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Interesting scores.... LSU 42 Florida 28, Florida 36 Virgina 28, Clemson 62. Virginia 17 (& Clemson played backups from 3rd qt.till game end..UF starters played whole game.That indicates a comparative score of Clemson 37 better than Florida & 23 better than LSU against same opponent.Should be a great game ,but hope Clemson plays better than they did against the arrogant Buckeyes.... I mean CrybabyEyes.LSU does have a great program.
Teams like Clemson,Wisconsin,etc.the small town Big time college football powerhouses are the absolute best atmospheres.Great places to live and go to college. I suppose some people prefer the big cities like Columbus,Knoxville, and their crime,slums,gangs,overcrowding,strip clubs,drug problems,and just in general ugliness and nastiness.Clemson an awesome little place !Check out Columbus,Oh. crime snd gang stats.
OSU supporters(many that post in forums but honestly not all)are vulgar and hate filled who refuse to accept results.Clemson 4 to 0 now and winning on the field,off the field,in the classroom,with awesome teams,players,coaches,family atmosphere,culture,fans,stadium and Clemson small town atmosphere,surrounded by the incredibly beautiful Appalachian mountains,and doing it the right way.No surprise the top players/athletes are practically waiting for Dear Ole Clemson to extend them a scholarship and many as walkons.
Moondancer trying to convince us he was at the game and knows what he saw.Breaking News.... it's easier to see what happened on TV a d replays than at the game.Also,Moondancer professes to be an expert...well,in his post about Wades hit and ejection he claims Clemson needed to have one of OSUs DLstossed from the game to have a chance... guess what need to get a football education becuse Wade who was ejected was not a DL,he was a blitzing cornerback.Do you agree with that?
So, if a player is tall he is fair game for targeting because his head is out of the targeting zone.By your assessment if a player is going to the ground by tackle or whatever t hen the defense should be allowed to lower the boom on his head.OSU actually committed 3 serious and dangerous acts to TL on that one play....(the targeting by Wade as well as a grab of the facemask,and then as TL was falling to the ground Chase Young delivered a dirty and dangerous hit to TLs head by using his powerful arm and delivering a Louisville Slugger hatchet chop to TLs head.Look at it again.OSU played dirty in this game by carrying out their coaches pregame demand to "play violently".It was obvious throughout the game.Day Day was arrogant before and after the game and unwilling to congratulate Clemson who beat them in spite of playing a poor game(missed FG,two dropped pick 6s,a sure TD pass dropped,(thats 24 points missed opportunity),and playing without their two star WRs for big parts of the game due to violent hits by the dirty team.Bucky fans are hate filled excuse making losers.Clemson 4 and 0 versus OSU....We own those Columbus Lying Clowns !
All I know is that Clemson has risen to the top of the college football world with recruiting classes just barely in the top 10,but that is about to change.Not only is the 2020 class rated #1,but many say perhaps the greatest recruiting class in college football history.... LOOKOUTTTttttttttttttt !
Good points.The young Clemson defense has not given up more than 20 points in any game this season,and have yet to give up 300 yds of offense to any team.Not only that,half of those points and yards were given up by freshmen and sophomore bench players in the 2nd,3rd,and 4th qtrs.Clemson is a building team who can say with certainty "the best is yet to come" !
Sounds like you are pretty confident the Buckeyes will steamroll any of the other playoff contenders.Dabo would not be speaking out defending his Tigers if they and the ACC were not under constant attack by the media,CFB playoff committee,and fans of other teams.Is he not permitted to stick up for his program?Geezzzz,sounds like a Liberal dimbocrap antifa style way of saying if we call you names and criticize you with fake news you are not allowed to defend yourself because free speech not allowed for those who do not fall in step with our liberal views.Me thinks some folks are about to have their m emories of 365 days ago refreshed because Clemson is stocked,cocked,and ready to rock.A huge can of whoopazzzz is about to be opened up on their next 3 opponents because of people like Paul FinnyBum who has poured so much rocket fuel on the Tiger bulletin board its going to be a site to see.Good luck to you all.
Hey Class of 98 you misrepresented what beachbum usaf said about soundly beat...... he did not post that SC soundly beat GA.He posted that Clemson soundly beat the living crap out of the GangClucks, while Ga. lost to them at home in a close game even though the stats say otherwise.Hell, if you wanna talk stats in a game which were dominated by the team that lost, look at the stats of the game between Clemson and Alabama in 2016 in their first CFB Championship game which Bama eked out a 45-40 win even though Clemson easily won the stats.
A recent poll of NCAA football coaches when asked if they had a son who played football what school and coach would they like their son to play for not surprisingly voted Clemson and Dabo .
UNC is an ACC team.UNC beat USC which beat Georgia in Athens and nearly upset Clemson.A few points kept UNC from being undefeated.So.using your logic any SEC team whoch lost a game to a team beaten by an ACC team should be roasted,toasted, and thrown out of the playoff discussion.Any SEC team which played in the ACC 2015 through 2019 would not have won the ACC title because they would not have gone undefeated.
Paul Finnebum should issue an apology because early this season he "guaranteed" Alabama would beat Clemson in the CFB playoffs.Paul is kind of like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx.
Got to wonder if Saban is perhaps jinxed in big games playing teams whose mascot is a Tiger.Three straight losses in big playoff implication games to Clemson,LSU,and Auburn.
All da wimmin in yo fambullie chauffered deahhh pimp around you inbred joke !You can't even speak clearly .Problem with your kind is you can't take anyone responding yo your ignorance.
You read it wrong. Dabo clearly said 10-1 versus the SEC since 2016 in regular season games.
Would not call it "the ever living hell out of them.Spurriers 11 year record versus Clemson was 7-4,and those years were the GangClucks glory days if you can call them that,while Clemson was down during those years.The losses to Spurrier generally fairly close.... not the 63-17,56-7 type beatdowns Clemson put on the Tyson Chicken crowd.
Alabuma beat WCU by 63 points and Clemson beat them by 97 points..
Steve Superior was a complete aholio.Most people acknowledge that.Clemson owns Willie Brice chicken coop.
Cola dik resorting to racism like all his liberal dumbocrap friends and cult leaders.Amazing how liberal dems accuse others of the things they are guilty of.
Farmers are wwesome.They feed the world.Pretty sad when a rednek school has a crowing chicken as a mascot.Clemson s beautiful place.... Columbia just nasty,nasty,nasty.
Going to the Clemson party celebration.....byeeee
Stop crying.. You lost big.You sound like those Liberal radical Left snowflake freaks.Get over losing.It's a habit for the GangClucks !
UNC beat South Carolina which beat Georgia so using the formula most like to use then every ACCteam that beat UNC and every SEC team that lost to Georgia and TAMU also lost to UNC and every ACCteam that beat UNC.
Clemson wasn't a powerhouse when Dabo arrived.He built them into the Dynasty they are becoming and that was with recruiting classes not ranked inthe top 5,but the 2020 class currently sits #1 and has more 5 star recruits than anyone,some say perhaps the greatest class in college football history.The best is yet to come !