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There were several dumb comments Garry made that I immediately was like that's a clown take thanks for the input Garry lol. The Dawgs were well ahead at that point and I think that's when I really started to tune him out because he was just saying off the wall nonsense
I think our biggest thing we need to change up is when we're calling the flats "throw" simulated run play. It almost gets picked in this game and it gets swatted twice last week. We need to put that play on the shelf for a bit and not run it on first down every time it's called lol! Bobo is doing a good job the problem is his tendencies are pretty predictable.
That dude's freaking insane... Wish he was a dog that's for sure lol. Our RB room could have used him this season for sure!
The officiating crew definitely needs to be evaluated... Lol it was an awful game to watch they were blowing calls all over the field and then obvious penalties that should be called were missed lol. It was hard to watch
We're also over looking Mizu had a bye week to prepare for this game. A few of our mistakes and a few terrible calls by the refs kept this game close. Which was scary because Mizu is good enough to capitalize on it. I do agree, our defense really looked lost at times adjusting to some of their formations, very similar to the Auburn game.
We don't claim this jerk as a UGA fan. Dudes a clown
Soooo we're going to act like Ohio was so Georgia could just skate into a second championship? Talking about your playing chess...
My thoughts exactly! I love his story and the dude plays his heart out. That's not going to get us there though. It would help if we didn't put him in very obvious passing situations. We were averaging 6 yards a run going into the third quarter and we decided to stop running the ball. I'm not sure what munken saw but I feel like hes to blame for the late Interceptions
So here's the thing. Alabama was spotted 3 defensive holdings which resulted in automatic first downs on 3rd and 9+. Had any of those been called pass interference, like they should have been, those drives end and the dogs get the ball back. All of those drives ended in alabama getting a touchdown. The dogs definitely fell apart in the 4th quarter. Did they get taken to the wood shed, no. They honestly did great, we need a QB so our offense can help munken find an identity.