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Manny Diaz to Gainesville...Willie Taggert to LSU...Gerry Faust to Miami...Danny Kanell to USC...
This is fake msm news! The Tennessee fans were expressing love..peace..and vol patriotism last night. A few deep state crisis actors were bussed in disguise as Tennessee fans...and got just a little expressive.
Trump said the Tennessee fans were doing nothing wrong, and were just showing their love for the big orange!
Those were not Tenessee fans throwing things and causing general chaos! They were Vanderbilt fans bussed in and in disguise...well organized..with the goal of ending Tenessee football! The msm won't tell you that!!
That's why lsu's permanent crossover opponent should be's fight song is to the tune of The Battle Hymn Of The Republic!
SEC championship...florida got close....this year..florida got real close...saturday.. A and M got it done. ..There have been signs...
Miami getting an on campus stadium will never happen!!The city of Coral Gables has been against it for 50 years. If they had one..they could probably get 45k a game. Right now..the only sell out is when it's the gators etc...who buy 50% of the tickets.
..but you are ok with Trump leading an insurrection...hmmm... are still allowed to live in Alabumble after admitting Biden is president?
Enjoy the trip to Gainesville and UF. A great place. Make sure you do University Avenue and if you can downtown!...
70/30 with thousands more gators in the tailgate lots..2 hours from Gainesville..and bay area is overwhelmingly a Gator stronghold.
1980...nope..dont think so... when your fight song is lyrically the same as The Battle Hymn of the Republic, a Union song, you are cursed
UF always gives visitors 700 seats behind the visitors bench..45 yard line to 45 yard line...the rest are in 2 other locations.
Everybody chill out...even my nephew, a year 5 chemistry scholar who doesent own a jock has been guaranteed playing time Saturday
Ever the trendsetter..Tebow has invented a new type of block...give it will catch on with everyone
Eric Rhett Rum Runner...Jaquez collard Greens...for uga alumni...Buck Balue cheese dressing of his all time greats....about the auburn library fire
Mr. 2 bacon bits on all salads...Georgia boiled peanuts ( circa 1980).
Tebow Tots...Foley Fries...Hernandez killer hot sauce..Tom Collinsworth...Jack Youngbloody Mary...The Pouncy twin cheeseburger...Emmitt's Eggplant parm...Fulmer' hot seat chili...Weurfel Wings...
He didn't tell you that the real plan is to replace Georgia with Stetson
Really nice to hear that the two had a great relationship. I suspected as much.
The Gators routinely finish in the top 10 in medal count as if they were a nation unto themselves!
13 Gold medals for UF alums so far...more than most countries!! Pretty amazing if you think of it!..Way to go Gators! the Big Ten.Has AAU membership...opens an SEC slot for Stetson
Yea...Texas burnt brownish...and Tennessee is creamsicle orange...both hideous. Best orange is Gator orange.