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I literally just said I’m pulling for auburn, so seems silly to think he is out of touch. My love of Bama runs deeper than my hatred for Auburn. I don’t even hate Auburn, just Auburn fans. Not to mention eliminating a 1 seed and giving us a very very very tiny chance to beat auburn a 3rd time.
This alabama fan is pulling for Auburn to take down Houston, but I’m sure I’m in the minority.
Someone could write an article that states that Paul Harvey was on the scene. Then I could make an article about that article. My headline would be “Paul Harvey also at the scene of January shooting, per report”. Our headlines are Factually the same.
He literally supports the ACC. Isn’t he self burning by calling people that support conferences losers?
That’s what AU does though. Once you beat them they instantly put their team down as the worst in the Bruce Pearl era.
If you are talking about the one with JQ and Broome, I don’t see it either. But if you watch the video you can see the ref call it from their back side. I believe Broome slightly grabbed JQs arm as he went out of bounds and you can’t see it from the videos angle.
If the refs really favored Bama, why did they let them get down by 17 in the first place?
They don’t need to fine him. I can listen to this all day lol
That’s kind of the point though isn’t it? If it was any of us, we would probably be facing at least a few months of jail time.
And you are a known Troller for attention? Can’t really trust either of you lol
The AJC article states that a couple officer made note of scuff marks on the roof of his car. They believed it to be from power lines that fell during the wreck. If that’s the case, it’s hard to imagine him not knowing what happened.
VFL I 100% agree Nate Oats has come off Callous, but I don’t hold that against Miller. I do however think he should have known better and not done the “pat down”.
Keep being salty lol But honest question… If there was proof Miller received the txt while he was pulling in to pick up Miles and never really saw it. Would you feel the same way?
VFL There are a lot of false articles out there. A lot feeds off the first SI article that said Miller txt Miles back and basically said one was in the chamber. That was actually a txt from Miles to Davis. Miles txt Miller to bring him his gun while Miller was already almost there to pick him up. Most people don’t want to support this because it was revealed by Millers Attorney, but they doesn’t means it’s not true. There is supposedly video evidence to support these facts. I wish these would be made public, but I doubt that will be until after the trial.
SCTiger Corrupt DA? It’s more likely you are just Salty. Millers still playing and nothing you can say about him will change it. He was a designated driver. No point continuing to argue though. As far as you’re concerned you would hang an innocent man from a tree.
Carter probably doesn’t think he was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The wrong spot would have been inside the vehicle where two lives were lost. Partially because of him.
Probably won’t happen, but with two misdemeanors, that could still mean a year in jail for each count.
Miller hasn’t been accused of anything though. If he was accused I would understand sitting him. I just don’t see how punishing someone that goes out of their way to be a designated driver for a teammate is the correct move. Miller had no knowledge of the gun. It’s not his fault Miles brought it and hid it in the back seat. Miller has also been completely honest with cooperated with authorities. You can say that’s all BS because it was put out by his attorney, but no authority has stepped in to dispute it.
Lying the police and giving false information is a criminal act. Therefore he is a criminal. He is lucky he fled the scene in order to avoid an alcohol screen.
Technically he didn’t bring a murder weapon to the scene. At the time he brought it, it was still just a gun or “Miles Property”. It’s not a murder weapon until used to commit a murder. You can say he supplied Miles with his gun, but then again so did the person that sold Miles the gun. Actually the person that sold Miles the gun should be more liable than Miller since he knowingly sold Miles the gun. Miller had no knowledge of it.
Class of 98 I honestly don’t think he said anything wrong. Like I said before, I was mainly just trying to show how almost anything any coach says can be spun and used against them.
If these are the only charges he gets, I feel like he is very lucky. He could have easily steered into them and caused the wreck while racing. It’s almost like it was smart of him to flee the scene since he possibly could have failed an alcohol screen.