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Everybody here needs to chill out and remember that until the end of 11th grade there was only one Pouncey in Lakeland High School. Then over the summer binary fissure occurred and there were 2 Pouncy's. Coach Mullen knows what he's doing.
Biden doesn't have any cult like hats to sell therefore he gets my full support
Why do you make this reply so easy. Have you seen the deficits that will run up under the great orange one? Republicans used to care about that and some still do but not the Trump cult. Get over your loss buddy.
Excellent hire for Gator fans. We now have a mole deeply embedded in ut Administration, considering his brother is the Gator basketball coach
There are two takeaways that I think are becoming abundantly clear from the season. 1, the power 5 has proven to be a monopoly. Courts will get involved and change will be coming because of it. Number two, the playoffs will have to be expanded. Bowl games have become more numerous and less relevant. Players are abandoning their teams because they perceive what they're playing in is meaningless. I believe the above two points will have to be addressed. America will start tuning out if the same teams make the same playoff spots and mid-majors get screwed every year oh, at least the ones that make it to the top.
Biden had one thing going for him that turned out to be a secret weapon. The most despicable deplorable dishonest grifter in the history of US politics as his adversary. Where is the Kraken LOL
The two Bama players split votes allowing Trask to win it all. After scream's of recount and fake ballots, Sidney Powell is brought in to represent Bama. Her case is thrown out of court and called a dead Kraken
If you want to stop the steel..don't hire Sidney Powell...she never wins anything. Her Kracken died!!
I think every prisoner in America that is serving time for a misdemeanor should be forced to watch Florida State and LSU play in a bowl game. Afterwards they are given pardons
Tonytiger: Biden will be president and Hillary is still free.
Knoxville and east Tennessee stayed loyal to the union during the civil war...fewer cult members there today than elsewhere in the Confederancy...knoxville is good!
Nothing will change unless they get rid of the kidney stone orange is written!
Tennessee orange is the same as that powdered drink from the 70s, Tang. In the sunlight your orange Fades to almost nothing. Florida oranges classic and much prefer by all those surveyed at the color Institute of America
Another thing to mention is the fact that Florida's orange looks great and Tennessee's orange looks like a kidney stone
If you're going to start from scratch and do a complete rebuild of the program, you can start with getting rid of that kidney stone Orange. It looks horrible and most people nationally can't stand it. The only thing you have going is that Texas has burnt orange and that's worse. Go Gators
I like the idea of a former construction mogul who now will have a lot of free time on his hands except when he's in court trying to stay out of jail. Perhaps he can fund everything Vandy needs and then you can change the name of the school to Trump University. Oh wait, that might not be such a good branding idea. ..
I know it is an apples-to-oranges comparison to some extent but Florida is now number 6th nationally in academics among public universities and usually second or third nationally overall in sports. Somehow Vanderbilt can take a bit of that model and do something.. especially since they're getting a ton of SEC money. To not have air conditioning in Memorial Gym is mind-boggling
This may be a stupid question, but can somebody tell all of us what Vandy has been doing with their Brinks trucks full of SEC money that everybody gets?
I'm sure it must frustrate Georgia fans not having a national championship since 1980. Especially when Daniels started last week and his absence can't be rationally explained by anyone on the Georgia staff. That should tell you something right there leg humpers
I know it must be hard to see your state turn blue thank God and to get destroyed by the Gators all in less than 7 days. By the way, Hillary is still free
Why are there so many schools that have various shades of Orange that universally look horrendous and then you have Florida orange which is spot-on.
4 stars are going to beat 5 stars if the quarterback is exceptional..if there are excessive numbers of playmakers..and if the coaching..playcalling...and philosophy is relevant. That is why Florida has & will continue to outpace Georgia
After today's news of four more players leaving the program for various reasons it is official. Florida state is the worst dumpster fire of the decade. What on Earth is happening in Tallahassee.
It's amazing to see someone like Kyle in today's age of transfer portals sulking and pouting etcetera.
Looking at both teams today the average fan would say Florida has better players quicker faster and more imaginative play calling. Anybody can look good on paper. Go Biden!
Very good points in the article. Florida had much better position players, skill players and variety. Georgia seems to be stuck in some type of Time Warp