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Did any of the objective, impartial viewers think the fouls were called equally? Honest question. I know I'm biased.
Maybe it's just sour grapes, but Purdue sure got to take a lot of free throws. I thought both teams played equally aggressive. Apparently the refs thought differently.
I'm betting both Bama and UConn break 100 next round. What's the record for most points scored in a Final 4 game?
I said this the last 2 rounds; congrats Bama and I hope the Vols can join you in the Final 4!
LSUSMC, I'm changing what I said on another article... UConn is unreal. I think Bama will win tonight, but their reward is facing the Huskies. Either way, GBO! Beat those Boilermakers!
Call me crazy, but I think Purdue is the best team left right now. If UT can beat them, I feel real good about their chances to win it all. But that's a big "if." Thoughts?
Congrats to Auburn for their SEC tourney win. I'm all Vol, but still have love for Bruce.
I'm tired of being a NegaVol... I'm thinking Elite 8 this year! If we cr@p the bed again, I may not read another Vol article until August!
Potential rematch with South Carolina in the Sweet 16!!! That would be fun to watch!
Proud of my Vols... But that Bama team is pretty tough!
Glad I got to watch him. I'm even happier that he's leaving! Hands down, the best ever.
I'd hate to be the follow-up act to Saban...
Seems too good to be true (for non-Bama fans)...
Titans fan, here. I usually quit watching the NFL around Week 5...
Bruce Pearl always has his team rocking late season. Watch out for AU.
I have to disagree. USC only won 11 games TOTAL last year. They've already topped that.
Holy smokes! My very biased opinion? The CFP should be Michigan, Washington, Bama, UGA. Seeding TBD by others smarter than me.
Well done, UK. Now I can crank up the dislike for y'all during basketball season...
How about those Chattanooga Mocs picking up some votes!!!
I told my father-in-law (a Dawg fan) that I'll be happy if UT keeps it within 2 scores...
I just hope UT can keep it within 2 scores...
Congrats to Mizzou. But, my goodness, the Vols just grabbed their ankles and smiled. What a horrible showing.
UT "passed" them, but we still soiled the sheets in Gainesville... I'm still not over that!:)
Really hoping that UGA softened Mizzou up for this weekend. And hoping even more that UGA is worn out from consecutive tough games when they roll into Neyland. Not expecting, just hoping...
UGA played their best game AFTER losing a Heisman contender. Top to bottom, still think they are the best team. After the next few games plus Bama in Atlanta, I'm sure they'll be #1.