Well there is a rule like that.... They have to go JUCO for at least one year and then after that can go to any team they want. Also, when players are kicked off for breaking team rules it will usually stay in-house and we'll probably never know. There were some Bama kids that were booted with the same reason and I would've loved to know what exactly happen but that won't ever happen.
Across the whole conference how many has it been this offseason? Like around 10 I'm guessing? And that's in like 2 months time. It's very sad that some kids would kill for a chance to go to an SEC school while so many others are blowing it by acting like complete fools.
All jokes aside I'd hate for the tradition with Tennessee to go away. Some years even with them struggling badly the games can be pretty great.
Thaaank you. It's like the year we played Michigan. D Robinson was a pre-season Heisman top 5, they were ranked somewhere in the teens (might be wrong here) and they got handled easily and had a pretty disappointing season. Alabama tries to open the season against a fairly good team, but usually they have bad years and it makes it look like another FBS cupcake.
Remember when LSU couldn't cross the 50 and got shut out in front of the entire country in the National Championship? Or The Drive?
In the defense of the easy schedule our cross-division rival is garbage.
Remember when LSU almost lost to Towson? I don't even know if I spelled that right because idfk where that school even is.
So many SEC kids getting arrested this offseason. This is a BIG problem.