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Umm NO!! Jalen Hurts would like to speak to you sir on that one.
All though i think Mullen is writing checks his Coaching cant cash. The UGA fan base has got to be the worse ive seen.
Kirby gonna get UGA in trouble. Keep watching. He might think hes Nick....but he aint.
What did he pass from? I never seen in the article of what had happened to him ?
Wasnt he known for throwing the pick six in the inaugural SEC Championship Game?looks like hes got something else on his record!!
Its amazing this freak wasnt broken in half during his short and sh..ty career.
Im sure Gator Fans everywhere where devistated that Danny didnt choose Fla.
Eryk got robbed. But hes right you dont leave it in the hands of the judges especially fighting a Brazilian in Brazil. Eryk has a ton of potential in the UFC!
With the NFL hack jobs promoting this silliness i know i wont be watching the game next week for sure.
Proud the players at Bama have kept their composure about this as long as they have. No worries though just ignore it. Everyone knows who the Champs are !! RTR..
I just have to ask...if he had two hands would the hype be the same? Dont shake your head ...i was just bold enough to ask what you all where thinking!!
He looks old as hell in that situation...but hes still the boss on the field!!
Vandy should booted out the Conference for western Kentucky....
SDS must have a tracking beacon on Kirbys neck...everytime he gets in a helicopter theres an article. Kirby learned this tactic from his daddy Nick to begin with. Its not like this is something coaches just started doing!!
And he still has offers from who?
That should be the best news auburn fans have heard all year...but nope...we beat 2 number 1 teams....well you beat them both at home ....and ended up with 4 losses...and the teams you beat played for the title!! Boy talk a out egg in your face...
The sudden trolling by UGA fans is hillarious..butt hurt much? Its amazing how the UGA fans wanted a little Saban as their Coach!!