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Tennessee orange is the same as that powdered drink from the 70s, Tang. In the sunlight your orange Fades to almost nothing. Florida oranges classic and much prefer by all those surveyed at the color Institute of America
Another thing to mention is the fact that Florida's orange looks great and Tennessee's orange looks like a kidney stone
If you're going to start from scratch and do a complete rebuild of the program, you can start with getting rid of that kidney stone Orange. It looks horrible and most people nationally can't stand it. The only thing you have going is that Texas has burnt orange and that's worse. Go Gators
I like the idea of a former construction mogul who now will have a lot of free time on his hands except when he's in court trying to stay out of jail. Perhaps he can fund everything Vandy needs and then you can change the name of the school to Trump University. Oh wait, that might not be such a good branding idea. ..
I know it is an apples-to-oranges comparison to some extent but Florida is now number 6th nationally in academics among public universities and usually second or third nationally overall in sports. Somehow Vanderbilt can take a bit of that model and do something.. especially since they're getting a ton of SEC money. To not have air conditioning in Memorial Gym is mind-boggling
This may be a stupid question, but can somebody tell all of us what Vandy has been doing with their Brinks trucks full of SEC money that everybody gets?
I'm sure it must frustrate Georgia fans not having a national championship since 1980. Especially when Daniels started last week and his absence can't be rationally explained by anyone on the Georgia staff. That should tell you something right there leg humpers
I know it must be hard to see your state turn blue thank God and to get destroyed by the Gators all in less than 7 days. By the way, Hillary is still free
Why are there so many schools that have various shades of Orange that universally look horrendous and then you have Florida orange which is spot-on.
4 stars are going to beat 5 stars if the quarterback is exceptional..if there are excessive numbers of playmakers..and if the coaching..playcalling...and philosophy is relevant. That is why Florida has & will continue to outpace Georgia
After today's news of four more players leaving the program for various reasons it is official. Florida state is the worst dumpster fire of the decade. What on Earth is happening in Tallahassee.
It's amazing to see someone like Kyle in today's age of transfer portals sulking and pouting etcetera.
Looking at both teams today the average fan would say Florida has better players quicker faster and more imaginative play calling. Anybody can look good on paper. Go Biden!
Very good points in the article. Florida had much better position players, skill players and variety. Georgia seems to be stuck in some type of Time Warp
Wanted to mention that the cardboard cutouts in the section next to mine were excessively drinking and 2 puked. I asked to have myself and family moved near the family cardboard cutout section but were refused. That said, very nice game for the Gators. Congratulations president-elect Biden.
The count in Georgia is going just fine it's just there's a lot of absentee ballots most for our next President Joseph Biden. Quit playing The Conspiracy Theory name-calling game. The cult Has Fallen. By the way Hillary is still free haha
There are three locker rooms in the basketball arena across the street if you expand that out a little outside each one of their doors you could spread out an entire football team and also give them three places to shower
Most of you guys are giving me a good laugh. You believe fake news when Trump says it's fake but when something goes against you it's not fake
The very day after the White House announced a four-part plan to begin reopening States, dear leader was on Twitter and TV the next day screaming liberate Michigan liberate Minnesota America needs to open up. You can't forget that happened. If we had dealt with it then we would all be enjoying a normal Florida-Georgia weekend. These are established facts try spinning them anyway you want but it doesn't change the situation they are facts our wonderful governor was no help either. The counter one of Trump's biggest talking points, yes the virus came from China. No one's blaming him for that. He's being blamed for what he did when he knew which is deplorable
Just remember to be thankful we have some games to watch. This season is a wash for me as far as which team is best the end, every team may have played at significantly less than normal strength. Any team could be a Florida!...hope not..but..
Gee willikers, is there any conspiracy theories that you people don't believe in? Please give me a total number of conspiracy theories that most of you are adhering to now. I want to put it on my spreadsheet. Just want the number
Bo Nix is lost back there. Felipe Frank's for Heisman
She is doing a fantastic job!!..without her good hard work, we would not know about Q anon implanting Trump mind control vitamin C fibers into our citrus trees. Good job Nikki..go gators
It's so easy to throw a label on someone because you disagree with them. The president of the University of Florida is world renowned and the university just achieved the number 6 rating of all public universities in the United States.. soon to be number four or five. He attends most sporting events with his wife and is not some right-wing or left-wing idealog. This is an academic institution first with a top-five athletic department to go with it. Save your vitriol 4 politics and you're great orange leader
According to the Florida Constitution she does not report to Governor incompetent
I'll put our agriculture commissioner up against any other states. Seriously, her story is amazing and she will probably be running for governor in 2 years. She knows her football obviously, and she is right. Fix the defense.