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Georgia has such great in-state talent. They're lucky they don't have another school within their borders that really competes for the people they want.
Bama produces great teams. Standout stars? We've yet to see it. Teams win championships.
Don't be that guy man. If you're bitter, stay off these message boards.
And @BamaTime Julio Jones is all we got making big plays in the NFL. AJ McCarron was a bust. McClain, Dareus, and Richardson too. But who cares? Alabama is the only elite team in college football. We cold beat any one. We got all we need happening right there in T-Town!
If Bielema put the effort he does into stirring up controversy into being a coach, we'd all be more afraid of the razorbacks.
Been a weird week for the tide.
I'm no Tennessee fan, but I feel bad for the sorry shape this team's in.
My daughter goes to UGA and Athens is awesome! Tuscaloosa's fun during school year but not "cool" if that's the way to put it.