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Jalen Catalon is by and far the best safety in the conference. He would light you up all day. You won't score after half.
Moses moody was highly regarded as the best shooter in the 2020 recruiting class. Is that not considered elite these days?
They did have one lined up for Vegas but decided to go low budget with local games with minimal travel and lodging.
Wasn't he your highest ranked defensive recruit a year ago? I don't think your in any position to be scaring off talent.
Correct me if I'm wrong but is that not ineligible receiver downfield on the entire offensive line. Possibly offensive pass interference as well because they were already blocking before the qb caught the ball.
Percentage of false positives are super low. And asymptomatic people can still spread this disease. Mild cases take 2 weeks to recover and 20% take longer. And by recover I don't mean play college football recover I mean grocery shop recover. So would you rather them quarantine for a week or risk a bunch of players essentially being out for the season?
Darwinism making a comeback in 2020. We won't have full stadiums until there's a vaccine.
funman007. You truly are the redneck of the year aren't you? And would Georgia,lsu, and Alabama fans making that comment be the pot or the kettle here? Asking for a friend. Arkansas problem for awhile is we refuse to hire a coach that will operate in the gray.
2 things land recruits at that rate. A chance at a national championship and money. Often both. The recruiter rankings rarely reflect the talent on the recruiting trail. Tennessee hasn't been in the discussion for a natty in 20 years so you tell me what's happening.
You know xavier kelly committed like 2 weeks ago right? He's not on campus to be the impact player in the spring game.
Looks like a prime candidate to follow Barry to Arkansas.
You really think there aren't teams willing to outbid 400k and pay the buyout?
Don't forget Myles slusher flipped from Oregon to Arkansas. Top 100 player on 247
I put the plus minus on Chad Morris' offense being 30% installed after 3 seasons. If Auburn fans don't know what I'm taking about I'm sorry about your new OC and go watch all of his interviews. Also if things go bad it'll be because he "didn't have his guys and it's their fault." It's no wonder everyone quit on him every year.
No offense to silas but he seemed more like a Texas State type talent when Chad Morris brought him over from SMU.
Uab's coach is a good coach but he's never coached or lived outside of Alabama. Not conducive to recruiting the kids arkansas needs. Same reason beleima failed. He had more recruiting ties to Florida/ Georgia than he did Texas and it's hard to get those kids to come to Arkansas when there's about 40 d1 programs closer to home.
Eli Drinkwits took over a program that went 40-10 the previous 4 years before him. I wouldn't consider him as a game changer as a head coach.
To Texas a&m fans I'm sorry about buzz. He's not terrible but he's about as quality as Mike Anderson was. Good for .500+ in conference consistent tourney appearances but just an underwhelming recruiter. Definitely not worth the top 5 in the country salary you guys are giving this guy.
I find it hard to believe that Ben Hicks has over 9000 yards passing and over 70 td passes and he doesn't rank in the top 100 QBs. He's probably not top 50 but not in the top 100??! Really?!
I know 3 years in a row is tough but DVH has Arkansas absolutely rolling right now. 2018s team had 11 players go pro and we finished the 2019 season the 5 seed and an Omaha trip with 2 freshman weekend starters. This year we had like 5 go pro and not one from our loaded recruiting class skip college. Expect a top 5 preseason ranking.
No where does it say starter but if you want to go there Connor has started more games than anyone on the current roster and wasn't with the team in the spring to say otherwise. Just admit that your lazy and didn't do your homework and move on.
You understand Connor Noland is an actual starting pitcher in the SEC right? How is that not the obvious choice?
*eye roll*. This guy is clearly under some unrealistic time constraints if he put 4 Alabama players in his top 10. Either that or he's just lazy.
Not so fast on the senior part. He only played 4 games last year and hadn't redshirted yet making him a redshirt junior with 2 years left. Big time if he can stay healthy. Best receiving RB on the roster. He can line up all over the field and is a problem in the slot.
I hate to break it to you but there's only one football. I'd rather have one Superstar than a wr by committee approach.
Lou holtz coached in Fayetteville when Fayetteville had 25,000 people and was surrounded by cow pasture. Now it has a metro population of 750000 and more jobs than there are qualified applicants.
Yeah man paying your players drives that recruiting budget up pretty quickly doesn't it?
Florida? Really. 12-10 (4-5) with an 80 RPI. And they get LSU twice, Tennessee, and Kentucky still on the schedule for the last 9 games. This team would have to win the sec tournament.