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Hunter is relaxing today...getting a lot of enjoyment from being the center of magamania...90% of Americans wish him well!
The 1950 national championship was overturned after it was discovered that the abacus used to tally the votes was secretly connected to the internet. A pillow manufacturer saved the day.
"Where the boys are" Connie Francis is the obvious choice!
He really wanted espn to hire up with Beth Mowins on the noon games as well as women's lacross
Doering Is spot on as usual. If he ran for statewide office, he would happily debate his opponent and win, as he is UF educated. He also is a truthful person.
I hear there will be sharks in the new lazy river at the football complex. Naked shark riding is a great way to bond as team mates
Note to Utah: 86 degrees at kickoff..90% humidity..breeze out of the east at 1 mile an hour
Can't say I disagree....CBN asked for the tools...was given them...and results are evident. Fan bases are an impatient lot by nature.At UF.. it's a bit more.
More shark oil will help him stay healthy!!!...glad it is working coach!
Hershel is tanking big time in the latest polls...and he stepped in it again this morning. That dog don't hunt!
Team him with Beth Mowins...all noon kickoffs. Am sure he will talk about the importance of recruiting during every broadcast.
...about to flip a buckeye commit...gators on a major roll
CBN had the magic going...this would be his 2nd get from Ohio St. Love how he is letting his recruits help him out. If this keeps up (4 comitts this weekend) then a top 5 class is in reach.
Best 3 day haul in college ball this cycle... keep it coming CBN and crew!!!
He stated " Why go help make someone else's state better when I can help make my state better". Sounds like CBN and staff are really pushing that. Incredible last 3 days..BBQ today!!
2 in the last 2 days...more on the way tonight and tomorrow!...CBN and staff are on quite a roll!
If Hershel Walker says we should follow this plan..then we should! Can someone please read it to him...
Switching to northern Iowa....must be some huge nil gift
Let's do whatever Hershel Walker says. He is a beacon of wisdom and truth!
Free publicity....will Lindsey Graham be in the show flip flopping as usual?
Letting FSU in..??...just do the opposite of what Deathsantis wants...and all will be well.
Agree..time for football talk! 1st question..Did Hershel lie often to Vince Dooley?
FSU in the SEC under these conditions!! 1) cease and desist the chant...the universe hates it. 2) Visiting fans get 5 lbs of crab legs each. 3) The school eliminates circus as a major (look it up) 4) Change thier founding date back to it has been for ages. 5) Give back all the free shoes