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defensive mediocrity isn't unrealistic. If Monte Kiffin himself would've had that defense to work with(that defensive line was just atrocious outside of Sam Williams) he would've still finished last in the SEC. Most important positions in football are the quarterback and defensive line. Our d-line will have 3 new starters by the end of next year by my projections. We have decent secondary players but when you put them behind one of the worst d-lines in SEC history its not gonna look good either way. The class Kiffin signed in the secondary and d-line should tangibly improve both
Ole miss 70 LSU 63 sounds about right
Lane Kiffin is definitely going to do some very good things at ole miss hope we can hold on to him. Great evaluator of talent and maximizing of it. He’s got monte for any defensive question he has and he proven on offense just need some time. Also I think Matt corral mac Jones and Kyle Trask are the best QBs in 2 weeks. Also Mississippi state looking like fresh meat after week 2
Phil Longo who vanished against good defenses despite having great players and not Lane Kiffin
Got reports that Oregon was on the phone with robinson trying to get him to flip like many others schools after he announced for the rebels. As for the DB the 247 article did say it came down to ole miss and lsu so idk
I’m a 247 sports subscriber. That’s where i got the info
Lsu wanted both of these guys. This is a great immediate help on the defensive side of the ball
I’m talking about Phil Longo in 2017-18. He ran air raid. Rich rod didnt. I’m still not saying Longo and leach are the same coach but they do run the same offense
People forget that Ole miss had the best offensive players in the country(besides maybe Alabama in metcalf, brown and the team around them) and couldn’t get the air raid to work. Have fun putting up 70 on Louisiana tech and 14 on bama and lsu
Good one teehee but you want to know something that gets me cracked up giving up 500 yards against UAB