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So 2 weeks before the season starts we have players coming and going like a revolving door..i know this is going to draw some comments but Saban told everyone this would happen.
A Mizzou fan talking National Titles ...stop the madness can kick off please hurry the hell up!!!!
Sorry you never got the chance to play College ball. But i guess your right. Pee wee bleachers are not very big.
So Kirby has every reason to win...and if he doesnt ?
Boo Hoo....when i was playing you ran stadiums for not finishing drills....
Good call...i was wondering how or why the Tennessee name is involved with this guy? But just like every OSU fan ive heard call a talk show the first thing they say is what about Saban and Alabama...or the SEC! My question is what does any of the 3 have to do with the current situation at OSU?
Respect him all you want...but if you cant get the job done then expect to be replaced. Same as anyones job. I respected Jalen up until Saturday afternoon.
Seems these capacities are off some what...I remember Bryant Denny seating over 102.000 now??
Its about time the Homer opened his cake hole. He has a very quick opinion about every program besides his own.
As many has posted all ready....geesh!! That Gramar is do these kids continue to get in to Colleges?
Id have to say Bama has a very strong claim to RBU....since they have had 2 Heisman Trophy winners in the last 10 years! Wow how we forget!
Hey Johnnie......A.J. Is still under contract in the NFL.
Geesh ...i mean why did A.J. make him stay out so late and party? I mean come on.
This Tiger TD guy seems to bump his gums alot...just ignore him. After all he is a Mizzou fan.
Sounds like Coach Mac. All over again. Maybe its not the Coach but the culture at Florida?
Lets be honest...hes an outstanding young man. But im not sure he would have gotten the win against UGA in the title game. Does that make him a bad QB ??? Hell no. I think offensive game planning was his biggest hurdle.