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"Power Index Ranking" by ESPN. I'll have to remember that for next season so that I don't actually put any stock in it. Clemson drops to 5? On that one ranking alone, credibility is pretty much gone. A bunch of the rest is pretty bad, too, but that one is enough to demonstrate how bad it is. Don't think I'd be claiming any bragging rights based on beating teams based on this ranking.
I think I've heard that before. Tide won't this or Bama won't that. It's generally a good idea for losers to stick to the refrain, "Shut up and deal." Bama will be glad to.
ArDarius Stewart did not lead the Tide with 96 receiving yards in the national championship game. OJ Howard did with 208 yards. Am I reading this wrong or were you watching a different game?
Derrick Henry gave Bama his best and has a Heisman and national championship to show for his part of the team effort. There is talent waiting in the wings for their chance. We never thought Julio Jones, Trent Richardson, et al could be replaced but amazingly enough, we won a championship without them. Henry will be missed and he'll give me a reason to watch the NFL. I wish him the best.
Not sure how they do that considering Bama doesn't know who their QB or running back will be, not to mention a host of others leaving for the NFL. Definitely some disrespect to Auburn there. Big time Bama fan but I wouldn't do that to Auburn.
Delusion is such a tough battle to fight. It takes professional help.
This is the kind of analysis I expect from an NFL commentator who watched both the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl and is now an expert on the teams. Broad, sweeping statements that could have been based on the box scores of their last game.
Hey SDS, If you've got a pic to share, share the pic. If you've got a video to share, share the video. Posting a bunch of links that people have to click on to get to someone else's twitter account - that's something I don't have time for. Get it together.
Scott Cochran does way more than put spinners on Bentleys - Nick Saban knows that.
The Bama helmet looks like a bowling ball. Let's just stick with the helme we had all season.
If all we had to do was compare statistics to see who was best then this is a good article. However important winning games, titles and championships is, great coaches know they have an impact on players that is far more important than the game on Saturday. Both of these men know that and they both have tremendous impacts on their players. Ask the players that don't go on to the NFL.
I've thought Cowherd was an idiot for quite some time. Now, any remaining skeptics can join me. What an idiot.
Muschamp is embarrassing. I don't care what team he coaches, what their record is or any of that. The goal of these coaches is more than just winning games. They should be raising up young men to be successful in whatever they pursue. His behavior is not something I'd want my college student to be emulating.
Apparently, all Alabama does is expose the weaknesses of overrated teams. Yeah. ok.
Since the game should have been over when the Miami player's knee touched the ground, taking those points off the board today would be the right thing to do. Hard to do that for a play in the middle of the game but time had run out.
Let's be fair, here. The orange team has played an Alabama team that has been ranked in the top 10 for each of the last 8 years. Yesterday they were closer than they have been since 2009 so let's give a tip of the hat to orange.
Every team above us (Bama) in the ranking is unbeaten. That's ok. Ohio State plays Michigan State and Baylor plays TCU. LSU plays us and Clemson has to get by FSU. We win our games and we're 5. FSU upset Clemson or UCLA upsets Utah and we're 4. We can't play the strength of schedule game. Everyone knows Ohio St has a cupcake schedule. TCU isn't much tougher. Championship? It's not in our control but it's definitely within the realm of possibility. Not sure how I can root for FSU to win so I'll root for Clemson to lose.
LSU has the future Heisman winner and that counts for a lot. Bama's defense outscored their offense yesterday (and if I was Kirby Smart, I'd remind Lane of that all week long). Bama went into Georgia and Texas to take on tough running games. Practice games for LSU. After that game it will be one or the other in his final four and unless they screw up, I think it will be pretty close to on the money. The weird thing is that if Bama went undefeated for the rest of the season they still might not win the SEC west. huh
If you really think Bama will lose by double digits, Vegas calls. Go for it. hahaha
And how often have they not been favored since Saban got there? They only lose when they don't take care of the pigskin?
That is the question. Can Bama keep Chubb between the tackles by closing off the edges? I think they can. Gonna be a great game and obviously whoever wins this is in the cat's seat for the SEC championship. (Always wanted to say cat's seat).
Five turnover and a bounce-off-the-helmet touchdown is a lot to overcome but Bama almost did it. We all knew going in that Bama has a helluva schedule this year. We lost a lot of talent but we found some too. Who knew Coker could run? Reggie Ragland looks to fill the shoes of Dont’a Hightower and CJ Mosley just fine, thank you. The defensive line looks solid. Just ask Ole Miss. We all learned they need to take care of the ball better and the offensive line can do more to help Drake and Henry. For a disappointing home loss in week three, I'm excited to see what they can do the rest of the season. Let's face it, they have plenty to talk about and have finally figured out who the QB is. I would not want to be the coach of Louisiana Monroe.
I'm still trying to figure out how Cowherd has any sort of a job having anything at all to do with any sport. I can tolerate a lot of talking heads that ramble, make no sense, etc. But there are a half dozen that should have "Mute Me" tattooed on their forehead. Cowherd is that guy.
If Ohio State loses any games (pretty unlikely considering their schedule) they should drop a lot of spots and be out of contention for the playoffs. What team on this pathetic schedule could they lose to and justify being considered for one of the top spots. The worst part of this is that we will have no idea how good Ohio State is until the end of the season, when a fresh OU team takes on other teams that did a little more than scrimmage to get there.
It's interesting to see who has Bama ranked as #2 or #3 and not making the playoffs. Either they are wrong or the playoffs are messed up. Still very early.
I'm not sure how anyone can predict Bama's season when no one knows who the starting QB will be. Could anyone have predicted the kind of season Blake Sims had last year? If Alec Morris starts, what kind of numbers will he put up? Who knows? I think the Bama defense will be tough enough this year to give Kiffen and Saban some breathing room to decide.
Vern Lundquist and Gary Danielson. They are the reason I wish the broadcast was in stereo - live game in one channel and announcers in the other. That way I could mute their side of it. I hate it when they call a Bama game. Please, please, please give them to LSU or Auburn or Miss - anyone but Bama. PLEASE.