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Lots of comments on here calling out Herbstreit for being a Big 10 homer. Herbie may be a homer, but (if anyone watched the final Playoff rankings come out) he was one of the few commentators that said Alabama should be in the playoff over Ohio State (where he played football), before the results were announced. I have to give him at least a little credit for his ability to remain objective.
Was thinking the same thing, went 27-5 for the Gamecocks (17-0 at home); had winning records against UGA, Florida, and Tennessee; was undefeated against Clemson; beat Nebraska, Michigan, and Wisconsin in quality bowl games; and led the Gamecocks to final rankings in the top ten all three of his years as a starter (including a final #4 ranking in his senior season). He never finished outside of the top ten in his career at a school that isn't just automatically given that consideration. Yet, Bama324 apparently thinks Casey Clausen and Chad Kelly deserve bigger props. Ridiculous.
I imagine it is some combination of "Waaaaa!," "You can't make the playoffs if you don't win your conference" (didn't stop Duh Ohio State last year), and "The ACC is top-to-bottom the better than the SEC." He refuses to acknowledge that the Committee is tasked with selecting the four best teams rather than appeasing the most conferences. In his mind there is no way that two of the four best teams in the country could ever come from the same conference, much less the same division within a conference. It happens, not even just in the SEC, years ago we almost had an Ohio St.-Michigan rematch for the national championship, definitely would have both been in had it been four teams back then.