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Humper, you are correct. UNF is part of the 12 school MAGA Athletic Conference. TV revenue is divided ad follows: 10% divided equally among 12 schools...90% goes to legal defence fund of the orange one. Also: The conference just signed a new speaker deal..very unique. Schools pay to wear the gear.
Docgator...I have an ace up my sleeve...My parish has a 78 year old albino Dominican nun as choir director. According to Vatican rankings,any albino clergy outrank all others up to but not including cardinal. You guys taking up a special collection Sunday to help the orange ones fines?
My parish priest is a Monsenior, outranking yours. He tells me love thy neighbor, unless you live next to Mar A Lago
FSU will be playoff again. It is written.
TEDOW..just a quick fact check...your orange God is the one who has been cuddling up with someone who wants to recreate the USSR. Sounds pretty communistic to me. Fyi..Hillary hips have narrowed..Ozampic
Back up plan is that Golden will take him on basketball team. Btw..did u see Mediocre Mike's post game presser Saturday?...sad..needed Kleenex to watch.
CBN and crew seem to do well in Georgia...nice pick up!...Baby Woke has already written him a welcome note (on bio- degradable paper of course). Loved seeing Hillary this weekend!
UF Athletic Association has been working with Jane, and has made $698,000,000 in the past 3 months...therefore, no issues with buyouts!
UF announced yesterday that all home games are sold out...SRO is what's left. Amazing. This will be a great SEC season!! Baby Woke will be bringing its 1st bio- degradable glove to the games to compete with the other boys girls,and its for foul balls.
Such drivel...out of control narcissism. universally have the worst school colors in the history of school colors.
Since Jane made me rich, I have some having those 2 relocated to the student berm.
Worked for me...Jane helped make me a 1%' I can help move homeless into gated communities.
Humper..agree....Sully has reloaded every year. Games are regularly selling out and ballpark Is a real homefirkd advantage. Family will be there Friday night for 1st game against the Alma Mater of Baby Woke's great grandfather. Baby Woke loves eating the grass on the right field berm during healthy and eco- friendly.
I have heard that you will be passed over when the time comes. I put in a good word for you
Will no longer be bi-polar when orange cancer is extracted. thus, the total happiness...except for Nebraska fans
Deep state plan starts today! Taylor rushes stage,grabs the mic. from Reba and sings the amthem.When finished, Taylor endorses Biden. That guarantees 30 million votes for Dems in the fall. At halftime, the orange one is brought out and his 4 trials are held as one. Upon conviction, the ride to prison commences. Biden wins in November, resigns, Harris is president and jails every maga office holder in house and senate. America is finally happy again. Woke says that you may have 5* equestrian riders but your horses are nightmares!....lose all daytime competitions.
Humperino is busy with Mike White late game issues
Equal or better team talent/ cohesive play has been visiting Rupp lately...very interesting and troubling for Kentucky.
Well, at least he didn't turn around like Bruce Pearl did .. walk to the scorers table and pound the table with both fists after the gators built a 30 point lead. MEME coming am sure.
According to CBS, Florida's 16 game home winning streak against Auburn is the longest in college basketball history. Who knew...good day for gators..we win Calapari looses 3rd in a row at home, and Georgia led by Mike White is working on 5 th loss in a row
Corso's contract states he must kick the bucket on air. Seems there are too many moving pieces that need/ want air time. I vote Desmond off the island
Humper, well thought out questions! I have forwarded them to product development/ quality control.
Humper,only one level 4 stereotype used on your last post. I guess that's progress. Fyi...just invested in a company that makes gender neutral athletic support gear. Going to be called a Jane Strap.
Humper..Jane had helped make me fabulously rich. Therefore, I can not comitt to ditching her informative posts here. Because of her, my 2023 W-2 was 786 million dollars. Baby Woke is now a trust fund beneficiary and I can now be active in NIL for the Gators. If you ever choose to live a carbon neutral life ans well as renounce the orange one, there may be a grant from my newly established foundation for you.
Combination of recruiting and top 5 portal haul has Golden on the right of play wise, we were in a coma under CMW