Love - BIG ORANGE TN VOLS. Hate- any football team that is not Tn. Saying that you “bleed orange” does NOT make you a bigger Vol fan than me!

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GATORSAINTSH*T forgets that just 2 years ago, his lil buttsore team went 4-7, would’ve been 4-8, but a hurricane saved them from an LSU beatin. Would’ve loved to have heard the LSU band crank out their Neck song, which I’m sure Crazy Dan would describe as a “catchy tune”. Those Fl jort suckers sure can hold a grudge, 20 years later and they’re still mad Fulmers foot smells like gator ass
Auburn fans are the fakest, most soggy flakes in the bowl. They can turn any off topic unheard of stat into a positive! Face it AU, without Cam there wouldn’t be a Malzahn for y’all to be Gus’n about. Stidham might be decent, but Gus didn’t have anything to do with that. Luck is often defined as when chance meets opportunity, but those were 2 dots Ol’ Gus couldn’t connect against the Vols last year. I define luck as when AU pulls an upset out of their loser Eagle ass. AU=most overrated SEC team ever!
Professional poker players and bowlers are most underrated athletes. Makes me sick that kids these days don’t admire pro gamblers.
Wow! So some of you dawg fans still hold Richt in high regards?? R icht was good at recruiting, but an absolutely horrible game day planner. He blew almost every big game that he coached, it was extremely evident at Miami.
Oh no! I’m a moron? Man that really hurts my feelings, I hate not being able to impress a fan from the same state as Turtleman. Ask your mom what county I live in, she’s always down for some “live action”.
When I first read the headline, I just knew it was gonna be some Fl players. I wouldn’t be surprised if Crazy Dan doesn’t end up in the kink one day. He didn’t act like a thug wannabe at Miss, that Fl sun must have fried his brain.
Yea we got plenty of trash left over from that dumpster fire. At least the Vols has fans, Where do you and the other Vandy fan hide? I never hear anything from y’all during off season. Y’all out recruiting them 3* prospects? Can’t even bribe a player to go to Vandy.
Turns out the LA reporter did have a source, but... his source is a 43 year old balding virgin who lives in his moms basement and still pisses the bed and his aquaman PJ’s cause he stayed up all night drinking Diet Coke and jerking off to the latest issue of ComicNews Monthly mag.
I have a question. Why you mad bro? What make u mad bout this? Admin is happy, Coach is happy, Coach wallet is happy, Coach wife was happy while I had her in bed. Are not all Coach fans happy? Doesn’t missing out on SECCG for first time in 6 years make you happy bro?
I know I’m gonna piss off all 7 Ky football fans with this, but last year was miracle season for the Cats. The stars just so happened to align in a certain way in the cosmos that won’t happen again for another 41 years. My had a veteran defense and a one trick offense that pulled off a big upset against a self doubting laughably deplorable Fl team, and rode that 1 trick momentum all the way up to their beat down in K-town by them Vols. Am I the only guy who thought that video of Stoops team surfing was utterly ridiculous? I hope he was wearing a cup during his embarrassing ride. There’s nothing like a 60+ year old man crowd surfing on his stomach in a small room with a bunch of sweaty 300lb dudes trying not to touch your balls.
Mountain Dog says Chaney is good coach but not the best game day planner? You dawgs fans know all too much about bad game day planning after watching Richt blow every big game following a decent season. Y’all wanna throw dirt on the OC that took y’all to a Natty and SECCG? What are y’all gonna say when DC Tucker gets his own gig next year? That is was really Smart running the Defense? Keep on barking buttsniffers!
The only news in this piece is that Auburn is in the 4, Bammer not pulling for the iron bowl champs isn’t new or news. Auburn fans didn’t show up til they announced they’d made it on ESPN. Now they’re all coming out from under their cousins wanting to prop up they’re shady paid for basketball team. I’d never ask Vandy fans to root for the Vols, (like I’d ever have to even if I could find one). At least Chris Wright knows that a rivals success in NCCG equals success in rivals recruiting. Ask SoCar how recruiting is these days.
So what if Holyfield ran a slow 40, He’s a beast! He could run an identical time if he had 2 guys on his back. Reminds me of Earl Campbell.
The unemployment line is where Kelly Bryant will be next year. If the Zoo is smart they will put Dooley there also.
Oh really? How will it speed up? Did Crazy Dan get some of his players out of prison? How many bail bonds has he signed for so far? Maybe Gators game will slow down so y’all won’t get hammered again by Kentucky.