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Bruce Pearl’s Auburn team earned a dominant 99-81 win over Auburn on Wednesday night inside of Neville Arena. Auburn beat Auburn.
This was a request for a temporary restraining order and the judge said the facts are favorable TN/VA will win against NCAA, but he isn't going to issue the restraining order. The real battle in court hasn't started.
Only two teams scored more against Michigan this season, Maryland and Ohio State scored 24. I think Alabama's offense did well. FSU would have scored less than 10.
Yet it wasn't high enough.
Haha yes, those are the highlights. Bama and Nick Saban are the best.
Why is everyone else reporting LSU clinches the SEC West?
Not really right now. Teams have good and bad weeks. Let’s see near the end of the season.
Congrats to Georgia. I'm excited to see them go to the championship game and continue undefeated. Bring the SEC and SEC East a championship trophy.
You are out in left field. Come back to reality. Minnesota is not a better place than Tennessee and it's stadium can't compare to Neyland Stadium. Take your hate somewhere else and change your name to Big Ten BuyoutBoy.
The WHO said it is rare for asymptomatic people to spread the virus. The article doesn't explicitly say who spread the virus to the original five nor the additional three players. We can speculate.
You're making a lot of assumptions for someone that wasn't a participant in the football game and also not privy to what any of the football players were thinking at the time of the play. Sit at home and let the officials take care of the game. They're paid to do it.
I guess it is that old saying. Is it foolish to remain to remain loyal or admirable to remain loyal? Semper Fidelis. Always Loyal.
How do you figure Butch Jones is worse than Derek Dooley? Please learn to count wins and losses.
Instead of trashing fellow SEC teams, go try to bolster your team to beat Michigan.