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If you are making an argument for the best tea.s regardless of loses and titles, then you can't attack USC for a lose to the #1 tea. And praise and accept Penn state for being destroyed by #5/6 Michigan
the SEC went 42-12 in OOC, the Big 10 went 32-10. Not much off a difference. You are arguing is a team like Michigan beating Colorado, or OSU beating Oklahoma but all of those teams are pretty much even in the new polls. The Big 10 doesnt have a "better" win than the SEC in OOC. And again, in not even arguing the SEC is better, only that the criteria argued is flawed.
The big 10 is not the best conference , well , at least not by the standards you laid out. Ohio States best OOC win is over an Oklahoma team that many believe is overrated, same goes with Michigan's win over Colorado, and Wisconsin's win over LSU. Then everyone in conference next best win is over each other, many getting credit for beating Nebraska, a 9-3 team who got beaten by Iowa 40-10 and their best win may be minnesota. I'm not saying the conference isn't good, but they seem to get a lot of praise for simply having a tier system and not a cluster like the SEC.
Ohio state didn't handle their business against Penn state so your logic is flawed
Alabama's 1 lose in 2011 came to the #1 team, not the #5 tram, and Bama didn't get in over them. It's not hypocrisy for a Bama fan to argue that the situation is different, but it would be hypocrisy if others who simply didn't support a non conference champion getting in all of a sudden do, especially one who lost a head to head matchup
every single state in the union is in debt. Also everything isnt political, so stop trying to make them so.
After a news search, it seems a groups of students drew multiple swastikas in a UM dormitory all over the walls and floors in human feces. as well as other racial/racist symbols. Still going to defend it and claim the black kids did it ??
So without even knowing what the situation is on campus, you assume they are the problem ?
\But if you do want to make the reception argument TJ yeldon averaged 5 yards more per catch.
This is a list of best running backs, not best receivers or best all purpose players. receptions have nothing to do with how good a running back you are.
" For the record, ESPN is invested in the Pac-12, having signed a rights deal in partnership with Fox Sports that covers 12 years and $3 billion for the conference. Neuheisel still isn’t convinced that’s enough to make a network like ESPN change its focus. " this line is awesome, however, i feel it should have been added that they have a contract with the ACC, who they call weak ever 5 seconds, that pays more per team than ESPN does to the SEC.
Bama had a better Defense than LSU did last year, correct ? with honeybadger now gone, we are returning the same amount of defensive starters and i think Bama also has a better offense , so your argument makes no sense.