Dennis W

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Finebaum is a football expert.When he played his position was left-wing peckerhead.
Finebaum was an all-American running back at Tennessee and all-pro for 14 years with the Packers so he's an expert.Also,with those ears,if a strong wind comes along it's goodbye Paul.
Looking at Finebaum's ears I would advise him to stay indoors during a windy day.
She is an expert.She once set through an entire game 2 years ago.
Actually it wasn't.I predicted that the officials would be paid off and I was right.
I'm 81-years-old.I've been following football since I was 13 (68 years)Played some also. This call was about as far from "roughing the passer" as you can get.It was a clean hit. You can get injured playing football without a flag being thrown.I was worried about the officiating and said so earlier in the week.Looks like I was right.
I totally agree with Mr.Golding. This idiot "Legend Whatever" wouldn't know a football from his butt
If Finebaum's ears get any bigger he can fly over the stadium.