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Florida's offense is trash, Troy's offense was wide open and crafty. Will be a close game, wouldn't be surprised if LSU won. They'll cover the spread.
such an embarrassing loss for LSU, remember how long it took Michigan to return to glory after the App State loss, crystal ball looks bleak for LSU unless they can nab an offensive guru to coach this team.
God doesn't like he clearly doesn't like Vandy. Vandy is who I thought they were, an avg team.
When you're a "little boy" school and you defeat a "big boy" school you have every right to brag. Look how OU bragged after whooping the Buckeyes and both are "big boy" schools. I do think he should be disciplined but nothing more than extra sprints after practice.
I wasn't offended, LSU has some of the most belligerent fans in the country, not saying they deserved it but people have done worst.
Venables is the Wade Phillips of CF, he's best as a DC and he knows it. #knowyourrole
Terrible list, Stoops is retired..Les is washed up..Why the hell would Franklin leave Penn St for UT, head scratcher? Everyone wants Kelly if he's smart he'd stay away, LSU,A&M and UF are the only SEC schools I think Kelly would entertain. Heres a few names if I'm UT fan I'd want simply because that offense is painful to watch. Dan Mullen Scott Frost Chad Morris Kliff Kingsbury Neal Brown