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Lmaooo All the whiners with all the butt hurt. Get ready to take another L this year.
Sorry Grendel but Freeze is the furthest thing from a media hound. If you have a problem with him sharing his faith then that is exactly what it is.....your problem.
lol.....Alabama still holds the record at 180k for Albert Means....keep your own skeletons in the closet.
Oh boo's not Hugh Freeze's job to make sure that every kid can make it to a satellite. His job is to do what is best for his program. These camps are nothing but a way to recruit without running afoul of the rules. Cry me a river.
Yep....Jerry Rice wasn't the fastest guy either. Treadwell can out muscle most CB and he has great hands. Non-factor if I was looking to draft him.
Too your first after camping out in Oxford for three years....the NCAA wasn't able to find anything earth shaking with the football program....the majority of everything cited was self-reported and minor. So where is all this cheating?? Why can't anyone seem to find it? Lord knows with all the phone calls being made to the NCAA by every program in the SEC....they had to "investigate".
Jury still out??
Georgia recruiting strategy " Come play for us...we promise not to suck as bad as last year"
So what's your point? We lost to Arkansas too....and still went 10 and 3 and 6 and 2 in the division. We had 6 starters hurt for the Memphis game so that loss didn't shock me. Ms A&M lost to LSU...who we beat....and Bama ...who we beat....and you also got embarrassed by Texas A&M....we played in the Sugar Bowl....ya'll played in the "whatever" bowl. You know as well as I do how important a good QB is....we have Kelly guys lost Dak and the pickins will be slim replacing him. Yes we lost some talent but we have recruited ten times better than you guys. I just don't see how you think the two programs will continue to be " close" In my estimation the gap will continue to grow. Honestly, without Dak last year you guys would have done well to have won half your games.
Really? Cause according to his stats....he is pretty damn good....also, all you clowns keep short changing Ole Miss....I bet ya Bama and LSU's coaching staffs won't be overlooking them anymore.
The gap they speak of is on the football field spend a lot of your time trying to spin polls and numbers to favor Moo U but the fact is on the football field you have been pretty much embarrassed by Ole Miss. Anyone with eyes can see that Ms A&M isn't even close to Ole Miss from a coaching, recruiting, and talent stand point. So spin all you like, the beatings will continue.
I don't believe you and I did look it up. What I found is that the two schools are pretty much neck and neck it most categories. Nice try though.
I don't care whose numbers are correct.....I just enjoy watching Moo U get slapped around on the football field. Please, by all means, have as many in-state recruits as you like. As long as Dan Mullet is your head coach it's fairly obvious that there is no danger of him turning them into decent college players.
10 and 3 overall.....6 and 2 in the conference....and Sugar Bowl champs....but they are nothing special....riiight.
They were one game away from winning it this year idiot. Does your mommy know your on the Internet unsupervised?