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You do realize that based off of your predictions of the last few months, you have just cursed chase to be a bust and for smith to be an all-time great. I mean seriously we could all make bank of betting the opposite of what you say will happen.
Are you the LSU fan the Bama fan rubbed his junk on after the 2012 natty? Just trying to figure out where so much hate comes from. I get it though. You was straight up molested. I guess I would hate them too.
I just don’t understand why Miami would pass on two receivers Tua already has chemistry with for Chase.
Goodbye champions of life... Hello imaginary national championships.
LSU is 1-9 against Alabama since 2011. The only way they can stomach this is to think of that 1 team as the greatest of all-time. That is no longer the case. They will be on here trashing this article all day, even though we all know it’s true.
Is it goofy though? I mean Tua wasn’t 100%. Remember he was only a couple weeks removed from his ankle surgery. Have to think that fumble at the goal wouldn’t have happened if he was 100%.
Yeah, I have no problem with ND getting in. I just think They are a lot more similar if you look closer at their measurables. I would have preferred Coastal or Cincinnati to have got in. I think the outcome would have been the same either way.
So they would only have 2 wins over teams with winning records. North Carolina and Clemson(whom they got trucked by in the rematch)
Actually, Im talking about taking all the cupcake games out of the equation for the whole ACC. if you take the non-conferance cupcakes away from ND's opponent's records, that would make Pitt and BC .500 teams.
I believe if you take those cupcakes away ND only has 2 wins over Teams with winning records... Same as Texas A&M.
What would NDs opponent win percentage be if they didnt factor in the non-conference cupcake games the ACC played?