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Hope he didn't pay more than $25 for that ink. That said, I'm always in favor of Desmond Howard getting called out for being the hack that he is.
I'm just curious if FAU has another HC in mind when Kiffin jumps ship 18 months from now.
The best you can come up with is "What time it? 56 to 7!"? You lead a sad, illiterate life.
On behalf of the rest of the East we are proud to offer Florida as tribute.
No Rico Dowdle or Ralph Webb? FOH
What a moron. P.S. It should be legal.
No offense, but you're just now realizing that these guys get paid to blurt crap? ESPN has built a conglomerate out of blurted crap.
Nothing makes me hope for a loss more than when a player guarantees a win (and throws in a stupid analogy to boot).
Putting in Freebeck was a major head scratching move. Great game though. I think Vandy will make a bowl game this year.
I see where he's coming from, but it's pre-season. These jokers are rarely right about who the #1 team is, let alone predicting the where the rest of the teams in CFB rank.
Pretty sure if they were actually boxing, someone would be eating pavement. Non story.
I remember joking about how this kid was made out of popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue when he got knocked out of a game his freshman year. I was wrong. Tough as nails and a true competitor.
FSU has no business being in the top 5, undefeated record be damned.
USC v. Mizzou last year was pretty good.
One of the greatest to ever where the garnet black for what he did on and off the field.
Was at that game. You could've heard a pin drop in Williams-Brice. All my friends who support Bama, UGA, Florida and Tennessee called and texted me to say how sad it was to see that happen to such a good guy.
Rushing the field is something that every college student should get to experience at least once. I understand the security issues, but I also understand the feeling of absolute elation standing on your team's field, celebrating with your team and fellow students.
Mayor of Gainesville? No. But with his recent run-in with the police, Treon Harris could easily be elected Governor of Illinois.
During the Tenn/UGA CBS SEC game of the week two years ago, the audio got jacked up so all you heard was the ambient stadium sound for the whole first half. Without Verne and Gary, it was glorious.
The drops were the hardest part of watching the game (other than listening to Musberger, of course).