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How long until we get another Mississippi State story? My prediction is 4 weeks.
Gautreau and Cheese need to go. If not, Lemonis needs to go.
Lemonis has no one to blame but himself with the weak non-con schedule he put together.
Technically, the SEC could have all 8 Super Regionals, if the 2 seeds win their regional and the 1 seed on the other side of the bracket loses.
If you listen to the SDS podcast, it's obvious they've determined State isn't worth covering this year. I don't know if Conor O'Gara is butthurt over getting the Arnett prediction so wrong that he decided they would barely cover the Bulldogs this season.
Mississippi State will probably use the TE position more than it has since Mullen. I expect to see Cam Ball (6'-6", 245) to get a lot of redzone targets and Sedyou Traore (6'-4", 220) to be used a flex TE for match-up targets.
Nothing on the commitment of Booth out of Utah State. Not surprising.
What do you expect? SDS hasn't done a football-related story on Mississippi State in two months. It's not surprising that they can't even be bothered to get players' names right. Yesterday O'Gara was saying how Shapen had beaten out Mike Wright for the starting job, which is technically true. He didn't even realize Wright was the 4th string QB and Chris Parson was the other State QB who started in the Spring game (for the 2nd team offense). Just say you didn't watch the game and saw a few highlights on Twitter instead of pretending like you know what's going on in Starkville.
LOL. Mike Wright was the 4th string QB for Mississippi State and then hit the portal. It's pretty obvious you didn't watch the Spring game, if you don't even know who the 2nd and 3rd string QBs are.
The amount of Mississippi State erasure that goes on at this site is something else.
Three weeks of no State stories - during Spring ball and portal season! You did it, SDS! After the spring game, there will be no reason to write about Mississippi State football until August and you can put together a story-less massive streak. Keep up the non-work, guys!
With the spring game coming this weekend, will SDS make it three weeks without a Mississippi State story?
Woohoo! Let's start another streak of no stories on the Mississippi State feed! SDS almost made it 4 weeks without a story before this one.
Before this story it had been almost 4 weeks since SDS had posted a Mississippi State story. There are other outlets that cover State much better than SDS does, and that's where you'll find Bulldog fans. Not SDS who treats State like a nuisance.
"Last year’s home slate was one of the most deflating I’ve ever seen for an SEC team." *Laughs in Chad Morris*
SDS hasn't published a Mississippi State article in almost three weeks now.
Leach's Air Raid is not similar to the Baylor offense Lebby runs.
Collective bargaining will eventually happen. The courts have already said the way the NCAA has been operating for the past 100 years is illegal.
College sports are the only team sports where the championship tournament (or playoff) participants are selected by a committee instead of where they finish in the standings.
"There will eventually be a set rotation that allows all teams to play everyone in the conference over a 4-year period, with home and away games against each opponent." Wow, Matt. Sankey has only been talking about that for the past three years.
"Will Rogers best fit: Auburn" LOL. Matt Hayes has apparently NEVER SEEN Will Rogers run the ball, which is exactly what Freeze wants his QBs have at least a marginal ability to do. Will Rogers makes Peyton Thorne look like Nick Fitzgerald.
State had four 4-star commitments plus Blake Shapen this weekend, but let's focus on decommitments.
I'm glad he gets another chance to rise up the NCAA career passing list. Arnett and Barbay really did him a disservice.