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I find it hard to believe that Ben Hicks has over 9000 yards passing and over 70 td passes and he doesn't rank in the top 100 QBs. He's probably not top 50 but not in the top 100??! Really?!
I know 3 years in a row is tough but DVH has Arkansas absolutely rolling right now. 2018s team had 11 players go pro and we finished the 2019 season the 5 seed and an Omaha trip with 2 freshman weekend starters. This year we had like 5 go pro and not one from our loaded recruiting class skip college. Expect a top 5 preseason ranking.
No where does it say starter but if you want to go there Connor has started more games than anyone on the current roster and wasn't with the team in the spring to say otherwise. Just admit that your lazy and didn't do your homework and move on.
You understand Connor Noland is an actual starting pitcher in the SEC right? How is that not the obvious choice?
*eye roll*. This guy is clearly under some unrealistic time constraints if he put 4 Alabama players in his top 10. Either that or he's just lazy.
Not so fast on the senior part. He only played 4 games last year and hadn't redshirted yet making him a redshirt junior with 2 years left. Big time if he can stay healthy. Best receiving RB on the roster. He can line up all over the field and is a problem in the slot.
I hate to break it to you but there's only one football. I'd rather have one Superstar than a wr by committee approach.
Lou holtz coached in Fayetteville when Fayetteville had 25,000 people and was surrounded by cow pasture. Now it has a metro population of 750000 and more jobs than there are qualified applicants.
Yeah man paying your players drives that recruiting budget up pretty quickly doesn't it?
Florida? Really. 12-10 (4-5) with an 80 RPI. And they get LSU twice, Tennessee, and Kentucky still on the schedule for the last 9 games. This team would have to win the sec tournament.
Chaney is highly overrated. The only benefit to having him is Sam Pittman is usually a package deal and Pittman is world class.
All but one of those are in state. Tell me honestly that Hudson Henry would be coming if he lived in Texas. The one juco guy your referring to had a grand total of maybe 100 yards receiving in two years.
Nick saban is the greatest recruiter in the world. I could coach Alabama's d line and be a top 5 recruiter in the country. And the only reason Barry Lunney is a up there is because he's automatically the lead recruiter on all in state kids regardless of position and Arkansas kids almost always stay home no matter how bad we suck.
Jontay Porter was not in lottery pick contention last year so he came back. He had a season ending injury before the season started and he's now supposedly valued higher? This is a consistent pick across draft boards but I'm not buying stock in it.
Like most teams that play Alabama the week before, MSU will have a hangover. Arkansas covered the spread against tamu and LSU in the same situation. Look for them to do the same this week. 21-10 Mississippi State.
Ed O was risking the outcome of the game by trying to score!!! Idiot! If you just take the knee you have no risk. If anyone had money on the game it was Ed O!
Bret never recruited this kid. Chad Morris 100%. Your right though. He's probably too big to run our system.
If you had to make a video to teach referees textbook offensive pass interference, this is it. Perfect extension of arms shoving defender off of him.
Not half as bad as Alabama's hit on Tennessee qb today. No penalty was thrown.
Im taking the field easy money right here. Teams he's visiting are Arkansas And unc probably mizzou. None of the schools on this list have been mentioned as even having an interest visiting.
Check out the recruiting class. Loading up on defensive talent.
You had a perfect chance to come home Gus! Your wife has always said she wanted to come back. Plus the standards are so much lower. You lose one game at Auburn and they want you gone. If you win 10 games at Arkansas we will build you a freaking statue.
Republicans in this country like to describe anything they don't agree with as "left wing." When in fact roughing the passer penalties and kids eating tide pods aren't apart of either platform. Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean your enemy does. Now standing at the goal line with automatic weapons claiming your defending yourself... That's right wing. ;)
This is the second article I've seen that said Cole Kelley came out for an injury. Cole came out one play because his helmet came off. And he came out the 4rth drive as a scripted gameplan strategy. SMH
Your 100% right. This is the same philosophy nutt had. Every 3-4 years the recruiting class in Arkansas is really good and between nutt and petrino we were competitive every three years or so. We'd win 6-7 games the other two years. I'm honestly at peace with that. Be competitive every game you play and be relative nationally every couple years
Arkansas coaches have already said numerous times that bumper will play early and often. We just don't have the kind of depth to not play him.
Wether or not the kid should of been dismissed is besides the point. This decision has nothing to do with how good the kid is at football. 99% of these kids won't play football out of their twenties. A head coach is a leader of men. If you want to claim you have standards then you keep those standards! It doesn't matter if your a walk on or a 5 star.
This is not a Texas tech, tcu, Baylor kind of hurry up. We're not going to have a minimum number of plays. It'll look a lot like Auburn. We'll run the ball a lot, throw deep, and when we get a big play (10-15 yards) to that's when we'll go tempo and try to catch you off gaurd.