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Good place for wack job cop hating liberal. Read some articles with quotes from him. He belongs up North or out West.
With Hooker, Maurer, Bailey, and Salter....QB is the least of concern. Not to mention if Heupel shows what how he can coach a QB up like he has everywhere he’s reason he can’t flip someone to Mecca relationship has been started.
So finally getting an opportunity to be a DC in the SEC with a massive contract with 3 years to make us a good defense (mind you Pruitt couldn’t even do that), with money to throw at whoever he wants on his a big gamble because it may never get him another DC job? You realize coaches in college and the NFL get OC/DC gigs...get fired...go back to a position coach spot...then get rehired for OC/DC jobs all the time right?
Heupel’s offenses have been nothing but the best in the nation the last 3 years. He lit up your Tigers for 32 points in 15 minutes time of of possession. This last short season they lost 3 games by one possession. The breaks in the game fell the other way in those games because of defense. Heupel just needs a good defense...not elite even. He’s gonna beat the brakes off you on the score board in shoot outs. Just ask the mighty Lane Kiffin....he got ran off the field against Heupel was embarrassing the clinic he put on his team.
You realize when Saban came to Alabama he pressured players with very minor injuries to take “medical” scholarships so he could clear spots for his own recruits right? Probably not because you were a Gator fan at that time. These players that chose Bama that sucked bad then over other programs...but would have to sit out if they did try to transfer. This was one think Bama doesn’t yank offers to commits for higher rated players? GTFO of here man.
It sucks for the kid...I get that. Pruitt is no longer here. Heupel has his vision for this team and roster. This young man did not fit the bill. Heupel is going to direct this ship how he wants. Kids stay committed all the time then sign with another program on signing day. It is a flipped script this time. Wish him well. Hate it happened. Heupel knows he's got to be very specific with the recruits he signs thanks to Pruitt's bullsh!t. It is just the situation we are in.
OK now do mighty Lane Kiffin. Heupel curb stomped him twice at FAU 104 - 50. In 2015 before Heupel became the OC at Mizzu they passed for: 3,371 total passing yds 281/game 16 TDS 2016 with Heupel and Glen Elarbee now coaching the O-Line: 6006 total passing yds 501/game 52 TDS 2017 with Heupel: 6528 total passing yds 502/game 63 TDS The name isn’t a sexy Freeze, Kiffin, or Campbell. But the one thing the man has done everywhere he’s been at is build elite high powered video game number offenses...and coached up QBs.
Rumored Manning and the Haslams have been very proactive behind the scenes working on finding the best AD and best proven HC. Plowman verified Manning has been busy on this in her opening statement. Mentioning her speaking with him after he reached out to Cutcliffe on his idea of what to look for in hiring an AD. This whole creepy deafening embarrassing last month has become telling. They’ve known what was coming, have the $$$$$ and balls to spend it. When they make this next will be a 7-8 year deal around $7-8million a season with a buyout that will by the next HC a small island in the South Pacific.
And yet again... Wash. Rinse. Repeat. This always happens to Tennessee just before a head coach’s final year. Phillip Fulmer lost David Cutcliffe, Kurt Roper, Matt Luke and Trooper Taylor at the end of the 2007 season and was then fired in 2008. Derek Dooley had his staff poached in 2011 and was then fired before the 2012 season ended. Butch Jones had his staff poached in 2016 and was then fired before the 2017 season ended. With players bouncing....reported current staff coaches trying to talk to other schools...mass staff changes going into the following season is usually a recipe for disaster...and a fired HC. Fulmer should have hired Steele to start with. Had a bad run years ago at Baylor but has established himself as a great recruiter, great defensive mind, great linebackers coach. He would have assembled a much better staff off of his reputation alone to start with. When it was announced who the final 3 were...I was shocked the fat man went the direction he did. Nonetheless...we are supposed to learn from our own history. The powers that be are failing us in this concept of rebuilding a winning program.