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ND is going to remain independent. Too much money to be made from their current arrangement with the ACC.
To be fair, bench players are bench players for a reason, they're not as good. Of course, that's your fault for not recruiting good enough kids, and for not getting them ready to play. You can't use injury excuses. Now I've given Kirby a ton of heat for rotating guys in and out every few plays, but it helped ease the effect of the injuries.
I said he was going to Notre Dame last November, and I'm sticking by it.
Also if you look at the CFP semis, you will find only a few good games: OSU vs Bama in 2014, Georgia vs Oklahoma in 2017, and OSU vs Clemson in 2019. The rest are all blowouts.
Who else would you have put in besides Cincinnati? They had the head to head over Notre Dame. Both Oklahoma and Ohio State lost late in the year, something the committee doesn't look too favorably upon. Maybe Oklahoma State has a case, I don't know about Ole Miss.
I think JT goes to Notre Dame, they're losing Coan and they haven't had a tall QB with a big arm in a very long time.
I disagree. I don't think a lot of scouts will be looking at him just based on his measurements and the fact that his hand strength is much less than what is needed to complete pro-style routes in the NFL. Let the man maximize his chances of playing the game he loves.
I've given Kirby enormous criticism for constantly rotating guys in and out every couple of plays, but that gave guys experience, and enabled them to step up.
Kirby Smart had Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm, Justin Fields, Dwan Mathis, Stetson Bennett, JT Daniels, and Carson Beck. Not one of them got any better the longer they were in the program. Now we all know that Eason and Fields transferred because they couldn't beat out Fromm, but Eason and Fields transferring was better for their development than staying at Georgia would have been. We can shade Fields all we want for his disastrous rookie year, which everyone saw coming because it's typical for OSU quarterbacks, but if he had stayed at Georgia, he may not have even had that chance.
It would also help if Kirby would play the best WRs on most of the snaps, and not rotate guys in and out.
Both statements, Bowers is the best TE in college football, and Bennett is physically limited, can be true.
The Cincy secondary might be better prepared than UGA, but the talent gap is too great.
Andy Reid also isn't a believer in the run. Every year, the Chiefs start off red-hot behind a strong run game, and every year they go away from it.
Kirby never turned anything off. His inability to resist his urge to mess with the QBs bit him once again.
I personally don't think BK is going to be as successful at LSU as people think. I don't think the recent stories are going to hurt recruiting that much, but it is a possibility. A lot of Notre Dame fans weren't happy with the recruiting whiffs, quarterback problems, and the treatment of big games as business as usual. Now I'm not saying he can't win a title, I think he can, but old habits die hard.
The committee has never put in a two loss playoff team. Sure, they never put in a Group of Five team before this year, but there's been more of a media push for G5 than there has been for two loss teams. Utah lost two games to G5 teams earlier this year, and the committee has never put in a team that has lost G5 games. Same thing for Pitt. The TCU loss really hurt Baylor.
I don't think you can look at it from the Tua/Jalen angle. Young is a better passer than Jalen ever will be, and if your hypothetical plays out it'll be the result of injury, not an anemic passing attack. I also think it's a moot point, since Young will be in the NFL in 2023.
When, like 15 years ago? The Pac-12 of today is softer than Charmin.
Oregon always finds a way to drop Pac-12 games in which they are favored well, whether the coach is Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich, or Mario Cristobal. Lanning will have to win those conference games.
and yes I am aware Anthony Brown will not be there.
Anthony Brown can't complete a pass, most Duck fans would be happy to have Nix for Georgia.
The o-line and run game were nowhere near as good as what we're used to seeing from the Tide.
You have to go with Stetson unless he gets injured. Not letting JT throw the ball in the second half of blowouts towards the end of the season means he'll be too rusty to complete even slants.
Ohio State lost its two hardest games because of slow starts on offense despite having the arguably three best wide receivers in all of college football. One of the losses was to an Oregon team that proved to be softer than Charmin. It looks like the voters punished Corral for Ole Miss's offensive struggles against Bama and Auburn, so I believe the writer is punishing Stroud for the Oregon and Michigan losses.
BK needs to get out of his comfort zone. If he's been an HC for as long as he has, it will be very difficult to do that.