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Me,myself,andI will be pulling for Kelly Bryant and his new Tigers to put KFC moves on the GangKlucks.... "We do chicken right ".
So how many NCAA football titles do the Gangklucks hold,and how many will they have by the year 2050 ? By your standard Notre Dame has won 13 titles because they do not play in a conference.It really does not come down to who plays in the toughest conference.It all comes down to who is the best team (eg.. in 2018 Alabama won because they were the best team).
Bama,Georgia,LSU,would not have gone undefeated in the ACC in 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022,2023,etc.We have been rominating SEC teams with recruiting classes barely ranked in the top 10.Now that wevvhave what looks to be the # 1 rated recruiting class of all time coming in 2020 we will be recognized very soon as "The Dynasty " !
I know SEC fans who absolutely refuse to attend away games at South Carolina because the fans are pitiful.To be more specific..... they indicate the Gangkluck fans are rude,hateful, and steeped in rednek culture.I've been to games at Georgia and they are pleasant, as well as Tennessee,and Alabama.
Fact is if Clemson played in the SEC over the last 5 years a team called Bama would not have dominated the SEC !
Yes.... the Aggies scored with 6 seconds remaining to avoid the TD goose egg against some Clemson reserves.
Yep..... so true.... kind of reminds one of those Hollyweird Liberal freaks who whined and cried and still refuse to accept results of the 2016 election.Ahhhhhhhhh, if we keep being in denial perhaps the scoreboard will eventually change !
Bama and Clemson both had a month to rest up before the title game.What is it that causes the Bama boys to be slow healers ?
And Bama should not have been in the playoff in 2018.Notre Dame earned its ticket in 2019.They played Clemson closer than Bama.
and if Bama played in the ACC in the last 5 years they would not have been in the CFB playoff at least three of those years.
Same reason other conferences write in ACC blogs.... It's still a free country with freedom of speech ( at least for now until the Liberal whackos like the Squad, and Anteefa take over and impose their will on anyone who doesn't vote for them or agree with them.
Problem with that is NO conference gets the championship ring and trophy.Only one team gets the Ring and that is the winning best team my friend !
You are spot on bisco loco ! Gage Cervenka our massive offensive lineman who bench presses 225 lbs 43 times put Aunt Jemima pancake blocks on a dozen TAMU boys.Like the song says "You ain't seen nothin yet" and Dabo proclaims "the best is yet to come", because this Clemson team is young and improving and the 2020 class of commits is being regarded as possibly not only # 1 class ,but perhaps the highest rated recruiting class in CFB history.
Fact is yes the ACC is a little down in football right now but a couple of years ago that was not true.You had powerhouse teams that contended for titles like FSU,Miami,Virginia Tech,and Clemson which has now risen to the top of the CFB world.You also had teams with great QBs like Matt Ryan,Phillip Rivers,Russell Wilson.I'm not against the SEC and would vote them the toughest conference as far as overall titles, but in reality I think the Big 10 is probably the toughest from top to bottom.Check out Clemsons record in bowl and playoff games in recent times versus Bama,Oklahoma,Ohio State,Tennessee,Notre Dame,LSU,Penn State,and Stanford.
Clemson has plucked the feathers off the Gangklucks in many games. Lets watch a replay of the game that ended with a score of CLEMSON. 63 USC (aka KFC) 10 .The Gangklucks should have stayed in the ACC where they could have been a middle of the pack team.
Clemson has played Alabama 4 consecutive years in the CFB playoff.The Tigers are 2 wins & 1 loss in the championship game.If you look at the game stats in that first close loss it shows that Clemson outplayed Bama badly in the one loss and could be 3-0 .They had about 150 more yards,10 more first downs,and far more time of possession.In fact in Deshaun Watsons two title games he personally accounted for almost a thousand yards against the vaunted Bama greatest college defense ever.Thats not small change.
Some observations after this big Tiger victory.Clemsons young defense played lights out and will only get better.Their D completely neutered a potent Aggie offense led by Mond the best QB in the SEC just as they did Tua in the championship.Clemsons offense left about 21 points on the field as they played poorly in the 1st and 4th qtr.Totally impressed with the Aggie punter who was their best weapon and should be a 1st round NFLdraft pick.Finally,congrats to the Aggie players who successfully predicted an upset.....,yep,when game ended lots of disappointed and UPSET players and fans !
Sourgrapes of jealousy over Clemsons awesome football program where many of the great recruits pine to play.Look at the ostarine misfortune this way.... Clemson knows the rules on PED's and would never intentionally give their players drugs which are prohibited knowing they are going to be tested.So, after being in the CFB playoffs four years in a row one must wonder why did the Clemson players who were tested in 2016,2017,and 2018 all pass with flying colors ?
I personally don't know what the NCAA's position is on rings but I distinctly recall reading an article on Tigernet that stated the three suspended players had not received a ring yet.
Hmmmmm???? "Clemson fans are saying the Aggies won last year with a lot of luck ............ ".I would bet that NO Clemson fans said that because 15 and 0,undefeated National Champs,first time, best ever means Clemson did not lose a single game,and I distinctly remember beating the Aggies .You might need to recheck your results from last season or perhaps back off a wee bit on the Lonestar beer my friend !
Kelly Bryant is a very good QB and a class act.He chooses to not stir the pot with PC garbage like many in the media.He has a Clemson championship ring as a freshmen and still respects and loves his former team,school,and coaches.In the NFL if a player is traded midseason and his former team goes on to win the Superbowl does he think he should get a ring ? The answer is NO ! All this whining is a product of todays messed up PC culture which thinks all kids should make the team,play every game, and get a trophy even if they lose. Geeeezz,next thing you know the cheerleaders will be demanding a championship ring because they cheered them on to victory at every game.