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All you have to do is read the police report. He bit her, he punched her, he knocked her down. She dropped the charges and for what ever reason he was not prosecuted anyway by the state of Texas. It definitely happened, but he wasn’t prosecuted.
Geez the writing continues to unimpress. 4 offensive linemen are returning. Nathaniel Watson is returning.
Guys. He is Gone. Will announce Saturday after Iron Bowl if not Sunday morning. Lane train is leaving the Oxford, MS station.
??? Seismic Gap? Will Rogers is rated as the number one QB in SEC only stats…..
While it’s not an ideal destination, they did just open a brand new stadium downtown. There quite a few restaurants around it as well as a Top Golf. They really improved that bowl.
I mean since A&M is saying they have a path if they win out, State can say the same thing. If State wins out, they would only have two losses with the head to head over A&M. None of this is going to matter because A&M will lose this weekend anyway.
For real! Ole Miss has 2 more losses coming. (A&M and State)
I thought the exact same thing! Guessing they are projecting Ole Miss to lose to A&M and State.
Hugh Freeze once coached a game from a hospital bed. Nut up Deon
Considering I think Kentucky is going to beat you, I’ll take it. I’ve never seen a more cocky fan base that realistically should be 1-4.
I’m pretty sure when Gary wakes up this morning he will no doubt pull back his houndstooth comforter, slip on his cute little elephant slippers and proceed to the kitchen and get his favorite roll tide mug for his morning coffee. I’m so tired of Gary..... He is a Bama spokesperson and drools over them while calling games that Bama isn’t even a part of.
Gator isn’t happening. State will either be in the Outback or Mysic City. The only crazy thing that could happen is the Citrus decides it wants a MState/Penn State matchup in their bowl, and I don’t see that happening because Kentucky deserves to go that bowl. (Citrus is the only bowl outside the big boys that can pick their own teams)
Y’all will get destroyed in the ship. State will give them a better game this weekend than you will.
You’re just mad because McElwayne f*$&@^% that shark before you had the chance to.
So based on this they are saying that Auburn is going to beat either Georgia or Alabama...... I don’t see either happening.
To borrow from Pink Floyd..... Hey, Strickland.... leave our coach alone!!
LSU lost AT HOME...... TO TROY..... Basically just admit you guys are ranking the helmet above the actual teams. Head to head there wasn’t even a competitive game. But suddenly their better? Please. Let’s look at it another way, one team has two losses to the number 2 and 19 ranked teams on the road. The other team has two losses to two UNRANKED teams AT HOME.... (granted State will be ranked again). This whole ranking just defies logic.
Uhm, weren't you doing that before??? I love how so many Ole Miss fans have knocked the previous staff when one was awarded national recruiter of the year and they were bringing in top 15 classes every year.
Why in the world would he go to Ole Miss? One of the worst rushing teams in the SEC AND he won't see a bowl for at least two years.... Compared to his other options this is a no brainer