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Just like the 80s when half of the GangKlucks coaching staff were sent to prison for having 'Roids served to all their players on the training table menus of the salad bar and a special breakfast item sprinkled on top of their cereals called " Cheaties The Breakfast Of Losers ".Clemsons infractions in the 80s were minor compared to most schools and if you look up the Top 25 worst NCAA scandals in history Clemson did not even make the list in fact bigger schools like Ohio State,FSU,etc.each made the list for 3 different scandals so cry all you want chicken losers.
Adam Spencer made an error & should have said UNC & VA. TECH are ACC schools.
If GOD were going to give the earth an enema,the tube would be inserted into Gaffney, S.C. !
Make your momma proud Damien.That was a wonderful thing to do.Now next go buy her a new home. Moms R Special !
Coach Swinney took a pay cut several years ago before his big payday so that his assistants could get a nice pay raise.
You are right.Last year the Clemson defense put up some very impressive numbers in spite of the loss of many starters to the NFL.They were very young & because of that youth Coach Venables ran a different scheme that was simpler.This year they have more experience & also several freshmen monster defensive players coming in ( Bresee & Murphy ) who could become All American first rounder legends.
You are right.Last year the Clemson defense put up some very impressive numbers in spite of the loss of many starters to the NFL.They were very young & because of that youth Coach Venables ran a different scheme that was simpler.This year they have more experience & also several freshmen monster defensive players coming in ( Bresee & Murphy ) who could become All American first rounder legends.
Guns will never be taken because conservatives,police,& the USA loving military veterans have about 90% of them in their possession & a willingness & ability to use them to protect good from evil !
I sincerely don't recall replying to one of your posts,but if your post is in response to the one I posted above a child of 5 could understand what they see socialist demoncrats doing & what they hear them saying,so if you disagree thats fine because for the time being the USA is still basically a free country & anyone is free (even though the liberal PC crowd tries to place restrictions on those they don't like or who disagree with them) to believe whatever.It's hardly a secret how sick,evil,& demented the intolerant control freaks of the left have become.Do you ever wonder how minority left radicals would react if suddenly the conservatives rose up & decided they were going to take the law into their own hands and destroy treasonous obuma statues,ban violent hate filled sexually abusive to women & children vulgar Rap chanting,run librtals out of restaurants,destroy their books,art,literature,threaten them & their property,attack & destroy liberal universities & their professors and whined,cried,occupied & made demands like the rabid mad dog crazed loons of the left.I'm just saying whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
My big post was in response to Alatides cult member lifelong Democrat response,not yours FD.I love your response.Can't understand anyone whose hate for 1 person allows them to vote for the dismantling of the USA .The Demoncrats stand by & support,finance,cheer on all this destruction & violence.Demoncrats are the Racist Party , .
You make me laugh &you labeled/outed yourself with that socialist democrat fake news post.Trump has worked harder than any president & accomplished more than just about any in spite of the treasonous attacks on him,his administration,and his family.Obuma was the most corrupt,failed,treasonous administration in history & Obuma amped up racism in a huge way all throughout his apology for America tour & his unmitigated disaster.You & your kind of people who supposedly love America better wake up & get over your "Oh I hate Trump because he is so mean & makes me cry snowflake attitude " before it is too late.Besides that Biden is admittedly Quid Pro Joe corrupt & he is obviously afflicted with a healthy dose of dementia/alzheimers.Old Joe is nothing but a puppet of Obuma/Pelosi/Schumer/Shiff,Ocasio Cortez/ Omar,& the Socialist communist Islamic Jihad Squad.They are the ones telling Old Joe what to say & do & they will be running the USA into extinction at least until the new Civil War can of whoopazz is unleashed on them.Do you think Biden & his fascist crew are lying about their announced agenda ? They are already giving a display of what their intentions are before they even gain control.So are you saying you are voting for... open borders,no border patrol,defunding police,getting rid of jails/prisons for felons & liberals & probably using them to imprison conservatives & Christians,are you for the Squads $94 trillion green new deal (Raw Deal),murdering babies by the millions,using schools/colleges to indoctrinate children into your sick cult,legalizing drugs,confiscating guns & the 2nd Amendment,outlawing freedoms of speech & religion,destruction of monuments,statues,history,art,& anything that does not agree with the sick socialist liberal agenda,calling every white person racist when in truth there is more racism in other cultures,praising white trash liberal socialist punk terrorists,& BLM terrorists..... if you are for all that sickness & intolerant hate then the socialist Squad candidate Quid Pro Corrupt Joe is your candidate.When you slide your ballot in that box in sure & slide your guns,your Bibles,your freedoms of speech & religion,& your 401ks, and most of your savings/money in that ballot box also because it will all soon be gone.Wake up people !
Now known as Socialist Democrats & they are proud of it..... cheering on,& aiding & abetting violence,looting,theft.corona virus,lawlessness,destruction,killing,& bent on the destruction of our great country & evonomy.Shame on those evil,sick bastids & the lamestream fake media,twitter,facebook,&social media word police are guilty as hell.
I agree also.Let those players who truly love the game and wanna play take their place.Heck,plenty of walk ons come in,work hard,prove themselves,and earn a scholarship.E.G... Hunter Renfroe & others bri g plenty of skill & excitement to the game & even become legendary.True feel good stories.Just something about the underdog making it brings out the fans for all teams.Also,those scholarship players that stay 3 or 4 years in college literally have millions of dollars spent on them with a free education,free room,5***** dining,medical care,travel,etc.Compare that to a normal college student who studies hard then graduates oweing $100,000 plus & no guarantee of a good paying job.
Doesn't matter to me if they get drafted or not.I've been done with the NBA for a long time,& now if they play that other anthem & stand ,then play our National Anthem & they take a knee I'm saying kma NFL.I recently gave NASCAR the middle finger salute as it has been in a death spiral si nce DE left us on Feb.18,2001.The France family abandoning the fans who made the sport & themselves megabillionaires by closing tracks & moving away from its roots for even more $$$$$$$$$$$$.If college football becomes all political I will terminate them also.I am so sick of athletes,& so called entertainers,musicians,& celebrities thinking it is their duty & right to tell me if I don't vote & have the same sick beliefs/values they do then they eill punish me.
Yeah.. They think they are entitled.Always demanding free stuff.Started out at home & as a child.Everybody must make the team & get to play every game & when season is over everyone must get a trophy.Sorry,whiney,crybaby socialist liberals.Go home & get a job or crash at home with mommie & daddy for free while playing violent video games,listening to violent,vulgar,drug,& hate driven Rap chanting & rhyming 24 hrs. a day.
PAC-12...hmmmm.... pretty sure the P stands for Politically & the C stands for Correct,but what does the A stand for ? Anyway,let them boycott.Little chance they will make the CFB playoffs much less win a title anytime soon.
The song White Christmas will soon be banned because it has two words which are offensive to PC libtards,& the cartoon character Snow White is on the chop block.Also,PC Lib run ice cream companies will soon commence using food coloring to change their vanilla ice cream coloring so as not to hurt snowflake feelings like MAD onna,Assley Dudd, Joyless Bayhar,Whoppy Gouhlburg,& the sweet & lovely Rosie Odonutwho.
Bingo tony .Hard to imagine there are that many gullible,stupid,or indoctrinated voters who would vote for Democrat Socialism . If you crave seeing the end of the USA then in Nov.when you place your ballot in that vote box/machine for Biden (aka the Squad ) then you may as well cram your freedom of speech,your guns,your Holy Bibles,your 401k's,your stocks,your property deeds,& anything of worth including your dignity in that ballot box also because our country will be finished.All those Socialist Dems & their media reek of Hitler/Stalin/Lenin/Musolinniesque behaviour.Could the rails then be full of railroad cars delivering their cargo to death camps ????
I've been to the Clemson area many times.Athens and most other NCAA campuses pale in comparison to the stunning beauty of Clemson and the surrounding area.Thats one of many reasons Clemson signs so many Georgia boys like DW & TL.I give 2 to 1 odds Georgie U. will play for the title at least 1 time before the year 2050.
When was the last time the Georgiegirl AtHENS BullFrogs won a championship.... hmmmm..1980 about 40 years ago when you took your grandkids to see the slobberin doggie tween the hedges.Long,long time ago.Alabama has owned you since then.Clemson football team ranked 5th in academics out of 130 teams.Georgie Boofrogs ranked 61st about midway... hohummmmm.
Compare Dabos honesty to speak truth about how he feels when asked a question and it hurts the snowflakes feelings.Dabo is from Alabama and coare his honest personality and how he laughs and has fun versus the sad and sour face on Saban when things don't go his way....heck,for that matter when Dabo rarely loses he heaps praise on the other team and he smiles and he is more positive in rare defeats than Saban is during mostly victories.Contrary to what the fake media writes Dabo does not whine he is simply tired of hearing the media attack his players,team,coaches,and conference and he is defending them.First,before he built Clemson into the Dynasty all he heard was Clemsoning and always losing the hig games.Then when they became the champions all he heard over and over was.."Clemson don't play nobody & all the other teams are beat up by playoff time and Clemson players are rested and fresh.Clemson gets attacked win or lose.Dabo got fed up with it and he fought back for his team and will continue to do so.Why,back in the day when FSU first came into the ACC and they blew out everybody the first ten years and won the ACC every year without losing a game and several Nattys did other conferences not complain about them playing in the weak ACC.I admire the SEC and like Bama also,but please don't become chronic whiners like the fans of the OSUck CryinEyes.I do see that some of the Bama fans post honestly and are not out to attack Dabo for things that are totally false.Thanks.
LOL ! Yeahhhh boyeeee.... Butthurt as in 44-16 beatdown on Alabammie.Seems like all fans go into Liberal radical left CNN/MSDNC mode against teams that crush them.Dabo is awesome !
Yep....I totally agree.Another future OJ,or Juicy Smollett give em a free pass now and pay me later in the making.Heck,I get nervous when I come up on a license checkpoint trying to make sure I comply correctly and don't give the lawmen any reason to think I might be a threat by jumping out of the vehicle,arguing,or moving my hands in a suspicious way.Need to teach compliance training for correct interaction with police before giving anyone a drivers license.
Hard to understand how Clemsons 2020 defense is not rated in ESPN'S Top 10 preseason when the very young 2019 Clemson defense finished near the top in most categories and most of last years D is back stronger,smarter,more experienced,more determined,with a teacher like Brent Venables.Also several new 5 star defensive beasts like freshmen Bryan Breese,and Myles Murphy are set to come in and create havoc for opposing offenses.Go figure.It's the same bias that kept Deshaun Watson from taking home back to back Heisman Trophys.
Interesting scores.... LSU 42 Florida 28, Florida 36 Virgina 28, Clemson 62. Virginia 17 (& Clemson played backups from 3rd qt.till game end..UF starters played whole game.That indicates a comparative score of Clemson 37 better than Florida & 23 better than LSU against same opponent.Should be a great game ,but hope Clemson plays better than they did against the arrogant Buckeyes.... I mean CrybabyEyes.LSU does have a great program.
Teams like Clemson,Wisconsin,etc.the small town Big time college football powerhouses are the absolute best atmospheres.Great places to live and go to college. I suppose some people prefer the big cities like Columbus,Knoxville, and their crime,slums,gangs,overcrowding,strip clubs,drug problems,and just in general ugliness and nastiness.Clemson an awesome little place !Check out Columbus,Oh. crime snd gang stats.
OSU supporters(many that post in forums but honestly not all)are vulgar and hate filled who refuse to accept results.Clemson 4 to 0 now and winning on the field,off the field,in the classroom,with awesome teams,players,coaches,family atmosphere,culture,fans,stadium and Clemson small town atmosphere,surrounded by the incredibly beautiful Appalachian mountains,and doing it the right way.No surprise the top players/athletes are practically waiting for Dear Ole Clemson to extend them a scholarship and many as walkons.
Moondancer trying to convince us he was at the game and knows what he saw.Breaking News.... it's easier to see what happened on TV a d replays than at the game.Also,Moondancer professes to be an expert...well,in his post about Wades hit and ejection he claims Clemson needed to have one of OSUs DLstossed from the game to have a chance... guess what need to get a football education becuse Wade who was ejected was not a DL,he was a blitzing cornerback.Do you agree with that?
So, if a player is tall he is fair game for targeting because his head is out of the targeting zone.By your assessment if a player is going to the ground by tackle or whatever t hen the defense should be allowed to lower the boom on his head.OSU actually committed 3 serious and dangerous acts to TL on that one play....(the targeting by Wade as well as a grab of the facemask,and then as TL was falling to the ground Chase Young delivered a dirty and dangerous hit to TLs head by using his powerful arm and delivering a Louisville Slugger hatchet chop to TLs head.Look at it again.OSU played dirty in this game by carrying out their coaches pregame demand to "play violently".It was obvious throughout the game.Day Day was arrogant before and after the game and unwilling to congratulate Clemson who beat them in spite of playing a poor game(missed FG,two dropped pick 6s,a sure TD pass dropped,(thats 24 points missed opportunity),and playing without their two star WRs for big parts of the game due to violent hits by the dirty team.Bucky fans are hate filled excuse making losers.Clemson 4 and 0 versus OSU....We own those Columbus Lying Clowns !