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Please up all the lsu stock you can....Coach O will be on the hot seat by seasons end. Mark it down.
Dont forget the people and places that gave you an opportunity. Because UGA wasnt wanting to hire you right out of school.
I guess my question is. Who is this guy and why hasnt he come forward...he could make a ton of money..ive seen this picture everywhere.
So Bama is really the only power house program on that list ? convenient.
How much more do we have to hear about Jalen and Bama? He transfered let it go. I wish the young man all the best. Got a feeling everyone will be sick of this by the end of football season.
Harrison at times seemed a little ruff around the edges and undisciplined. So im not surprised by his response.
These refs need to be looked at...just way to many times did they swallow the whistle. But yet you make that call at the end of the game. And im a Bama fan.
Yea...he is the most successful coach in the state. Are you stupidor what?
And he will be on the Rick and Bubba show asap. And Bill Bubba war eagle Busey will be doing the interview.
Whom ever is responsible should have their A.. Striped...thats just complete trash. But i guess the spanking Auburn put on them takes care of that !!! By the way RTR!
If i was beating those Coaches like a drum id be upset to see them go as well.
Officiating has been horrible all season...again this call would have never been made against Duke or UNC. Heads up Auburn.
I wouldnt throw stones from inside a glass house. Seeing as Persons has pled guilty.
Just embarrassing...great guy..but yea...its time. This team has no direction. I thought he might kill the doubters if he made a run in the NIT. But geesh....the program its self has taken a wrong turn period.
Maybe those swollen heads in Tennessee will come down a little bit. Just listening to some of the UT fans the past 2 weeks you would of thought they had already won it all.m
Dude still cant hit the hole....and no i mean the running lane.
A South Carolina fan making fun of Bama sports? What the hell has South Carolina ever done? You guys are the biggest hype train in the SEC.
If one team mate tests positive the whole team should be tested. So they pick 20 team members and three fail the test. Just guessing but out of 20 players 3 failed thats like what 13% of the players picked failed?
The PORTAL.....hmmm...seems like nothing but an now a commitment really is'nt a commitment. Or as far as that goes a signature really is'nt a signature anymore.
Good kid and wish him the best. But bye. Im already sick of hearing this s..t with him. Personally i think he got his revenge in the end. Im not the only one that feels this way just the only one that will say it. Two offensive Coaches leaving for other programs and Jalen transferring. Hmmm oh yea we got a Championship game Monday night.