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He he he he he....but Pruitt is there now...yea it is
He he he he he....but Pruitt is there now...
Looks like Fulmer is running the show...wait didnt UT run his a.. Off.
At one time i thought alot of what Kirbys opinion was. Not so much anymore
We seen what happened the last time he played an SEC west opponent. It was frightening to watch.
Woopie doo......the Heisman is a joke ...
Why would you doubt it? Hes from Pelham Al. His parents still live there. The talent left behind by Saban at Bama anyone could win with. By the way its also his school.
How does Danny keep employment? Or maybe thats why hes doing what hes doing..carrer is dead! Go find a job Danny!
This guy is a clown...hes supposed to be a professional...yea right!
Such a different narrative from Auburn fans now that your team lost.
Saban takes way to much heat for being a bad guy.. He is not a bad guy. He loves to see his former players and coaches do well. Wgen he retires college Football will lose a giant!
Since when does what South Carolina football fans say matter?
Damn ..T Martin has to be 325lbs..
Auburn...youre fools...youve wanted to fire this man for 2 years...nuff said
Auburn is a fool....they should of booted Gus 5 weeks ago and been in talks with Jimbo. Now Gus has Auburn on his terms...its either 50 million over 7 years or hes gone. Auburn should say good bye...but they cant.
Disagree, ask Fitsgerald how he feels about the jump and gone move.
Dont forget your team was blown out by 23 to a 3 loss team.