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If youre a UT fan youve got to be happy with this. And by the way UT seems to be improving.
This is starting to look a little bit weird for Brett. Its looking like has some kind of personal vendetta againt Urban Meyer.
By the way ...no face mask penalty was called on the play thats in the picture of the headline.
Go ahead Auburn and UGA fans start your bitc.... Now. Maybe youll get a few calls.
You people are pathethic....ok...you lost 24-7....feel better now.. Now lets talk about going after a kids legs when hes injured.
Is he going to address some of the low hitting dirty a.. Plays MSU where making on Tua?
Its not Clemsons fault the ACC sucks. The same guy that says its not fair for Bama to play UT?
Dont worry Urban ....he stopped just short of you.....But for how long?
Two weeks straight the officials have failed to protect the kid. Free shots on him at LSU. Straight hits to the knee. It has become obvious
2 straight weeks ive watched the opposing team go low on that kid. Football is football i get that. But to act like a shark with blood in the water because the kid is wearing a knee brace is trash. The hit that he took that put him on the sideline should have drawn a flag. Fu** MSU and their trash a** players.
So as a defender busting through the line....the crown of your helmet just so happens to land on the injured knee of the QB? I call Bull Sh.. The opposing teams are going after that leg and that makes me sick.
Notice how nobody is talking about that cheap shot on Tua's knee...everyone is going after his knee....pathetic.
All the crying and whinning paid off. The officiating in this game was terrible. Free licks on Tua...the holding on LSUs offensive line was blatant. Alot of tackling around the head....i havent seen any of the penalty stats but it was very lopsided.
CBS is horrible...but not quite as bad as the officiating in this game.
Gus cant develope a QB everyone knows that! Stop fooling your self. Heck yea he wants Bryant!
It sounds like the two weeks of LSUs crying and bill boards have pissed him off. All the calls for hitting Tua with dirty licks...yea theyve all been listening.
In the mean time..people on the Florida Panhandle are suffering..been with out power for weeks. Hope it changes the ass beating your school is about to get.
Wow talk about having your feelings hurt. Why are you so angry? UT wanted him gone and he is gone?
Shut up UT ....you are whats wrong with your football program.
To have watched the debacle of a coaching search and the way the fan base seem to control the program its no wonder the problems that UT has had. Cant blame it all on Butch...i think he just got sick of the fanatical fans in Knoxville.