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I’m not sure how hard LSU was recruiting him. They’ve seemed focused on Nussmeier and Caleb Williams for quite some time. Either way, looks like a nice pickup from Auburn.
Crazy how Grant Delpit, Jamal Adams, TreDavious White, tyrann Matthieu, and Eric Reid didn’t even make the cut. They turned out to be better than most of the people in this list
Fisher had 1 good season but otherwise had underachieving teams in a bad conference. I’ll take Ed O’s track record the past 4 years in perhaps the best division in college football history any day.
CEH would be a huge loss and is probably the most complete back we have, but the backups are more than capable, and I have complete confidence that 1) the coaching staff can alter the game plan to capitalize on their strengths and 2) that our offense is good enough to adjust on the fly, and 3) the team will not shy from the challenge.
I have confidence that Woodward will put together a good package. I’m also confident that O and Ensminger would forego raises to keep Brady at LSU if necessary. I like the culture we have at LSU now. Finally, after all these years, we have competent Louisiana people steering the ship. They will always put the team, the school, and the state first.
Two poor teams are about to get emasculated by Bama and Auburn.
Nice job by the SDS writers to generate some shock value with their headline - it seems to have worked. Regarding the Arkansas comment, Orgeron was asked whether/how his team was going to celebrate. I think he rightly stated that there was really no reason to celebrate (for obvious reasons). Arkansas indeed has not had a relevant win in quite some time and Orgeron just stated a fact - there was no disrespectful tone or anything. As far "firing a shot" at A&M, I'm not even sure what they are talking about, here. He basically said his team has been looking forward to facing them since the 7OT loss last year and that they are pumped up about the matchup.
To all the people talking crap about Saban: Tua clearly did not aggravate his injury after the LSU game, or he WOULD have been sitting. So, if Tua had improved physically, why would you not play him? What kind of message would that send to the team? Saban did the right thing in using his best players to beat the crap out of an inferior opponent by halftime. Tua’s ankle has nothing to do with the freak injury he sustained on Saturday. Much respect for Tua for not putting himself first and quitting on the season like many other top players in recent years.
First thing I thought of when I saw the injury was Bo Jackson. Let’s hope for a full recovery. He may lose a couple of clicks in his top end speed, but he could still be a lethal pocket passer at the next level.
Auburn beat LSU in 2014 and 2016, Bama in 2013 and 2017, and UGA in 2013 and 2017. Pretty sure that equals 6 wins by Malzahn against the big 3. These SDS writers are pretty bad with stats