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The school he is playing in that video clip doesnt really have a top notch defensive line. Its the school my kids attend..although they are a decent team. Ill hold out and see what the kid does against players that are his size and weight. A 6'6 320lb. Guy going against a 6'0 265lb guy and pushing them around isnt impressive to me.
I dont think this kid realizes how much pressure he is putting on him self...just hush up and play ball. Even if he did leave. has no one seen Mac...the 3rd stringer behind him ..or Jalen?? The kids got talent big time...thats Mac im talking about !!
Please explain ? UGA won the SEC....they beat a banged up Auburn would sure you would....Auburn beat a Bama team with its entire linebacking core out due to injury...but that injury bug only works for your team right...
Surely Paul is not so stupid to beleive they where actually Bama fans calling into his show. And Pauls been doing this how long? Any headline to cause a click...come on Paul youre better than this right?
Oh ok...i get it you beat UGA and Bama in back to back weeks and enjoy the hype from it and get a huge contract extension...and now you know that will never happen again so lets get this flipped!!! What a joke of a Coach!! No youre gonna take your a.. Whippings this year back to back on the ROAD!!!
Couldnt agree more....i doubt O is even the coach next season.
What a clown show this has become. I have a worlds best boss mug....and a worlds best dad shirt. Does that make it true?
Blrp blrp upem upem who dat whodat....Coach O says hello.
So what happens when the gators fail? Im not sold on Dan Mullens. He had a job that was ok with mediocre.....not at or be gone Dan!
Yea because theres no possible reason to think anything shady could happen at Ole Miss ...right? Better hope its clean recruiting this time. If not the NCAA im sure would shut it down period.
This is surely a joke right? We got slapped on the helmet everyday in practice.
The kid should of went somewhere else and transfered into Auburn in two years. Its no secret Gus cant develope his own QBs.
Well now i know it just wasnt my circle of friends that felt that way...because thats how it was.
LSU is in trouble!! But lets not forget how the fan base basically went all in for Coach O or all hell was going to break loose!! When the administration hired ED i knew it was the wrong decision. Show me where hes ever been successful as a head Coach? Another program letting the fan base hire a Coach. I predict Coach O doesnt make it through the season! Smh..
Gator fans should be ashamed ...the mouth running and the jokes about the sale of the home...smh...hey UF it may just be the Universities problem and a fan base problem for the reason your football program has tanked!! Look at how many Coaches have come through Gainesville now? And the one Coach that UF had that was successful the job damn near killed him!! He packed and left...
Couldnt agree more...whats del Rio ever done?